Top 9 best instant coffee you have to try

Sometimes all you want is a delicious cup of coffee without having to boil it yourself or spend at a coffee shop. Then go for instant coffee! Instant coffee is possibly the coffee industry's largest stumbling block. There is still the contention that instant coffee should not be consumed.
While there are compelling arguments for this — instant coffee is staler, contains less caffeine than normal coffee, and includes a higher concentration of acrylamide (albeit not at dangerous levels) — there are other reasons to choose instant coffee. Camping, traveling, and a lack of a coffee-making machine are just a few of the reasons people turn to instant coffee.


Here are our recommendations for the best instant coffee in 2022

Cafe Bustelo Instant Espresso Coffee

Café Bustelo Espresso Instant Coffee is for the most ardent coffee aficionados. Because it is technically espresso powder. You may instead omit the water entirely and rehydrate the espresso powder with 6 ounces of warm milk over the stove; the dairy sugars will mellow the strong coffee. The instant espresso from Café Bustelo has the intensely complex flavor of a dark roast, with flavors of butter toffee and dark chocolate. The natural caramelization of the roast adds a little sense of sweetness, but the taste will be far too smokey and bitter for many palates if taken on its own.



Concerning this item:
- Includes four boxes of six single-serve packets of Café Bustelo Espresso-Style Dark Roast Instant Coffee (a total of 24 count). 
- Dark roast espresso-style coffee has a full-bodied, strong yet nuanced flavor 
- A bold latino flavor that sticks out, served with or without milk or sugar.


Customer review:

EC: “These are absolutely perfect for traveling! And we so enjoy the strong flavor!! We will continue to purchase these. I only wish this company had an organic option, then it would be perfect. Actually, make that an organic, tested mold-free, and high altitude option (we try to eat as clean and non-toxic as we can 80% of the time).”

Dave: “I am someone who enjoys good coffee but can't always rely on what I find at relative's homes (or they are not coffee drinkers). Took several boxes of this while traveling. The taste is similar to fresh Cafe Bustelo, easy to use a single cup pack rather than deal with bottles of instant coffee. I believe their instant coffee includes some real coffee as well. Easy to brew with boiling water and milk/sugar as needed. Best use case for this: traveling or visiting friends/relatives where you know you will not get any coffee. Small size makes this preferred for international travel.”

Get it on Amazon for USD 9.84-11.95


Mount Hagen Organic Fair Trade Freeze Dried Instant Coffee

Mount Hagen is a milder coffee. It's quite smooth and lacks the bitter and acidic flavor found in many lesser instant coffees. That being said, this is not the ideal option for individuals who prefer a strong-flavored cup of coffee.

It's kept fresh in a glass jar, however it's a little on the little side. It yields around 60 6 oz. mugs. Each serving has 50-60 mg of caffeine, resulting in a well-caffeinated 12 oz. beverage. It also dissolves quickly in hot water, requiring only a few stirs.



Concerning this item:
- Mount Hagen: The pioneer of organic Fair Trade coffee production, the global coffee industry's conscience. Mount Hagen routinely ranks first on rankings of the best instant organic coffees.
- Single origin: Our preferred single-origin coffee has Papua New Guinea's silky mildness and nuanced, refined flavor.
- Masters of our craft: A sip of our rich, silky coffee is a taste of its pampered history in Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea's paradise.
3.53 oz. glass jar, roughly 50 serves


Customer review:

Jessica Rose: “This coffee was the perfect choice to take on our epic mountain adventure. Rich, tasty, full bodied- almost the perfect man. The only problem I experienced with Mount Hagen Organic freeze dried coffee was when a moose came between me and my coffee- things were desperate for a minute when I was in my tent and she was in my dooryard. Thankfully she wandered off without stealing my cuppa. I was once again able to savor the deliciousness that is Mount Hagen Coffee.”

LeeinNY: "I kill every coffeepot I've ever had so I don't bother to try to brew coffee anymore; I just go for instant. Have been through most of the supermarket brands with little success: this one is too strong; that one tastes like dishwater; this one is just OK. Then my sister turned me on to Mount Hagen and my first thought was, "wow, this is hella pricey!".... but decided to try it anyway. OMG. SO good! I only drink a cup a day, sometimes I skip, very occasionally I'll have two cups. I might have to revisit the two-cup-a-day thing now! BUY this. Seriously. Still think it's a little hard on the budget, but truth be told, if Amazon offered this as a subscription, I'd be tempted to sign up in a NY minute."


Get it on Amazon for USD 12.98


Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee Dark Roast Packets

The high-quality arabica beans in these VIA instant dark roast coffee packets give it a smooth and balanced flavor. This instant coffee's dark roast is designed to give sweet flavors and strength. This dark roast is designed to have sweet overtones as well as intensity. The caffeine concentration of the VIA is relatively significant, at 130-140 mg per serving.

It goes without saying that VIA coffee can be produced rapidly. All you have to do is pour it into a cup, fill it with hot water, wait 10 seconds, stir it, and enjoy.



Concerning this item:

- Starbucks VIA Instant, made with the same 100% arabica beans as Starbucks coffee, provides Starbucks coffee in an instant.
- Starbucks VIA Instant coffee is a terrific way to keep a variety of mixes and tastes on hand, hot or cold.


Customer review:

 Virgo Tendencies: "I"m a coffee snob and usually only drink espresso. For the sake of convenience, I bought these for an international trip not expecting much and planning to use only in case of an emergency. After the first cup, I was hooked. These little packets are perfect for travel and get you by in the morning instead of drinking terrible hotel coffee or searching for your first cup while fighting a caffeine withdrawal headache. I wouldn't have them all the time, but they are far and away the best instant packs I've found and I would definitely purchase again. Strong enough to satisfy an espresso fan. I usually drank black, sometimes added just a hint of milk."

ABC: “I drove across country and didn’t have to drink gas station “dirty water” or tasteless convenience store versions of coffee thanks to these instant packs - no spoon needed, the coffee dissolves immediately. I just asked for hot water wherever I stopped and kept a milk alternative in a cooler. I was incredibly impressed with the robust flavor. This coffee didn’t cause acid reflux or the jitters! I liked it so much that I continue to use it at work. I just add hot water from our filtration system which saves me a lot of money throughout the week!”


Get it on Amazon for USD 33.63 (50 packets)


Vinacafe 3 in 1 Instant Coffee

If you're in a hurried or have absolutely no time, this Vietnamese coffee brand is a fantastic option. One instant coffee is actually a blend that contains nondairy creamer and sugar, so all you need is this on-the-go package. Vinacafe may not be ideal for people who prefer black coffee, but it is ideal for those who cannot drink their morning cup without dairy and sugar. You simply grab your small packet, get some hot water.



Customer review:

Sonnyboi: "For those of us in a rush and can’t find the time for freshly brewed coffee this is the answer. Just add into some hot water and mix. It dissolves pretty well, no lumps or clumps and the flavor is really smooth compared to other brands of instant coffee. In my opinion the best part is you don’t even need to add cream or sugar, it’s all in one"

Kindle Customer: "Instant coffees tend to not attract anyone who truly likes good coffee. Well, Vinacaffe is not your average instant coffee. It's a very good to great cup you didn't know existed. Aroma, flavor are all on point. And the 3-in-1 aspect makes for a perfect on the go, camping, or even just a convenience of 1 cup at home without the mess of a coffee maker or the barely adequate Keurig coffee. The proportions are just right for a "coffee, regular" And if you want a little more intense or thinner, then just proportion your hot water accordingly."


Get it on Amazon for USD 12.99


Organic Instant Coffee Powder by Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic is a Los Angeles-based company that specializes in mushroom-based cocktails. You may or may not have heard of them. Four Sigmatic's Mushroom Coffee Mix, complete with celebrity endorsements, is swiftly gaining appeal among coffee fans and more health-conscious caffeinated beverage connoisseurs. This fascinating blend includes 100% organic arabica coffee, Lion's Mane mushrooms, Chaga Mushrooms, and Rhodiola rebaudiana, also known as "the golden root" and wild-harvested in Tibet.

In fact, the mushrooms appear to smooth and milden the coffee's flavor while removing any harsh or bitter undertones found in most instant coffees.



Concerning this item:

- After meticulously roasting and brewing organic Colombian coffee beans, the coffee is condensed by evaporation before being spray-dried into a pure, delightful, instant powder.
- Each cup includes 250mg of organic, wild-harvested chaga. Chaga got its name from the fact that it helps the immune system and has a lot of antioxidants.
- Instant coffee, in particular, contains rhodiola rosea, an adaptogen known for its ability to support endurance, lower stress, and improve brain function.


Customer review:

KR Ranch: "I'm drinking my first cup now and its actually pretty good. I felt like this is a perfect solution to my problem. I bought it because I have inflammation issues but LOVE me some coffee! The taste is really the only thing I was really concerned with. I usually have to put some kind of sweetener in but this is very smooth and easy to drink with just a bit of creamer. So far so good!"

B: “Love mushroom coffee from Four Sigmatic! Organic and high-quality ingredients. Earthy flavor but not too strong of mushroom, more an aftertaste. Good caffeine boost. It is a little different than what you get with a cup of regular coffee, it is more like mental alertness rather than jittery and hyper. I love having one a day especially if I don't have coffee in the morning. I'd highly recommend this packet for a quick hot caffeine drink and highly recommend Four Sigmatic coffee in general!”


Get it on Amazon for USD 13.50


Maxwell House The Original Roast Instant Coffee

Maxwell House may not be the best coffee brand, but it is certainly one of the most well-known. This brand's instructions ask for 1 teaspoon per 6 ounces of water, yielding a rich and full cup of coffee. This medium roast is livelier, with a hint of acidity and quick sourness, and tastes like a robusta blend that hasn't been expertly roasted. It actually evokes an unexpected sensation of nostalgia, similar to having breakfast in an old hometown restaurant.

At less than for an 8-ounce jar that makes at least 50 cups of coffee, Maxwell House is an economical coffee choice (via Target). However, the heavy, enormous container makes traveling or camping with this coffee extremely inconvenient.



Concerning this item:

- One 8-ounce jar of Maxwell House Original Roast Ground Instant Coffee - Smooth, full-bodied flavor with a traditional flavor.
This instant coffee does not require a brewer.
- Stir the mixture into hot water - Packaged in a resealable container to help keep the flavor in.


Customer review:

Jenocidal: "You can get much better taste if you want to spend a lot more money. As far as regular grocery store instant coffee, this isn’t bitter like Folgers and Starbucks which is very bitter among other brands. I keep on hand to add to vanilla ice cream, add to instant cappuccino, iced-coffee. I’m 1,000,000% a coffee snob, I special order beans grown in the shade. I make Italian espresso from family recipe. I approve of this instant coffee for add-on and specialty treats!"

Kady: “Maxwell has been a family favorite since I was kid! It was my Ma's favorite and now its my favorite instant coffee. It really is good to the last drop and I hate running out! I have a cup or two almost daily so I stay stocked at home. Better priced here on Amazon than any of my local grocers at the time of this review. Thanks Jeff !”


Get it on Amazon for USD 5.24


Nescafe Taster's Choice House Blend Instant Coffee

Nescafé's Taster's Choice House Blend is a straightforward, well-balanced alternative. It is ethically sourced and has a moderate flavor. To keep all of the good things in, the microground and soluble beans are flash frozen. If you want to try it, they recommend buying a jar rather than individual packets. When using a larger glass jar, there is more room for customization. Scoop out as much as you need to produce 6 oz., 8 oz., or 10 oz.

The glass jar closes tightly to keep the contents fresh. It yields approximately 105 6 oz. cups. In addition to having a milder flavor, it also has a lower caffeine concentration. The caffeine content per 6 oz. serving is 65mg.



Concerning this item:

- Savor smooth, well-balanced flavor in an instant with the pure coffee taste - Instantly elevate the taste of the coffee in your cup with this full-bodied, light-to medium-roasted coffee that's full of flavor.
- Made with ethically sourced, high-quality coffee beans from throughout the world - A cup of coffee is simple to make: scoop one teaspoon, add hot water, mix, and enjoy.


Customer review:

Kimberly A Smith: “I love this coffee and is great for someone who has little time and is on the go. I also keep the individual cup packets in my purse for coffee when I am out. The shipping was extremely slow and I was very disappointed in that but other than that I recommend this product.”

daniella: “This may be obvious to some people but: avoid (as much as you're able to) using a wet spoon when scooping this coffee as it will start sticking to the sides of the jar overtime and make making coffee in the morning a little less attractive. This has been my go-to instant coffee for a while because it has the best taste and the right amount of strength to it. It lasts a long time and does not need too much -- maybe one or two small spoonfuls.”


Get it on Amazon for USD 18.98


G7 3 In 1 Instant Coffee

G7, one of the most popular instant coffees in Southeast Asia, isn't made in either of the two traditional methods (freeze dried or sprayed). They utilize a "patented dry roasting technique," which is probably similar to the Coca-Cola recipe: only two individuals in the entire world know the secret, and they can never travel together.

This instant coffee is also a 3-in-1, which means it already contains coffee, creamer, and sugar. This relatively sweet beverage contains only 71 calories per serving.



Concerning this item:

- Each sachet contains a blend of coffee powder, nondairy creamer, and sugar, allowing you to make a tasty and aromatic cup of coffee in seconds. 
-The coffee powder is prepared from a blend of beans from Jamaica, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Vietnam to provide a tasty, aromatic, and smooth cup of coffee that you'll enjoy 
- Simply mix with 75ml of hot water whenever you want to drink coffee right away, making it ideal for use at home and on the go.


Customer review:

Marie:As soon as this arrived I had to make me a warm cup. This 3n 1 is amazing. It has just the perfect amount of creamer and sugar in it. It came in a100 pack which pleases me even more !! Thank you guys for what you do !!”

William F: “My girlfriend purchased this as a gift because I’ve never had Vietnamese coffee. She’s Vietnamese and wanted me to have a taste of home. It’s instant and easy to travel with! Add some milk and sugar if you desire. Very convenient to carry the packets and take them to work or out for a day at the park. Enjoy!”


Get it on Amazon for USD 18.98


Waka Medium Roast Instant Coffee Colombian

Waka Coffee is a newcomer to the coffee scene, but their 100% Arabica Freeze-Dried Colombian coffee is already making waves.

Each box contains eight individual packets of five grams of instant coffee powder. We blended it with 6.5 ounces of hot water (at 85°C) instead of the specified 8-10 ounces of water to attempt a robust cup that really highlighted the full flavor. While most coffees have a 'chalky' flavor, Waka Coffee demonstrates that coffee can be both instant and good quality. You'll note a plethora of rich tones that are caramelly, sweet, and smooth. The end has some excellent fruity tones as well.



Concerning this item:

- Premium medium roast instant coffee prepared with 100% Arabica coffee beans from Colombia that were perfectly freeze dried to maintain the aroma and flavor. There is no sugar or sweetener added; only coffee.
- Well-balanced, smooth-bodied, with citrus flavors. 
- Make one cup at a time, whenever and wherever you choose. Simply add water, mix, and enjoy. Each box contains 8 - 0.1 oz single-serve packets, enough to produce 8-10 fl oz of coffee.


Customer review:

PotterFans: “I gave this as a gift for someone who lives in an RV for 25% of the year. They needed decaf for Heath reasons. I keep Reg Wacka instant coffee in my camping supplies, so I thought their decaf must be good too; and it is. The person whom I gave it to served it to me when I visited them- delicious for instant coffee.”

Bria: "This instant coffee is hella tasty. Best instant coffee I've ever had, you won't even know that it's "instant"! It's got a sweet, floral taste to it. It's a bit pricey but I'm willing to pay because it's the BEST instant coffee on the market!!"


Get it on Amazon for USD 10.79


How to Improve the Taste of Instant Coffee?


It will lack the depth, nuanced nuances, and brightness of a fresh cup prepared with a French press coffee maker or single-serve machine, as with anything reconstituted. One of the simplest methods to improve the flavor of your reconstituted brew is to first add a teaspoon or two of cold water to your cup. Mix the grounds thoroughly in this dash of H20, then add the boiling water and enjoy as usual. This allows the granules to brew more softly, yielding an excellent cup of the good stuff.


All of the products listed above, as well as many other coffee-related items, are available on Amazon. Continue reading our post on how to shop on Amazon.

>>> Everything about shopping on Amazon




#1 How do you use Café Bustelo instant espresso?

In a medium mixing bowl, combine Café Bustelo® instant coffee, hot water, and sugar. BEAT on high speed with a hand mixer for 3 minutes, or whisk vigorously for 8 minutes, until the mixture is light and fluffy. FILL 2 glasses halfway with ice cubes. Pour in the milk.


#2 How do you make Waka coffee?

Mix 1-2 tbsp Waka instant coffee with 1 and 1/4 cup cold water in a cup -> Stir constantly and enable coffee granules to dissolve -> Add your favorite creamer or milk -> Add ice -> Enjoy!


#3 How much caffeine is in G7 3in1 instant coffee?

Caffeine content is 60 mg per serving/packet, which is approximately 20% less than an average cup of brewed coffee. One sachet yields approximately 7 ounces of coffee.


#4 How much caffeine is in Nescafe instant coffee house blend?

Caffeine content in coffee is 12.25 mg per fl oz (41,42 mg per 100 ml). A single 8 fl oz cup has 98 mg.


#5 Is Maxwell House a good instant coffee?

Maxwell House, founded in 1892, is one of the oldest and most trusted coffee brands in the United States for a reason: it gets the job done.


#6 Is four Sigmatic mushroom coffee actually coffee?

(For the unfamiliar, it's a combination of conventional ground coffee and powdered mushrooms—yes, there's actual coffee in there.) Four Sigmatic claims that its product has a slew of health benefits, including the ability to improve focus, reduce jitteriness, and boost your immune system.


#7 Where is vinacafe coffee from?

Vinacafe (or Vinacafé Bien Hoa JSC) is a Vietnamese corporation that manufactures, processes, and distributes coffee and instant cereal mix.


#8 Does Mount Hagen instant coffee contain acrylamide?

Any carbon-containing substance that is roasted in the same manner as coffee will contain acrylamide.


#9 Should you refrigerate Café Bustelo?

Preserve your Cafe Bustelo in a Kilner Glass Storage Jar and store it in your pantry to keep it fresh.

‎"Fuel Your Day with Scooter's Coffee: The Ultimate Coffee Experience"
‎"Fuel Your Day with Scooter's Coffee: The Ultimate Coffee Experience"

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Posted: 2023-05-09 01:11:40
Here Are Our Top Picks For The Top 7 Keurig Coffee Makers Of 2022
Here Are Our Top Picks For The Top 7 Keurig Coffee Makers Of 2022

We take pride in our impartiality, conducting extensive research, conducting extensive testing, and offering our honest recommendations for the best products—read up on them means by which we accomplish something A commission is possible if you decide to make a purchase after clicking on one of

Posted: 2023-01-04 07:13:30
Cafe Peet's
Cafe Peet's

JAB Holding Company, through JDE Peet's, is the owner of Peet's Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster and retailer in the San Francisco Bay Area founded in 1966 by Alfred Peet in Berkeley, California.

Posted: 2023-01-04 07:11:22
Rifle Coffee Company Black
Rifle Coffee Company Black

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States-based coffee company Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) made headlines across the country in 2017 when it pledged to hire 50 veterans.

Posted: 2023-01-04 07:09:05
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