Unleash the True Flavors of Authentic Cuban Coffee: Top-Ranked Coffee Makers compared and Reviewed

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Café Cubano, also known as Cuban Coffee, is a type of Espresso that has its roots in the Caribbean nation of Cuba. Its distinct dark appearance and bold taste sets it apart from other coffee varieties.

Once you have experienced its unforgettable flavor, there is no going back. Therefore, it is definitely worth investing in the best Cuban coffee maker.

Cuban coffee makers, also known as Moka pots, are available in a multitude of models with varying features and specifications. We have reviewed dozens of models and selected the most convenient ones for you.

Our Top Recommended Cuban Coffee Makers:

Bialetti – Stovetop Coffee MakerNew ArrivalPrimula Stovetop Espresso MakerStove TopImusa Black Espresso MakerElectricGROSCHE Stainless Steel Maker – Ideal for Cuban & Italian Espresso

Below, we present the complete list.

Comparison Table

ProductLiquid capacityMaterialHeating sourceSafety valveDishwashing SafePrimula PES-33066 cupsCast aluminumStovetopYesNoImusa B120-600063 cupsGlassElectricYesNoMorden MS3 cupsAluminumStovetopYesNoGroscheGR 3279 cupsEN301 AluminumStovetopYesNoGrosche Milano6 cupsMilano SteelStovetopYesYesDeeoutlife Stovetop4 cups304 Stainless SteelStovetopYesYesRainbean Stovetop6 cupsFood-grade AluminumStovetopYesNoAifusiStovetop3 cupsAluminumStovetopYesNo"


This stovetop coffee maker has a capacity for 6 cups of liquid and is built to last while ensuring optimal heat distribution and safety. A heat-resistant knob and safety-release valve are included as essential safety features. Constructed from cast aluminum, the Primula PES-3306 Cuban coffee maker is both efficient and affordable, making it an excellent choice for brewing traditional Cuban and Italian coffees in mere minutes.

Primula Stovetop Espresso and Coffee Maker

With its design focused on durability and proper heat distribution, this Moka pot features essential safety features such as a heat-resistant knob and safety-release valve for comfortable and safe coffee pouring. It is also a basic Moka pot, which makes it user-friendly, as it can be used on almost all stovetops, including electric, ceramic, and gas stovetops. The outcome gives you a similar Espresso experience that is obtained by using an electric Espresso machine but with the advantage of being less expensive.

This stovetop Espresso and coffee maker has a capacity of 6 cups of liquid and can be placed on any heating equipment with ease. Being made of cast aluminum ensures extreme durability and the appropriate distribution of heat. The result of the latter is an enhanced aroma every time you brew a pot of coffee.

Safety is always a concern for coffee lovers, and this Moka pot caters to these worries. It has a heat-resistant knob and handles that ensure the safety of coffee pourers, while the default safety-release valve regulates water pressure.

Cleaning this coffee maker is a breeze, requiring nothing but warm water. After rinsing all of its parts, make sure to dry them well before reassembling.

The manufacturing material of this coffee maker can result in slow water boiling, but its benefits outweigh this disadvantage.


Ease of use and safety while pouring, High-quality material, Easy to clean, Ideal liquid capacity


Slow water boiling, Parts not dishwasher safe

This Cuban coffee maker offers incredible features, making it one of the best coffee machines available. Its compatibility with most stovetops and safety features make it an excellent option for casual and avid coffee drinkers alike.

Imusa Black Espresso Maker

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The Imusa B120-60006 electric Cuban coffee maker is designed to use the traditional Moka pot mechanism, which allows you to brew coffee with no guesswork easily and efficiently. The transparent container and 3 cups capacity make for a comfortable and practical experience, while the 2-level safety valve offers extra safety measures.

This coffee maker is effortless to operate thanks to an included button control, and the detachable electric base makes for a straightforward and easy cleaning experience. Its transparency ensures that you always know how much coffee you have left, and its compact size allows you to store it away easily.

In summary, the Imusa B120-60006 electric Cuban coffee maker is a practical and efficient option for coffee lovers who enjoy the traditional Moka pot mechanism while also ensuring safety measures and ease of use.

This device allows you to make delectable Espresso in two different serving sizes within minutes. Its safety features prevent overflowing and accidental burns, making it easy and safe to use.

The device comes in a specially designed container with a shape that is ideal for easy pouring and serving. It can prepare a variety of coffee drinks, including Italian, Cuban, Colombian, and Turkish coffees, making it the best electric Cuban coffee maker to add to your kitchen.

With a liquid capacity of 3 cups, the transparent container allows you to monitor the entire brewing process. The machine takes less than 10 minutes for each brewing and comes with a replaceable filter and gasket that can be bought separately if damaged.

Additional safety features include a 2-Level safety valve to prevent explosions and a flip-up top with a side-pour spout. The handle is heat resistant, allowing you to comfortably hold the container while pouring coffee.

MORDEN MS Stovetop Espresso Maker

To keep the machine operating at peak performance, it must be cleaned regularly. Imusa recommends cleaning it every 80 brew cycles with soft water. If hard water is used, it should be cleaned every 40 brew cycles. The machine should only be cleaned with white vinegar, and the electric base should be kept away from liquids.

It is important to be careful when using the container and to avoid unintentionally stirring the coffee inside the pot, as this may lead to cracks in the pitcher.


- Allows complete brewing monitoring

- Traditional appearance

- Simple button operation

- Safety features

- Ready to brew dozens of recipes


- Requires a voltage converter for users outside the USA

- The transparent container appears fragile

If you prefer a Cuban coffee maker with simple electric control, this item is a nice choice.


- 3 cups capacity

- High-pressure extraction

- Made of aluminum

- Safety valve

- Cool-touch handle

The Morden MS Stovetop Espresso percolator is a high-quality Cuban coffee pot that is both attractive and functional. It can be used to prepare various traditional Italian and Cuban coffees, including Espresso, Americano, cappuccino, and latte, all with minimal effort.

This percolator has a liquid capacity of 3 cups and a high-pressure extraction mechanism that produces super-strong Espresso. It can be heated on a gas stove, electric range, or camping stove, making it ideal for use anywhere in the world.

Made of durable aluminum with thermo features, the pot keeps your coffee warm for extended periods. Additional safety features include a cool-touch handle that prevents accidental burns and a safety valve that releases excess steam.

GROSCHE Cuban Espresso Coffee Maker

For optimal performance, Morden recommends keeping the gasket and filter clean and using warm water for cleaning while avoiding soap. The pot has a beautiful teal color, but constant heating can discolor its paint.


- Beautiful appearance

- Compatible with any heating apparatus

- Material with thermo features

- Prepares multiple coffee drinks

- Safety features


- Risk of discoloration

- Not dishwasher safe


The Grosche GR 327 Moka Pot is a top-quality product made with non-toxic silicone seals and an EN301 aluminum material that can hold up to 9 cups. It hails from Italy, the birthplace of espresso, and is a popular choice for coffee lovers due to its excellent design and functionality. With its simple brewing process, you can enjoy the taste of Italian espresso or Cuban coffee like a professional barista.

This Moka Pot is versatile and compatible with almost all types of stovetops and offers a larger brewing capacity for sharing with family and friends. Furthermore, Grosche has incorporated advanced safety features, ensuring that the Moka Pot is safe to use and free of metal toxins.

The Grosche GR 327 has a soft-touch handle with a burn guard that shields your fingers from scalding, and its safety valve efficiently protects against high-pressure upsurges. This traditional Cuban coffee espresso maker is also available in five different colors and works on almost all gas, electric, and propane camping stovetops.

Among the numerous pros of the Grosche GR 327 are Italian technology, advanced safety features, a simple operation, and ease of assembly and cleaning. However, it also has its downsides, such as being incompatible with induction stovetops and not dishwasher friendly.

If you're looking for a traditional Italian Moka Pot with an ample brewing capacity, the Grosche GR 327 is an ideal choice.

On the other hand, the Grosche Milano Cuban Espresso Maker is a perfect option for those looking for a Cuban coffee maker that retains heat for longer periods of time. Its stainless steel material is less prone to heat loss compared to its aluminum counterparts. It has a 6 cup capacity and is designed with heat-resistant handles, a safety valve, and a heavy-gauge bottom for stress-free and continuous brewing. The Grosche Milano can be used with any stovetop, making it a versatile and convenient option for coffee enthusiasts.

GROSCHE Stainless Steel Stovetop Cuban Espresso Maker

This stovetop coffee maker from Cuba has a liquid capacity of 6 cups. It is made of brushed stainless steel, which lends it a stunning appearance. The pot’s material enables it to retain temperature for long periods compared to aluminum pots.

This is a Grosche Milano steel series product that is extremely robust and non-breakable. The pot’s bottom and lid have also been covered with premium matte speckle to enhance its durability.

You can use the pot on a variety of stovetops, including electric, gas, coil, induction, and camping stovetops. Additionally, the pot has a heat-resistant handle that provides a comfortable grip and safe pouring.

The safety valve of the pot is certified and is made using Italian technology such that it can release excess steam.

Grosche Milano’s cleaning process is an easy one since its parts are dishwasher safe, and you can simply disassemble them and wash them using the machine. However, since the pot is made using stainless steel, it has a tendency to grow limescale gradually. Therefore, you may need to wash off the layer regularly using a limescale cleaner.


Extremely durable, certified safety valve, and Italian technology. Dishwasher safe and compatible with versatile stovetops.


Risk of limescale and no dedicated thermo feature.

It is a fantastic product for individuals looking for a durable Moka pot and hoping to prevent discoloration.


Capacity of 4 cups, made of 304 stainless steel, anti-heat handle, certified safety valve, and suitable for all stovetops.

The Deeoutlife Stovetop is a beautiful Moka pot with a traditional tea flux appearance. Its thin and conical design is far more beautiful than traditional fatty-shaped Moka pots.

Apart from being a manual percolator, this Moka Pot’s advanced mechanism works like an electric Espresso machine, enabling you to brew the highest quality Cuban and Italian Espresso at home.

Deeoutlife Stovetop Espresso Shot Cuban Coffee Maker

The pot has certified safety features that offer maximum protection. Additionally, the food-grade manufacturing material ensures the coffee flavor remains the same for a long time. You can use the pot on various stovetops.

In brief, the Deeoutlife Moka pot possesses all the necessary characteristics to be the best Cuban coffee maker.

The pot can hold 4 cups of liquid and is made using 304 food-grade stainless steel. The exterior is fully polished, while the inside has a sandblasted surface. Its conical shape and flip-open lid make pouring easy, and the anti-heat ergonomic handle ensures that accidental burns are avoided.

You can use the pot on nearly all stovetops, including induction, electric, ceramic, and gas.

The certified safety valve is made in Italy, and its advanced technology allows it to precisely control the internal pressure, resulting in strong coffee.

All parts of the pot are detachable and dishwasher safe, allowing you to use washing liquid to clean it. However, Deeoutlife recommends handwashing to accelerate the pot’s lifespan.

Limescale is a common issue with stainless steel products, and you may experience it within a few weeks.


Slim and sleek design, prepares high-quality Espresso, usable on all stovetops, dishwasher safe, and safety features.


Risk of limescale growth, and the polished steel may get scratches over time.

It is a perfect Moka pot for both indoor and outdoor use.

Q. What do you call a coffee maker that originates from Cuba? The Moka pot is the name given to the Cuban coffee maker which is devoid of any requirement for electricity and instead is used on a stove top, allowing the user to control the brewing process for a more personalized experience. Notably, the Moka pot has another name - the Cuban Cafetera - in Spanish.

Q. Can a regular coffee maker be used to create Cuban coffee? Indeed, it is possible to use a regular coffee maker to prepare Cuban coffee, but this is not recommended as it fails to produce the unique, rich, and bold taste that Cafe Cubano is known for. This is where the Moka pot excels and is responsible for the close connection between Cuban coffee and traditional Moka pots.

Q. Which type of coffee is the best for making Cuban coffee? A dark roast coffee grind is considered the best option for brewing strong and authentic Cuban coffee.

With a plethora of advanced coffee makers flooding the market, the traditional Moka pot still retains its popularity in the face of modern technology. Offering an effortless and cost-effective method for producing exceptional Cuban coffee, we have analyzed several popular models and listed their unique features, advantages, and disadvantages in this article.

Although it's difficult to recommend a specific product, given that each item can produce a delicious Cafe Cubano within minutes, we highly recommend perusing our list of the best Cuban coffee makers and selecting one based on your personal preferences.



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