The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Coffee and Espresso Maker Combo for 2023: Unveiling the Top Recommendations

Are you tired of having to choose between a delicious cup of coffee or a rich, smooth espresso? Look no further, because we have compiled a list of the 8 best coffee and espresso maker combo brewers for 2023. Whether you prefer a convenient all-in-one machine or a portable espresso maker, we have something for everyone. Stick around till the end to discover our number one pick and the ultimate verdict on the best all-in-one coffee machine. Brace yourself for some serious coffee cravings as we dive into the world of the perfect coffee and espresso combo brewers.

Top 8 Coffee and Espresso Maker Combo Brewers for 2023

1. DeLonghi All-in-One Combination Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine

This machine is perfect for drip coffee enthusiasts who also want to please cappuccino lovers. It offers delicious drip coffee and high-quality espresso drinks with milk foam.


  • Simple to use
  • Professional-level brewing
  • Easy to foam milk


  • Weak espressos
  • Loud machine

What We Like:

DeLonghi's All-in-One COM532M excels in delivering great-tasting coffee. The machine features a dual heating system that allows you to brew espresso and drip coffee simultaneously, saving you time in the morning. With its split design, you can enjoy a 10-cup carafe on one side and espresso on the other. It has a short and easy learning curve, making it user-friendly even for beginners. The brewing process for espresso imitates a barista experience, offering fast recovery time between beverages. The machine also helps you steam milk quickly and create excellent foam for specialty drinks. Overall, it delivers bold-tasting coffee with a rich flavor.

What Could Be Better:

The espresso produced by this machine isn't as strong as some may prefer, and it does generate loud café-style noise.

2. DeLonghi Dinamica Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine

This mid-range machine from DeLonghi offers a range of features at a price point of around $1,000, making it ideal for those looking to upgrade their home brewing system.


  • Fully automatic
  • Built-in stainless steel burr grinder
  • Good brew temperatures


  • Plastic casing is not as attractive
  • No coffee carafe

What We Like:

The Dinamica produces flavorful espresso shots at the perfect temperature. Its compact size allows it to fit in most kitchens without removing any cabinets. The machine comes with a built-in stainless steel burr grinder with 13 settings for customized grinding. While it doesn't have a carafe, it offers a coffee drink setting that closely resembles brewed coffee. The machine is easy to use and features buttons for single and double shots, as well as five brew strength options and volume selections. It heats up quickly in just over 30 seconds and has a 15-bar pump, along with a 10.6-ounce bean hopper. The display is attractive and user-friendly, and the machine has convenient cleaning and auto shutoff features.

What Could Be Better:

The plastic casing is not as visually appealing as some other models, and the included Panarello wand manual frother may not produce the finest milk foam. However, it still works well for foamy lattes, and you have the option to froth non-dairy milk.

3. DeLonghi BCO430 Combination Pump Espresso and 10-Cup Drip Coffee Machine

The DeLonghi BCO430 offers a budget-friendly option for those looking for a specialty drinks machine that performs well without breaking the bank.


  • Inexpensive compared to other models
  • Makes large batches of coffee
  • Brews regular coffee and pulls espressos simultaneously


  • Manual espresso maker
  • Lightweight plastic tamper is harder to use

What We Like:

This combo machine comes with a 10-cup coffee pot carafe that allows you to brew a generous amount of coffee at once. It features separate sides for making espresso drinks and regular coffee, each with its own water tank. The front-loading water and coffee reservoirs make it easy to brew regular coffee without moving the machine. The machine includes a manual milk frother for basic specialty drinks like lattes or cappuccinos. It only uses ground coffee and does not accept pods.

What Could Be Better:

The manual espresso-making process requires more hands-on effort, including tamping and controlling the shot time. This machine may not be suitable for those looking for a simple one-button operation. Additionally, the lightweight plastic tamper may not provide enough pressure for a true espresso shot.

4. Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine w/ LatteGo

The Philips 3200 is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-value coffee maker that is easy to use and compact in size.


  • Easy to use
  • Built-in grinder
  • Convenient small size


  • Weak espresso
  • Milk foam quality below par

What We Like:

This machine features an attractive and modern design that fits well on most kitchen counters. It offers customizable preset drink settings, allowing you to choose from a variety of specialty drinks, including espresso, black coffee, Americano, cappuccino, macchiato, and hot water. It heats up quickly and has a built-in burr grinder, giving you the option to use whole beans or pre-ground coffee. The machine includes a dedicated iced coffee position and brews at a lower temperature for a smoother iced coffee experience. The LatteGo milk frother enables you to froth your milk quickly and easily. The machine is simple to clean and comes at a reasonable price for a model with a built-in grinder.

What Could Be Better:

The espresso produced by this machine may be weaker than desired, and the quality of the milk foam may not meet high expectations.

5. Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Espresso Maker by De'Longhi

This machine is a great choice for those who prefer brewing with Vertuo coffee pods. It features a quiet operation, elegant design, and compact size.


  • Easy to use
  • Quiet operation
  • Short brewing time


  • Only makes espresso drinks
  • Can only be used with Nespresso Vertuo coffee pods

What We Like:

As a versatile pod brewer, this machine allows you to brew a wide range of coffee drinks, including espresso, double espresso, lungo, coffee, and alto (14 ounces of coffee). The machine brews these drinks in a remarkably quick three seconds. It uses a barcode system to automatically prepare the coffee according to the capsule inserted, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. The machine offers three capsule sizes to choose from and produces thick crema for an authentic coffee experience. The water tank is adjustable, providing flexibility in kitchen setup. Nespresso machines are easy to maintain and offer great value.

What Could Be Better:

This machine is designed specifically for use with Nespresso Vertuo coffee pods, so it may not be suitable for those who prefer to use pre-ground coffee. It is also a single-use machine, meaning each cup must be brewed separately.

6. Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System

The Ninja DualBrew is a versatile machine that can handle everything from brewing regular coffee to frothing milk and dispensing hot water for various uses.


  • Affordable price point
  • Versatile machine for espresso, drip coffee, and pod brewing
  • Brews up to 12 cups of regular coffee


  • Frother produces average milk foam
  • Focuses on versatility over precision

What We Like:

With four brew styles and options like classic, rich, specialty drinks, and over ice, this machine caters to various preferences. The specialty line provides options for latte, macchiato, and cappuccino. Its over-ice style is excellent for iced coffee. The machine supports multiple coffee pod sizes, ranging from six to 12 ounces. It ensures even coffee saturation through its shower head when brewing regular coffee with the glass carafe. The hot water dispenser allows for quick tea preparation or the making of instant oatmeal.

What Could Be Better:

Although the built-in milk frother is convenient to use, it may not produce the highest quality milk foam for espresso or specialty drinks. However, it can be easily folded away when not needed.

7. Jura S8 Automatic Coffee and Espresso Machine

The Jura S8 is a premium coffee and espresso maker that offers excellent results without requiring much effort from the user.


  • Sophisticated design
  • Milk frother produces excellent foam
  • Built-in burr grinder


  • High price point
  • Water and milk spouts can be confusing

What We Like:

This machine is not just a coffee maker but also a beautiful showpiece for any kitchen counter. It brews professional-quality espresso drinks, such as espresso, cappuccino, flat white, and macchiato. It offers a 15-bar espresso pump and supports the brewing of two drinks simultaneously. The machine is easy to use with its one-touch capabilities and 10 levels of coffee intensity and three temperature levels. It features a high-resolution 4.3" touchscreen display with eight programmable positions and a conical burr grinder known for its consistent grind. The machine also accommodates pre-ground coffee. It excels in blooming the coffee grounds with its Pre-Brew Aroma System. The milk frother allows for precise control over milk texture, providing the option for fine foam or steamed milk with minimal foam. The machine's adjustable coffee spout height makes it suitable for making iced coffee, and its insulated bean container keeps the beans fresh and reduces grinding noise. The Intelligent Water System ensures the best water quality for specialty coffee preparation. The machine is also compatible with JURA's free coffee app, allowing for remote operation.

What Could Be Better:

The size of the machine may pose a challenge for smaller kitchens, and its premium features come with a higher price point. The positioning of the water and milk spouts may require some adjustment.

8. Miele CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine Combo

The Miele CM 5510 stands out with its sleek design, silent operation, and ability to brew great-tasting coffee.


  • Sophisticated design
  • Silent operation
  • Produces great-tasting coffee


  • Large size inconvenient for small kitchens
  • Expensive

What We Like:

This coffee and espresso maker combo features a sleek and sophisticated design that adds a stylish touch to any countertop. It brews excellent-tasting espresso drinks in seconds and is incredibly user-friendly. With the One Touch for Two system, you can simultaneously create two coffees, including ristretto, espresso, lungo, macchiato, and caffe latte. The machine can brew eight cups of coffee at a time and offers a separate hot water function. It allows for individual profile settings that remember your preferred coffee preferences, including grind size, brewing temperature, and desired milk or water quantity. The machine guides you through each step with its easy-to-use display panel and offers one-touch brewing options. The quiet grinder comes with five settings and a seven-ounce bean hopper. The machine self-cleans after each use and notifies you when it needs cleaning. Many components are dishwasher-safe for easy maintenance.

What Could Be Better:

The large size of the machine may be inconvenient for smaller kitchens, and its premium features come with a higher price tag. Additionally, frothing milk may be challenging as the machine lacks a milk jug or steam wand. However, it provides a simple milk tube system for transferring the frothed milk.

Coffee and Espresso Machine Combo Types

When it comes to coffee makers, there are three main types: semi-automatic, automatic, and super-automatic machines. Let's take a closer look at each type and what they offer.


Semi-automatic coffee and espresso maker combos allow you to control factors such as espresso shot time and coffee grind fineness. This type of machine is thrilling for beginners who enjoy tinkering with variables but may require more time and effort to achieve the desired shot.


Automatic coffee and espresso makers require you to initiate the brewing process, but the machine takes care of the rest. This automation provides more freedom for the user, although there may be less control over factors such as extraction time.


Super-automatic coffee makers handle every aspect of the brewing process. With the push of a button, these machines create fully prepared coffee drinks. While convenient, they offer little to no control over the final product.

The Final Verdict: Best All-in-One Coffee Machine

For those looking for an all-in-one coffee and espresso maker combo that delivers barista-level brews, excellent milk foam, and user-friendly operation, the DeLonghi All-in-One Combination is the top choice. It caters to both drip coffee lovers and cappuccino enthusiasts, offering great-tasting coffee and high-quality espresso drinks.

Our Top Pick: Nespresso Lattissima Pro

  • Machine Type: Single-serve capsule-based
  • Weight: 12.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.79 x 13.07 x 7.63 inches
We are excited to introduce our top choice for the best coffee and espresso maker combo: the Nespresso Lattissima Pro by Nespresso. While this machine might come with a higher price tag, it offers exceptional performance and versatility in return. Moreover, it is currently available at a significant discount, making it an excellent bargain.

Equipped with a 19-bar pump, the Lattissima Pro ensures you have the perfect pressure for authentic espresso. The advantage of this machine is that it eliminates the need for handling coffee grinds or pulling shots manually. Simply insert a Nespresso pod, add filtered or bottled water, and enjoy a short coffee with the press of a button.

As a combo unit, the Lattissima Pro allows you to enjoy a variety of drinks beyond just espresso. The included milk frother enables you to make lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and more, all with minimal cleanup.

This machine also prioritizes convenience, featuring automatic descaling for easy maintenance.

If you are comfortable with the limitations of single-serve capsule-based machines, the Nespresso Lattissima Pro stands out as the crown jewel of Nespresso.

  • Responsive and user-friendly touchscreen
  • Optimal pressure for espresso
  • Ease of making longer coffees
  • Opinions regarding the taste of capsule coffee may vary

Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

  • Machine Type: Portable espresso maker
  • Weight: 0.75 pounds
  • Dimensions: 2.44 x 2.8 x 6.14 inches
Next up, we have the Wacaco Nanopresso, a unique all-in-one travel coffee maker that allows you to enjoy great coffee on the go without the need for electricity or batteries.

Despite its manual operation, the Nanopresso is capable of generating up to 18 bars of pressure, surpassing the requirement for authentic espresso. With finely ground coffee and a firm tamp, you can produce crema-rich espresso in a compact unit that easily fits in your bag.

This model is an updated version of the classic Minipresso, featuring improved ease of use and enhanced performance.

The Nanopresso is incredibly user-friendly and easy to clean, thanks to its detachable portafilter.

For added convenience, there is a travel case available separately to protect your Nanopresso while on the road.

Overall, the Nanopresso is one of the best travel coffee and espresso maker combos, offering versatility and quality wherever you go.

  • Ideal for camping or hiking trips
  • Sufficient pressure for espresso
  • Large water capacity of up to 80ml
  • Not as convenient for home use
  • Machine Type: Moka pot
  • Weight: 0.18 pounds
  • Dimensions: 6.7 x 5.6 x 4 inches
Although a moka pot cannot produce authentic espresso due to its lower pressure (2 to 3 bars), it is still capable of brewing rich, full-bodied, and highly concentrated coffee. Bialetti, the original creator of the moka pot in the 1930s, continues to refine the art of stovetop coffee with their flagship model, the Moka Express.

The Moka Express offers a simple and straightforward brewing experience. It is suitable for use on all cooking surfaces, except for induction cooktops, which require an adapter. This versatility, along with its compact size, makes it an excellent choice for an espresso and coffee maker combo.

Different sizes of the Moka Express are available, with this particular model ideal for making 3 cups of espresso. It is important to note that moka pots work best when filled to capacity, so it is recommended to select the appropriate size rather than opting for the largest option available, unless you plan to utilize it fully.

For those who prefer a hands-on approach to brewing coffee, the Bialetti Moka Express offers a classic and authentic experience.

  • Compatible with all cooking surfaces
  • Distinctive design and powerful performance
  • Produces a close approximation of espresso
  • Requires an adapter for induction cooktops

Breville Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Maker

  • Machine Type: Single-serve capsule-based
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 8.3 x 11.9 x 11.9 inches
Nespresso teamed up with kitchenware specialist Breville to create the Vertuo, a capsule-based coffee and espresso maker that offers convenience at a reasonable price point. It is worth noting that the machine is only compatible with capsules from the Nespresso Vertuo Line. However, the built-in barcode recognition optimizes each coffee based on the specific capsule used. For the best deals, it is recommended to purchase these capsules directly from the manufacturer.

The standout feature of the Vertuo is its patented Centrifusion technology, which ensures optimal extraction by utilizing a highly capable pump to deliver the necessary pressure for authentic espresso.

Although the water reservoir has a capacity of 40oz, some users may prefer a larger size. Nevertheless, this machine makes up for it with its compact footprint, saving valuable space on your countertop.

With quick heating times of 15 to 20 seconds, you can enjoy your favorite coffee in no time.

It is important to note that capsule-based single-serve machines may not appeal to everyone who prefers more control over the brewing process. However, if you appreciate the convenience offered by pod-based systems, Breville's version of the Nespresso Vertuo is a must-have.

  • Offers complete convenience
  • Incorporates pioneering Centrifusion technology
  • Wide selection of over 30 coffee options
  • Only compatible with VertuoLine capsules

Philips 3200 Series Automatic Espresso Machine

  • Machine Type: Super-automatic espresso machine
  • Weight: 20.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 17 x 18.75 x 20.75 inches
Despite its less appealing name, the Philips 3200 Series Automatic Espresso Machine boasts a striking design that adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

This machine excels in both form and function, making it one of the best coffee and espresso maker combos available. Let's take a closer look at its features.

The Philips 3200 Series offers a wide range of beverages to satisfy every craving:

  • Espresso
  • Espresso lungo
  • Americano
  • Coffee
In addition to these options, you can also dispense hot water on demand, providing even more versatility in a single unit.

Equipped with an integrated conical burr grinder, this fully-automatic machine ensures maximum flavor, aroma, and freshness by using fresh beans ground just before brewing.

The base model includes a milk frother, but an AquaClean iteration is available separately, allowing you to make up to 5000 cups of coffee before descaling.

While the Philips 3200 Series is relatively large, it offers exceptional performance. Make sure to consider the available space on your kitchen counter before making a purchase. If space isn't an issue, treat yourself to one of the best coffee and espresso maker combos on the market.

  • Offers espresso, lungo, and americano
  • Features an integrated burr grinder
  • Provides bean-to-cup coffee experience
  • Takes up quite a bit of counter space

Krups Coffee and Espresso Maker

  • Machine Type: Single-serve pod-based
  • Weight: 8.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.9 x 11 x 16.5 inches
As we near the end of our reviews, we present the Krups Coffee and Espresso Maker, a remarkable combo machine that delivers exceptional performance.

The key highlight of this model is its multipurpose functionality. On one side, you can make short shots of espresso, while the other side features a glass carafe for drip coffee.

Although the steam system does not provide the recommended pressure for authentic espresso (4 bars instead of 9 bars), it still delivers intense and full-bodied shots of concentrated coffee.

The built-in steaming system also enables you to create lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos for a longer, creamier coffee experience.

If you prefer larger quantities of coffee, the drip side of the machine can make up to 10 cups, perfect for all-day drinking.

The Krups Coffee and Espresso Maker offers high programmability, allowing you to have coffee on demand without any waiting. While you have minimal control over the brewing process, you can adjust the brew strength according to your preference.

To keep your drip coffee warm for up to 2 hours, this machine features a warming function, making it ideal for those working from home.

Overall, the Krups Coffee and Espresso Maker is one of the best coffee and espresso maker combos on the market, offering excellent performance at a competitive price.

  • Can produce up to 10 cups of coffee
  • Includes a steaming nozzle for milk-based drinks
  • Features a warming function

In conclusion, if you're a coffee enthusiast who appreciates the convenience and versatility of an all-in-one machine, these eight coffee and espresso maker combo brewers are sure to meet your needs. From the sleek and powerful Nespresso Lattissima Pro to the compact and portable Wacaco Nanopresso, there's something for everyone on this list. Whether you prefer a traditional drip coffee or a rich and flavorful espresso, these machines offer the best of both worlds. So, say goodbye to endless trips to the coffee shop and hello to the perfect cup of coffee or espresso in the comfort of your own home. Elevate your morning routine and indulge in the ultimate coffee experience with these top-rated combo brewers.

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