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Blue Mountain Coffee Festival Soothes - Good News Jamaica

03-04-2022 · 648 Views. The Blue Mountain Coffee Festival usually happens in the hills of Blue Mountain. Usually, patrons enjoy pristine air and cool weather for the event. This year the festival came down to the flat in Kingston. The venue was the historic Devon House lawn and was a huge success. Hundreds of people poured into Devon House to sample the ...


Cuisinart Coffee Makers Premium Single Serve Brewer

06-05-2022 · 2 days ago · The hot water option makes the K-Elite more versatile as you can brew tea, make hot cocoa, or even instant soups and oatmeal. The single serve home brewing system makes fresh coffee, cocoa or tea in less than a minute. The Keurig K-Cups come in some 200 varieties of pre-measured, premium coffees and teas. Perfect for hotel rooms, break rooms ...


No brand of pod coffee maker is more ubiquitous than Keurig, which accounts for 38 percent of all single-serve and drip coffee makers owned by CR members, according to our 2018 coffee maker survey. The whole category of single-serve brewers is often cuisinart coffee center referred to by the “K-Cup” moniker, even when the appliances are made by other brands. SS10 is a gorgeous k cup coffee maker with a fantastic feature set. Though made primarily of plastic, SS10 looks as though it had some stainless steel accents.

Pop in a pod, press the size option you want, and the coffee pours directly into your mug. The Citiz is even designed with a small tray that folds out so a smaller espresso cup, or demitasse, can sit just below the spout. The Keurig – K-Elite is a leader in the single-cup market for a reason.

On the other hand, the K-Elite features an iced coffee setting, hot water option, and brew-strength control. The coffee it produces is as good as it gets with single serve coffee makers, and the temperature tweak is a really welcome addition. The SS-10 is the leading Cuisinart single serve coffee makers, and represents a direct response to the ever-growing popularity of Keurig machines.

This model comes with the “HomeBarista Reusable Filter Cup”, so you don’t need to purchase anything else and you will have the option to use a pod or ground coffee. If you decide Keurig is the right brewing method for you, be prepared to do some further research into all of the different products Keurig offers. I wouldn’t suggest choosing a Keurig over Cuisinart if you’re just planning on brewing a single-size K-Cup each day, because the Keurig is going to be more expensive for the same functions as the Cuisinart. It also has an adjustable carafe temperature knob, which allows you to switch between presets for the heat plate under the glass carafe to avoid over-extracting your brew. For comparison’s sake, the Cuisinart SS-20 features a thermal carafe. However, some machines help minimize the cleaning frequency through little add ons.

If the CLEAN light is still illuminating after one cleaning cycle, repeat the cleaning process once more with a fresh mixture of water and vinegar . You can buy this– ensure it’s the same opaque red, high-temperature silicone rubber hosing semi-soft 3/8″ ID, 5/8″ OD used in the coffeemaker before ordering. The piercing needle-located inside the brewing chamber- can likewise be cleaned by inserting paper clip to help loosen the clog so you can push it out.

One thing to note with these machines is that they are not as durable as expensive models. Keeping your Cuisinart Coffee Center well-maintained is a must so you can enjoy drip coffee for years on end. It brews a single cup, and you can easily remove its drip tray if you want to use your travel mugs instead.

The machine is designed with the brand’s TempSensor System, which the brand says monitors the temperature throughout the brewing process to achieve an ideal brewing temperature. Here at the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances Lab, we love a great cup of coffee and regularly run tests in our quest to find the best coffee machines on the market. For single-serve machines, our engineers evaluate temperature and size consistency of individual cups of coffee.

The SS-10 also includes a reusable filter cup which can be filled with your own ground coffee or tea. This additional feature of the machine is extremely useful, and great for someone who appreciates the convenience of the single-serve machine but does not like the waste produced from a daily K-Cup brew. Other features include a programmable brew start and energy save function, adjustable carafe temperature and brew-strength control, Brew Pause, and even a charcoal water filter for both water reservoirs. Now, the average coffee consumption can easily increase nowadays thanks to the speedy, efficient and reliable single-serve coffee makers or K-cup coffee makers. This machine features a range of functions that could revolutionize your home cafe. The hot water option makes the K-Elite more versatile as you can brew tea, make hot cocoa, or even instant soups and oatmeal.

The single serve home brewing system makes fresh coffee, cocoa or tea in less than a minute. The Keurig K-Cups come in some 200 varieties of pre-measured, premium coffees and teas. Perfect for hotel rooms, break rooms, or offices, this coffee cuisinart coffee grinder maker is a great way to allow guests or employees to make one cup of coffee at a time. This leads to less waste since there’s no need to brew a full pot just for one person, and it also lets everyone enjoy their coffee at its freshest.

Can You Drink Coffee During Intermittent Fasting?

09-02-2022 · While on an intermittent fasting diet, you can make it easier to lose weight by drinking plenty of water, especially when you do not eat at all. Besides water, you can also drink coffee and herbal teas, which are loved by many. However, if you pay attention to the fact that the coffee you drink is sugar-free or low-sugar, it will be a better ...

Can You Drink Coffee During Intermittent Fasting?
People who are overweight and constantly try to diet to lose weight always want to lose weight quickly. Even if they apply to many diets for this purpose, they may not be able to achieve what they want in the end, and they may stop dieting and have to gain more weight as a result.

In order to prevent all these, you can try the intermittent fasting diet, which has been recommended by many dietitians recently. Thanks to the intermittent fasting diet, you can start to lose weight in a very short time and you can easily reach the weight you want.

You can easily lose weight by paying attention to what you eat and drink during intermittent fasting. You may wonder what you can eat and drink during this process. In particular, you want to make sure that beverages loved by many, such as coffee, are being consumed. 

In order to have full knowledge of whether to drink coffee while intermittent fasting, it is first necessary to know what the intermittent fasting diet is and how it is done. 

So, what exactly is an intermittent fasting diet and how is it done?

What is Intermittent Fasting and How Is It Done?

If you are constantly eating and you cannot stop eating, you can stop this desire thanks to the IF diet. Since the IF diet determines the time you will eat and the calories you need to take, you will now be able to easily stop eating constantly. So how will you achieve this? By trying one of the intermittent fasting methods, of course.

16-8 IF Method: Thanks to this method, you will not eat anything for 16 hours, and within the following 8 hours, you will be able to eat in order not to exceed a certain calorie.

5-2 IF Method: Thanks to this method, you can eat healthily for 5 days and then eat by paying attention to the calories of the food you eat in the next 2 days.

You can easily start losing weight by choosing the one that suits you best among these two different methods and paying attention to what you eat. So, what can be consumed during IF Diet?

What Can You Drink or Eat During Intermittent Fasting?

While on an intermittent fasting diet, you can make it easier to lose weight by drinking plenty of water, especially when you do not eat at all. Besides water, you can also drink coffee and herbal teas, which are loved by many. However, if you pay attention to the fact that the coffee you drink is sugar-free or low-sugar, it will be a better choice for your diet.

Apart from the drinks you drink, you should also pay attention to what you eat and drink in order to take into account the calories you take during your eating period. You should pay more attention to consuming foods that do not have many calories. So, what is prohibited in IF?

Foods and Drinks to Avoid During Intermittent Fasting

When you decide to try the intermittent fasting diet, you should pay attention to what you eat and drink during this process. In particular, you should avoid carbonated and sugary drinks. In addition, if you smoke, you should try to quit and always consume low-calorie healthy foods.

Wholesale Coffee Beans: How to Choose the Best?

27-04-2022 · Factors to Consider. 1. Seed Variety. As you may be aware, all coffee beans are gathered from a plant known as “Coffea,” also known as the coffee tree. However, not every coffee bean is created equal. Typically, there are two broad categories: Arabica. Robusta. And here, do not confuse “cheap” with “low quality.”.


Coffee beans are the essence of coffee, the basic material that has the power to “make or destroy” your business. So, to choose the best wholesale roasting beans coffee available, you must consider three factors.

If you are considering opening a coffee shop or currently have one, choosing top-quality coffee beans is vital. So, find out in the section below the things you need to consider.

Factors to Consider

1.    Seed Variety

As you may be aware, all coffee beans are gathered from a plant known as “Coffea,” also known as the coffee tree. However, not every coffee bean is created equal. Typically, there are two broad categories:

And here, do not confuse “cheap” with “low quality.” Although Arabica beans offer a smoother flavour, this does not make them the greatest. In the meantime, robusta beans are known for many qualities, including:

  • They are flavorful and thick.
  • They contain the most caffeine compared to any grain available.
  • They are natural stimulants, diuretics, and antioxidants.

It all simply refers to your consumers’ desires and demands. For example, Arabica is the one to choose if your customer wants a delicious, aromatic cup of coffee. However, if your consumers enjoy the strong flavour of authentic Italian espresso, you must choose Robusta.

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Moreover, the use of combinations has developed in reputation in recent years. For example, Robusta and Arabica beans are combined to make a delicious coffee blend. And these tend to enhance flavours and help in the creation of one-of-a-kind blends. So, it is a wise move if you want to set yourself apart from the competition.

2.    The Roasting Method

Always check on the roasting method used by the vendor. It may appear to be a no-brainer, but it is important when seeking high-quality coffee.

The “toaster,” or person in charge of roasting the coffee, should be trained. But unfortunately, it takes experience, and not everyone is capable of doing the job. Moreover, the roasting process includes other critical tasks. For example, sorting, chilling, and packaging the grains are some of the related jobs.

It would help to think about the roasting method used in the procedure. It will eventually identify the type of product you will provide. And lastly, think about the colour of the beans you are buying, as colour is the most important factor in coffee roasting. This characteristic can help you identify if the coffee you offer in your cafe has more or less acidity and sweetness. Also, the sweeter the grain, the more it has been roasted. And the stronger the acidity, the shorter the roasting time.

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3.    Coffee Bean Grade

Coffee beans have grades, and grains are classified into different groups based on their quality. Meanwhile, the Specialty Coffee Association of America, or SCAA, provides a method for comparing coffee beans depending on their quality. Also Read: 7 Famous FOOD of West Bengal you must check out!

The coffee screening process is broad and technically complex. And as a coffee owner, the only question you should be asking is: how are coffee beans graded? 

Apart from that, firms are liable for certifying the quality of their coffee. So it is critical to assess which methods require exclusive certification, like in the case of “organic” coffees. Also Read: New species of flaura and fauna that you didn’t know about!


As you can see, choosing the best wholesale roasting beans coffee is easier than you might think. All you need is good training and basic knowledge of or understanding of the concepts of the coffee-making process. Then, of course, a good deal of what your clients want.

coffeecoffee beansFoodroasting
Does Dunkin Donuts Have Decaf Iced Coffee

10-10-2021 · Not only did Dunkin Donuts increase the caffeine of their standard brewed coffee to be more inline with coffee establishments such as Starbucks, but they also reformulated their decaf. In 2015, a medium Dunkin Decaf had 74 milligrams of caffeine , which is very high for a decaf coffee with about as much caffeine as an espresso shot .


Decaf Coffee Still Has Caffeine In It

Pumpkin Iced Coffee Review: Dunkin Donuts

I repeat, DECAF COFFEE STILL HAS CAFFEINE IN IT. I hate when people use the excuse that they’re allergic to caffeine in order to get decaf coffee. If you’re allergic to caffeine, don’t drink it at all, because decaf doesn’t mean caffeine-free. It’s just a reduced amount. However, if you want decaf, just order it. We will give it to you.

Interesting Facts About Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee

Bear in mind that Dunkin Donuts iced coffee doesnt contain such a strong caffeine savor for drinkers to consume at all. In fact, Dunkin Donuts iced coffee is the so-called drink that is full of sweetness, creamy texture, and rich flavor, all in one glass.

However, you can always customize your Dunkin Donuts iced coffees sensation, making it less or stronger coffee taste as you wish when you make it at home. So now, you can still get your caffeine fixed even if you dont feel like going to the coffee shop, or you may want to get a new experience of making your cup of joe.

Though this iced coffee looks aesthetic and costly, you may never expect that Dunkin Donuts iced coffee is super easy, budget-friendly, and effortless to make at home. All you require is only a few ingredients and some basic coffee tools that already exist on your kitchen counter. Moreover, in just a couple of simple steps, you can make various iced coffee flavor options.

The rule of thumb for all heavy coffee addicts who always need more caffeine content is, you can make a stronger coffee by using less milk or ice cubes in other words, increasing the amount of coffee to milk ratio. Yet, if youre not familiar with this process, check out the best recipe here. In addition, we include the most practical tips to help you make the perfect replica of homemade Dunkins Donuts iced coffee.

Highly Caffeinated Dunkin Decaf Coffee In 2015

Not only did Dunkin Donuts increase the caffeine of their standard brewed coffee to be more inline with coffee establishments such as Starbucks, but they also reformulated their decaf.

In 2015, a medium Dunkin Decaf had 74 milligrams of caffeine, which is very high for a decaf coffee with about as much caffeine as an espresso shot.

This was not received well by the consumer and I imagine this was part of the reason they went back to more standard caffeine amounts in 2016. People choose decaf for a reason and 74mg is too much for those with a sensitivity to caffeine.

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Dunkin’ Frozen Pumpkin Coffee

Dunkin’ first debuted frozen coffee back in 1997 with their Coffee Coolatta . Then, in 2017, the coffee conglomerate replaced the Coffee Coolatta with what they simply call the Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee. Like the Coolatta, Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee can be customized a number of ways by adding in flavors shots or swirls. In addition to their regular shot selection, for a limited time, pumpkin is available to spice up this frozen drink. While hot pumpkin lattes warm the soul and ease the transition from a summer to fall state-of-mind, adding the pumpkin flavor shot to what is essentially a coffee milkshake has a different effect.

Although the frozen pumpkin coffee tastes good, there is something about it that also tastes wrong. Pumpkin is a flavor that conjures up sentiments of cold weather warm sweaters, cozy socks, and sitting by the fire. Even in places like SoCal, where temperatures rarely drop below 50 degrees, the taste of pumpkin is still a universal indication to the palate that autumn has arrived. While this drink reigns supreme in hot form, die-hard year-round iced coffee drinkers can definitely enjoy a pumpkin twist to their beverage as well. It seems that the strange sensation of slurping icy pumpkin is specific to the frozen pumpkin coffee combination.

Ensure That Your Coffee Is Fresh

Pin on Health

Choosing quality coffee beans is important, but ensuring that your coffee is fresh is more. The best way to make your coffee stay fresh is by getting the whole roasted beans and then grind them right before you brew within 15mn. This is the most sensible way that will make your coffee taste juicy with strong flavors.

Remember that the best coffee beans will have the most flavor after about two weeks after roasting. After that, they will gradually lose their flavor after about a month.

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Dunkin’ Coco Berry Iced Coffee

There are few things that fast food foodies love more than a secret menu. The excitement of insider hacks at places like In-N-Out Burger, Starbucks, and Taco Bell make taste buds sing.

Many of you may not even know that Dunkin’ has a secret menu, but they do! And of their more interesting offerings is the coco berry iced coffee. If you’re vegan, or simply a nut for nuts and berries, then this beverage hack is a must try. Made by combining Dunkin’s iced coffee with almond milk, two shots of coconut flavor, and two shots of blueberry flavor , the coco berry iced coffee is a delightful, refreshing, and completely dairy-free option .

That being said, the amalgamation of coconut, blueberry, and coffee is not for everyone. For coffee purists, the coco berry iced coffee flavor profile may prove to be a little too off the beaten path.

For mocha lovers, it’s worth noting that there is also a different version of Dunkin’s coco berry iced coffee that ditches coconut for cocoa. In this non-vegan incarnation, the drink is made by combining a mocha latte with one shot of blueberry.

Dunkin’ Donuts Has A Secret Menuand It’s Crazy Good

Its almost mind-boggling how many options the Dunkin Donuts secret menu has. You can mix-and match every single Iced Coffee, Frozen Chocolate, Coolatta and more thats on the regular menu, including all the Flavor Shots and Flavor Swirls. That means you have hundreds of secret menu drinks to start your day! Heres how to work it.

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Iced & Frozen Coffees At Dunkin Ranked

13. Mocha Swirl Iced CoffeeIce Brewed Coffee Mocha Swirl SyrupCaffeine in a medium: 285 mgCalories in a medium: 160Sugar in a medium: 34 gCoffee and chocolate should taste good together, but this drink tasted bitter, unbalanced, and it was hard to taste the chocolate.

12. Caramel Swirl Iced CoffeeIce Brewed Coffee Caramel Swirl SyrupCaffeine in a medium: 267 mgCalories in a medium: 170Sugar in a medium: 38 gThe caramel flavoring tasted buttery and artificial.

11. Mocha Swirl Frozen CoffeeIce Water Milk Liquid Cane Sugar Mocha Swirl Syrup Whipped Light CreamCaffeine in a medium: 324 mgCalories in a medium: 670Sugar in a medium: 129 gThe mocha flavor didnt come through at all in this frozen blended drink. Instead of a decadent treat, it was too sweet and underwhelming because of the lack of chocolate flavor.

10. Cold BrewCaffeine in a medium: 260 mgCalories in a medium: 5 Sugar in a medium: 0 gThe cold brew is intense and very strong on its own. Just a few sips can be overwhelming. The drink is made in-house, steeped overnight for 12 hours.

9. Hazelnut Swirl Iced CoffeeIce Brewed Coffee Hazelnut Swirl SyrupCaffeine in a medium: 267 mgCalories in a medium: 170Sugar in a medium: 37 gThe hazelnut and caramel flavors were surprisingly similar in flavor, but the hazelnuts flavor tasted slightly better and blended well with the coffee.

Does Dunkin Donuts Still Have Iced Coffee


Does Dunkin Donuts have coffee? Dunkin Donuts is not currently running a special for coffee, but dont worry.

Similarly, When did the original Charli drink come out?

The drink is launching on 24 in tandem with a couple other fan perks. From March 3-10, fans can enter a contest to get their own signature drink on a local Dunkin menu along with a video message from DAmelio herself.

Subsequently How do you get free iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts? Members earn five points for every dollar they spend at Dunkin on qualifying purchases. Once a member accrues 200 points, they receive a free beverage reward** that can be used to get a free coffee, and is redeemable at participating Dunkin restaurants.

What iced coffee to order at Dunkin Donuts?

Top 10 Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee

  • Iced Coffee. You cant go wrong with a classic.
  • Caramel Mocha.
  • Coco Berry.

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Dunkin Donuts Menu Prices And Calories


Dunkin Donuts is a global bakery-cafe chain that began operating in 1950 and currently has over 11,000 locations. Dunkin Donuts menu includes their famous variety of donuts along with other baked goods including Munchkins, Bagel sandwiches, Croissant sandwiches, Deluxe Grilled Cheese, Muffins, Big n Toasted, Coolatta, Coffee and many more. Similar menu items can also be found at Peets Coffee & Tea, Panera Bread, Cinnabon and Starbucks. Dunkin Donuts Calories are in the medium-high range and need to be considered in order to maintain a balanced diet. Prices are averaged estimates and vary between different locations. Scroll below to find the Latest Dunkin Donuts menu prices.

Experiment With Flavor Shots

I really enjoy the variety of flavor shots that Dunkin Donuts has to offer. It is important to note that flavor shots are all unsweetened and sugar-free. Make sure you dont ask for flavor swirls by accident, because those contain a good amount of sugar. The flavor shots available are:

  • French Vanilla
  • Raspberry
  • Coconut

With these options, you can create your own drink, such as a caramel macchiato, cinnamon latte, or an iced coffee with vanilla and hazelnut. The options are endless!

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What Coffee Is Better Folgers Or Maxwell House

As you may already know, both of them are tasty on their own but in terms of aroma we like the richness coming from a freshly brewed Folgers better while the taste is a bit lighter with Maxwell so it may fit better people who prefer light coffee and like an uncomplicated taste as well as easy to the tongue.

Ordering Coffee Shipments From Dunkin Donuts


If you love Dunkin Donuts coffee and you want to make it at home, you can include whole bags of coffee and even K-Cups from their website. If you are obsessed with their coffee beans, you can even sign up for a subscription to set your special delivery up to every ten weeks.

You must note that Dunkin Donuts coffee might be available from other general stores, although prices may differ.

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Dunkin’ Cookie Dough Or Rocky Road Swirl

If these Dunkin’ flavors seem foreign to you, it’s probably because they aren’t offered year round or at every location. But if you do happen to stumble into a Dunkin’s at the right time of year and spot Cookie Dough or Rocky Road as swirl options, we urge you not to be seduced by the yummy desserts their titles conjure up.

Inspired by some of Baskin-Robbins’ most popular ice cream flavors, we learned the hard way that not everything we love tastes great in beverage form. It appears that cookie dough is best enjoyed raw, cooked, or embedded in vanilla ice cream not floating aimlessly in your morning coffee. While the combination of Arabica beans and uncooked dough may someday be a mainstream favorite, we hope it is not within our lifetime.

Along those same lines, Rocky Road a beloved ice cream flavor comprised of chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts is perfect as is, and does not respond well when violated by the strong taste of coffee.

These two tie as far as placing, since we couldn’t decide which was the worst of the two. Just avoid them both.

But First Why Do People Fancy Iced Coffee

Lately, the demand for icy drinks despite the freezing temperatures is so high to the point where the unpaid social inspectors like us would come up with random questions why and how.

Fundamentally, iced coffee gives you a sweet farewell from the burnt tongues, unlike your typical hot coffee. Numerous official researchers claim that cold brew coffee has lower acidity than hot coffee, up to 67%. Usually, when you prepare hot coffee, once the ground coffee brews with the hot water, the oils that come out are filled with acidic elements.

No wonder hot coffee most likely tastes bitter, but that doesnt mean hot brewed coffee is always stronger. However, the point is, with lower acidity, cold brew coffee is more suitable for stomachs and teeth.

Whats more, cold brew coffee is probably the easiest and cheapest coffee brewing method that anyone can make at home. A glass mason jar and filter are all the starters packs you need to make cold brew coffee. Furthermore, the coffee lasts about two weeks for you to serve and enjoy.

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Dunkin’ Butter Pecan Swirl

Let us start by saying that the Butter Pecan swirl in Dunkin’ iced coffee is actually quite good however, simply put, this drink is about as far away from coffee as you can get. Fully loaded with 48 grams of sugar in a large, it would arguably be healthier to stop for a double scoop of Baskin-Robbins’ Butter Pecan ice cream on your way to work than opt for the iced coffee version .

However, if you love the effect of caffeine but hate the taste of coffee, and happen to have a sweet tooth that just won’t quit, then Dunkin’s Butter pecan swirl iced coffee might be the perfect drink for you. The flavor absolutely does its job capturing both the creamy buttery-ness and smooth nuttiness that it promises. In fact, it’s so efficient that it actually completely overpowers any coffee flavor .

While consenting adults should be free to order this insulin-shocker to their heart’s delight, it seems that Dunkin’ sugary beverages may be targeting a younger audience. Kids who love sweets but have not yet acquired a taste for coffee , may find themselves unknowingly recruited into the relentless lifelong addiction of coffee.

Dunkin Donuts Decaf Iced Coffee

Caramel iced coffee from #DUNKIN

Are you looking for “Dunkin Donuts Decaf Iced Coffee”? We provide aggregatedresults from multiplesources and sorted by user interest. You can easily access information about”Dunkin Donuts Decaf Iced Coffee” by clicking on the most relevant link below.

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Dunkin’ Dunkin’ Decaf Medium Roast Ground Coffee – 12oz. Dunkin’ Donuts. 4.5 out of 5 stars with 87 ratings. 87. .59. Shipping not available. Not at your store.

184 RecentVisits

Does dunkin donuts serve decaf iced coffee If you’re heading to Dunkin’ Donuts for a coffee and a sweet snack, you might already be saying you’re just running down to Dunkin’.Soon, that informal moniker might become the chain’s official brand name and we’re not sure how we feel about it.Dunkin’ Donuts is currently going by just “Dunkin'” at a location in

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Dunkin’ Dunkin’ Decaf Medium Roast Ground Coffee – 12oz. Dunkin’ Donuts. 4.5 out of 5 stars with 87 ratings. 87. .59. Shipping not available. Not at your store.

Find dunkin coffee at a store near you. Order dunkin coffee online for pickup or delivery. … Dunkin’ Donuts Vanilla Iced Coffee Beverage 48 fl oz. Sign In to Add. In … Cafe Bustelo Supreme Espresso Style Ground Coffee 10 oz. Sign In to Add. In-Store Pickup Delivery Ship $ 7. 49 discounted from .49. Dunkin’ Donuts Decaf Coffee K-Cup Pods …

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What Is A Dunkaccino From Dunkin Donuts

5/5DunkaccinoDunkin Donuts

A Dunkaccino is a blend of hot chocolate and coffee so it makes sense that it’s pretty high in caffeine. But, like a Vanilla Chai, you should also be prepared for a sugar rush. It carries 37 grams of sugar.

Additionally, is a dunkaccino good? For tasty combination of our classic hot chocolate and coffee flavors, enjoy a Dunkaccino. This beverage is sure to warm you up and keep you running throughout the holiday season. This hot chocolate features the rich cookies and creme flavors of your favorite OREO® Cookie.

Keeping this in view, what is a dunkaccino made of?

Dunkin Donuts: DunkaccinoCappuccino is traditionally made with espresso and steamed milk, topped with milk foam. Sounds harmless enough. But a large Dunkaccino is made with a mix of coffee, hot chocolate, and milk. It has 490 calories before they even add the whipped cream.

How much is a dunkaccino at Dunkin Donuts?

Dunkin’ Donuts Menu Prices

How Much Caffeine Is In Starbucks Decaf Coffee

As I mentioned before, decaf iced coffee still contains a small amount of caffeine. This is because decaf is not the same thing as caffeine-free.

Look at it this way. Caffeine-free Starbucks drinks never contained caffeine to begin with. Whereas, decaf drinks have had the caffeine removed. Well, most of it.

Heres a comparison.

A single shot of Starbucks blonde roast has about 85 mg of caffeine while dark has 75 mg. And, according to this lab study, Starbucks decaf ranges from 3-15 mg per shot.

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There Is No Such Thing As Half A Sugar Or Cream

Every Dunkin’ uses machinery to dispense cream, milk, and sugar. If you ask for half a cream, and someone tells you that’s what you’re getting, they’re lying. Unless they pour it out, which they might do if they don’t care about speed, you are getting one cream. It’s a machine with predetermined settings. Same goes for sugar. Don’t be mean about it, we’re just being honest.

Grams to Tablespoons Calculator with steps

13-02-2022 · 0.073. Grams to tablespoons conversion chart. These are just some of the most often used cases. Next, to convert grams to tbsp, use the formula: Volume_ {tbsp}= Mass_ {grams}\times Tablespoons_ {per \; gram} Where Tablespoons per gram is the number from the chart above according to the substance.


You can use our Grams to Tablespoons Calculator for conversion between mass and volume of a certain substance. Did you ever use a recipe from the Internet or the newspaper to cook something? If you did, you know that almost every ingredient has a certain amount next to it (for example, 100 g of cocoa and 100 ml of water). So, everything has to be explicitly measured to assure the quality of the end product.

That is not just the case with cooking. Science as well uses exact measures. So conversions from the different types of notation becomes very useful. One of those cases is converting between units gram and tablespoon (tbsp). See also this related converter from grams to cups or converter from grams to ounces. Also, there is our Butter Calculator for you to check out.

Grams and Tablespoons

Gram is a unit of measure for mass. There are one thousand grams in a kilogram, the main mass unit in the international system of units. Grams are used in the kitchen to express the weight of something (technically, grams are units for mass, but mass and weight are often used interchangeably, even though they are not the same thing). Meanwhile, a tablespoon (tbsp) is a unit of volume. Above all, it is primarily used in cooking.

How big is a gram?

Gram is a pretty small unit of mass/weight. List of items that weigh exactly one gram:

  • US dollar bill,
  • Ordinary paperclip,
  • Thumbtack, and so on.

There are also ways to express grams in US metric system, but we will stick to European standards.

How much is a tablespoon?

Unit of a tablespoon (tbsp) is derived from, you guessed it, a regular tablespoon. Therefore, many countries defined their standards throughout history, even for things like tbsps. So it comes as no surprise when you hear that there are multiple versions of tablespoon:

  • Metric tablespoon, exactly 15 ml of volume
  • US tablespoon, exactly 14.8 ml of volume
  • Australian tablespoon, exactly 20 ml of volume

There is also a teaspoon unit, but for that, you can look in our Grams to Teaspoons Calculator and other articles on our site.

kitchen measuring tablespoon unit
Kitchen measuring spoons


Grams to Tablespoons conversion formula

Converting grams to a tablespoon is not that complicated once you get the gist of it. In this article, we will stick with a metric tablespoon. To convert the certain mass of some substance to a certain volume, use the formula:

Volume\space =\frac{Mass}{Density}

 So to convert from mass in grams to volume in tbsp, plug in the appropriate units in the formula:


Density depends on which substance we are talking about. Our calculator has a list of different kitchen ingredients with their densities.

How many grams are in a tablespoon?

To calculate how many grams are in a tablespoon of a certain substance, use the formula:

Mass_{grams}=1\;tbsp\times Density_{grams/tbsp}

Density depends on the substance we are using. For example, the density of plain white flour goes from 8 to 9 grams per tbsp.

Tablespoons in a cup conversion

The measurement unit of one cup refers to another unit of volume used in the kitchen. Just like with tbsp, there are multiple versions of it. Some of them include US legal cup, US customary cup, metric cup, and so on. Table of conversion between different versions of cups and tbsp is given below:

Versions of cup unitSize in tbsp
US legal cup16
US customary cup15.77
Australian cup16.67
Canadian cup16.67
Metric cup16.67
Chart for conversion between units of cup and tbsp
Grams to tablespoons calculator
Example of a kitchen cup used in measurement

 To convert from cups to tablespoon, insert data from the table into the following formula:

Volume_{tbsp}=Volume_{cups} \times Size \; of\;cup_{tbsp}

 Grams to Tablespoons conversion chart

To convert from mass to volume of a certain substance, use the chart below:

  Substance to convertTbsp in one gram
All-purpose wheat flour0.11
Granulated sugar0.079
Olive oil0.073
Grams to tablespoons conversion chart

These are just some of the most often used cases. Next, to convert grams to tbsp, use the formula:

Volume_{tbsp}= Mass_{grams}\times Tablespoons_{per \; gram}

Where Tablespoons per gram is the number from the chart above according to the substance.

Grams to tablespoons calculator – How to use?

You can use our app for many different kinds of conversions. When you open “Grams to Tablespoons Calculator” in our app, you will see a few input fields. The first field, “Ingredient,” is optional. If you choose an ingredient, another field can pop up for the type of ingredient.

For example, You probably know that there are different types of ingredients like flour and salt. The third field, “Density,” should automatically fill out if you enter these.

Our calculator has a lot of common kitchen ingredients built-in. On the other hand, if you are not on the list, you can enter the density of the ingredient yourself (pay attention to the unit; the default is kilo per cubic meter, but you can change this).

After that, there is the “Convert” section. In the first field, you should enter the mass of your ingredient in grams. As a result, the number of tbsps in the second field should appear in the given mass. This result can either be in a metric tablespoon or US tablespoon.

Grams to Tablespoons Calculator – Example

Let’s say we want to cook something, following the recipe we found on the Internet. But then we realize something. Someone from Europe wrote that recipe, and all of the utensils in our kitchen are labeled with units of tablespoons. For example, this will be the simple list of our ingredients (this is not a cooking article):

  • 100 grams of wheat flour
  • One white egg
  • 100 g of water

With our calculator you will get this data after the conversion:

  • 11 tbsp of flour
  • 4 tbsp of liquid white eggs
  • 6,63 tbsp of water

(Note: in a real kitchen, you would use units of teaspoons and cups as measurements also). In conclusion, our “Grams to Tablespoons Calculator” can easily be used for conversion between units of gram and tablespoon.



How to convert 20 grams to tablespoons?

To convert 20 grams to tablespoons, you need to divide 20 g by density in grams per tablespoon. For example, 20 grams of granulated sugar equals about 1.57 tbsp.

How to convert two tablespoons to grams?

To convert two metric tbsp to grams, you must multiply 2 tbsp and density in grams per tablespoon. For example, 2 tbsp of granulated sugar equals about 25 g.

How many grams are in a tablespoon of coffee?

There are 5 grams in one tablespoon of regular coffee.

How many grams are in a tablespoon of sugar?

There are different sugars out there, but for regular granulated white sugar, there are 12.5 grams in 1 tbsp.

Convert 100 grams to tablespoons?

So, weight of 100 grams are equal to 6,63 tbsp, which you can calculate with our converter.

Convert 60 grams to tablespoons?

So, with our grams to tbsp conversions tool, you can do this conversion and weight of 60 grams is equal to 4 tbsp.

Dunkin' Caffeine Content Guide - Cheat Day Design

11-01-2022 · 1. The caffeine counts aren’t exact. There are lots of variables involved to determine the amount of caffeine, and each batch of coffee can end up being slightly different, so consider these close estimates. One day the coffee your order at Starbucks may just be stronger, having a bit more caffeine, so keep that in mind. 2.


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Dunkin’ recently underwent a bit of a rebrand, but their coffee is still one of the best.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m quite the coffee snob. Whenever I travel, I like to try as many of the local coffee spots I can.

And I’m “that guy” that only orders his coffee black to really enjoy all the nuances of the cup.

All of that being said, Dunkin’ is still some of the best (and most consistent) coffee around, especially when it comes to cold brew.

Whenever it’s time for a road trip, I always. make sure I’m accompanied by a nice big cup of Dunkin’ cold brew. Maybe it’s my East Coast bias (I grew up in New York), but I stand by it.

My hope is that someday coffee shops will post their caffeine content the same way many fast food chains now post up all of their calories. While I don’t concern myself too much with the caffeine content, I know that there are many people who simply can’t handle too much caffeine or simply want to limit it.

But since the caffeine content isn’t posted up for ya to see when you’re placing an order, here’s a guide to help you!

How much caffeine is in Dunkin’ coffee?

Dunkin' Coffee Caffeine Content

These caffeine amounts are all based on ordering a medium drink (except espresso, which is just a lil’ baby cup).

But remember, a medium drink is a completely different size for hot and cold beverages. Cold drinks are full of ice, so the cup is going to be much larger to fit both the beverage and the ice.

Generally speaking, you’ll get around the same amount of liquid, but a medium for hot drinks is 14oz, while a medium for cold drinks is 24oz.

Why medium? I don’t know about you, but I’m never ordering a small. It’s not quite enough! Medium is the safe bet here and more along the lines of a “regular” sized cup.

Life hack: If you prefer cold coffee like I do, order your drink with light ice to get even more bang for your buck. Or if you’re going straight home, get no ice and then add your own! That way you’re getting more of that sweet, sweet elixir.

When you order a Nitro Cold Brew, you’ll only be able to get it as a small instead of a medium. While that may feel like you’re getting ripped off, it’s because Nitro is served without ice. The nitrogen keeps is super cold and smooth, and you end up getting the same amount of liquid in a smaller cup since there is no ice getting in the way.

Dunkin’ doesn’t list the exact caffeine amount for Nitro, but I estimated that it’s the same amount of coffee as the cold brew, just in a smaller cup. Since there’s no ice, you’re roughly getting the same amount of coffee.

The iced coffee caffeine content is also listed as higher than cold brew, which may be surprising to you. In most cases, cold brew is stronger and has more caffeine than regular iced coffee, so what gives?

A Dunkin’ spokesperson has said that the cold brew they list is just an estimate because each batch depends on a variety of factors.

In all likelihood, you’re getting a bit more caffeine than listed.


How does Dunkin compare to Starbucks?

If you’re asking me personally, there’s no comparison- Dunkin’ is far superior.

But if you’re asking me how the caffeine content stacks up, I’ve got just the handy graphic for ya…

Caffeine Content Starbucks vs Dunkin

This isn’t the full menu, but it should cover most of the popular items between Dunkin’ and Starbucks! Here are a few notes for you to help even more…

1. The caffeine counts aren’t exact. There are lots of variables involved to determine the amount of caffeine, and each batch of coffee can end up being slightly different, so consider these close estimates. One day the coffee your order at Starbucks may just be stronger, having a bit more caffeine, so keep that in mind.

2. I checked each one number about 10 times based on the respective menus available online. Unfortunately, I can’t answer the questions like “why does Dunkin iced coffee have so much more caffeine than Starbucks?” I did my best with the information I could find online, but still couldn’t find all the answers. Rest assured, the caffeine contents are pulled directly from the Dunkin’ and Starbucks websites!

3. The cup sizes between Dunkin and Starbucks are also slightly different. For example, a Starbucks Tall is 12oz and a Grande is 16oz, while a Dunkin small is 10z with a medium being 14oz. The amounts are slightly different, but I stuck with the small/medium/large system for consistency. You’ll notice that the 2oz difference in drinks doesn’t really translate to more or less caffeine, though.

4. The Starbucks caffeine levels for some drinks (like a cappuccino) seem to be the same for Grande & Venti, whereas Dunkin caffeine increases. That leads me to believe that with Starbucks, you’re getting more of the other stuff in those drinks, and not more coffee. I checked in with someone who used to work at Starbucks and they confirmed that you indeed do not get more espresso when you order the large at Starbucks, so you might be better off sticking to the Grande in that case (especially if calories are a concern).

5. Starbucks does have different coffee roasts available as well: a blonde roast has slightly more caffeine, and a dark roast has slightly less.

Why this Boston retailer added a coffee and flowers component to …

02-02-2022 · Her retail showroom in the Boston suburb of Chestnut Hill, Elizabeth Home Decor & Design, transformed as well: She expanded in 2021 to add an adjacent coffee and flower shop, Elizabeth Home Petals & Press. Here, Benedict discusses growth at a time of personal devastation, why coffee is good for selling furniture, and how she stocks the store ...


In Business of Home’s series Shop Talk, we chat with owners of home furnishings stores across the country to hear about their hard-won lessons and challenges, big and small—to find out what they see for the future of small industry businesses like theirs.

Elizabeth Benedict

Designer and shop-owner Elizabeth Benedict pictured in her Boston-based showroom, Elizabeth Home Decor & Design. Courtesy of Elizabeth Benedict

This week, we spoke with Elizabeth Benedict, whose career took her from the finance world to design, and from the U.S. to Asia and back. Her retail showroom in the Boston suburb of Chestnut Hill, Elizabeth Home Decor & Design, transformed as well: She expanded in 2021 to add an adjacent coffee and flower shop, Elizabeth Home Petals & Press. Here, Benedict discusses growth at a time of personal devastation, why coffee is good for selling furniture, and how she stocks the store during the supply chain crisis.

What brought you to the design world?
My professional background was originally in financial services. My first job after college was with Brown Brothers Harriman, and then I worked for a hedge fund. When we first got married, my husband got offered a job in Hong Kong, and I continued my career working for Credit Suisse there. But he was traveling all over Southeast Asia and I was missing the opportunity, not only to be with him, but to see the region. I left my job and took a part-time position at a little design studio in Hong Kong. The owner had a retail shop, and she asked me to source for the store when I was traveling with my husband. I didn’t know anything about design or how to source—or what brocade fabric was compared to a dupioni silk—so I joined the Hong Kong Textile Society. I took a bunch of classes, and I really dove in. I started to send things back to New York, and did a few trunk shows under the name Essential Asia. Most of it was soft goods and textiles. The partner of a friend I grew up with was the buyer for Dean & DeLuca in New York at the time, and he bought my whole line ahead of the holidays. That was really exciting. I felt like, “OK, this could be a great career.”

Then my husband’s contract was up and he had a job offer in Boston, so we moved there. At this point, I’m pregnant, and I’m wondering what I’m doing with myself, because I wasn’t going back to finance. Between having my kids, I took night classes at New England School of Art and Design and got my certificate in decorative arts. We lived in Brookline in a little apartment building, so I started with apartments and urban design. I met a contractor who was doing a big project in Beacon Hill converting some old apartments to luxury condos, and he was looking for somebody to do the common spaces as well as model units. I had never worked with a designer, I had no idea what I was doing. I think I only got the job because my design bid was ,000.

How did the store come about?
When I started my career, my studio was all happening in my house, in a home office, and it was awkward to have clients over. I started looking for a space—not even a retail space, more of an office. But this little retail shop became available two blocks from my house, and I said, “Okay, I’ll take that.” I just wanted to spread out a bit, but it had a storefront. The store is a sweet little house, a cottage. It’s actually the only retail space for like a mile.

I set up the space to feel more like a house, with a living room and a dining area. I used to invite my clients to meet there, and it gave me more credibility. I shopped for it the same way I would shop for myself or a client. Over the years the studio became more of a shop, and our whole workspace moved down to the basement, but we were still only half the building. The other half of the building was a yoga studio, and when COVID happened, she could no longer hold classes. It was then that I said, “I might as well take the whole building.” And then, when the whole world shut down, I lost my mom to COVID the first week.

Oh, I’m so sorry.
It was devastating. The office was closed, and my four kids and husband were all stuck at home. I would just come into the studio and putz around. None of our clients were doing anything, and I had no idea what was going to happen to our business. A friend of mine was an Illy coffee exec, and when [the yoga studio went] out of business, I said, “I think we should take the space and open a coffee shop, that way we’d be essential.” It would get people out of the house [if] they were tired of being home. So she got Illy to partner with me—it took a while to build because we had to get all the permits, but we have a courtyard and we decided to put in a to-go window. We expanded the design store to e-commerce as well, and it ballooned. Somebody came in the other day and bought a bar cart, but she initially came in for a cookie.

Do the spaces flow into each other? Can you take a cup of coffee and wander around?
I wanted it to be two separate spaces, two different identities, but they’re both Elizabeth Home. One is Elizabeth Home Petal and Press, which is the coffee and flower shop, and the other side is Elizabeth Home Decor and Design, the incorporated name I’ve had for 16 years. When you come through the front door, you can go either direction. If I want, I can shut down the Decor and Design side, and put up a “Call for an appointment” sign, but as long as somebody’s in the building, the whole thing is open.

Left: Interior of the Elizabeth Home Decor & Design showroom in Chestnut Hill, Boston. Courtesy of Elizabeth Benedict | Right: Elizabeth Home Petals & Press was added to the showroom in 2021 to heighten the retail experience. Courtesy of Elizabeth Benedict

Who is your typical customer?
Our strongest customers are the trade, but now word’s getting out. A lot of neighborhood people come in for coffee. We have one woman who comes every week because she says she’s only allowed to buy one thing a week. It’s fun to have regulars now. We don’t ever buy mass quantities of anything, and I’m really selective in what I bring in, so the stock changes. When something goes out, rarely is it restocked with the same thing. So every week, we really do have something new to offer.

Is there an item you can’t keep in stock?
For the Petal and Press side, our bestsellers are our white vases. We source them from a Canadian company called Torre & Tagus. They look great in a photo shoot, they look good in anyone’s kitchen. It’s a great gift, because it doesn’t have to go with anything, and with our cut flowers, it’s an easy grab-and-go. We can’t ever keep them in stock.

Is there a particular vendor you adore?
Our bestselling vendor is a ceramicist named Elena Boiardi, who we met at a pop-up a couple of years ago at the Boston Design Center. She does handpainted shagreen patterns on pottery, and now has a cult following. She only [sells] wholesale to four stores, and we cannot keep her stuff in stock for more than a week. For each of the stores that she sells to, she does something exclusive; for us, she makes creamer and sugar sets. She’ll drop off 20 items, and within a week we’ve shipped them all over the country.

What’s your favorite piece in the store right now, something that makes you smile every time you pass it?
I love vintage trinket boxes, Limoges-type of things. They’re so cute on a book or on the shelf. I found this little butterfly Cartier pill box recently—my grandmother had the same one, and I have hers, but this one’s been here for about three months. I thought someone would swipe it but it’s still here, and I’m almost happy—it makes up a whole vignette on that shelf.

What’s the advice you would give yourself if you could go back to opening day? Not to expect it to take off so quickly. And not to stray from the way I want to do it. I’m not a big-box store, so I’m not going to act like one. Every time I try to get on somebody else’s bandwagon, I realize it’s best to stay true to the way I want this place to function. When I try to bring in product I think somebody [else] would like, that stuff sits there longer. It really is an extension of my brand and my services, because I’m buying things that I would buy for my clients. I’m buying what I would buy for myself.

What’s your biggest everyday challenge, and what’s your biggest existential challenge?

It’s not staffing, because I love my team and I have a great group of people who work here, but it’s getting them to see the store through my eyes. I’m like the passive-aggressive parent who expects the kids to clean up their room or put it back the way that I would do it. I have [what I want] in my mind. When I come in sometimes it’s frustrating that the store’s not looking as tight as I want it to, or the vignettes aren’t quite what I would do. I’m still running my design business so I’m hardly here, and when I come in and the place is out of whack it’ll ruin my day.

And then existentially—will customers like it? Does my vision translate into a sellable vision? Am I going to stay in business? This is really only 10 percent of my business, but with COVID and supply chain issues, this should be 30 percent of my business. We have stock! This is all grab and go. What keeps me up at night is waiting nine months for things and then not being able to deliver. It’s feeling super vulnerable to these lead times, and delivering the bad news to the clients. So the focus on the shop now is the complete opposite: You can have it now. We only shop from people who have deliverables, who can ship.

Benedict elevates her consumers' retail experience with her coffee and flower shop.

Benedict elevates her consumers' retail experience with her coffee and flower shop.Courtesy of Elizabeth Benedict

How are you communicating these supply chain concerns to your customers?
We’re super transparent anyway, but it was letting them know. We started sending them all of the Business of Home articles [on the issue]! We were so thankful it finally hit national news, because [customers] are always a little suspect. “Did you really place the order? Why is it taking so long?” You never want somebody to doubt you. The price points online—I want [customers] to understand they’re not getting a deal, they’re just paying for shipping. Last week, I had four phone calls in one day with smaller vendors because the shipping fees are now coming in at 50 to 60 percent of wholesale. You can’t absorb that. It’s just an add-on: 24 percent of the product cost, then a drop-ship fee, a fuel surcharge is another 8 percent, and then you’re getting hit with a small-order fee because they can’t fulfill the whole order—they’re only shipping out part of it.. It’s crazy. I said, “If it’s a small order, this can go in a UPS box with some bubble wrap and cost !” But it costs because that’s their formula. It’s going to get to a point where people are going to wait or stop buying. I’m telling my clients to wait. I could be shooting myself in the foot, but it’s the right thing to do.

What’s a challenge unique to the Boston area that people elsewhere might not experience? That we’re frugal Brahmins. Where I am is very academic. There are a lot of people here on an expat package, two-year contracts, a lot of students, so I don’t think their houses are as important as, say, somewhere in the South. A lot of the layering doesn’t happen, so people have to be talked into the extra step. It gets better as you get further west and into the real suburbs, but in the city proper, they’re thinking, “Do I really need that?” If you’re in downtown Boston, you’re eventually moving to a house. They like their artwork here better than tchotchkes and accessories. On the coffee shop side, we feature one artist at a time—mostly emerging artists or local artists, so it’s like a little show. On the Decor and Design side, we have a collective of art, probably 100 pieces from artists across the country.

What is the future of small businesses like yours?

I wish there were more here in Boston. Like I was saying with the white vases from Torre & Tagus—I’ll walk into HomeGoods and sometimes they’re there. So it’s making sure you’re bringing in quality things that somebody’s not going to buy on the internet or at HomeGoods. More and more, people want the experience of going into a store. They appreciate seeing smaller venues from different points of view. When you come in here, there’s equal parts vintage and new, so it takes a while to stroll through and appreciate it.
Curating a collection that can't be replicated online or in commercial stores is integral to Elizabeth Home Decor & Design.

Curating a collection that can't be replicated online or in commercial stores is integral to Elizabeth Home Decor & Design. Courtesy of Elizabeth Benedict

Now, I just want to put my eyes somewhere that isn’t my home. I want to spend time in a beautiful place! Small stores are storytellers, right? There’s a reason behind what they bought, why they bought it and how they put it together. The coffee shop is a nice add-on, because it gives people a reason to linger. It takes time to make an espresso or cappuccino, and if you offer them a place to enjoy it, that also turns them into a client or a customer. So we’re open to all avenues. We lend to the trade. We have a coffee shop. We have flowers. We just try to round it out so it’s an experience

What’s a great day as a shop owner?

I really do love my shop. I love the mornings, when I look at our sales report. It’s fun seeing what people pick because it’s like, “Oh, they like me! They picked that.” In the sales report, I’ll sort of giggle, like, “Oh, my gosh, that really sold!” We bought these funny cowboy spurs for the back of your boots. I put them on top of a book, and they went out within a week. It made me want to know who bought it and what they were going to use it for. Do they have ties to the West? I bought it because I went to school in Colorado, but what’s their story?

Homepage photo: The interior of Elizabeth Benedict’s Boston-based showroom, Elizabeth Home Decor & Design | Courtesy of Elizabeth Benedict

90 Day Fiancé: Caleb's Body Catches Unexpected Castmate’s …

20-12-2021 · A former 90 Day Fiancé stars is crushing on new cast member Caleb Greenwood. It is probably the first time someone has shared a positive view about Caleb since his debut on the TLC show. Many 90 Day Fiancé fans already think he will break his Russian girlfriend Alina Kasha's heart.Caleb is a 28-year-old marketing executive from Chandler, Arizona.


Caleb Greenwood shares pictures to reveal that he took part in a bodybuilding show. A former 90 Day Fiancé star is crushing on his toned physique.

A former 90 Day Fiancé stars is crushing on new cast member Caleb Greenwood. It is probably the first time someone has shared a positive view about Caleb since his debut on the TLC show. Many 90 Day Fiancé fans already think he will break his Russian girlfriend Alina Kasha's heart. Caleb is a 28-year-old marketing executive from Chandler, Arizona. He met 27-year-old Alina through Facebook 13 years ago. The duo started talking and formed a special connection, despite residing in different countries. However, they lost touch after some time and got busy with their lives.

But the couple reconnected three years ago when Caleb found Alina on a dating app. They started talking again and decided to meet in person to explore their relationship further. While Caleb doesn't show many emotions on the show, Alina is pretty excited to meet and hug him. After watching two episodes of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5, many fans think that Caleb is just like infamous castmate Steven Johnston. Both stars are dating Russian partners named Alina and are inconsiderate of their wishes and needs.

But one of the female 90 Day Fiancé cast members thinks highly of Caleb (or his ripped body). The Arizona resident recently posted a bunch of pictures on Instagram to unveil his toned physique. The 90 Day Fiancé star revealed that he competed in a bodybuilding show and came in fourth place. He said, "I learned I need to put on a lot of mass to compete with the bigger guys on stage." Caleb may not have won the competition, but it seems like he has impressed fashion influencer Amira Lollysa with his strong and muscular body. She left three fire emojis on Caleb's shirtless photos.

Caleb hasn't responded to Amira's comment, but it is possible that he directly messaged her to express his gratitude. Many other 90 Day Fiancé viewers are impressed with Caleb's appearance. A fan said, "For me it's the hair I have a thing for men with long hair and muscles!!!!" Another chimed in, "Sheesh bro. You are full of surprises. Congrats bro." Someone else said, "U really look like a nice guy I really don't know why people think otherwise."

It was quite brave of Amira to leave a comment on a new 90 Day Fiancé star's shirtless picture. Lately, she doesn't seem to filter her thoughts and does what she wants. Amira recently broke up with her Canadian boyfriend, and it looks like she is single at the moment. However, Caleb still appears to be dating his singer and model girlfriend, Alina. The couple keeps on sharing each other's pictures and indulging in banter on social media. It is also possible that 90 Day Fiancé alum Amira wasn't crushing on Caleb's body but just admiring his dedication and the hard work he put in to look fit.

Next: 90 Day Fiancé: Cast Members Who Were Blindsided By Their Partners

Source: Caleb Greenwood/Instagram

90 Day Fiancé: Zied Hakimi's Weight Loss Transformation In Pictures
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Coffee price on 12/05/2022: suddenly skyrocketed - Chu Se Pepper

12-05-2022 · Robusta chart London July 2022 session on 11/05/2022. At the end of the session, the price of Robusta coffee on ICE Europe – London reversed to increase. Futures for spot delivery in July increased by 69 USD, to 2,078 USD/ton and for September delivery increased by 67 USD, to 2,080 USD/ton, strong increases. Trading volume very below average.


What caused the price of coffee on both futures exchanges to suddenly spike in a rare way?

Robusta chart London July 2022 session on 11/05/2022

At the end of the session, the price of Robusta coffee on ICE Europe – London reversed to increase. Futures for spot delivery in July increased by 69 USD, to 2,078 USD/ton and for September delivery increased by 67 USD, to 2,080 USD/ton, strong increases. Trading volume very below average.

Similarly, the price of Arabica coffee on the ICE US floor – New York also reversed to increase. July spot futures rose 16.10 cents to 219.90 cents/lb and September futures rose 16 cents to 219.80 cents/lb, extremely strong gains. Trading volume very high above average.

The price of green coffee beans in the Central Highlands provinces increased from 1,200 to 1,300 VND, to range from 40,300 to 40,900 VND/kg.

What caused the price of coffee on the two futures exchanges to suddenly skyrocket in a rare way?

USDX’s rally stalled as it was reported that the US Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 0.3% in April, but still below the 1.2% gain in March. US stocks also fell. The point when the market received positive information from China said that the government will soon ease the blockade of Shanghai because the epidemic has somewhat eased. Speculative capital flight caused digital currency exchanges to plunge…

It is expected that the Fed will continue to vigorously raise the basic interest rate to prevent excessive inflation. But it was only when the massive speculative capital inflow raised the yield on US Treasuries to sky-high levels, due to concerns about the positive “asset recovery” will increase the risk, will make the Fed slack. This makes the market raise the possibility of adjusting interest rates at a slower and less harsh pace.

It seems that the price of coffee futures dropped sharply because the market chose the wrong direction (!), while National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the US forecasts that from May 16, coffee regions in southern Brazil may be affected by frosts lasting for a few days, which has contributed to boosting coffee production. “speculative bull” back to increase buying.

According to Giacaphe.comAlthough there is a prolonged cold in central and southern Brazil, the possibility of frost in coffee growing areas is very low, especially the Brazilian winter which occurs in the three months of June, July and August. Therefore. This cold weather news is just an opportunity for speculation to reap profits in the short term.

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