Tips for Keeping Coffee Beans Fresh

Good coffee starts with good beans, and good beans start with good storage.

Examining the best ways to shield your beans from the elements (air, moisture, heat, and light) is a crucial step in successfully growing them.

(NOTE: Whole coffee beans require a steady hand to remain in this condition and flavor profile until they are ready to brew. To get the best flavor from your coffee, the beans need to be stored in ideal conditions. )

Take a look at 4 Coffee EVIL DOERS:

  • Beans lose their flavor if they are stored in an airtight container.
  • Due to their porous nature, beans absorb a lot of moisture from the air, which waters down the original flavor.
  • Heat - It's best to keep whole coffee beans at room temperature.
  • Light - Sunlight isn't the only source of light that will steal your beans' flavor.

Keep your beans in an airtight, opaque container in a cool, dark place to extend the life of their full roasted flavor.

The Appropriate Way to Keep Your Coffee Beans

The best places to keep beans are not necessarily where you would keep them.

Storage space is not ideal in cabinets located near heat sources such as stoves and ovens.

Additionally, the strongest afternoon sun can dilute the flavor of your coffee if you leave it out on the kitchen counter, so you should try to avoid doing that.

Store-bought packaging is typically not the best either (especially for archival purposes). It's a good idea to immediately put your coffee beans into a container like the one outlined above once you get them into your possession.

The cheap zip tie typically found on grocery store bags is not adequate for this purpose.

Try not to make an issue out of your beans if you happen to run into interesting people.

Although they look lovely just sitting there, the fresh air and sunlight entering your home are likely compromising their flavor.

Ways to Keep Coffee Beans Fresh for a Limited Time

The Factory Sealed Original Coffee Bag (i Bag of Coffee)

Be sure to tightly reseal the bag after each use if you want to store your beans in the original packaging.

Close the bag tightly, removing as much air as possible, and secure the opening with a plastic clip until you need your beans again.

How to Store Coffee Bans

Glass jars with lids, such as Mason jars

Use short mason jars or sauce jars to store your beans if you plan on using them soon.

A Gatorade bottle can serve as a makeshift container if you have to use one. You should use a jar with a wide mouth because you will be using the beans quickly.

Make sure the beans are kept out of direct sunlight as much as possible; a windowsill is not the best location for the jar.

Mason jars or any jars with lid

Canisters that keep coffee fresh and airtight

Remember that there is a significant distinction between a vacuum container and an airtight container. What you need is storage that does not allow air to enter at all, also known as an airtight container. Because they try to remove the air instead of keeping it out, vacuum containers may hasten the staleness of your beans. The aromatic oils in the coffee beans are lost as the air is sucked out of the container during the vacuuming process. The result is a bean that is drier and tasteless than ever before.  

The AirScape Coffee Canister, Chosen by the Staff

Coffee Canisters

You should know that there is not much you can do to keep roasted coffee beans fresh. You want to make the most of the one or two weeks that your beans are at their peak flavoring potential.

To achieve this, you must store your large quantity of beans in a specific location that meets all of the criteria mentioned in this text: darkness, airtightness, coolness, and dryness.

Keep your beans in a consistent temperature and humidity setting if at all possible.

Never store your beans in a frequently used (and thus light-exposed) pantry. To combat this, store your food in a dark container.

Is It Safe to Put Coffee Beans in the Fridge? Beans can be frozen for extremely long storage periods. The process should be repeated only once, and the animals should be kept in a constant, dark location.

In the event that you decide to freeze your coffee, only take out the amount that you will use within a week. "

Advice on Storing Coffee Beans from the National Coffee Association

How to Keep Coffee Fresh in Storage

It's recommended that you purchase coffee in small quantities, enough for a week's worth of consumption, rather than in bulk. If you're looking to make a profit off of investing in rare, exotic beans, you should keep this in mind.

Almost always, the flavor of freshly roasted coffee beans begins to fade almost immediately.

The quality of your beans will inevitably decline if you buy them in bulk and try to use them all before they spoil. Consider dividing your beans in half if you need to make substantial purchases or intend to display them.

The smaller serving is perfect for sharing and can be brewed right away. The exposure to light and air causes flavors to fade, but if you eat them quickly enough, you can avoid noticing a difference.

Your remaining beans are best stored in a dark, airtight, cool, and dry place and coffee container.

Use only as many beans as you will be brewing with. Put the rest of the coffee where it will stay fresh the longest.

Implementing these best practices will ensure that your coffee remains clean and flavorful. Subtle steps, such as coffee storage, are what make for truly great coffee.

Using the proper methods will result in a more satisfying blend and improved flavor.

TIP: Keep Unroasted Coffee Beans, or "Green Coffee," in a Refrigerated Container.

Green coffee beans are just slightly less vulnerable to the same things that whole coffee beans are to.

If you want to keep your stored items safe, atmospheric stability is the most crucial factor. A storage area with a relative humidity of 60 percent and a temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. Drying beans in humid climates calls for some extra precautions.

Even in a controlled environment, unroasted coffee beans will deteriorate if exposed to too much humidity. Beans that have not been roasted should be stored in an airtight container to preserve the moisture they contain.

Do not allow any outside moisture to enter, or the beans may develop a moldy taste.


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