The Ultimate Guide to the Best Home Coffee Roasters: A Comprehensive Look at Small Batch Coffee Roaster Supplies and Expert Tips from Kev's Home Coffee Roasters FAQ

Are you tired of mediocre cups of coffee and ready to take your java game to the next level? If you're a self-proclaimed coffee aficionado or simply want to savor the rich aroma and flavors of freshly roasted beans, then buckle up, because we've got something special in store for you. In this article, we're diving headfirst into the world of the best home coffee roasters, uncovering top-notch supplies that will transform you into a small batch coffee roaster extraordinaire. Get ready to experience the true artistry of coffee roasting and discover the secrets behind the finest cup of joe, as we unveil the top contenders for the title of the "best coffee roaster" in 2023. Get your taste buds buzzing, because things are about to get roasted!

Supplies for Small Batch Coffee Roasting

Home coffee roasting supplies.

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If you're roasting your own coffee beans, the one essential thing you'll need is a supply of green coffee beans. Small Batch Roaster Supplies offers a wide selection of green beans to choose from, available in various weights. They have everything from small 150g sample packs to large 60 Kilo sacks. Additionally, they provide starter packs which include different sample packs, a flavor wheel, and a coffee tasting booklet.

Now, let's talk about coffee beans. Contrary to popular belief, coffee beans aren't technically beans—they are the seeds of the coffee cherry. However, they are called "beans" because of their appearance. This little tidbit of information may come in handy when trying to impress your loved ones.

During the coffee roasting process, there is something called the "first crack." It is the moment when the beans produce an audible crack. This first crack is significant for coffee roasters, particularly for light roasts. In fact, in a light roast, there won't be a second crack as the roast will conclude after the first crack but before the second.

If you're interested in learning more about coffee roasting, I have provided additional information in the FAQ section at the end of this post.

Check out these links for more on coffee flavor profiles by origin and the best coffee beans for espresso.


1. Fresh Roast SR540 Coffee Roaster

Fresh Roast SR540 Coffee Roaster


Without a doubt, the Fresh Roast SR540 Coffee Roaster is the top choice among new home coffee roasters. It is the best-selling and most highly reviewed roaster on the market.

This roaster stands out for its affordability, fast roasting speed, and ability to consistently produce high-quality coffee. Despite its slim design, the SR540 has a spacious roasting chamber that is as easy to operate as a kitchen blender.

With 9 temperature settings, multiple fan speeds, and a timer, you have complete control over the roasting process. The digital display allows you to make adjustments in real time and monitor the progress of the beans.

The clear glass roasting chamber allows you to observe the beans throughout the entire roasting cycle. The SR540 also has a 3-minute autocooling cycle, eliminating the need for manual cooling.

While it doesn't have smoke suppression technology, it does have a large chaff basket to collect the silver skins released during roasting. It is made of durable reinforced phenolic plastics and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Fresh Roast SR540 Home Coffee Roaster


  • Country of origin: Made in America by Fresh Beans Inc

  • Appliance type: Air roaster

  • Roasting spot: Indoors

  • Power source: Electric

  • Heat transfer: Direct heat

  • Batch size: Maximum 4oz of beans (or 4 scoops using the included measuring spoon)

  • Roasting time: No more than 5 to 10 minutes

  • Price: $$

  • Dimensions: 11.3” high x 7.4” wide x 6.9” deep

  • Weight: 6.50lbs


If you need to increase the batch size, the SR540 can be upgraded with a 10.25” high extension tube. This allows for more evenly roasted beans and the use of lower fan and heat settings to save time and energy.

Fresh Roast SR540 Coffee Roaster with Extension Tube

If you require a larger capacity roaster, consider the Fresh Roast SR800. It is the bigger brother of the SR540 and can handle up to 8oz of wet-processed beans (or 6oz of dry-processed beans).

2. NUVO Eco Ceramic Hand Roaster

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster


The NUVO Eco Ceramic Hand Roaster is a popular choice among beginners. It offers a traditional style of coffee roasting that requires manual effort.

To use this roaster, you need to continuously swirl the beans in a figure-of-eight motion every 15 or 20 seconds. This hands-on approach allows you to closely observe the roasting process.

Despite its simplicity, the NUVO roaster is specifically designed for coffee roasting. The ceramic material can withstand high temperatures, and the enclosed design helps retain heat for faster roasting.

The waffle-textured bottom keeps the beans separated for even roasting, and the cowhide-wrapped handle doubles as a spout for pouring out the roasted beans. It is also easy to clean and portable.

However, it does not come with its own heat source and can only roast small batches for 2 or 3 brews at a time. It also lacks visibility during roasting, making it challenging to know when the beans are roasted to perfection. The NUVO roaster is best suited for casual coffee drinkers and small-scale roasting.

NUVO Eco Ceramic Hand-held Roaster


  • Country of origin: South Korea

  • Appliance type: Pan roaster

  • Roasting spot: Indoors or outdoors

  • Heat source: Electric stovetop, gas hob, or open fire (not suitable for induction cooktops)

  • Batch size: Up to 2.5oz

  • Roasting time: 3 to 14 minutes

  • Price: $

  • Dimensions: 9.6” long x 5.2” high x 4.9” deep

  • Weight: 0.82lbs

3. Kaldi Coffee Roaster

Kaldi Coffee Roaster


The Kaldi Coffee Roaster is relatively new but has quickly become a favorite among home roasters. It has a vintage design but packs a punch when it comes to roasting.

This roaster may require a bit of a learning curve, but once you understand the basics, it is easy to use. It offers great control over the roasting process, allowing you to create custom profiles.

The motorized drum rotates at a slight angle and the agitator blades inside ensure even roasting. While you can't see the beans during roasting, a built-in thermometer helps monitor the roast level.

The removable chaff container collects most of the silver skins, making cleaning up a breeze. It is powered by gas, which is unique for a home roaster, but the roasting capacity is smaller than expected.

Despite its high quality construction, the Kaldi roaster does not have smoke reduction technology. It comes with a 12-month guarantee.

Kaldi Home Coffee Roaster


  • Country of origin: Made in Korea by Kaldi Coffee Lab Inc (Seinn Technology)

  • Appliance type: Drum roaster

  • Roasting spot: Outdoors or indoors

  • Heat source: Gas burner

  • Batch size: Up to 7oz

  • Roasting time: 10 to 15 minutes

  • Price: $$$

  • Dimensions: 17.3” wide x 6.3” deep x 14.5” high

  • Weight: 9.90lbs


The Kaldi Coffee Roaster can be fitted with a mountable hopper for easier bean loading. It also offers a probe rod for sampling beans during roasting.

If you're looking for a more advanced model, consider the Kaldi Wide Coffee Roaster. It has a larger drum and additional features such as an all-in-one thermometer, hopper and chaff tray, and a mesh plated flame arrest system.

4. Gene Cafe CBR-101 Coffee Bean Roaster

Gene Cafe CBR-101 Coffee Bean Roaster


The Gene Cafe CBR-101 Coffee Bean Roaster has been around since 2003 and has gained popularity among home roasters.

It is designed to be user-friendly for households and is also used in cafes and coffee shops due to its ability to roast up to 8oz of coffee beans at once. The roast quality is highly rated.

The drum of the roaster uses a vortex twisting, off-axis rotation to continuously move the beans, resulting in even roasting. It offers precise control over temperature and duration, allowing you to experiment and achieve the perfect roast.

The LED display on the control panel shows real-time roast information, and the clear glass roasting chamber allows you to observe the beans during the process. It also has automatic cooling and a chaff collector.

Despite its high price and large size, the Gene Cafe roaster is known for its safety features. It has a see-through plastic safety cover and protection against overheating. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Gene Cafe CBR-101 Home Coffee Bean Roaster


  • Country of origin: Made in Korea

  • Appliance type: Drum roaster

  • Roasting spot: Indoors

  • Power source: Electric

  • Heat transfer: Indirect heat

  • Batch size: 7oz to 8oz

  • Roasting time: 10 to 20 minutes

  • Price: $$$$

  • Casing color: Black or red

  • Dimensions: 19.3” wide x 9.6” high x 9.0” deep

  • Weight: 12.13lbs

5. Sandbox Smart R1 Coffee Roaster

Sandbox Smart R1 Coffee Roaster


The Sandbox Smart R1 Coffee Roaster is a technologically advanced premium roaster that has quickly gained a loyal following.

Despite its large size, the roaster has a sleek and minimalist design that takes up minimal space. It is considered one of the most advanced home roasters available.

Using the Sandbox Smart mobile application, you can control the roaster with ease. The app is user-friendly and offers a range of pre-programmed roast profiles. You can also customize your own profiles or download profiles shared by other users.

The app provides real-time monitoring of the roast's progress, and the observation window on the roaster allows you to visually check the beans. After roasting, the drum can be easily removed using the heat-resistant gloves provided.

The roaster has a built-in chaff drawer and exhaust vent to minimize smoke. It can roast small batches back-to-back without the need for cooling downtime. It comes with a 1-year global warranty.

Sandbox Smart R1 Home Coffee Roaster


  • Country of origin: Taiwan

  • Appliance type: Drum roaster

  • Roasting spot: Indoors

  • Power source: Electric

  • Heat transfer: Infrared radiation using quartz heating elements

  • Batch size: Maximum 3.5oz (or around 5oz at a push)

  • Roasting time: 9 to 16 minutes

  • Price: $$$$$

  • Fascia color: Black, red, or blue

  • Dimensions: 10.0” long x 10.2” high x 9.1” wide

  • Weight: 15.50lbs

  • Mobile device compatibility: iOS 12 or later, or Android 7 (Nougat) and upwards


For an additional cost, you can bundle the Sandbox Smart R1 Coffee Roaster with the Coffee Bean Cooler. This accessory helps lock in the flavors of the roasted beans.

The Best Home Coffee Roaster 2023

1: Kaldi Wide drum coffee roaster

KALDI WIDE size (300g) Home...

The Kaldi Wide is a high-quality drum roaster for home use created by the small Korean company, Kaldi. I have personally owned this model since 2017 and it has performed exceptionally well, allowing me to roast multiple batches consecutively.

It can be said that this roaster offers a professional-grade experience in a more compact size. It is equipped with a thermometer and a bean sampler, allowing you to monitor the temperature and color of the beans as you roast them.

The capacity of the Kaldi Wide is quite impressive for a home roaster, allowing for up to 330 grams of beans. Additionally, the construction of the machine is very sturdy. I accidentally dropped mine once and it only sustained minor scratches.

The Kaldi Wide has gained popularity among home roasters due to its combination of value, durability, and hands-on roasting experience. However, please note that a separate gas burner is required for this roaster as it does not come with a heat source.

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2: Aillio Bullet R1 V2

aillio bullet

The Aillio Bullet R1 is a high-end home coffee roaster that justifies its price with its advanced features and capabilities.

One of the standout features of the Bullet R1 is its ability to connect to a computer via USB, allowing for precise control and detailed logging of the roasting process. This level of control is unmatched in the home roasting market.

With a capacity of up to 1 kg per batch, the Aillio Bullet R1 is ideal for those who want to roast large amounts of coffee. It comes with a built-in cooling tray and chaff collector, making it a convenient all-in-one solution for home roasting.

Having used this model since 2022, I can say that it has elevated my coffee roasting to a new level. If you're interested, you can read my full review here.

The Aillio Bullet R1 is an excellent investment for serious home roasters who value advanced control, large capacity, and consistent results.

Check the price

3: BocaBoca Infrared Coffee Roaster

Coffee Bean Roaster Barrel...

Despite its Latin-sounding name, the BocaBoca Roaster is also manufactured in Korea.

This relatively new model has recently gained popularity among coffee enthusiasts in the United States.

What sets the Bocaboca apart is its use of infrared radiation as the heat source. This allows for the use of a glass drum instead of steel.

Why is this significant?

  1. Firstly, it enables you to closely monitor all stages of the roasting process.
  2. Infrared heat is much simpler to handle compared to gas.
  3. Cleaning is a breeze. Glass is easier to clean than a steel drum, and the machine is also easier to disassemble compared to the Kaldi, for example.
The Bocaboca comes in two sizes — 250 grams and 500 grams.

With its user-friendly and attractive design, reasonable price, and positive reviews from coffee forums, this roaster has a lot to offer.

If I didn't already own the Kaldi Wide, I would strongly consider getting the Bocaboca for myself.

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4: Fresh Roast SR540 Air Roaster

Fresh Roast SR540 Automatic...

The Fresh Roast is an excellent entry-level roaster for those who want to try their hand at home roasting. It is budget-friendly and beginner-friendly, allowing you to visually monitor the beans through the glass container as they change color.

In many ways, it is similar to a popcorn roaster (which many people start their roasting journey with), but with much greater control over the heat.

The roaster also features a chaff collector, which is particularly useful when roasting indoors. It also includes a cooling cycle.

The main limitation of this roaster is its relatively small capacity of around 120 grams, even for individual coffee enthusiasts.

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5: Ceramic home coffee bean roaster

Korean Ceramic Handy Coffee...

This simple small-batch coffee roaster is perfect for those who want to try home roasting without expecting professional-grade results. It is easy to pour the beans in and out, and its main advantage is its affordability.

However, it should be noted that achieving an even roast with this roaster may be challenging, and there is a risk of burning the beans. If you have access to an oven, I would recommend using that instead of this device.

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6: Behmor 1600 plus

Behmor 1600 Plus Customizable...

The Behmor is a well-established name in the world of home coffee roasting. While it has its strengths, there are also some drawbacks to consider.

Its major advantage is its large capacity, allowing for up to 1 pound of beans per batch, making it very appealing for those who want a reliable source of freshly roasted beans.

However, some customers have raised concerns about the design, especially the safety feature that shuts off the roaster unexpectedly. If not carefully monitored, this can disrupt the roasting process.

Additionally, achieving consistent results can be challenging with this roaster.

Finally, it is worth noting that the Behmor 1600 plus may not be suitable for those who prefer dark roasts.

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Cormorant CR600

Cormorant CR600 Home Coffee Roaster.

Check Price - Cormorant Roasters UK

Dimensions: 30cm wide x 53 cm deep by 44.7cm tallCapacity: 600gGood:  Large capacity, great for the home roasting enthusiastBad:  Requires some roasting skill, not something you can just plug in and press a button

My Observations

I want to address and clarify the "bad" comment above. This is not necessarily a negative point about the CR600 roaster but rather a consideration for who it is intended for. If you are someone who wants a small and user-friendly roaster connected to a smartphone app, which you can operate in your kitchen without much learning, the Sandbox and Ikawa roasters mentioned earlier are better suited for you.

However, if you are a coffee roasting enthusiast, then I believe the Cormorant CR600 could be a great option, especially considering the price. In the UK, it is priced at around 1800 pounds, which is a reasonable investment for a roaster of this caliber.

The Cormorant CR600 is a handmade roaster crafted in Polperro, Cornwall, UK. It boasts an attractive design made of African mahogany and stainless steel, available in various colors.

This gas-powered drum roaster offers features typically found in commercial roasters worth thousands of pounds, including automatic burner ignition, a roasting window, a bean trier, an LED light, an airflow gauge, instant bean cooling, BT & ET probes (for monitoring bean and environmental temperature), compatibility with Artisan coffee roasting software, a large chaff removal chamber, adjustable legs, and thermocouple gas safety. The average roasting time is 12 minutes for 600g batches.

Please note that the Cormorant CR600 is made to order, and there may be a waiting list. However, this gives you the opportunity to personalize certain aspects of the build, such as the color.

In summary, these are my choices for the best home coffee roasters in the UK for 2023. If you believe there is a roaster I have overlooked, please let me know.

Sandbox Smart R1 C1


Check Price - Amazon

Dimensions: 23cm wide x 25.5 deep 26cm tallCapacity: 150g (officially 100g)Good:  Very simple to use with the smartphone appBad:  Small capacity, extractor required

My Observations

As of now, I believe this compact home coffee roaster is the best option, especially in terms of price, for beginner home roasters who prioritize ease of use.

A quick note on the mentioned "bad" aspects.

The small capacity mentioned is in comparison to the Gene Cafe, but it is important to consider that the Sandbox Smart R1 C1 is designed for a different type of user.

If you want to roast larger batches, you might want to consider the Gene Cafe or the Cormorant CR600.

Regarding the extraction of smoke, this roaster does produce some smoke, especially during the first crack. Therefore, it is recommended to place it near a window or use it in a well-ventilated area.

The Sandbox Smart app is incredibly convenient. With this app, you can select and initiate roasting profiles from your smartphone. You can also use the app to track and control the first and second crack for darker roasts.

Creating and sharing profiles may require some experience, but it allows beginners to download profiles from experienced roasters. As you gain more knowledge and experience, creating profiles will become more intuitive.

As for the capacity, the manufacturer officially lists it as 100g, but experienced users have found that it can handle up to 150g. I would trust the opinions of experienced users like Dave Corbey from the UK coffee forums.

For a more comprehensive review of the Sandbox Smart R1 C1, I recommend watching Dave Corbey's video review.

IKAWA Smart Home Coffee Roaster

Home Coffee Roaster from Ikawa.

Check Price - IKAWA Home

Dimensions: 14cm wide, 24cm deep, 32cm tallCapacity: 100gGood:  Kitchen-friendly (smoke-free), user-friendlyBad:  Small capacity, relatively pricey

My Observations

This home roaster is based on the popular Ikawa Pro, a sample roaster used by professional coffee roasters.

The home version is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

Unlike other roasters, the Ikawa Home Roaster can be used in any modern kitchen without the need for additional ventilation. It collects chaff and cooled beans neatly.

If you are looking for a clean and convenient way to roast coffee at home, the Ikawa Smart Home Roaster is an excellent choice. However, please note that its capacity is limited to 100g, making it more suitable for smaller batches.

For professional reviews of the Ikawa roaster, I recommend reading feedback from experts such as Tim Wendelboe, Ben Put, and Howard Gill.

That concludes my list of what I believe to be the best home coffee roasters in the UK for 2023. If you believe I have missed any roasters, please let me know.

Gene Cafe Home Roaster


Check Price - Amazon

Dimensions: 49cm wide, 24.3cm tall, 22.9cm deepCapacity: 250gAdvantages: High popularity among home coffee roasters, offering plenty of online advice.Disadvantages: Requires use in a well-ventilated room or with ducting.

The Gene Cafe is a sought-after choice for those seeking a home coffee roaster.

In fact, when I reached out to my "Brew Time" mailing list subscribers to inquire about their own roasting experiences and equipment, an overwhelming majority replied that they use the Gene Cafe!

While a few individuals mentioned alternative roasters, approximately 85% of the responses acknowledged the Gene Cafe as their roasting tool of choice. Moreover, when I probed further about their opinions, I received no negative feedback. This positive feedback prompted me to purchase the Gene Cafe myself.

I must admit that I haven't had the opportunity to extensively use the Gene Cafe due to my other commitments. However, based on my initial experiences and the feedback from others, it's safe to say that this roaster offers exceptional value for its price.

The cost typically ranges around £500, although occasional deals on eBay may bring it down to £300 to £400.

The Gene Cafe comes with a chaff collector, which is quite useful. However, some chaff may still escape along with the beans, so it's recommended to cool the beans outside by transferring them from one container to another while allowing the chaff to disperse.

The chaff collector also features a short exhaust, which should be connected to ducting if the roasting is done in an enclosed space, such as a garage, to ensure proper ventilation.

If you prefer a compact roaster that can be easily placed on your kitchen counter, plugged in, and used without smoke or the need for extraction or ducting, then the IKAWA roaster might be a better option for you.

Regarding the purchase of green, unroasted coffee beans, I previously mentioned Small Batch coffee roaster supplies as an excellent source. They offer a wide selection of unroasted beans for both home and commercial roasters. Don't forget to utilize the discount code provided below when placing your order.

Click Here & Use Discount Code COFFEEWORKS for 10% Off!

Kev's Home Coffee Roasters FAQ

Why should you roast your own coffee beans?

It's a valid question. Personally, I'd suggest buying my coffee beans instead... just kidding! On a serious note, there are a couple of key reasons to consider.

One of the primary motivations for roasting your own coffee is the opportunity to develop a rewarding hobby. Not only will you gain a great sense of accomplishment, but you'll also have access to freshly roasted coffee beans. Engaging in such a hobby can be immensely fulfilling and appealing.

For me, I haven't pursued home roasting as a hobby by choice. My dedication to coffee, which I now pursue as a full-time occupation through my blog, has left me with little time to spare. This is why I entrust the roasting process to experts while I focus on my primary passion.

Use discount code CBNC25 for 25% off your first order at Coffeeworks

Another practical motivation to roast your own beans is the potential cost savings compared to purchasing pre-roasted coffee.

While the upfront costs of the roaster and the associated energy expenses may not result in significant savings themselves, the real advantage lies in reducing delivery costs. Typically, people only order the exact amount of roasted coffee they intend to consume within a week or two, which incurs delivery charges.

On the other hand, green coffee beans have a much longer shelf life than roasted ones. Therefore, buying green beans in bulk and roasting them as needed can significantly reduce delivery expenses over time.

Of course, this depends on how much value you assign to your time. If the time spent roasting coffee comes at the expense of pursuing more financially rewarding activities, then the savings may not outweigh the opportunity cost.

As mentioned earlier, I believe the main reason to roast your own coffee is the enjoyment of the hobby itself, which offers a variety of benefits, including the satisfaction of tasting freshly roasted beans!

Can popcorn makers be used for home coffee roasting?

Many individuals have successfully used popcorn makers for roasting coffee, although they have their limitations.

While popcorn makers are affordable and provide a fun way to experiment with roasting on a tight budget, they can only handle small batch sizes and lack precise control and repeatability.

If you're seeking an inexpensive and entertaining way to pass the time and don't mind the manual labor involved, then popcorn popper coffee roasting might be a suitable option.

It's worth noting that some specific popcorn makers are required for this purpose. Look for models with side vents and a solid bottom.

Moreover, ensure that the popcorn maker doesn't have a thermostat that shuts off the heating element every 30 seconds, as well as one that prevents chaff from entering and potentially causing a fire!

Currently, the Severin 117803 and the Nostalgia APH200 (previously supplied by Sweet Marias in the USA) are known to meet these criteria. However, availability in the UK may be limited at present.

Alternatively, if you're in the UK and interested in using a popcorn maker for roasting, consider finding a used Prima PMC001 through platforms like eBay. These can typically be purchased for around £10, often in excellent condition and hardly used.

As far as I know, the Prima PMC001 is equivalent to the West Bend Poppery II, which is highly regarded as a popcorn maker for roasting in the United States. However, please don't quote me on this!

And no, I'm not referring to the Prima duck popcorn machine ;-) You'll come across plenty of those on eBay, but they lack the necessary power for roasting coffee beans.

Prima duck pop corn machine.Definitely not this one ;-).

Can you roast coffee in a pan?

Absolutely! In fact, if you're looking to try coffee roasting on a budget, I would highly recommend using a non-stick pan, a wooden spoon, a stainless steel colander, and a heat source.

To ensure a clean roasting environment, using a camping stove outdoors is a good idea. Although it's possible to roast on a kitchen stove, it can get messy with chaff scattered around the kitchen. Personally, I would prefer to roast outside. If you have a gas-powered barbecue, that could also serve as a suitable heat source. 

Are handmade drum roasters viable?

In theory, yes, as long as you are willing to engage in a bit of do-it-yourself (DIY) creativity. The concept is relatively simple. You'll need a metal drum, such as a rotisserie basket, and attach a motor or an electric drill to rotate it. Place this setup over a heat source (the drum, not the drill, of course!).

Like most low-cost methods, handmade drum roasters lack sophistication and precise temperature control. They may appear a bit rough around the edges.

For the heat source, you can utilize a gas burner or a gas barbecue, making it feasible to roast outside.

Check out this video demonstrating the use of a gas barbecue and a rotisserie basket:

This video showcases the conversion of an old metal drum into a copper roasting drum:

Why invest in a more expensive roaster when you can use a pan or a popcorn maker?

The answer lies in taste. While roasting coffee beans in a pan may be traditional in coffee-producing countries like Ethiopia, you might find that the resulting flavor differs from what you're accustomed to with specialty coffee.

It's interesting to note that traditionally roasted coffee is often mixed with other ingredients, such as sugar.

The reason behind this practice is the lack of control over the roasting process, particularly the stage after the first crack known as the development phase. Without proper control during this phase, it becomes challenging to achieve the desired flavor profile.

What is the "First Crack" you mentioned?

The roasting process involves a series of endothermic (heat absorption) and exothermic (heat release) stages for the coffee beans.

The initial phase is the endothermic stage, where the beans are gradually heated.

The subsequent stage is the exothermic reaction known as the first crack. This is when the beans crack or pop open, resembling the sound of popcorn popping.

The first crack is crucial, and meticulous attention is required to determine its duration and subsequent actions. Regardless of the roasting method chosen, the first crack is a significant milestone that deserves special consideration.

What is the "Second Crack"?

You guessed it—the second crack represents the second and final time the coffee beans crack during the roasting process, if they are roasted to that point. Light to medium roasts usually conclude between the end of the first crack and the start of the second crack, while darker roasts go beyond the second crack.

Specialty coffee - why opt for a change?

What is the development phase?

The development phase plays a critical role in flavor development and is where the magic happens. It commences at the first crack, underscoring its significance. This phase is highly delicate, as slight temperature fluctuations or adjustments in airflow can make or break the roast.

Is it important to cool the roasted beans?

Absolutely! Failing to cool the beans promptly can lead to baking, resulting in a considerable deterioration in cup quality. Therefore, it is vital to ensure rapid cooling to maintain optimal flavor.

Is coffee roasting a straightforward process?

Far from it! Coffee roasting is inherently complex, involving multiple intricate aspects. However, this doesn't mean that beginners cannot venture into it. Engaging in home roasting requires either learning about the process or investing in a roaster that offers convenience without extensive learning.

Can you roast decaffeinated coffee yourself?

Certainly! In fact, having the ability to roast your own beans is particularly advantageous for decaf coffee. When you don't consume much decaf and prefer to keep a bag on hand, it's important to note that roasted beans deteriorate faster than green, unroasted ones.

Having your own roaster allows you to freshly roast decaf whenever desired or when catering to guests who avoid caffeine. Impress them with the delicious flavor of freshly roasted decaf and earn some brownie points!

You may also be interested in:

Best Decaf Coffee Beans & Kev's Decaf FAQ

Watch my YouTube video:

For more in-depth information on coffee roasting, consult the Hasbean roasting guide, and if you're seriously considering investing in roasting, check out the coffee roasting course by Winchester Coffee School.

In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best coffee roaster for all those coffee enthusiasts out there, the choices are plentiful. Whether you're a newbie just starting out or a seasoned pro looking to upgrade, the small batch coffee roaster supplies listed here are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates. From the innovative Cormorant CR600 to the user-friendly Sandbox Smart R1 C1, and the reliable Gene Cafe Home Roaster, there's a perfect option for every home coffee roasting journey. And don't forget to check out Kev's Home Coffee Roasters FAQ for all the answers to your burning questions. So, get ready to embark on a flavorful adventure with the best home coffee roaster of 2023, as you experience the joy of crafting your very own freshly roasted coffee right at home. Cheers to a perfect cup every time!

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