The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Coffee for Your Latte

Attention coffee lovers! Are you tired of mediocre lattes that just don't hit the spot? Well, get ready to take your latte game to a whole new level because we're here to spill the beans on the best coffee for lattes! Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or a latte newbie, we've got you covered. From the perfect espresso to the best milk and even latte art tips, this article has everything you need to make the best coffee latte you've ever tasted. So, grab your favorite mug and get ready to indulge in a creamy, smooth, and absolutely heavenly latte experience. Let's dive right in!

What is the Best Coffee for Making a Latte and Where Can You Buy It?

The United Kingdom is known for its variety of coffee roasters, each offering something unique. But let's get straight to the point - which coffee is the crème de la crème when it comes to crafting the perfect, creamy latte?

Our Stability Blend takes the crown. It has a delightful sweetness that shines through when mixed with milk, resulting in a delicious latte. And for those who reside in Manchester, I have compiled a list of the best coffee roasters in Manchester just for you.

Best Coffee Beans For Latte 1

If you're pressed for time or simply eager to get to the good stuff, don't worry, I've got you covered. After countless lattes and serious caffeine-powered contemplation, here are the top three premium latte coffee beans.

You can enjoy a £5 discount when you order our Stability Blend, and we provide fast shipping right to your doorstep.

Product Benefits Where to Buy
Best For HealthStability_Blend_1.jpg?v=1687352673Stability Blend
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Rich in vitamin B3
  • Speciality coffee grade
  • Boost energy FAST
  • Maximize nervous system function
  • Flavourful
  • Rated 4.9 stars
  • 100% Arabica beans
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Perfect For First-timersVolcano_Coffee_Mount_Blend.jpg?v=1675583589Fullsteam Espresso
  • Speciality grade
  • Great energy booster
  • Arabica beans
  • Rated 4.7 stars
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Best For Home ExperienceAssembly_Coffee_Today.jpg?v=1686671405Espresso Blend
  • Balanced Flavour
  • Speciality grade
  • 100% Arabica beans
  • Rated 4.5 stars
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Balance Coffee Stability Blend

As the founder of Balance Coffee, I fondly recall the countless hours dedicated to perfecting our beans. Our goal? To create a coffee experience that brings the essence of a cafe directly into your home.

When you take a sip of our Stability Blend latte, you're experiencing a world of carefully selected and precisely roasted coffee. It represents our commitment to a healthier and more balanced cup.

Stability Blend

The joy that lights up people's faces after their first sip is what places Balance Coffee at the forefront when it comes to quality coffee for lattes.

Click here to try our Stability Blend.

Volcano Coffee

I still remember the first time I brewed their Fullsteam Espresso Blend; the aroma of the beans was captivating, a testament to their commitment to freshness.

The experts at Volcano Coffee understand the art of roasting beans to bring out the best flavors in each variety.

Volcano Coffee

Their Fullsteam Espresso Blend stands out, transforming into a latte with rich chocolate notes and a surprising zesty twist.

Click here to try the Fullsteam Espresso Blend.

Pact Coffee

Pact Coffee and I share a common love for convenience and quality.

Just when you think you've run out of coffee, you find a package of Pact's House Espresso Blend waiting in your mailbox. That's the magic of Pact.

Pact Coffee

They meticulously roast their beans and then deliver them right to your doorstep, ensuring that a delicious latte is only a few moments away.

Their House Espresso Blend promises a rich, nutty flavor profile with hints of milk chocolate, creating an absolute treat for homemade lattes. They offer some of the best coffee grounds for lattes in the UK.

Click here to try the House Espresso Blend.

Try Something Different: The Tea Latte!

Looking to switch things up? A tea latte is a fantastic variation of a cafe latte, made with tea instead of espresso. Tea lattes are perfect for the afternoon as they contain less caffeine. The masala chai-spiced tea drinks are particularly delightful! You can also experiment with your milk frothing skills to create various delicious variations.

And that's it! Now you know everything you need to make a delicious latte at home. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. Happy brewing!

First, Let's Talk Espresso

To make a latte, plain strong coffee just won't do - you'll need espresso! This means you'll require the following:

  • Espresso roast coffee: The roast is crucial to achieve the right dark and bitter flavor. Make sure to use a fine grind when preparing the espresso.
  • Espresso machine, manual espresso maker, or Aeropress: There are several methods to make espresso. We use a countertop espresso machine. Alternatively, you can opt for a small manual espresso maker which is more affordable and portable. For a budget-friendly choice, an Aeropress works well. Check out our Aeropress Espresso recipe for more details.

10 Brands That Sell the Best Coffee Beans for Lattes

I have provided my top 3 picks above, but now let’s take an in-depth look at the entire top ten.

Balance Coffee

If you're searching for the best coffee beans for a delicious latte, Balance Coffee is your go-to brand.

As a brand, we are committed to offering sustainable and healthy coffee beans to coffee lovers in the UK. Every bean we use is ethically sourced and expertly roasted in the UK, emphasizing our dedication to quality and integrity.

Our brand not only provides high-quality coffee beans, but also promotes a healthier lifestyle through coffee. Each bean we produce, especially our Rotate Espresso, is crafted with extreme care, devotion, and a deep love for coffee.

With over 1000 antioxidants in each cup brewed with our beans, you are taking a step towards better health. Additionally, we rigorously test our beans for mold, mycotoxins, and pesticides, ensuring that every cup you enjoy contains only pure, clean, and vibrant coffee.

One of our carefully curated specialty beans, sourced from Mexico, is the Stability Blend. It is a medium-dark roast with notes of cranberries that perfectly complements the creaminess of a latte.

Aside from our amazing latte coffee beans, you can also find excellent coffee brewing equipment in our online store if you don't have the equipment to make a latte.

Click here to get our Stability Blend and let us know what you think.

Volcano Coffee Works

Volcano Coffee Works delivers an exceptional coffee experience that is like a beacon of warmth on a foggy morning. However, there's an exciting story behind Volcano Coffee Works. This roastery was born from a love for specialty coffee and a desire to bring unique coffee beans to the UK.

Kurt is dedicated to producing ethically sourced and environmentally friendly coffee, and every sip of their Fullsteam Espresso showcases the brand's commitment to a more sustainable coffee industry.

The Fullsteam Espresso is a single-origin masterpiece, with beans sourced solely from Colombia. It's a testament to the rich and diverse coffee culture of South America.

Imagine the lush green mountain sides, the ripe coffee cherries, and the diligent hands that picked them - all encapsulated in each cup of Fullsteam Espresso.

Each sip reveals new flavors, from rich chocolate notes to subtle hints of apricot and nectarine. And when mixed with frothy milk to create a latte, it is pure bliss.

Click here to get Volcano Coffee Works' Fullsteam Espresso.

Pact Coffee

Pact is like the friendly neighbor on your block – always reliable and consistently good. They roast the beans in small batches, ensuring that every bag you receive is as fresh as can be.

Talking about Pact Coffee takes me back to a bustling Saturday when I tasted my first cup of Pact Coffee. It was a sunny day, and the creamy latte was a refreshing delight. I remember savoring each sip, relishing the smooth harmony of flavors.

They have one of the best coffee blends for lattes in the UK, the House Espresso Blend. This blend is a delightful mix of beans from Ethiopia and Colombia, with distinctly unique flavors.

The House Espresso Blend has a sumptuous chocolate undertone with a hint of sweet toffee, a perfect dance of flavors that complements the smooth creaminess of a latte.

It's a blend that works seamlessly with the milky richness of a latte, creating a drink that is both comforting and refreshing. The coffee makes your mornings a little brighter and your day smoother.

Click here to get Pact's House Espresso for that perfect latte.

Assembly Coffee

Assembly Coffee has an ethos that sets it apart. Founded by two coffee nerds, Nick Mabey and Michael Cleland, it's a brand that ensures quality is at the forefront of its operations.

The Assembly Espresso Blend is a remarkable fusion of beans from Brazil, Panama, and El Salvador.

Think about the journey these beans have made, from the sun-drenched plantations of Brazil, through the vibrant landscapes of Panama, to the high-altitude fields of El Salvador.

It's a blend with a tapestry of cultures, climates, and coffee traditions.

As you brew this blend, it unfolds like a well-told story. The flavor profile offers a delightful balance, with each origin contributing unique characteristics.

It's like when I found that old vinyl record in a flea market - as the music played, every track offered a new rhythm and emotion. Similarly, each sip of a latte made with the Assembly Espresso Blend reveals a new layer of taste.

Click here to get Assembly Espresso Blend.

Redemption Roasters

Redemption Roaster is a coffee brand with a heart for social change. It makes a real impact by training young offenders in coffee industry skills to aid their successful reintegration into society.

In case you didn't know, these guys are the first UK prison-based coffee roastery. Their best for a comforting latte is the La Serrania Decaf. But, of course, this isn't just any decaf.

It's one of the best single origin coffee beans for lattes meticulously selected from the Huila regions of Colombia.

The process that these beans undergo to remove caffeine is unique. It uses a natural by-product of sugarcane and water, ensuring the beans retain their flavor characteristics. It's as if the caffeine simply vanished, leaving the taste untouched.

Savoring a latte with the La Serrania Decaf is like biting into a fresh red apple on a sunny autumn day or enjoying a juicy pear at its ripeness. The plummy sweetness lingers, a gentle reminder of the luscious fruit orchards of Huila.

Redemption Roasters' La Serrania Decaf isn't just a coffee; it's a cause. Each purchase supports the brand's commendable mission, making your latte delightful to the palate and meaningful.

Click here to get Redemption Roasters' La Serrania Decaf.

Rave Coffee

Rave Coffee stands out as an exceptional choice for a latte. It tastes like a love letter to the classic flavors of coffee, carefully crafted for those who appreciate the comforting familiarity of a well-made cup.

Rave Coffee's Signature Blend is a blend that promises a memorable latte, whether it's your morning pick-me-up or a relaxing afternoon treat.

Click here to get Rave Coffee's Signature Blend.

Origin Coffee

Origin Coffee, conceived in 2004 by Tom Sobey, is synonymous with quality and taste adventure. It's a voyage of coffee discovery aimed at unearthing premium coffee beans and forming distinctive blends.

Its Pathfinder blend is best suited for a latte and a testament to its commitment to excellence. It's a mix that traverses the globe, from the foothills of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to the verdant terrains of Kayanza in El Salvador.

When you take the first sip, you're greeted with a berry sweetness reminiscent of plump and wild berries freshly picked on a summer's day. This is swiftly followed by a hint of citrus fruit, providing a zesty twist to the flavor profile.

The finishing touch is a taste of chocolate, lending a comforting and familiar finish. The Pathfinder blend is an odyssey of flavors, and each sip is a new chapter in your coffee exploration.

Click here to get Origin's Coffee Pathfinder blend.

Batch Coffee

Batch Coffee is the brainchild of Tom and Laura. Their journey in the specialty coffee industry began in Australia, where they honed their skills in independent coffee shops, first as baristas and later delving into the art of coffee roasting.

Their decade-long global experience in the coffee industry has been poured into Batch Coffee, bringing exceptional expertise and quality to their products.

The standout choice for lattes at Batch Coffee is their aptly named Batch Espresso. This blend is a harmony of beans from three distinct coffee-producing regions: Nicaragua, Ethiopia, and Colombia.

The result is an espresso blend that perfectly balances its diverse origins, each contributing unique characteristics to the final product.

Click here to get Batch Espresso and let us know what you think.

Kiss the Hippo

Kiss the Hippo is a London-based specialty coffee company nestled in the heart of Richmond. Can Eren, a visionary entrepreneur, laid the foundations of this brand in 2018.

The philosophy driving Kiss the Hippo is the belief that coffee transcends being a mere drink—it's a cultural phenomenon, a universal connector that bridges gaps across space and time.

Their premier offering for a sublime latte experience is the George Street Blend, a harmonious fusion of beans from Peru and Ethiopia.

The George Street Blend is characterized by the robust and velvety notes of chocolate, a flavor that forms the base of this blend. This rich taste is beautifully complemented by the fruity hints of berries, adding a layer of complexity to your latte.

The experience is then rounded off with the unexpected yet delightful notes of butterscotch, lending a sweet, buttery finish to your coffee.

Click here to get the George Street Blend.

Presto Coffee

Our final stop on this latte journey is Presto Coffee. This brand emerged from founder James Haggerty's passion for fresh, quality coffee and his desire to challenge conventional industry practices.

Taking matters into his own hands, Haggerty launched Presto Coffee to make freshly roasted coffee beans readily accessible and straightforward for everyone, eliminating the usual coffee-drinking complications.

The Velvet Latte blend is a symphony of flavors that begins with the subtly sweet notes of almonds, evoking a sense of comfort and familiarity in every sip. The final note is a touch of citrusy orange, which adds a surprising yet pleasant twist to the mix, completing the sensory experience.

Click here to get Presto Coffee's Velvet Latte blend.

Milk to Use for Cafe Latte

The best milk to use for a cafe latte is whole milk. Why? Whole milk froths the best because it has the highest milk fat. You can also use 2% milk and it works fairly well, but you lose a bit of the richness. The most important part about the milk: make sure it’s as fresh as possible! Milk that’s getting closer to its expiration date does not foam as well.

Can you make a vegan latte? Yes! The best non-dairy milk for a latte is oat milk: it froths up the best and has great flavor. Go to our guide on How to Froth Milk for some notes on the particulars of working with non-dairy milk.

How to froth milk with a milk frother

How to Prepare Coffee Beans for a Latte

Let's dive into the steps required to prepare beans.

Grind Beans to Ideal Espresso Consistency

Thinking about this reminds me of my first time grinding coffee beans. When I was a teen, I had woken up early to prepare a surprise breakfast for my mum on her birthday.

In my attempt to make her favorite latte, I found myself face-to-face with our old coffee grinder. Following the steps I found in a coffee blog wasn't an easy task.

In the end, I somehow got it wrong, but that experience kickstarted my love for coffee.

So, what am I trying to say?

Grinding coffee beans for espresso, the base of a latte, is a bit of an art. It's about finding the perfect consistency - not too coarse or fine. Imagine the texture of table salt, or perhaps a little finer. That's your sweet spot.

Why so specific, you ask? The grind size affects how quickly water can flow through the coffee. Too coarse, and the water rushes through, resulting in a weak, under-extracted espresso.

Too fine, and you'll have the opposite problem - the water will struggle to get through, leading to a bitter, over-extracted shot.

So, when you're grinding beans for your latte, remember that each adjustment to the grinder is a step towards perfection. It's like tuning a guitar - when you find the right note, the melody of your latte comes to life.

Measure Coffee Beans Accurately

Coffee is all about precision, and measuring your coffee beans accurately is crucial in the journey towards the perfect latte.

Flashback to my early barista days, I learned that making espresso was not as simple as tossing some beans into the grinder. Every gram mattered. For a standard shot of espresso, you're looking at 18 to 20 grams of coffee.

Using too little coffee will result in a weak and underwhelming shot, robbing your latte of its delightful coffee punch. But when you use too much, you risk over-extraction, resulting in a bitter, harsh espresso that will overpower the milk.

Remember that measuring is not just a step when preparing your beans for a latte. Instead, it's the key to unlocking the full potential of your coffee. You could say it's like a magic spell - get the ingredients just right, and you're sure to conjure up a delicious latte.

Tamp Coffee for Optimal Extraction

Ever walked on a sandy beach, leaving footprints behind? If you have, you'll know how the sand gives way under pressure, creating a perfect imprint of your foot. That happens when you tamp coffee for espresso - it's all about applying the right pressure.

Tamping prepares your ground coffee for optimal extraction. It creates an even bed of coffee through which the hot water can flow uniformly, extracting all the delicious flavors along the way.

Too light, and the water will rush through the coffee too quickly. But apply too much pressure, and the water will struggle to get through.

You must treat the tamper like a paintbrush and the coffee like a canvas. A gentle, firm tamp can transform your espresso shot, adding the perfect touch of coffee excellence to your milky delight.

Latte Flavors

You can also add flavorings and use different milks to make variations on the latte! Here are a few options:

Latte Art Basics

Want to make latte art? You can actually learn how to make some simple designs on the top of your lattes at home. Note that it does require an espresso machine. Here’s our tutorial on Latte Art Basics!

Tips for Creating the Perfect Latte

Let's explore some essential tips that will ensure your homemade latte is just as excellent as the one you'd order from your favorite café:

  • Begin with a double shot of espresso, which should weigh approximately 36g. This will form a strong and robust foundation for your latte.
  • As your espresso brews, start steaming your milk. You'll need around 200-300ml and the aim is to heat it to a temperature between 140-150°F (60-65°C). However, be careful not to exceed 68-70°C as this could result in burnt milk and unwanted sour flavors. The goal is to achieve a creamy and silky texture with a minimal amount of microfoam, as lattes have less foam compared to cappuccinos.
  • Once you've achieved the perfect milk steam, it's time to pour. Pour the steamed milk over the espresso in a steady and controlled motion, creating the beautiful combination of coffee and milk that makes a latte so delightful.
  • If you've steamed the milk correctly, there should be no need to use a spoon to hold back the milk as seen in traditional methods.
  • The milk should flow smoothly out of the jug, blending with the espresso to create your ideal latte.
In a previous blog post, I discussed the differences between Flat White, Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, and Macchiato. I highly recommend reading it to gain a better understanding of what makes a great latte.

Consider Using a Latte Cup

Using a latte cup can enhance your home latte-making experience. Why? These cups are specifically designed to hold the perfect volume of espresso and foam! Here's the adorable 8.5-ounce latte cup that we recommend.

How to froth milk

How to Make a Latte at Home!

Once you have your espresso and tools ready, you can get started on the fun part! Frothing the milk is the most crucial skill to master; everything else is a breeze. We strongly suggest reading the guide on How to Froth Milk before you begin. Here's the step-by-step process for making a latte at home:

  • Brew the espresso using an espresso machine, espresso maker, or Aeropress.
  • Steam the milk (espresso machine method): Refer to the instructions mentioned above to steam the milk and create the desired microfoam.
  • OR, heat the milk on the stovetop and froth it. A temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal, where the milk is hot to the touch without simmering. Froth the milk using your preferred method until you achieve small, even bubbles. Wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute to allow the foam to incorporate into the milk, creating a creamy texture for the drink.
  • Remember, don't be afraid to experiment. Everyone has different equipment and preferences when it comes to making a latte. Try different methods until you find the one that suits you best!

Explore More in Our Coffee Series

If you love coffee as much as we do, here are a few more staple brewing methods, from espresso drinks to drip coffee:

  • Pourover Coffee The Chemex is ideal for everyday pourover brewing, and we've provided a master method to follow!
  • Americano This popular coffee drink combines espresso with hot water to smooth out the bitterness.
  • Macchiato A shot of espresso topped with a layer of frothy foam, creating the perfect balance.
  • Flat White Another delightful variation with microfoam and espresso.
  • Mocha A rich and chocolaty coffee with a fluffy milk foam topping.
  • Cortado or Gibraltar A perfectly balanced blend of espresso and milk.
  • Cafe au Lait or Cafe con Leche Enjoy these French and Spanish twists on coffee and milk.
  • Coffee Soda Indulge in a bubbly and pleasantly bitter coffee soda!
  • Cappuccino Creamy and balanced, with the perfect amount of foamed milk and bitter espresso.
  • Cold Brew Coffee Follow this easy recipe for cold brew coffee that requires just a few minutes of hands-on time.
  • Iced Coffee or Iced Espresso A cost-effective alternative to coffee shop drinks, without compromising on flavor.

In conclusion, finding the best coffee for a latte is crucial to achieving that perfect creamy and bold flavor. Whether you prefer a smooth and dark espresso blend or a unique tea latte variation, there are plenty of options out there. The key is to use high-quality coffee beans from reputable brands, ensuring a rich and satisfying taste. Don't forget to perfect your latte art skills and experiment with different flavors to add a personal touch. With the right beans, milk, and techniques, you'll be able to enjoy a delicious latte from the comfort of your own home. So go ahead, grab your latte cup and start brewing! And don't forget to check out more of our coffee series for all your caffeinated needs.

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