Uncover the Top 5 Thermal Carafe Coffee Makers of 2023

Enjoying a tasty cup of coffee is all about the vessel that holds it, and whether you use a French Press, Automatic Drip, or another brewing method, chances are that your coffee ends up in a carafe. The carafe plays a crucial role in the flavor of your coffee, and you need to choose the ideal one.

Typically, a coffee carafe comprises a handle, pouring spout, and lid, and you can find them in various materials such as glass or metal. However, glass does not retain heat for very long, so it requires a hot plate to stay warm, which can make it bitter over time. That's where thermal coffee carafes come in, as they're insulated to keep your coffee hot for hours, eliminating any chance of scorching and ensuring a perfect cup every time.

The 5 Best Thermal Carafe Coffee Makers of 2023

Here's our list of coffee makers including a thermal carafe, which are our top picks for excellent quality and heat retention, so you'll never have to sacrifice on taste.

1. Best Overall Pick: OXO Brew 8

Our top pick is the OXO Brew 8 because of its amazing features and affordable price. It comes with many exceptional features that you typically find in higher-priced coffee makers, making it an excellent choice for coffee beginners.

The BetterBrew Precision Brewing feature is OXO's trademarked technology that lets you brew consistently perfect coffee every time. It manages water temperature, volume, and brew duration to ensure optimal extractions, eliminating any guesswork, so you can kick back and enjoy your coffee instead of fretting over details.

OXO Brew 8

With its Rainmaker Showerhead, this coffee maker uses a unique drip method that evenly distributes hot water over the grounds, avoiding channeling, which can create an uneven brew. This method results in a perfectly balanced and flavorful cup of coffee every time.

This coffee maker has an 8-cup capacity with a double-walled and vacuum-insulated thermal carafe, keeping your coffee hot for hours. If you only require one cup, you can use the single-serve option and brew directly into your mug of choice. This coffee maker even comes equipped with a removable well cover that can elevate shorter mugs to avoid coffee splatters.

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Looking for a coffee maker that brews into a carafe or mug with top-notch insulation to keep your coffee hot for hours? Look no further because Pros has got you covered. This compact coffee maker is perfect for small spaces and fits easily underneath overhead cabinets. It comes equipped with a built-in cleaning cycle and all of its components, including brew baskets, coffee scoop, well cover, and Rainmaker, are top-rack dishwasher safe. Plus, it’s Speciality Coffee Association Certified. The only downsides to Pros are that the carafe can only be hand-washed and there is no timer.

If you’re willing to splurge a little for your coffee, the Technivorm Moccamaster is an excellent choice. This automatic drip machine is built to last with its borosilicate glass-lined stainless steel carafe and copper boiling elements. It is both speedy and whisper-quiet, brewing a full 10-cup carafe in as little as 4-6 minutes! It also has an optional control feature that allows you to adjust the brew speed or stop it altogether for greater brewing control. With its consistent temperature controls and percolator-esque extraction method, the Moccamaster delivers exceptional quality coffee every time. This machine is European Coffee Brewing Center Approved and Speciality Coffee Association Certified, and comes with a 5-year warranty. The only downside is that the glass lining prevents metal-leaching flavor and odor, but it also lessens how long the carafe will maintain a hot temperature, so you only get about 2 hours of hot coffee.

If you’re looking for an upgrade option that won’t break the bank, the Breville Precision Brewer is an excellent choice. It’s more sleek and professional than our overall pick, the OXO brewer, and offers the most customizability and easy-to-use functions and features. Brewing coffee with the Breville machine is a joy, and the resulting cup is even better!

Looking for a coffee maker that offers a range of customizable options to suit your preferences? Look no further than this machine, which comes loaded with six preset modes: Gold, Fast, Strong, Iced, Cold Brew, and My Brew. With the Gold Cup mode, you won't need to worry about getting the water temperature and brew times just right – the machine takes care of it for you according to SCA standards. On the other hand, the My Brew setting allows you to customize your coffee to your liking, giving you full control over parameters like bloom time, brew temperature, and flow rate.

Not only does this coffee maker feature customizable temperature control, but it also uses a thermocoil heating system that rivals the setups found in high-end espresso machines. You can choose from three different flow rates to optimize your extraction, and the heating element maintains the perfect temperature for maximizing your coffee's flavor.

Of course, the shape of your brew basket can also affect the flavor of your coffee, and this coffee maker comes with both flat-bottom and cone-shaped filter baskets to accommodate different roasts and flavor profiles. With a pour-over adapter that's compatible with the machine, cleaning up is easy, and the adjustable bloom time and flow rate ensures that you never miss a drop of flavor.

For those on a budget, the Black Decker Thermal Coffee Maker is an affordable option that won't break the bank. The Evenstream Showerhead distributes water evenly over the coffee grounds for optimal extraction and flavor, while the Sneak-A-Cup technology allows for a quick cup of joe without interrupting the brew cycle. Finally, the wide-mouth opening of the carafe makes cleanup a breeze, so you can spend less time scrubbing and more time savoring your coffee.

If you want a convenient and easy-to-clean coffee maker, consider the option with a removable, top-rack dishwasher safe brew basket. Additionally, you should look for a model that has an Easy Pour Spout to avoid drips and spills, intuitive controls, and programmable functionality, including regular, strong, and bold strength settings. A brew timer and easy-to-view water window may also be useful. However, keep in mind that some coffee makers may have limitations, such as a lower water temperature, leading to weaker extraction, and a less sleek design compared to other models.

For French press fans, the Mueller Double-Insulated French Press is an affordable and convenient option, perfect for travel or camping, as it doesn't require electricity. It has a quadruple-layer filter to prevent sediment from sneaking into your cup and can brew a variety of beverages aside from coffee. This French press also offers the benefits of immersion brewing, with thermal perks to keep your coffee hot for hours.

When choosing a thermal carafe coffee maker, consider the carafe capacity depending on your coffee consumption. Other factors to look for include ease of cleaning, durable construction, and additional features such as an easy-pour spout or programmable functionality.

When it comes to saving money on coffee, opting for a smaller carafe size with extra features and settings is a great choice if you only drink a few cups a day. However, if you love to entertain on the weekends or have a large family, investing in a larger carafe is the way to go.

Thermal carafes are perfect for convenience since they keep your coffee hot for hours after you've brewed it. So, it's best to choose a larger size so you won't have to make multiple pots to serve everyone.

There are countless settings and functionalities to consider when choosing a coffee maker. Your preferences will determine which features you need in a machine. Do you want your coffee to have customized flavor every time, or do you prefer preset brewing modes? Do you want an automatic shut-off feature, or do you like programming the ideal brew settings for convenience? Do you enjoy the process of tailoring each brew to match your choice of beans for that day? Answering these questions will help you choose the perfect coffee maker.

One frequently overlooked part of brewing excellent coffee is keeping your coffee maker clean and well-maintained. Hard water buildup and leftover grounds can lead to a bitter coffee taste and even render your machine unusable over time. So, choose a coffee maker that has removable and dishwasher-safe parts for easier maintenance.

OXO Brew 8

To achieve the perfect extraction and flavor, your brewer must consistently maintain the water temperature between 195°F and 205°F. Boiling water will result in muddy over-extracted coffee, while the ideal temperature will yield sweet and balanced coffee every time.

Our top pick, considering the quality of the machine for the price, is the OXO Brew 8. It's a durable and sturdy coffee maker that looks sophisticated without breaking the bank and delivers consistently delicious coffee every time. However, if you have the budget, the Breville Precision Brewer is an excellent investment, boasting professional-grade components, tons of settings, and a large carafe size for sharing exquisite coffee with friends.

OXO Brew 8


    - Is A Thermal Carafe Better Than A Glass Carafe? Glass carafes are more affordable, never retaining flavors or scents. However, they require a hot plate to stay warm, leading to bitterness over time. A thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for hours without using a hot plate.

    - How Long Will Coffee Stay Hot In A Thermal Carafe? A thermal carafe will keep coffee moderately hot (150°-180°) for at least two hours, but up to around four.

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