Top-Rated French Press Coffee Makers That Will Bring Your Favorite Cafe Right Into Your Own Kitchen

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Like how one prefers their toast, making coffee is an individual experience. Everything from the depth of roast to the coffee's strength to how it's prepared makes a difference in the final product. Many coffee drinkers have a hard time deciding how to enjoy their beverage of choice because there are so many different ways to prepare it (from French press to percolator to pour-over). French press preparation is excellent for those who like a lot of flavor extraction. They consistently provide a robustly brewed cup of coffee that is full of rich flavor, has a smooth and silky body thanks to a thorough filtration of the grounds, and is a pleasure to drink.

Almost two dozen French presses were examined and sampled by our panel of experts to determine which were the most convenient to use and produced the highest quality brew. French press coffee, thanks to its ultra-fine filtration and long brewing time, has a silky mouthfeel, robust flavors, and surprising potency. The best options we tried made smooth, flavorful coffee without any sediment or bitterness. Get a mug, put some water on to boil, and brew some coffee with one of these French presses in no time.

Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker

The coffee it produces is always pure and flavorful.

Cons: Frequent use may require tightening the tiny screw that secures the cage to the handle.

The Bodum Chambord French Press is one of the most classic presses on the market and has been for what seems like forever. The coffee made in this French press, with its rich heritage, was unanimously praised by tasters for its balanced acidity, full body, and pleasant aroma. The Chambord's reliable brew quality is always there, even without the extra insulation.

At the time of publication, the cost is $55.

  • The carafe is made of borosilicate glass, while the cage and plunger are made of stainless steel and the handle is made of plastic.
  • Lack of Insulation
  • Capacity is 34 ounces.
  • In the dishwasher? Why, yes
French Press

Pros: This is a secure and reliable option for glass lovers, as it is caged in with a thick, non-breakable reinforcement.

The glass carafe gets uncomfortable hot after a while.

Coffee brewed in this simple but elegant French press is well-balanced and enjoyable. The final product was a coffee that was clean, well-balanced, and flavorful, with no sediment, and our tasters were very pleased. This French press has a solid construction, from the weighty base to the secure cage that encloses the glass carafe (which is not at all flimsy, as it is designed to be 40% thicker than traditional French presses). If you're a purist who thinks glass is the only way to go, this classic design has all the features you need.

Ink and paper will set you back $40 at the time of publication.

  • Polypropylene plastic (cage) and Schott-Duran glass (carafe) are the two main components.
  • Thermoregulation: Negative
  • Approximately 32 ounces of liquid can be contained.
  • Dishwasher-safe? Why, yes
ESPRO P7 French Press - Double Walled Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee and Tea Maker (Polished Stainless Steel, 32 Ounce)

The benefits of using a double micro-mesh filter are that your coffee will always taste great and be free of any unwanted sediment.

Users should be aware that the carafe will get very hot to the touch.

One of the best French press coffees you'll ever drink will come from the Espro P7. It makes coffee that's uniformly good every time, and the insulation keeps the rest of the coffee hot until you're ready to brew another cup. The coffee was well-balanced and sediment-free thanks to the smooth and seamless plunger system. In addition, it's aesthetically pleasing, which we mentioned earlier This French press is a good investment due to its sturdy build and flavorful brew. Bear in mind that the basket filter is quite fine, so you may need to grind your coffee beans more finely than usual to get the results you want. The filter is so precise that you need not worry about any stray grounds making it into your brew.

Currently, the price is $150.

  • Carafe, handle, and lid are made of stainless steel, while the filter and plunger are made of plastic.
  • Protection from the elements: undoubtedly
  • Volume: 32 fl. oz.
  • Safe for the dishwasher? Absolutely, though we advise placing it in the upper rack.
Coffee Maker

Benefits: This model is a cheaper alternative to the original Bodum Chambord, but it performs just as well.

Negatives: Our tests showed that this French press produced a fair amount of ultrafine silt at the bottom of the coffee cup.

The Brazil model of the Bodum French Press is a little cheaper than the original Chambord because it is made of polypropylene plastic rather than glass. The coffee it made was generally agreed upon to have a medium body, rich flavor profile, and silky smooth texture, with a hint of bitterness. Testers were satisfied with the beverage's consistency with the Bodum brand, but they were concerned that repeated use could chip the carafe due to the handle's placement inside the glass at the top where it connects.

On sale now for $28

  • Carafe made of BPA-free polypropylene plastic, base and handle made of BPA-free polypropylene plastic, and the plucker is made of stainless steel.
  • As for the insulation, the answer is no.
  • Total 34 ounces of fluid capacity.
  • Can be cleaned in the dishwasher?
Fellow Clara French Press

The French press's insulated carafe keeps beverages from getting hot to the touch, and the 360-degree spout is convenient for pouring in any direction.

The wooden agitator stick is also hand-wash only, so this French press is not dishwasher-safe.

This French press is a design triumph for its minimalistic yet sophisticated appearance. It's chic and practical, and would go beautifully with a fancy brunch spread or a coffee and dessert. An agitation stick for stirring the grounds, a counterbalanced handle for effortless pouring, an all-directional pour lid, and suggested ratios of coffee grounds to water were all praised by the reviewers of this French press, which also produced a balanced and clean cup of coffee with rich and deep flavor.

At the time of this writing, the cost is .

  • Features a non-stick PTFE-coated interior that is PFOA-free and a stainless steel carafe and filter. The lid and handle are made of BPA-free plastic.
  • To put it simply, yes, insulation is present.
  • Holds 24 ounces of liquid
  • Only the mesh filter can be put in the dishwasher.
French Press

The press is available in four sizes, the largest of which can hold 44 ounces of coffee, and it has a double-wall construction for added insulation to keep the coffee hot.

The testers found that the lid was a little unstable when being plunged.

You might find a French press like this at your favorite hip cafe. According to our tasters, it makes an exceptionally robust and flavorful cup of coffee. Testers found medium resistance when using the plunger, but a shaky lid. Its full stainless steel construction means that while the carafe and lid get warm to the touch, the handle stays cool. The real benefit here is that the double-wall construction offers such excellent insulation that the coffee inside the press remains hot for quite some time, which is ideal if you like to take your time sipping it or if you quickly want a second cup after the first.

At the time of publication, the cost is $140.

  • The carafe and lid are made of brushed stainless steel, while the plug is made of plastic.
  • Certainly, there is insulation.
  • It can hold up to 36 ounces of liquid.
  • We can confidently say that this is a dishwasher-safe item.
Le Creuset Stoneware French Press

The advantages include its long lifespan, minimal upkeep requirements, and the fact that it is made of stoneware.

The body of this French press gets very hot due to its stoneware construction. When testing, people remarked that the lid and plunger were shaky.

Testers did note that the carafe got very hot to the touch, but otherwise, the enameled stoneware construction from Le Creuset is beautiful. Nice, robust coffee can be made with this French press, but it does leave behind some fine silt at the bottom of the cup. Although the carafe itself is well made, testers found that the plunger and lid were wobbly when in use. However, they praised the sturdy and simple-to-clean stoneware construction, which negated the need to place the carafe inside of a base or cage.

Current price (as of publication):

  • Ceramics with an enameled stoneware glaze
  • Stoneware is insulating by nature, so the answer is yes.
  • The volume is 34 ounces.
  • Yes, it can be cleaned in the dishwasher

Take your coffee experience to the next level with one of the options from this list, which has been approved by coffee experts. The Bodum Chambord was our top pick because it produced a cup of coffee that was both well-balanced and enjoyable, and also because it was both aesthetically pleasing and practical. We think you'll agree with our taste testers that the coffee tastes better thanks to the ultra-fine, double filtration.

French press pots can brew anywhere from one to twelve cups. First, decide how many cups of coffee or tea you want to make at once to help narrow down your options. Brewing time for coffee or tea will be reduced in a smaller model if you only need a couple of cups at a time. You may want to think about getting an insulated model if you plan on making a lot of coffee at once.

A mesh filter within the press is responsible for collecting the grounds or leaves and allowing the coffee or tea to develop to its full potential. Too tight or too close of a mesh will remove too many essential oils from your coffee or tea, so find the sweet spot. If the filter is too flimsy, some of the leaves and grounds from your brew may get poured in.

Dishwasher safety varies from French press to French press. Since coffee grounds and tea leaves have a tendency to get stuck in the filter spring of a French press, it's important to make sure the model you buy can be cleaned in a dishwasher. It's possible that glass bottles will eventually cloud over or require descaling. The classic combination of vinegar and baking soda will restore their luster.

Everything from aesthetics and usability to brew quality was evaluated by our expert testers. When evaluating this product, we considered not only how well it insulates, but also how well it looks after itself and what other features it has. Each French press was judged on its performance and flavor during the tasting.

Questions & Answers
  • Should I switch to French press coffee?

    Author of Craft Coffee: A Manual Jessica Easto states, "That is a matter of preference." When someone asks for my advice on how to make coffee manually, I frequently suggest a French press. They're simple to learn and use. French presses use a full-immersion method, which means the water and coffee remain in contact throughout the entire brewing process. After that, the ashes are filtered out. Your coffee will taste the same no matter how long you let it steep, so don't stress over the pouring. Because of the metal filter used in French presses, the resulting coffee is uniquely delicious. The metal filter allows for the passage of oil and fines (tiny coffee particles), both of which add to the coffee's distinctive mouthfeel (heavier, more textural). For some, this is a big deal. Coffee brewed with paper (or cloth) filters has a different mouthfeel (sometimes described as "cleaner" or "lighter") because the oils and fines are largely removed. However, your opinion on the matter is entirely subjective. "

  • I was wondering how long you should let French press coffee steep.

    One of the most challenging aspects of making French press coffee is knowing when to press the plunger. To quote the author: "In my cookbook, there's a I brew it for 8 minutes, which is a long time. However, the key is to use extremely coarse coffee grounds. "

  • How do you use a French press to make iced coffee?

    Easto enjoys a good cup of cold brew, but her recipe calls for some forethought and time. "For cold brew in a French press, I advise a 1:6 ratio of coffee to water and a medium-coarse grind," Makes a concentrate for cold brew that can be diluted to taste (start with 1:1) with cold water. One cup of coffee weighs 96 grams, so I recommend using 20 ounces of cold water. 3 fl oz) Put the ground beans into the French press's chamber and give it a light shake to even them out. Once the cold water has been added, the plunger should be inserted and depressed just enough to keep the coffee grounds submerged (but not all the way). ) For optimal results, brew coffee in a French press for 12 hours in the refrigerator. Once that's done, just press the plunger and transfer the cold brew concentrate to an airtight storage container. But I learned from James Hoffman that there's a more gentle way that doesn't agitate the coffee too much: stir the coffee a couple of times to break up the crust and let the grounds sink to the bottom for about 10 minutes. Then, re-insert the plunger and press it down until it reaches the surface of the coffee. Put the concentrate in a separate container. It has a refrigerator storage life of about two weeks. "

  • For only $39 on Amazon, you can have a Bodum Caffettiera French Press ready to brew your morning java.
  • Coffee press ($55 on Amazon): Bodum Eileen
  • Shop on Amazon for the $35 Kona French Press Coffee Press Maker.
  • Obtain a French press for your coffee or tea from the Veken for only $30 on Amazon.
  • You can get a Coffee Gator French Press for $36.95 on Amazon.
  • There's the $42 Oxo Good Grips 8-Cup French Press with Grounds Lifter.
  • Coffee maker, SterlingPro French Press ($37 on Amazon)
  • You can get a Secura French Press Coffee Maker on Amazon for $40.
  • Obtainable on Amazon for $27 is the Mira Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker.
  • A Magicafé French Press Coffee Maker, available on Amazon for $36.
  • For $40 on Amazon, you can get the Mueller French Press Double-Isolated Stainless-Steel Coffee Maker.
  • One can purchase a Stanley French Press from Amazon for .
  • Coffee press ($54 on Amazon): Bodum Columbia
  • Invest in an OXO Brew Venture French Press (currently $26 on Amazon)

Melissa Vogt's research is informed by her years of experience as a food, wine, and spirit critic and writer. You can find more of her work in publications like Napa Valley Life, Very Napa Valley, and Wine Country This Month, as well as on her personal website. In order to determine which French presses are the best, our test kitchen staff evaluated nearly two dozen models. To compile this list, they put their product evaluation skills to work, considering how each French press performed in terms of its overall functionality, its brew quality, its ease of use, and other similar factors. Freelance writer, food blogger, and consumer product reviewer Stacey Ballis contributed to this article. Her interviewee was Craft Coffee: A Manual author Jessica Easto.

I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

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