The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Coffee in Denver

Looking for the best coffee in Denver? Look no further! We've compiled a list of the top coffee spots in the Mile-High City that are guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning caffeine connoisseur. From cozy corners to trendy hangouts, Milk & Honey, The Bardo Coffee House, Little Owl Coffee, and so many more await your taste buds. So grab your mug, join us on this caffeinated adventure, and discover the city's buzzing coffee scene. Get ready to awaken your senses and indulge in Denver's finest brews at these hidden gems that will surely become your new favorite haunts.

Milk & Honey

The atmosphere at Milk & Honey is absolutely delightful. It's like stepping into a dreamy, dark-academia-style coffee shop with deep green walls, gold accents, an abundance of plants, and of course, fantastic coffee. Located off Blake Street, tucked away next to a barber shop (the restrooms are in the shared space between the two), Milk & Honey is a perfect spot to get some work done or meet up with friends. They're open every day except for Tuesdays and are women- and veteran-owned. You can enjoy their delicious lattes with beautiful foam art on their spacious patio, and they also offer a small selection of pastries and local art for sale.

Procession CoffeeProcession Coffee

The Bardo Coffee House

Bardo Coffee House has multiple locations in Baker, Wheat Ridge, and Lakewood. Each location offers a cozy atmosphere and delicious coffee and tea options. You can enjoy your drinks inside the cafe or opt for takeout. They also have ample parking available at all three locations, so you don't have to worry about meters or street parking. Plus, they have Wi-Fi and a color printer available, making it a great spot for work or studying. And if you're a night owl, you'll love that they're open daily until midnight.

Hudson HillHudson Hill

Little Owl Coffee

If you're looking for a cozy and intimate coffee shop experience, Little Owl Coffee in LoDo is the perfect choice. Despite its small size, with just a barista counter, a retail cooler, merchandise shelving, and a few stools, it is incredibly charming. The wooden-planked floor and low-slung ceiling create a cute and comfortable atmosphere. The espresso drinks here are exceptional, made from their four house roasts. You can taste the quality of the beans in every sip, whether you prefer regular milk or their house-made almond milk.

  • DefaultNovo

    Logan House

    Logan House, with its flagship location in the Stanley Marketplace, has become a staple in Aurora, RiNo, Lowry, and LoDo. They have expanded their presence throughout the city and are now located alongside various shops, restaurants, and small businesses. This means that when you visit Logan House for coffee, you also have the opportunity to support other local vendors in the community. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and they have both indoor and outdoor seating options. If you're lucky enough to catch their rotating pastries or treats, they are definitely worth trying.

    Rivers and RoadsRivers and Roads

    Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters

    For coffee enthusiasts looking for an exceptional experience, Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters should be at the top of your list. Founded by barista champion Andy Sprenger, Sweet Bloom takes their coffee buying and roasting to the next level. They practice direct-trade sourcing and go above and beyond by inviting representatives from the coffee farms they purchase from to visit their roasting facility in Lakewood. This allows the farmers to meet the consumers and share the story of their farm. Sweet Bloom offers a perfect pour over that might convert even non-black coffee drinkers. After merging with Two Rivers Coffee, they now have a stylish cafe in Westminster, giving residents on the west side of the city even more options.

    Drink: Try the honey-processed José Hernández coffee from Antigua, Guatemala. It's a perfectly balanced cup with berry and chocolate notes.Eat: Don't miss their freshly baked pastries and mark your calendar for the first Saturday of each month when they serve seasonal doughnuts at their Arvada location.Booze: Locations in Lakewood, Arvada, and Westminster

    Tí Cafe

    Tí Cafe is Denver's first standalone Vietnamese coffee shop, owned by a trio of sisters. They import robusta beans directly from Vietnam to achieve the distinct and robust flavor profile that Vietnamese coffee is known for. In addition to classic Vietnamese hot and cold coffee preparations, they also offer unique concoctions like egg coffee. Their egg coffee is made with Vietnamese espresso topped with a frothy, caramel-y foam cloud of whipped egg yolk and condensed milk, finished off with a sprinkle of cocoa powder. Tí Cafe also has a variety of house-made sodas, teas, moon cakes, and pastries available. The cafe has limited indoor seating but is perfect for a quick meet-up or catching up with a friend.

    Drink: Indulge in the Flan Cafe Sua Da, a delightful combination of Vietnamese iced coffee topped with a fluffy flan.Eat: They have a selection of locally made mooncakes, sesame balls, meat pies, and macarons.Booze: No30 N. Broadway

    Unravel Coffee

    Unravel Coffee is a coffee shop that prioritizes sustainability. They serve all to-go drinks in glass jars instead of paper cups, and you can even bring the jar back for a discount on your next drink. Unravel sources their beans directly from their own Ethiopian farms, and their small-batch roasting process uses zero-emissions Bellwether roasters. These roasters are fully electric and automated, built into the barista counters at each Unravel location. Since their establishment in 2019, Unravel has expanded to multiple locations, including inside Gravity Haus hotels in Breckenridge, Vail, Winter Park, and Aspen.

    Drink: Try their popular Two Stitch Blend, which combines beans from two regions in Ethiopia and is perfect for those transitioning into specialty coffee.Eat: Unravel offers an Australian-cafe-inspired menu, featuring tartines, breakfast sandwiches, and smoothies. Don't miss their fig toast with crème fraîche and pistachios.Booze: Mountain town locations only (Denverites, sorry!). Locations in Lakewood, Breckenridge, Vail, Winter Park, and Aspen

    Weathervane Cafe

    Weathervane Cafe in Uptown is a beloved coffee shop with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. It feels like visiting your cool aunt's house, complete with amazing coffee and delicious and healthy food options. The mismatched vintage couches, two levels of seating, a large retail area, and an expanded outdoor patio provide plenty of comfortable spaces to relax and enjoy your coffee. Weathervane intentionally does not offer Wi-Fi, encouraging a sociable and upbeat vibe in the shop.

    Espresso drinks are made with Huckleberry Roasters' Blue Orchid Blend, while the French press and cold brew options use Queen City Roasters' beans. If you love their aesthetic, be sure to check out their sister business, Flying Moon Cabins.

    Drink: Try their signature Happy Camper Latte, sweetened with smokey maple syrup and topped with fragrant pine sugar.Eat: They offer customizable breakfast sandwiches, salads, and a rotating seasonal chia pudding that is not to be missed.Booze? No1725 E. 17th Ave.

    Thump Coffee

    Thump Coffee is known for its creamy cortados and focus on aesthetics. They use a deliciously creamy whole milk or add some cream to their cortados, resulting in a delightful coffee experience. They even serve cortados with sparkling water on a beautiful wooden slab, providing a special touch. Thump Coffee is an ideal space to work remotely, with long tables that resemble a college library, offering ample room for laptops, papers, and notebooks. It's also a great spot to meet up with a friend and work together. The location is great, with plenty of free parking in the area, and there are some fantastic food options nearby if you need a bite to eat.

    A cortado from Thump Coffee, one of the best coffee shops in DenverA cortado from Thump Coffee in Denver. The setup is made for working remotely, though they do limit their wifi. They have long tables that will vaguely remind you of a college library and also give you lots of room to spread out your papers and notebooks and laptop. It’s an ideal space for meeting up with a friend and working remotely together for a few hours. If you’re a college admissions counselor and you happen to be reading this, this would be a great place to post up and do interviews for a few hours.

    You can find Thump Coffee at 1201 E 13th Ave., Denver, CO 80218.

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    Novo is a renowned coffee shop that has established itself as a leader in Denver's third-wave coffee movement. Since their founding in 2002, Novo has championed ethical sourcing, house roasting, proper brewing and presentation, and consumer education. Their beans are highly regarded and have made their way to high-end chocolatiers and craft breweries across Denver. Novo also conducts tours and hosts classes, allowing customers to learn more about the seed-to-cup culture and steaming techniques. Novo's impact on the Denver coffee scene is undeniable.

  • Middle State Denver CoffeeMiddle State

    Middle State

    Middle State is a beloved roaster that focuses on classic coffee offerings. They prioritize showcasing their house roasts, which means you can expect exceptional cortados, cappuccinos, batch brews, and espresso tonics. Their Ethiopian Landspeed blend, for example, boasts flavors of toffee, stone fruit, caramel, and apple candy. Additionally, their single-varietal coffee from Honduras, called Moises Herrera, delivers hints of marshmallow, pear, milk chocolate, and orange zest. While Middle State doesn't have its own cafe space, their commitment to quality and flavor shines through in every cup.

    Quince Essential Coffee DenverQuince Essential

    Blue Sparrow

    Blue Sparrow is a unique coffee shop that features a different roaster each month, highlighting their commitment to quality, sustainability, and community. This rotating approach keeps the experience fresh and allows customers to discover new flavors and roasters. They also offer specialty selections like CBD coffee, Japanese iced coffee, local kombucha on tap, and delicious food options from community partners like La Fillette and Rebel Bread. You can enjoy your coffee inside the cozy indoor seating area or on the outdoor patio during warmer weather.

    Prodigy CoffeehouseProdigy Coffeehouse

    Queen City Collective Coffee

    Queen City Collective Coffee excels in both the craft of excellent coffee and giving back to the community. With their deep roots in the Denver community, they have established a strong presence in the Baker neighborhood and Five Points. Queen City shares space with Novel Strand Brewing Company in Baker and has gained popularity among locals. What sets Queen City apart is their close ties with African coffee farmers and their participation in a profit-sharing program. They prioritize small-batch coffee brewed with adequate farming conditions, ensuring high-quality and ethically sourced coffee for their customers.

    crop;webp=auto;jpeg_quality=60.jpgDirt Coffee Bar

    Plant Magic Cafe

    Plant Magic Cafe offers a serene and relaxing coffee shop experience. Located in Capitol Hill's historic Cranmer Sterling House, the cafe's ambiance is captivating, with red-capped inflatable mushrooms outside and a sunny south-facing front patio. Inside, you'll be met with the soothing aroma of incense and ambient music. Plant Magic Cafe serves a variety of unique and flavorful drinks, including a functional mushroom-infused chaggaccino magic latte. They also have a selection of pastries, quiches, breakfast burritos, and gluten-free and vegan soups available. The cafe hosts educational community events, such as plant medicine seminars and cacao ceremonies, for those seeking a deeper connection with nature.

    Drink: Indulge in their functional mushroom–infused chaggaccino magic latte.Eat: Try their pastries, quiches, breakfast burritos, and gluten-free and vegan soups.Booze? No925 E. 17th Ave.

    Dandy Lion Coffee

    Dandy Lion Coffee offers a unique combination of a coffee shop and a plant shop, complete with an indoor greenhouse. Their menu features Vietnamese coffee, including chicory cold brew with condensed milk, as well as iced chai with toffee-nut and macadamia milk. Beyond coffee, patrons can also enjoy horticultural therapy or purchase foliage to bring home.

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    Vietnamese coffee and plant shop

    Rivers and Roads Coffee

    Rivers and Roads Coffee is a community-driven coffee shop located in Clayton, with a second location in Curtis Park. They take pride in their in-house operations, handling everything from roasting to baking to making their own syrups. While they are serious about their coffee, they also know how to have fun. The friendly staff is just as happy to serve up unique drinks like vanilla-orange chai and chili-spiked hot chocolate with marshmallows as they are to make classic cortados. They also offer delicious food options like loaded breakfast fries and apple-butter crumble bars.

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    Quaint, sunny coffee shop


    Crema is a true original and one of the first hangouts in RiNo. They work with over 20 local and national coffee roasters, showcasing a rotating selection of beans. Their kitchen is also something to be proud of, serving up a variety of specials. From chilaquiles with freshly fried tortilla chips to braised lamb-stuffed flatbread with mint gremolata, spicy garlic sauce, and pickled onions, their menu is full of delicious options. Don't forget to check out Crema Bodega at Denver Central Market, just a few blocks away.

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    Glissade Coffee Company

    Glissade Coffee Company is a new Aurora roastery owned by someone with a decade of experience in the coffee industry in Seattle. Their expertise is evident in their pour-overs, macchiatos, and nitro floats. But when you're in the mood for something special, try their signature drink, the Glissade Chill. It features espresso, half-and-half, and maple and vanilla syrup, shaken together. Pair it with a pastry from Bánh & Butter. And if you're looking for something different, they also offer a small selection of beers and wines.

    Hudson Hill

    Hudson Hill is a stylish combination coffee and cocktail bar located in Capitol Hill. They offer a wide range of drinks, including traditional favorites and unique creations like Thai tea spritz and Golden Root turmeric latte. If you're looking for a different location, check out their sister operation, The Wild, located across from Union Station.

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    Pablo's Coffee

    Pablo's Coffee is a local pioneer of the Third Wave movement. With three locations, including a larger headquarters on East Colfax, they have been offering high-quality coffee since 2001. Their flagship shop on 6th Avenue is known for its street art exterior, plant-filled interior, and a cozy atmosphere that encourages patrons to slow down and enjoy their coffee. Don't forget to try their most popular blend, Danger Monkey, and share the experience with a friend.

    Pablo’s 6th Avenue shop

    LaTinto Café

    LaTinto Café is a charming South Broadway café that is a sibling to Colombian restaurant La Chiva across the street. They specialize in brewing with single-origin Colombian beans, resulting in delicious drinks like the Campesino with panela syrup. You can relax in their cozy sitting room, surrounded by plants and a colorful mural, while enjoying Columbian treats such as pan de coco, guava empanadas, and arepas con queso.

    Huckleberry Roasters

    Dairy Block/Sunnyside/Tennyson/Baker

    Huckleberry Roasters started as a small backyard garage roasting operation in 2011 and has since grown into a renowned roaster with four cafe locations in Denver. They are known for their commitment to quality and sustainability, working closely with smallholder farms and coffee co-ops. They also support local and community-based businesses whenever possible.

    Whittier Cafe

    Copper Door Coffee Roasters

    Copper Door Coffee Roasters is Denver's only woman-owned roastery. They prioritize showcasing 100-percent women-produced coffees, with beans sourced mainly from female-owned farms. You can enjoy their delicious coffees at their three locations across the Mile High City or at their Littleton outpost in Aspen Grove. Their two-year-old offshoot at the Denver Botanic Gardens is a must-visit, with a beautiful enclosed patio and a high-ceilinged space that creates a tranquil atmosphere.

    Drink: A latte with house-made hazelnut syrupEat: Mame's breakfast burritos and pastries from Handcraft Bakery and French for SugarBooze?  NoDenver Botanic Gardens, 1085 York St.; 7581 E. Academy Blvd.; the Yard, 900 W. First Ave., Ste. 180; Aspen Grove, 7301 S. Santa Fe Dr., Ste. 310, Littleton

    Steam Espresso Bar

    Steam Espresso Bar is a popular coffee shop located in Platt Park, just a short walk from the Old South Pearl Street shopping and dining district. They exclusively source their coffee from local microroasters, ensuring a high-quality selection. They also offer a variety of baked goods to complement their coffee offerings. The shop is known for its unique and funky atmosphere, with rotating artworks and garage doors that open onto a large patio. They also have a second location in LoHi, which is equally atmospheric and occupies an old firehouse.

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    Convivio Café

    A plate with a mug of coffee and champurrada cookies on top.Convivio Café is a gorgeous café located in Berkeley. Despite only opening in late 2022, it has already become a beloved staple thanks to its community focus and support of Guatemalan and Latinx artisans. The café features intricate black and white murals from local artists, hanging string lights, and hand-made Guatemalan hibiscus flower accent tiles at the espresso bar. They serve a rotating selection of Guatemalan Gento and Paralelo 14 coffees, as well as a tangy iced drink called rosa de jamaica agua fresca.

    Drink: Café con leche y cardamom, a latte featuring house-made cardamom syrupEat: Guatemalan treats such as champurradas (buttery sesame cookies), ponche scones studded with dried fruit, and alfajores (dulce de leche sandwich cookies), plus savory antojitos such as tostadas and refried beans with chipsBooze? No4935 W. 38th Ave.

    Corvus Coffee Roasters

    Corvus Coffee Roasters has been a leader in the Denver coffee scene since opening its first storefront in 2012. They prioritize personal, direct-trade relationships with coffee growers, ensuring top-quality beans. At their original Broadway location, you can watch the roasting process up close from the bar-style seating. For a glimpse into their small-batch roasting operations, visit their two-year-old Littleton location. They also house the Fox & the Raven bakery, where you can find artisanal breads and pastries made with Colorado heirloom grains.

    Drink: The limited-run Geshas and heirloom Sidras from the Exotic and Reserve lines are highly sought-after and often sell out, so sign up for their newsletter or subscription service to get your hands on them.Eat: Baguette breakfast sandwiches and charcuterie sandos from River Bear American MeatsBooze? No1740 S. Broadway, Denver; 4925 S. Newport St.; 5846 S. Wadsworth Blvd, Ste. 3500, Littleton; 9528 W. 58th Ave., Arvada

    Crema Coffee House

    Crema Coffee House has been a beloved spot on Larimer Street since 2009. They offer fantastic drinks made with beans sourced from over 20 rotating roasters across the country. Their menu also includes delicious house-made food and baked goods. The original Larimer Street location is cozy and inviting, with a patio where you can enjoy their pork belly banh mi and cold brew. Please note that they offer Wi-Fi but no outlets for extended work sessions.

    Drink: Drip coffee with free refillsEat: The famous sweet potato waffle or the quiche of the dayBooze? No2862 Larimer St.; Denver Central Market, 2669 Larimer St.

    Hearth Bakery

    Close up on a barista pouring latte art.Hearth Bakery is a small but mighty gem located behind Uchi in RiNo. They offer Novo Coffee beans from their sister coffee company, Tablón Coffee, resulting in tasty beverages like americanos, mochas, and cortados. You can also explore their selection of Ecuadorian nano-lots, including beautifully roasted Pepe Jijón Caturra, Geisha, and Typica offerings. Hearth Bakery believes in mindful packaging and offers ceramic mugs for in-house drinks, reusable jars for to-go lattes, and stylish branded jars for their beans. They also bake fresh pastries using house-milled grains and offer hearty loaves of sourdough bread.

    Drink: The Jeff, a latte made with caramelized coconut condensed milk and espressoEat: A Hatch green chile and cheddar twirl pastryBooze? No2500 Lawrence St., Unit 200

    Jubilee Roasting Co.

    Jubilee Roasting Co. is one of Denver's best roasters, located in North Aurora. They have a reputation for bringing out the most complex and balanced flavors in their beans. Their cozy shop is accompanied by an adjacent warehouse that doubles as art studios for local creatives. The café exudes a creative energy and offers plenty of sunlight and fresh air thanks to its garage doors. Jubilee has a friendly staff and serves affordable $2 drip coffee.

    Drink: The One & One, a double shot of espresso divided into a macchiato and a neat espresso, offering the opportunity to taste the coffee both with and without milkEat: Breakfast burritos, toasts, sandwiches, and house-baked pastriesBooze: No1452 Kenton St, Aurora; 1075 Park Ave. W., Ste. 110

    Lekker Coffee

    Lekker Coffee is a bright and spacious café in RiNo with a meaningful mission. The café is run by a mother-and-daughter team who are dedicated to rhino conservation. They donate 10 percent of their proceeds to Care For Wild, an organization that supports rhino conservation efforts in South Africa. Lekker Coffee sources their beans from Novo Coffee and offers a range of delicious drinks, including the horchata latte. They also have a variety of locally sourced goods, from pastries to breakfast burritos.

    Drink: The horchata latteEat: Black Box pastries, Pandemic Donuts, Little Man Ice Cream, and Onefold breakfast burritosBooze: Yes, they offer local beer, wine, and cocktails3460 Larimer St.

    Rivers and Roads

    City Park/Curtis Park

    Rivers and Roads is a coffee shop that pays attention to every detail. They roast their own coffee using beans sourced from around the world, ensuring a wide variety for their customers to enjoy. They also have a gluten-free kitchen, making their entire menu accessible to those with dietary restrictions. You can relax and enjoy their coffee in their indoor seating area or look forward to their seasonal specials like vanilla rose latte, spring julep matcha latte, and sweet vanilla orange chai.

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    Whittier Cafe

    A group of customers dining on the patio at Whittier Cafe.Whittier Cafe is more than just a coffee shop; it's a community gathering center. They host art exhibits, social justice events, and a weekly Sunday Ethiopian coffee ceremony. All of their beans are sourced from African nations, and they have a justice fund that covers the cost of coffee for those who can't afford it. Their semi-enclosed patio is the perfect place to relax and enjoy your coffee or tea.

    Drink: Try their caramel-y, rich Kenyan coffeeEat: Enjoy breakfast burritos from Santiago's, paninis made in-house, and pastries from Spruce ConfectionsBooze: Indulge in African wines and beers1710 E. 25th Ave.

    In a city known for its stunning mountain views and outdoor adventures, Denver has also become a vibrant coffee mecca. From cozy neighborhood spots to sleek and modern cafes, the options for the perfect cup of joe are endless. Whether you're a coffee aficionado or simply looking for a cozy spot to unwind, Denver's coffee scene has something for everyone. So grab your favorite book or catch up with friends, and indulge in the rich aromas and flavors of Denver's best coffee spots. You'll soon discover why this city has become a haven for coffee lovers near and far.

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