The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Coffee Blend: From Bean Type to Brewing Methods

Are you tired of sipping mediocre coffee that fails to give you that morning pick-me-up? Look no further! This article will take you on a caffeinated journey to discover the best coffee blend that will awaken your taste buds and elevate your mornings to a whole new level. From the rich flavors of Stumptown Coffee Roasters' Holler Mountain to the velvety smoothness of Chamberlain Coffee's Fluffy Lamb Vanilla Blend, we've got you covered. Get ready to embark on a coffee adventure like no other as we unveil the secrets behind these exceptional brews. So grab your favorite mug and get ready to savor the enticing aroma of the best coffee blend.

Cold Brew

Experience the refreshing and well-balanced flavor of our Cold Brew coffee. With its crispness and syrupy texture, it's a true delight for your taste buds. Starting at $20.00
  • 12 oz bag of Amavida Coffee Roasters 100% Carbon Neutral Atmosphere blend

    Stumptown Coffee Roasters' Holler Mountain

    Stumptown Coffee Roasters' Holler MountainDiscover why Stumptown Coffee Roasters' Holler Mountain is considered the best overall coffee blend. Its exceptional flavor and quality make it a top choice for coffee enthusiasts.

    Allegro Coffee Organic Italian Roast

    Organic Italian RoastExperience the rich and authentic flavor of Allegro Coffee Organic Italian Roast. This coffee blend is a great value for its exceptional taste and quality.

    Coffee Project NY 32 Degrees Cold Brew Coffee Beans

    32 Degrees Cold Brew Coffee BeansSavor the pros of Coffee Project NY 32 Degrees Cold Brew Coffee Beans, including its convenient make-ahead feature and availability in multiple quantities. However, it may not be suitable for those who prefer hot coffee.


    • Make-ahead
    • Available in multiple quantities


    • Not recommended for hot coffee drinkers
    While you can technically use any type of coffee bean to make cold brew, Coffee Project NY 32 Degrees Cold Brew Coffee Beans are specifically designed for the process. The selected coffee provides a delightful flavor profile, enhanced by its low acidity and ultra-smooth finish. Enjoy a sweet, chocolatey, and slightly fruity cup of cold brew.

    Never made cold brew before? It's easy! Use a cold brew coffee maker for a hassle-free experience. Alternatively, you can also prepare cold brew without a coffee maker. Simply combine 1 cup of coarsely ground coffee with 4 cups of cold water in a covered container, refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours, strain, and enjoy. This make-ahead option is perfect for busy mornings when you need a quick caffeine boost.

    RoastCold brew
    Size10 oz., 2 lb., 5lb.
    Manufacturer tasting notesDark chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, brown sugar, stone fruit. Low acidity, creamy body.

    Stone Street Coffee Company Knee Buckling Espresso

    Knee Buckling EspressoRanked third in our list, Stone Street Coffee Company Knee Buckling Espresso is the best choice for espresso lovers. Its intense flavor and robustness make it a perfect match for espresso-based drinks.

    Chamberlain Coffee Fluffy Lamb Vanilla Blend

    Fluffy Lamb Vanilla BlendRanked fourth, Chamberlain Coffee Fluffy Lamb Vanilla Blend offers the best medium roast experience. Take advantage of the current sale and treat yourself to this delightful coffee with a hint of sweetness.

    Caffe Vita Queen City

    Queen CityRanked sixth, Caffe Vita Queen City is the ideal choice for those who prefer a medium-dark roast. With its rich flavor and quality, it's a coffee that will satisfy your taste buds.

    Starbucks Veranda Blend

    Veranda BlendRanked seventh, Starbucks Veranda Blend is the best option for those who prefer a light roast. Enjoy its delicate flavors and smoothness for a truly satisfying cup of coffee.

    Onyx Coffee Lab El Salvador Santa Rosa Washed

    El Salvador Santa Rosa WashedRanked tenth, the Onyx Coffee Lab El Salvador Santa Rosa Washed offers a luxurious coffee experience. This exceptional coffee is the result of careful selection, processing, and tasting by the dedicated team at Onyx Coffee Lab. Enjoy its full and roasted flavor, accompanied by a delightful acidity. It's a truly exceptional cup of coffee.


    • Transparent pricing
    • Brand pays 3-4x more than Fair Trade standard


    • Expensive
    Enjoy the pros of Onyx Coffee Lab El Salvador Santa Rosa Washed, such as its transparent pricing and the brand's commitment to paying more than Fair Trade standards. However, keep in mind that this high-quality coffee comes at a higher price point.

    Blue Bottle Coffee Hayes Valley Espresso

    Hayes Valley EspressoRanked eleventh, Blue Bottle Coffee Hayes Valley Espresso is the perfect choice for French press enthusiasts. Its robust flavor and creamy mouthfeel make it an excellent option for a strong and indulgent coffee experience.

    Roasting Date

    The freshness of your beans is greatly influenced by the roasting date. For a vibrant and flavorful coffee, it's important to choose a roast that is as fresh as possible. When purchasing pre-ground coffee, look for packaging that clearly displays the roasting date. If it's not stated, you can always inquire at your specialty coffee shop about the most recent delivery of beans to ensure you're getting the freshest batch available.

    Brewing Method

    The brewing method you choose will impact the outcome of your coffee. Different brewing methods require different grind sizes. For drip brewing, a consistent grind size is needed across all settings. Espresso machines require a very fine grind for optimal extraction. French press needs coarse grounds to keep the water hot enough for full extraction. Cold brew requires a grind size larger than espresso but smaller than French press for proper infusion. Pour over brewing demands a finer grind than drip brewing but less fine than espresso to enable quick water passage without sediment.

    How to grind coffee beans

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    According to experts like James Hoffman, a burr grinder is the best tool for grinding coffee. It provides a consistent grind, resulting in a more balanced and flavorful cup of coffee. In contrast, blade grinders tend to create uneven grinding, with large and fine particles mixed together. This can lead to a less enjoyable consistency in your coffee. Burr grinders also offer greater control over grind size, allowing you to adjust it according to your preferences.

    Grind size is crucial because each brewing method requires a specific grind size. This is determined by factors such as water volume, brewing time, and other variables. For example, French press coffee necessitates a coarser grind compared to espresso. It's also important to grind your coffee just before brewing to preserve freshness. Ground coffee loses its flavors and aromas more rapidly than whole beans, making grinding your own coffee the ideal choice.

    How to store coffee beans

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    To maintain the quality of your coffee beans, store them in an airtight container. Choose a dark, non-humid location at room temperature for storage. If your coffee comes in an unlined paper bag, transfer it to an airtight container for longer-term preservation. For thick, foil-lined bags with a valve, you can keep the coffee in the bag until it's time to open it. Avoid refrigerating coffee as the moisture and odors can negatively affect its flavor and freshness. However, freezing coffee in fully airtight bags can be a viable option. You can even brew coffee directly from frozen beans!

    Illy Coffee

    Illy, an Italian coffee company headquartered in Trieste, is renowned for its expertise in espresso. They are credited with being the first to market coffee pods. Classic Roast Illy Coffee Beans are highly regarded by The Coffee Chronicler as a classic within the espresso community. Illy prioritizes selecting the best beans for their blends, ensuring sweet cherries with minimal defects. Whether brewed by professionals or at home, their medium roast beans suit various brewing styles. While they may not dominate the current coffee scene, Illy consistently delivers a satisfying and versatile cup of coffee. Their pre-ground option eliminates the need for a grinder, but whole-bean options are also available for those with their own grinding setup.

    Tasting Table echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the evocative experience of Italian espresso that Lavazza provides. Lavazza's Medium Roast Coffee is praised by Cuisine at Home for its richness and creaminess. The light-medium roast brings out delightful notes of hazelnuts and brown sugar. The blend of 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta is ideal for creating a distinct taste in your espresso machine. Lavazza is known for its long-standing tradition and commitment to quality, making it an excellent choice for those who value a flavorful cup of coffee.

    Starbucks Breakfast Blend

    As a budget-friendly option, Starbucks Breakfast Blend is a noteworthy choice. It's beloved for its smooth and robust character, devoid of excessive bitterness or acidity. This blend leaves a subtle, lingering sweetness that entices you to take another sip. Packaged in an air-free, pressurized can, it ensures maximum freshness and easy storage. Made from 100% Arabica coffee, Starbucks Breakfast Blend is considered a high-quality option. Its availability in various retailers nationwide makes it accessible for anyone in search of a reliable go-to cup of coffee.

    Intelligentsia Coffee

    Based in Chicago and founded in 1995, Intelligentsia Coffee represents the third-wave coffee movement, placing a strong emphasis on high-quality beans sourced from individual farms. This focus on craftsmanship often translates to slightly higher prices compared to mass-produced coffees.

    El Diablo from Intelligentsia Coffee is highly regarded by The Coffee Chronicler. Described as dark, mysterious, and rounded, it boasts flavors of chocolate, caramel, and molasses. This low-acidity coffee is suitable for milk-based drinks or individuals with sensitive stomachs.

    The House Blend from Intelligentsia is lauded by The Spruce Eats as the perfect coffee to wake you up in the morning. With crisp notes of apple and citrus, complemented by the sweetness of cane sugar and milk chocolate, it delivers a delectable brew. Known for their craftsmanship and commitment to direct-trade coffee, Intelligentsia offers a range of light roasts and single-origin coffees. The House Blend, in particular, stands out for its affordability and flavorful profile.

    Mayorga Organics Coffee Cafe Cubano

    Considered the best for cold brew, Mayorga Organics Coffee Cafe Cubano offers a delightful option. Its rich and bold flavor makes it an excellent choice for cold brew lovers. The coffee is crafted with care using organic ingredients.

    Starbucks Espresso Roast

    Starbucks Espresso Roast is specifically designed for espresso enthusiasts. Its dark and intense profile provides a robust coffee experience. This roast is tailored to meet the demands of espresso preparation, ensuring a satisfying and flavorful cup.

    Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso

    As a runner-up for the best espresso, Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso offers a sublime option. It is renowned for its balance and depth, with delicate notes of hazelnut and chocolate. This versatile coffee can be enjoyed as a straight shot or used in milk-based drinks.

    La Colombe Nizza Medium Roast

    La Colombe Nizza Medium Roast

    Best Medium Roast (Sweet)

    Tandem Coffee Roasters Stoker

    Tandem Coffee Roasters Stoker

    Best Medium Roast (Smooth)

    Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend

    Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend

    Best Dark Roast

    Death Wish Coffee Co. Dark Roast

    Death Wish Coffee Co. Dark Roast

    Best Dark Roast Runner-Up

    Kicking Horse Coffee Decaf Dark Roast

    Decaf Dark Roast

    Best Decaf

    Lavazza Dek Whole Bean Coffee Blend

    Lavazza Dek Whole Bean Coffee Blend

    Best Decaf For Espresso

    Dunkin' Original Blend Medium Roast

    Dunkin' Original Blend Medium Roast

    Best Budget


    Caramelized Fruit, Brown Sugar Starting at: $18.00

  • Best Light Roast Coffee Blend: Animo


    Crisp, Lively, Clean Starting at: $16.00

  • Best Medium Roast Coffee Beans: Baroque


    Dense, Sweet, Creamy Starting at: $16.00

  • Best Dark Roast Coffee Eclipse Blend


    Complex, Spicy, Smoky Starting at: $16.00

  • Best Decaf Coffee Blend Juerga Decaf

    Juerga Decaf

    Rich, Creamy, Sweet Starting at: $16.00

  • The Clean Beaches Coffee Bundle includes: (x1) 12 oz bag of whole bean 100% Plastic Neutral Oceans Blend (x2) 12 oz bag of whole bean Save Our Sea Turtles Blend (x1) 12 oz bag of whole bean 30A Florida Sunrise Blend

    Clean Beaches Coffee Blend Bundle

    3 Earth-Friendly Blends $50.00

  • 12 oz bag of Amavida Coffee Roasters' collaboration Save Our Sea Turtles blend benefiting the South Walton Turtle Watch

    Partner's Coffee Roasters's Brooklyn

    Partner's Coffee Roasters's Brooklyn


    • Balanced
    • Medium roast


    Ever since I discovered Partner's Brooklyn roast, I've been enjoying it every day. It offers a balanced flavor profile with hints of milk chocolate and toffee, without being overpowering. It's perfect for my daily pour-over.

    Best Budget

    30A Florida Sunrise Blend

    Chocolaty, Dense, Clean Starting at: .00

  • Is Ground Coffee Healthy?

    Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or someone who simply enjoys a cup in the morning, it's likely that you start your day with coffee. After all, more than 60 percent of Americans drink coffee daily. While some may consider coffee a vice, it actually offers several health benefits. Thanks to its high antioxidant content, coffee is linked to a reduced risk of major illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, colon cancer, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's. The enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee can also be a great motivator to start the day.

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    In a world overflowing with coffee options, finding the best blend can feel like an overwhelming task. But fear not, coffee aficionados! We've done the research and narrowed down the top contenders for the title of the best coffee blend. From Stumptown Coffee Roasters' rich and smooth Holler Mountain to the bold flavors of Stone Street Coffee Company's Knee Buckling Espresso, these blends offer a symphony of taste that will awaken your senses. But it's not just about the flavor - we take into account the bean type, origin, quality, and even the roasting date. Whether you prefer a cold brew, an espresso, or a classic drip coffee, we've got you covered with tips on brewing methods and how to grind and store your precious beans. And if you're looking for trusted brands, rest assured that our list includes household names like Illy Coffee, Lavazza, and Starbucks. So go ahead, indulge in the aromatic journey of finding the perfect blend for your palate. Because let's face it, life is too short for mediocre coffee.

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