The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hand Espresso Grinders: Timemore, 1Zpresso, Orphan Espresso, Knock, Kinu, Mazzer, and More!

Are you tired of mediocre coffee and craving that perfect, barista-quality brew right at home? Look no further because we've compiled a list of the best hand espresso grinders on the market. Say goodbye to pre-ground coffee that lacks flavor and freshness, and say hello to a world of aromatic, perfectly ground beans. In this article, we'll take you on a journey through the top contenders in the realm of manual espresso grinders, from the Timemore C2 Max to the 1Zpresso Jx. Get ready to take your coffee game to new heights with these exceptional hand grinders!

Timemore C2 Max

Timemore has quickly gained recognition in the coffee industry with their range of stylish manual grinders, scales, and even a portable coffee tool suitcase. The C2 Max is their entry-level grinder, succeeding the Chestnut C2. While it incorporates some plastic components, the grind quality surpasses its price point.

C2 Max grinder on its side against a white background

Fit and Finish

Most of Timemore's manual grinders feature an aluminum unibody frame with internal supports. However, the C2 Max stands out as it incorporates PCTG plastic supports and a plastic pommel instead of wooden ones seen on other models. These plastic components contribute to the grinder's affordability. Nevertheless, the key components, such as the metal body, 38mm conical steel burrs, and dual bearings, offer the same premium grind quality found in the Chestnut series. The C2 Max has a hopper capacity of approximately 30 grams.

Grind Adjustment

All Timemore grinders, including the C2 Max, utilize a stepped adjustment wheel similar to the Comandante. Turning the dial clockwise moves the center burr closer to the outer burr, resulting in a finer grind. On the other hand, turning the dial counterclockwise coarsens the grind. The dial features 12 steps per revolution, allowing for easy reference and consistency in grind size. The manual provides recommendations for various grind settings, ranging from fine to coarse.


  • Most affordable grinder on this list.
  • Comparable grind quality to other Timemore models.
  • Available in two colors.


  • Includes plastic components for support.
  • Not suitable for grinding fine enough for espresso.
  • Thin plastic lid.

4: Timemore C2

timemore c2 grinder in hand

The Timemore C2 has disrupted the grinder market with its affordable price point. It offers a significant improvement over manual ceramic burr grinders and subpar electric grinders.

Unique features

The C2 boasts an appealing design and ergonomic feel. Its textured surface enhances grip, making it easier to handle when grinding light roasts. Additionally, its compact size provides a comfortable grinding experience. With a capacity of around 25 grams, the C2 can produce enough coffee for two large cups.

Bonus info: There is also a larger version known as the "C2 Max" with a slightly bigger capacity of approximately 30 grams.

In daily use

The Timemore C2 offers exceptionally fast grinding speed, making it one of the fastest manual grinders available. The resulting coffee cups are delicious, exhibiting excellent clarity and texture. While it may not surpass models from 1Zpresso and Comandante, the C2 still delivers impressive results. In comparison to the Baratza Encore, often recommended for beginners, the C2 provides a more consistent grind.


The Timemore C2 is an affordable option for achieving great coffee at home. Its appealing design and comfortable grip differentiate it from entry-level models like the Hario Slim. If you desire a lighter grinder for small hands or are unable to invest in the 1Zpresso Jx, the C2 is an excellent choice.

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Timemore G1 Plus

The G1 Plus stands out in the Timemore manual grinder lineup with its unique combination of natural and manmade elements, blending different shapes and functions into one. While other models feature industrial-chic textured aluminum or minimalist cylindrical bodies, the G1 Plus represents a delightful fusion of identities.

G1 Plus grinder on its side against a white background

Fit and Finish

The G1 Plus draws inspiration from modernism, emphasizing juxtaposition of materials, shapes, and functionality. Its frame features a robust dark gray aluminum construction with a matching crank arm. The interior houses a wider axle and bearings compared to other Timemore models. Along the sides, black walnut accents can be found, including a removable pommel at the top and a push-fit grinds-catch at the bottom. Unlike previous G1 models, the G1 Plus is equipped with 38mm stainless steel burrs coated in titanium nitride. These burrs excel in grinding efficiency and are capable of producing fine grounds.

Grind Adjustment

While the G1 Plus showcases a squared-off exterior, its burr compartment maintains a cylindrical shape. The grind adjustment mechanism is similar to other Timemore models, utilizing a stepped wheel with detents. Turning the dial clockwise fine-tunes the grind by moving the center burr closer to the outer burr, while turning it counterclockwise coarsens the grind. The 12 grooves on the dial serve as reference points for finding and replicating preferred grind sizes.


  • Beautiful modern design.
  • Equipped with espresso and brewing burrs.
  • Premium materials used for construction.


  • The grinds-catch can be challenging to detach smoothly.
  • The stepped adjustment system is not ideal for espresso settings.
  • Less comfortable to hold compared to other Timemore models.

Timemore Chestnut Slim

Timemore Chestnut Slim Adjustment

Fit and Finish

The Timemore Chestnut Slim is a unique grinder that offers portability and exceptional grind quality. It strikes a balance between size and functionality, making it a reliable tool for your daily coffee routine. Despite its compact design, this hand grinder is built to last with its sturdy construction and high-quality 38mm conical burrs. The textured grip and slim body, similar to the Timemore Nano, Nano Plus, and Slim Plus, provide a comfortable grinding experience.

Grind Adjustment

The Chestnut Slim, like other Nano and Slim models, features a stepped click wheel located underneath the cone burr for adjusting the grind size. Each step corresponds to a relatively large change in grind size, making it ideal for filter and immersion brewing methods. However, it is also capable of grinding fine enough for espresso. The grinder's compact size and limited capacity make it suitable for single cup pour-over applications.


  • Textured grip and slim body for a perfect grip.
  • Impressive grind quality considering its price.
  • Sufficient capacity for 1-2 cups of coffee.


  • The magnetic pommel can detach while cranking.
  • The relatively large grind adjustment steps limit micro-adjustability.
  • Smaller capacity compared to many other hand grinders.

Timemore Slim Plus

The Slim Plus and Nano Plus share similarities in terms of design and features, with both models sporting a slate gray unibody frame, diamond pattern for improved grip and aesthetics, a compact diameter, and 38mm burrs. The Slim Plus, however, offers a larger hopper capacity while sacrificing a bit of space compared to the Nano Plus.

Slim Plus carry bag

Fit and Finish

The Slim Plus, like the Nano Plus, features a unibody aluminum alloy construction with a diamond pattern for enhanced grip. Both models share the same slim body and textured grip found in the Timemore Nano, Nano Plus, and Slim Plus family. However, the Slim Plus stands around 2 inches taller and has a different crank arm design that cannot be folded down. Equipped with 38mm titanium-coated stainless steel burrs, the Slim Plus excels in grinding efficiency for various brewing methods, including Turkish espresso, moka pot, pour-over, and cold brew.

Grind Adjustment

The Slim Plus adopts the same stepped grind adjustment system as the other Timemore grinders. Turning the dial clockwise fine-tunes the grind by moving the center burr closer to the outer burr, while turning it counterclockwise adjusts for a coarser grind. The detent under the wheel aligns with the 12 grooves, serving as reference points for repeatable grind sizes. The stepped adjustment system poses some challenges when dialing in for espresso, but compensating with puck dose adjustments can achieve desired results.


  • Compact frame with a relatively large 25g hopper capacity.
  • Diamond pattern promotes a secure grip.
  • Fits inside an AeroPress plunger.


  • The narrow hopper requires careful loading.
  • The stepped adjustment system is not ideal for espresso settings.
  • The magnetic pommel may come off during high RPM grinding.

Timemore NANO

Timemore Nano adjustment

Fit and Finish

The Timemore Nano is a compact and lightweight hand grinder that weighs approximately 0.8 pounds and measures just under 5 inches tall. Its sturdy construction includes a unibody aluminum alloy design with 38mm conical burrs, allowing for quick and efficient grinding of small filter coffee doses (15-18g). The Nano features a textured surface with a diamond-cut pattern that enhances grip and durability, providing a pleasant and rapid grinding experience compared to similar models on the market.

Grind Adjustment

The Nano employs a click wheel beneath the cone burr for adjusting the grind size. Each click corresponds to a relatively large change in grind size, making it well-suited for filter or immersion brewing methods. However, it can also achieve fine grounds suitable for espresso if needed. Due to its adjustment mechanism and small capacity, the Nano is particularly suitable for single cup pour-over applications.


  • Ultra-compact size, perfect for travel.
  • Textured grip and slim body for comfortable handling.
  • Impressive grind quality considering its price.


  • Limited capacity for single cup brewing.
  • The magnetic pommel can detach while grinding.
  • The relatively large grind adjustment steps limit micro-adjustability.

Timemore NANO Plus

The NANO Plus is Timemore's top travel grinder, boasting the shortest height among the grinders on this list and almost being the lightest, narrowly losing to the Fixie by just 30 grams. Its compact size has led Timemore to create a travel package centered around this grinder.

NANO Plus hand grinder on side and open

Fit and Finish

The NANO Plus shares design elements with its sibling, the Slim Plus, featuring a diamond pattern cut into its aluminum exterior for improved grip. This design choice not only enhances aesthetics but also provides a secure hold. The NANO Plus measures just 125 millimeters in height and 3 inches in diameter when the crank arm is folded against the body and the magnetic black walnut pommel is removed and stored inside the threaded grinds-catch. Despite its small stature, the grinder is built to last with a stainless drive train, dual bearings, and 38mm stainless steel burrs capable of delivering high-quality grinds across various brewing methods.

Grind Adjustment

The NANO Plus is capable of grinding for espresso; however, its adjustment wheel operates in a stepped manner, making it challenging to achieve precise espresso settings without adjusting dosage. Turning the dial clockwise fine-tunes the grind by moving the center burr closer to the outer burr, while turning it counterclockwise adjusts for a coarser grind. The detent under the wheel can settle into any of the 12 grooves or steps, providing reference points for consistent grind sizes. The manual provides accurate recommendations for various grind settings.


  • Collapsible crank arm paired with removable pommel for reduced overall diameter.
  • Diamond pattern facilitates a secure grip.
  • Capable of grinding for all coffee brewing methods.


  • Relatively small hopper capacity of 15 grams.
  • The aluminum frame is prone to scratching if mishandled.
  • The stepped adjustment system makes dialing in for espresso settings difficult.

1: 1Zpresso Jx, 48 mm Steel Burr Grinder

The "new" Jx is displayed on the left, while the previous version from 2019 is on the right. 1Zpresso is gaining momentum in the coffee industry. Despite being a relatively new company, it has established a reputation as one of the top brands for high value non-automatic coffee grinders.

I discovered this brand by chance when I stumbled upon their booth at the yearly Coffee Expo in Taiwan in 2017. I was immediately captivated by the speed and craftsmanship of their grinder lineup. I had a brief chat with the founder, who is Taiwanese, and learned that the production is based in China. At that time, they had not yet entered the Western market, but now they have finally made their mark.

Although the English in 1Zpresso's sales material may not be at Oxford standards, don't let that deceive you. This is not a brand to be underestimated.

Jx is my favorite hand grinder

I have personally tried most of 1Zpresso's models, including the higher-end ones from the "JE" and "K" series. However, the mid-range model called 'Jx' is the one I would recommend to most people.

Considering its current price point, it's an absolute steal. It easily outperforms rival grinders that cost 2-4 times more.

The grinder's consistency is impressive, allowing you to use it for a variety of brewing methods, from Turkish coffee and espresso to pour over and French press. Thanks to its large and aggressive 48 mm steel burrs, it is also incredibly fast, outpacing all the other models discussed in this article. You should be able to grind 25 grams of coffee in approximately 35 seconds.

The only drawback of this grinder is its larger size, which may not be as travel-friendly. If portability is important to you, especially for frequent travelers, you should consider its smaller sibling, the 1Zpresso Q2, which I will review below. Additionally, if you have smaller hands, you may find the Q2 easier to use due to its lower grip strength requirement.


Over the past year, I have received numerous emails and comments from readers who purchased the Jx after reading my review. They all agree that it is an exceptional hand grinder.

The 1Zpresso Jx not only looks impressive, but it also delivers fast and consistent grinds. It stands out as my top pick among all hand grinders due to its incredible value proposition.

For more detailed information, please refer to my comprehensive review of the 1Zpresso Jx.

(Bonus info: I previously mentioned that the Jx was not suitable for espresso. However, since the standard Jx model was updated in 2020 with a new axle and adjustment wheel, I now believe that it is relatively easy to dial in espresso shots with it.)

For international orders, visit the official 1Zpresso Shop.

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1Zpresso K-Pro

Despite being relatively new to the coffee industry, 1Zpresso is rapidly gaining recognition for manufacturing budget-friendly manual grinders that excel in versatility and performance. An example of this is the Red Dot Design Award-winning K-Pro, which offers an intuitive and smooth grinding experience at any setting.

1Zpresso K-Pro hand grinder on its side

Fit and Finish

The 1Zpresso K-Pro showcases a premium look and feel. Its slim profile and silicone sleeve, along with an optional silicone band included in the box, contribute to its comfortable grip. The body is made entirely of aluminum and features a reverse-threaded mid-section that allows for easy and thorough cleaning of the burr chamber, a quality that sets it apart from most manual grinders. Like other models in the 1Zpresso lineup, the K-Pro is equipped with a stainless steel axle, bearings, and burr carrier, as well as a solid wood pommel.

Grind Adjustment

The K-Pro utilizes a reverse-threaded external grind adjustment system similar to the J-Max. This design eliminates the need to remove the grinds catcher when changing settings, offering convenience. However, the counterintuitive turning (right for loose or coarse; left for tight or fine) may take some getting used to initially. The adjustment ring features numbers from 0 to 9, with ten steps within each number, providing a total of 90 settings. Each step corresponds to a change of 22 microns or 0.022mm in burr travel. The audible clicks make it easy to record and reproduce specific grind settings. Additionally, the 48mm stainless steel conical burrs ensure consistently uniform grinds for clean and vibrant brews.


  • External grind adjustment system.
  • Slim and comfortable profile.
  • Impressive particle distribution.


  • Recalibration process can be complicated.
  • Stepped adjustment may not be ideal for espresso.
  • Not scratch-resistant.

1Zpresso J-Max

Similar to Timemore, 1Zpresso stands out with its ability to produce high-quality grinders using premium components, delivering outstanding results. The J-Max is a shining example of this. With its stylish aluminum frame, wood pommel, and other attractive features, it effortlessly earns its place among the likes of the Timemore G1 Plus and Option-O Remi. Thanks to its espresso-focused design, it also finds a natural fit alongside Kinu grinders.

1Zpresso J-Max hand grinder on its side

Fit and Finish

Like all 1Zpresso grinders, the J-Max is crafted using premium materials. The body, including the inner frame, is a solid piece of aluminum, while the grinds catcher, thanks to its magnetic seal, can be easily locked in or removed with a simple twist. The axle, bearings, and burr carrier are all made of stainless steel, and the pommel features a solid wood construction. Convenience is a key feature, as this grinder can be disassembled and reassembled without losing the grind setting.

Grind Adjustment

The J-Max is a stepped grinder, but with its unique micro-stepped system, it offers a level of precision similar to that of stepless grinders. It also allows for easy recording and return to favorite grind settings. Each step, or click, on the adjustment collar represents a mere 8.8 microns or 0.0088 millimeters change in particle size. These minute adjustments, combined with the high-performing 48mm titanium-coated burrs that excel in the finer range, make the J-Max ideal for dialing in espresso shots in a way that few stepped grinders can achieve. It's worth noting that the threading is the reverse of most other hand grinders on the market: righty loosey, lefty tighty, which may require some adjustment.


  • Micro-stepped precision grind adjustments.
  • Conveniently located external grind adjustment ring.
  • Premium materials and accessories.


  • Counterintuitive grind direction (left for finer, right for coarser).
  • Opaque plastic lid.
  • Optimized for espresso, not pour over.

3: 1Zpresso K-Max

The K-Max is the latest model from 1Zpresso. As the new flagship grinder, it shares many similarities with the Jx but offers superior grind distribution and a more luxurious design with additional features.

While the Jx is more than sufficient for most coffee enthusiasts, the K-Max is designed for the coffee geeks looking for an end-game grinder. The K-Max provides a higher level of balance and precision when it comes to flavor extraction, especially with lighter roasts.

However, considering the outstanding value the Jx offers for its price, it remains my top pick in this article.

If budget is not a concern, I highly recommend considering the K-Max instead.

Next-level features

One standout feature of the K-Max is the intuitive and user-friendly adjustment dial located on top of the unit. This makes switching between different grind settings incredibly easy. For example, I grind at setting 2.5 for espresso and 5.5-6.5 for pour over. With the K-Max, I can change the grind setting within seconds without counting clicks or making complicated adjustments underneath the burrs. This feature is particularly convenient if you use the grinder for various brewing methods.

The step sizes are small enough to allow precise calibration for different types of coffee.

The K-Max also features a magnetic catch cup, which enhances the overall user experience. This seemingly minor detail offers significant convenience. Additionally, you won't have to worry about the cup's threads getting worn down from use over time, as is the case with the Jx.

The real difference

When it comes to taste, the K-Max offers a more refined experience compared to the Jx. While most users may not notice a significant difference in their daily brews, those who enjoy experimenting with water quality and light roast coffees will appreciate the nuanced flavors the K-Max brings to the table.

The K-Max consistently produces a balanced yet sweet cup of coffee, allowing for extended extractions without compromising the overall flavor profile. It truly excels in both drip coffee and espresso, offering a delightful taste experience.

It is rare to find grinders that perform exceptionally well across a variety of brewing methods, whether it be pour over or espresso. In fact, you would likely need to explore semi-professional electric flat burr grinders before finding one that can rival the K-Max as a multipurpose grinder.

While the Comandante C40 also delivers tasty coffee across different brewing methods, it falls short in terms of usability for espresso. On the other hand, the K-Max is a powerhouse that effortlessly grinds a standard 18-gram dose in just 35 seconds, provided you have reasonable grip strength. It also offers a superior adjustment mechanism with smaller steps compared to the C40.


The K-Max may have a higher price tag compared to the popular Jx, but the value it provides is worth every penny.

If you are seeking the best all-around manual grinder, look no further. With the K-Max, you can brew all types of coffee and thoroughly enjoy every second of the process.

For international orders, visit the official 1Zpresso Shop.

Check out my detailed review of the K-Max on YouTube.

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2: Comandante C40 Mk4 Nitro Blade

Comandante C40 black colorThe Comandante C40 has earned its reputation as one of the most popular grinders in recent years for good reason. Its impeccable design showcases German engineering at its finest.

The Comandante C40 shares a similar design with other top models in its category. It features conical steel burrs and a ball-bearing fixed axle for smooth operation. The ergonomically shaped handle offers a comfortable grip.

In the newest 2022 version, known as the C40 Mk4, the catch cup has been upgraded to a shatter-proof polymer from the previous glass version. When you purchase the grinder, you will receive both the glass version (for those who prefer it) and the sturdy new catch cup.

The Comandante C40 is available in various finishes, including the classic wood veneer and newer solid color options.

Unique features

What sets the Comandante apart is its in-house designed burrs crafted by German engineers. This exclusive geometry and material make the burrs truly unique.

In my testing, I have found that these burrs are highly suitable for both espresso and pour over coffee, producing elegant and refined cups in both brewing styles.

The brand emphasizes that the burrs are made from special "high nitrogen" steel, which enhances their durability.

Another notable aspect of joining the Comandante user community is the ease of sharing brewing recipes and specifications with other coffee aficionados. It is not uncommon to come across recipes that reference a specific number of Comandante "clicks."


While the Comandante's adjustment mechanism is simple and easy to use, it lacks the ultra-granular precision offered by some competitors. This may make it slightly more challenging to dial in espresso shots on this grinder. However, there is a special "Red Clix" add-on available for purchase if you desire even more precise adjustment.

Compared to grinders like the 1Zpresso Jx and Lido 3, which have 48mm burrs, the Comandante features smaller burrs. As a result, it may seem slightly slower, particularly when compared directly to the Jx. In my testing, the C40 took 50 seconds to grind 20g of coffee, whereas the Jx accomplished the same amount in just 23 seconds.

The C40 MK3 also carries a higher price tag compared to most other premier hand grinders in terms of affordability. This price difference can be attributed to the manufacturing taking place in Germany, where production costs are generally higher.

Finally, the larger circumference of the grinder's body may make it awkward to hold for individuals with smaller hands.


The Comandante grinder has rightfully earned its status as one of the market's most popular models. Its meticulous design consistently produces uniform grinds. However, there are more affordable models that offer similar performance. With the Comandante, you are paying a premium for the brand name and reputation.

If budget is not a concern and you primarily use a grinder for manual brewing, the Comandante C40 remains a reliable and solid choice.

For more detailed insights, please refer to my comprehensive review of the Comandante C40.

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Orphan Espresso Lido Basic

orphan espresso lido basic

Fit and Finish

The Lido Basic by Orphan Espresso may not be the most visually appealing hand grinder, but it is exceptionally durable. Constructed with Tritan plastic, steel, and aluminum parts, this grinder can withstand heavy use. Its large body has a capacity of up to 100g of coffee beans. Inside, it houses a 48mm conical steel burr that allows for quick grinding of large batches, making it well-suited for Chemex or automatic brewers. The Lido Basic features a fixed handle (compared to the Lido ET's folding handle), making it less travel-friendly, and it does not come with a carrying case.

Grind Adjustment

Orphan Espresso has updated the grind adjustment system from the previous Lido 3 model, providing a refreshing improvement. The new design features a simple thumb screw that allows for easy locking and unlocking of the grind adjustment. Changing the grind size is a breeze and requires less time and effort, while ensuring better accuracy when targeting a specific setting. To adjust the grind size, simply loosen the thumb screw, twist the body, then lock the thumb screw back down. It's a hassle-free process.


  • Largest capacity among all hand grinders (up to 100g).
  • 48mm burr for quick grinding.
  • External grind adjustment system that requires no disassembly.


  • Very large grinder size.
  • Center of gravity may cause slight wobbling during cranking.
  • Fixed handle cannot be folded for travel or storage.

Orphan Espresso Lido ET

Orphan Espresso Lido ET

Fit and Finish

The Orphan Espresso Lido ET shares the same platform as the Lido Basic model, but it comes with a folding handle and neoprene carrying case for convenient travel. It retains the large 100g hopper and 48mm conical steel burr set of the Lido Basic, allowing for fast and efficient grinding. Its body is made of Tritan plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel components.

Grind Adjustment

The Lido ET features a dual locking ring adjustment system. The bottom ring sets the grind size, while the top ring locks the bottom ring in place. This adjustment mechanism has a finer thread pitch compared to the Lido Basic, which means that each adjustment will result in a smaller change to the grind size. This makes the Lido ET more suitable for grinding coffee beans for espresso.


  • Huge 100g capacity
  • Versatility for filter, immersion, and espresso brewing methods
  • Folding handle and carrying case for convenient travel and storage


  • Dual locking ring adjustment is not as intuitive as other mechanisms
  • The grinder may wobble a bit due to its large center of gravity
  • It is a bulky grinder

6: Orphan Espresso Lido 3 Swiss Burr Grinder

Lido 3 Manual Coffee Grinder |...

The Lido 3 manual grinder has gained popularity among the specialty coffee community. It is manufactured by Orphan Espresso, a small company known for producing various hand grinders and espresso accessories.

The Lido 3 is a robust and heavy grinder. Its weight and craftsmanship can truly be felt when holding it. Interestingly, it is marketed as a travel grinder, being lighter than its predecessor, the Lido 2. However, weighing in at 2 lbs or just over 1 kilo, it is more suitable for dedicated coffee enthusiasts who prioritize quality over portability.

Noteworthy burrs

The Lido 3 is equipped with Swiss-made 48 mm conical steel burrs, offering a larger grinding capacity compared to its competitors. While it grinds coffee beans at a decent pace, there are other high-end grinders, such as those from 1Zgrinder, that outperform it in terms of speed. This difference may be attributed to the Lido 3's shorter handle and less smooth bearings.


The Lido 3 has received praise from many online enthusiasts, with only a few negative comments. However, after using this grinder for over a year, I have noticed some significant flaws.

  • The grind adjustment system, called the 'locking ring,' is awkward and cumbersome compared to other brands' systems available today.
  • The antistatic plastic used for the grounds bin is soft and prone to loosing tightness over time, resulting in a loose jar that no longer fits securely.
  • It struggles to grind finely enough for espresso. Despite differing opinions, I have not been able to find a suitable setting due to burr rub.
  • Other grinders of half the size are faster and offer more consistent results.


Although the Lido 3 is a capable grinder with its rugged and industrial appearance, it falls short of being the engineering masterpiece it is often portrayed as. At a similar price point, there are several competitors that I would choose over this grinder.

For a full review of the Lido 3, visit Lido 3 here

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hario skerton marble background

Hario Skerton Pro

The Hario Skerton Pro is a new and improved version of the iconic Hario Skerton hand grinder. Hario is a Japanese brand that is widely associated with the third-wave coffee movement and is known for its commitment to slow coffee.

I personally wasn't a big fan of the old version of the Skerton. However, with the release of the Skerton Pro in 2017, Hario has made significant improvements.

The redesigned Skerton Pro features new burrs that minimize wobbling, resulting in more consistent and precise grinding. Adjusting the grind size is now easier with a click-based system that allows for easy reproduction of preferred settings. In contrast, the old Skerton had a step-less system that made it difficult to find previous settings.

Enhanced handle

One notable upgrade in the "Pro" version is the new handle. The previous handle lacked sturdiness and was relatively short. The new handle provides a solid grip and effectively transfers force while grinding, thanks to basic principles of physics.

The Skerton Pro maintains Hario's signature aesthetic—understated, beautiful, and soft. It's hard not to be captivated by the design of this grinder.

Despite all the significant upgrades, the Skerton Pro remains affordable and falls within the budget range of coffee grinders.


One minor drawback is that the ground receptacle is made of glass, making it more fragile compared to plastic or steel alternatives. Another aspect to consider is that the Skerton Pro is slightly bulkier than some of its competitors, so it may not be the most suitable option for frequent travel.

For a comprehensive review of the Hario Skerton Pro, visit Hario Skerton Pro Review here.


The Hario Skerton Pro is an affordable and reliable grinder that caters well to beginners and casual coffee enthusiasts. However, serious coffee connoisseurs may prefer a grinder that offers better consistency and faster grinding speed.

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Orphan Espresso Fixie

The Orphan Espresso Fixie is the smallest grinder offered by Orphan Espresso. It is approximately five inches shorter and one inch slimmer than the grinders in their Lido line. Furthermore, it is lighter by more than a pound, making it the most travel-friendly model not only from Orphan Espresso but among all manufacturers listed. It is a grinder that will surely delight backpackers!

Fixie parts white background

Fit and Finish

Designed to be compact and ultralight, the Fixie is only six and a half inches tall and weighs 330 grams. It is lighter and smaller than most coffee bags, making it extremely portable. The Fixie's body and handle are made of carbon fiber, while the grinds-catch is composed of titanium, giving it a sleek and stylish appearance reminiscent of a high-performance bicycle frame cresting the Pyrenees. Inside, you'll find an aluminum axle and burr carrier, Delrin bearings, and the heaviest part of all, a 140g, 47mm stainless steel conical burr set from Etzinger.

Grind Adjustment

The Fixie features a unique "fixed" grind adjustment system. Spacers are placed on the axle to decrease the distance between the burrs, allowing for different grind sizes. It comes with three plastic "Fixie Disks" for general grind sizes (fine, medium, and coarse) and four Teflon "Tuner Shims" for fine-tuning the grind. Adding the appropriate disk results in the desired grind size, whether it be fine for Aeropress or coarse for other brewing methods. The shims offer additional adjustments in increments of 0.10mm and 0.20mm.


  • Lightest grinder on this list
  • Unique and customizable grind adjustment system
  • Includes a Tyvek travel bag


  • The adjustment system has a steep learning curve
  • The side-fill hopper opening is narrow
  • Weight has been prioritized over grind quality

Knock Feldgrind

If the Aergrind is the perfect travel grinder, the Feldgrind is the ideal hybrid grinder. It is slim and collapsible enough to take on the road, yet large enough to handle daily grinding needs. After four years of research and development by Knock, this new iteration of the Feldgrind comes with a longer crank arm, more fashionable pommel, and improved internals, all at an affordable price under $200.

Knock Feldgrind hand grinder detail

Fit and Finish

The Feldgrind is equipped with 38mm titanium-coated conical steel burrs that are suitable for all brewing methods. It offers a smooth and fast grinding experience. In terms of size, it is similar to the Aergrind, with a diameter of approximately 2 inches and a height of about 8 inches. This allows it to hold more coffee in both the hopper and the grinds-catch, accommodating the standard dose for most home brewing methods, including espresso, French press, and more. The handle is made of stainless steel, and the pommel (knob) has been upgraded to wood from plastic in previous versions. This new model also features larger dual bearings, an over-built shaft, and improved consistency in particle size.

Grind Adjustment

Like the Aergrind, the Feldgrind has a stepless adjustment wheel located at the top of the grinder. While adjusting the grind size, the lid needs to be removed to access the wheel. This requires removing the handle first. Despite some minor disassembly, loading the hopper and fine-tuning the grind can be done relatively quickly. The adjustment wheel is marked with numbers from 0 to 12, with hyphens indicating odd numbers. These markings serve as references, but since the Feldgrind is stepless, it provides the flexibility to dial in the grind precisely. The current grind setting can be viewed through a window cut into the handle, making it easy to record and replicate settings.


  • Travel-friendly design
  • Upgraded wood pommel
  • Convenient top-mounted stepless grind adjustment wheel


  • Learning curve required for adjusting the grind
  • The lid and handle need to be removed to change the grind or add coffee
  • May be slippery without the silicone band

Knock Aergrind

The Aergrind is considered the ultimate grinder for thrifty travelers. It is specially designed to fit inside an AeroPress plunger, making it the smallest grinder in our lineup. It is perfect for adding to your hiking or camping gear, or even for use in your home brewing setup. While it is designed with the AeroPress in mind, it also performs exceptionally well when grinding for other hybrid brewing methods, like the Delter Press. If brewing with the AeroPress is your favorite method, this cost-effective grinder delivers similar grind quality to other premium models but at a fraction of the price.

Aergrind hand grinder detail

Fit and Finish

The Aergrind features a 38mm ceramic-coated steel burr set, which is similar to what is found in the Feldgrind and Feld2 models. It stands at just 14.5cm in height and has a diameter of 4.7cm. The grinder has a simple removable steel handle with a plastic knob that fits over the center shaft against a thin black plastic lid. The Aergrind also boasts dual bearing mounts and an anodized unibody milled from aluminum. The diameter of the grinder feels comfortable in the hand, ensuring a smooth grinding experience.

Grind Adjustment

Similar to Knock's other models, the Aergrind offers stepless adjustments for grind size. The adjustment wheel is located at the top of the grinder and can be accessed by holding the lid in place while rotating the handle. The wheel is marked with numbers and dashes, providing a total of 36 reference points per revolution. A small notch near the base of the handle serves as an indicator for the current setting. The Aergrind allows for quick changes in grind size without the need for disassembly, making it a breeze to use.


  • Fits inside the chamber of the AeroPress plunger
  • Delivers comparable grind quality to the Feld2 at a more affordable price
  • Enables fast and straightforward grind size adjustments


  • The handle and rubber sleeve do not fit inside an AeroPress with the grinder
  • The center burr may have a minimal amount of lateral play
  • It may produce fines that can impact pour-over brewing methods, limiting its versatility as an all-purpose hand grinder

Kinu M47 Phoenix

In 2018, a devastating fire destroyed Kinu's factory in Reghin, Romania. The water used to extinguish the fire, along with the flames and smoke, caused extensive damage to the building. The Phoenix is the first grinder that Kinu produced after the tragic incident. It features a higher proportion of plastic parts compared to previous models to expedite production and fill the gap created by the fire.

Phoenix on side with white background

Fit and Finish

The Phoenix deviates from the other M47 grinders in terms of internal supports. Instead of thick steel bars, which are found in other models and auto-center the burrs, plastic pieces are used in the Phoenix solely to hold the axle in place at the top and bottom of the body. The result is a significantly lighter grinder weighing 1.6 lbs. However, this adjustment does not compromise the grind quality. The hopper of the Phoenix is more spacious compared to other M47 models, allowing it to hold up to 60 grams of coffee beans. It is important to exercise caution due to the absence of a lid, similar to other M47 models when used with larger capacities. The Phoenix also features ABS plastic grinds-catch, while other important parts such as the body, axle, 47mm conical burrs, and ball bearings remain stainless steel like in all M47 models.

Grind Adjustment

The grind adjustment mechanism of the Phoenix is identical to that of the Simplicity model. It features a clearly marked adjustment wheel with numbers and dashes, offering 50 grind size options per revolution.


  • Depending on personal preference, the silicone ring may offer greater comfort compared to the thumb stop on other Kinu models
  • Generous manufacturer warranty of 5 years
  • Fast and simple grind adjustment


  • Contains more plastic parts, including internal supports, compared to the original M47
  • Coarse grind settings may produce more fines compared to similar grinders
  • Plastic grinds-catch may be more challenging to maneuver compared to the original M47's magnetic catch

Kinu M47 Simplicity

The M47 Simplicity is exactly what its name suggests: a simpler version of the M47. However, simplicity does not refer to the grinder's capability. In fact, the Simplicity utilizes the same high-quality stainless steel body and internals as the original M47 Classic. The only difference is that some of the less important parts have been replaced with plastic to reduce costs and weight. As a result, the operation of the Simplicity is virtually identical to the Classic.

Kinu Simplicity on side with white background

Fit and Finish

Despite the absence of certain features, the Simplicity still maintains the appearance and feel of the M47 Classic. The differences are primarily cosmetic. The bean funnel and grinds-catch are made of ABS plastic, and the pommel is entirely plastic as well, eliminating the original silver accent. These changes slightly reduce the height and decrease the weight by about 200 grams (2.1 lbs.). However, the essential components remain the same, including the thumb stopper and all the important internal parts: 47mm "Black Fusion" coated conical steel burrs (ideal for espresso), stainless steel axle, roller bearings, and sturdy steel supports. The hopper can hold 30-40 grams of whole beans, but it does not have a lid like the other M47 models, so it's best to grind with controlled motion.

Grind Adjustment

The grind adjustment mechanism is also the same. Loosen the top nut, adjust the grind, and then tighten the top nut to lock the desired setting. Technically, the Classic has 50 clicks per revolution, making it "micro-stepped." However, the Simplicity simplifies the process by eliminating the clicks altogether and providing a stepless adjustment scheme. This makes it just as suitable for espresso grinding. The adjustment wheel in the Simplicity is identical to the other M47 models, featuring numerals (0-9) and dashes (4 between each number) for reference. To change the grind size, unscrew the top nut, and turn the wheel accordingly.


  • Exceptional build quality and smooth grind
  • Generous manufacturer warranty (5 years)
  • Fast, simple grind adjustment with precise reference for burr distance (0.01 mm per click)


  • Coarse grind settings produce more fines compared to similar grinders
  • The ABS thumb stopper may be uncomfortable depending on the grip preference
  • More plastic parts compared to the original M47

Mazzer Omega

Italian commercial espresso grinder manufacturer Mazzer surprised many in 2021 by releasing a multi-purpose hand grinder for coffee and espresso. The Omega is the most expensive hand grinder in our catalog, and it delivers exactly what you'd expect from a Mazzer product: the highest quality materials, stunning aesthetics, and excellent functionality and ease of use. If you're seeking an exceptional hand grinder that also serves as a showpiece, look no further than the Omega.


Fit and Finish

The Omega features a milled aluminum construction and a lightweight carbon fiber handle. The pommel on the handle is magnetic, allowing it to attach to the side of the grinder for convenient storage. The Omega has no lid, providing easy access to the hopper, and it has a quick-release twist-lock catch cup. When you hold the Omega in your hands, you'll be impressed by its incredible build quality and the use of premium materials, reminiscent of Mazzer's commercial line of grinders.

Grind Adjustment

Similar to the 1Zpresso grinders, the Omega offers external grind adjustment. This allows you to change the grind size without disassembling the grinder. Each click on the adjustment knob corresponds to approximately 33 microns of grind size change, which is more than sufficient for any brewing method other than espresso. For espresso, each click equates to about 3-4 seconds of brew time change. The Omega's True Zero calibration ensures that the burrs touch at the zero marker, eliminating the need to mark the true starting point.


  • Elegant modern aesthetic
  • Innovative external adjustment
  • Smooth and easy grinding


  • Expensive compared to other grinders with similar performance
  • 33 microns change not small enough for precise adjustments to espresso flow
  • Open hopper design may occasionally result in a bean or two being expelled

Orphan Espresso Apex

It may seem unfair to include the Apex in a hand grinder comparison since it was designed to be bolted to a countertop or screwed into a cutting board. However, we believe it deserves consideration alongside other manual grinders. The Apex stands out with its large nesting flat burrs of slightly different diameters (78mm for the rotating burr and 75mm for the stationary burr), which produce the most uniform grinds we have ever seen from a manual grinder. Intrigued?

Fit and Finish

Orphan Espresso prides the Apex as the world's first and only flat burr manual grinder. However, this grinder's uniqueness extends beyond the type of burrs it uses. The Apex features stainless steel, deep-cut prism-tooth burrs, also known as "ghost tooth" burrs, making it even more distinctive. Operating at the suggested RPM is effortless thanks to the planetary gear drive, which delivers four burr spins for every one handle spin. This results in a clean and consistent grind. Additionally, the rotational burr is bi-directional, allowing the handle to turn in either direction according to your preference. The Apex has a large footprint, measuring 13 inches from back to front and 5 inches wide at the base. It is also relatively heavy, weighing 11.13 lbs., due to its robust materials: zinc body and base, aluminum chassis, stainless steel axle, and five bearing sets.

Grind Adjustment

The Apex is designed for all coffee brewing methods coarser than espresso and Turkish. The grind adjustment is easy, achieved by turning a knob on the collar to one of the 20 predetermined stops, which are approximately .075mm apart. Orphan Espresso recommends a maximum of 120 handle rotations per minute, equivalent to 480RPM on the rotational burr. This speed is more easily achieved with coarser grinds where the Apex excels. Any faster and the grind quality may suffer.



1Zpresso Q2 Travel Burr Grinder

featured image 1zpresso q2

This is the smallest model from 1Zpresso and an ideal companion for frequent travelers due to its compact size that fits inside an Aeropress.

Despite its small size, the Q2 performs exceptionally well and can be used as an everyday workhorse. However, we recommend most people opt for the Jx-model from 1Zpresso instead, as it offers faster and more consistent grinding.

Similar to other models from the brand, the Mini Q features an aluminum unibody construction that ensures precise alignment, while the shaft and burrs are made of stainless steel.

The grinding action is enhanced by two super-smooth bearings, making the grinding process incredibly fast. In fact, it rivals the speed of larger grinders like the Lido 3.

The burr set consists of sharp stainless steel burrs, effortlessly grinding medium roasted beans. While this grinder is suitable for manual brewing methods, the company does not recommend it for espresso. They offer larger models such as the K Pro and Jx, which are more suitable for espresso grinding.

Unique features of the Q2 include a magnetic wooden handle-knob that can be detached for easier transportation and a straightforward numbered adjustment for effortless grind size changes.

The Q2 stands out due to its exceptional combination of build quality, compact size, consistency, usability, and price.

If you'd like to learn more about the Q2, you can read our in-depth review here.

In conclusion, if portability and quality are your main priorities, the Q2 is an excellent choice. It boasts durability, compactness, and exceptional grinding performance. The only minor drawback is the hopper capacity, which can hold a maximum of 24 grams of lightly roasted beans. If this limitation doesn't concern you, we highly recommend the Q2 grinder.

For international orders, please visit the official 1Zpresso Shop.

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In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best hand espresso grinder, there is a wide range of options available to suit every coffee lover's preferences. Whether you prioritize portability, precision grinding, or durability, the Timemore, 1Zpresso, Orphan Espresso, Knock, and Kinu brands all offer exceptional choices. From the compact and reliable Timemore C2 Max to the versatile 1Zpresso Jx and the Swiss precision of the Orphan Espresso Lido 3, these grinders have been carefully engineered to enhance your coffee brewing experience. So, why settle for anything less than the perfect grind? Explore these top contenders and elevate your morning ritual to new heights of flavor and satisfaction.

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