The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Grinder for Pour Over: Top Burr Coffee Grinders of 2022

Looking for the best grinder for pour over that will elevate your coffee game in 2022? Well, you're in luck! We've gathered a lineup of the crème de la crème, the finest burr coffee grinders that will transform your morning ritual into a sensory adventure. From the Baratza Encore to the Zwilling Enfinigy, these precision machines have been handpicked to deliver the most flavorful and aromatic cups of joe, all while effortlessly capturing the essence of your favorite beans. So, join us as we dive into the world of grind perfection, revealing the top contenders that will have you savoring every sip.

The best burr coffee grinders of 2022

Below, you will find my recommendations for a variety of categories. These grinders should not be compared directly because they cater to specific segments of the market.

I am certain that one of these grinders will meet your specific needs. Good luck!

1: Baratza Encore (filter coffee)

Baratza Encore Conical Burr...

The Baratza Encore is a modern classic for a reason; it is a reliable and solid grinder.

While there are models with more advanced technology and fancier descriptions, a grinder should primarily excel at one or two things. That's precisely what the Encore does.

If you mainly make black coffee, such as French press, pour over, and Aeropress, this grinder will serve you well.

Although it's not specifically designed for espresso, it can grind finely with a little adjustment. This versatility allows you to experiment with different coffee types.

For most coffee lovers, the Encore is an excellent entry-level grinder. The Wirecutter, in their comprehensive grinder test (source), also shares this sentiment.

However, keep in mind that if you enjoy specialty coffee and lighter roasts with fruity and floral notes instead of body and strength, the Encore may feel inconsistent. In such cases, I recommend choosing a hand grinder within the same price range.

It's worth noting that Baratza is well-known for its exceptional customer service, particularly in the United States.


  • Consistent grind for pour over
  • Trusted and reputable brand
  • Simple and user-friendly

See my full Baratza Encore Review here.

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2: 1zpresso jx (filter/Espresso)

1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee...

Since its release in 2019, the 1Zpresso Jx has been one of my personal favorites.

As a hand grinder, it is remarkably fast and consistent. Its grind quality surpasses electric grinders costing 3-4 times more.

The Jx is portable, quiet, and durable.

It is one of the fastest manual grinders available, capable of grinding almost one gram per second due to its smooth bearings and sharp burrs.

If you prioritize consistent grind quality, I highly recommend this grinder. However, if convenience is essential to you, you should consider an electric option instead.

Read my detailed review of the Jx here.


  • My personal favorite
  • Quiet and portable
  • Professional grind quality

3: 1zpresso K-Max (Filter/Espresso)

1Zpresso K-Max Manual Coffee...

The 1Zpresso K-Max is the latest flagship model from the esteemed Taiwanese brand.

While it is slightly more expensive than the Jx, it offers several convenient upgrades for the price.

Firstly, it features an external grind size adjustment, making it easy to switch between drip coffee, espresso, and French press.

Secondly, it has a magnetic catch cup, which may seem like a minor detail, but it enhances the user experience and adds convenience to every grind.

Does the K-Max outperform the Jx in terms of flavor?

In my opinion, it does.

Although you may not notice a significant difference unless you have a refined palate, the K-Max's superiority becomes apparent in high extractions or when brewing espresso.

The K-Max is similar to the K Plus, which I have previously reviewed. However, it has several small tweaks that make it more appealing overall.

For a full explanation, read my review here.


  • In my opinion, the best hand grinder of 2022
  • Multipurpose: Excellent for both espresso and filter coffee
  • Professional grind quality

4: Timemore Chestnut c2 (filter coffee)

TIMEMORE Chestnut C2 Manual...

The Timemore C2 is another excellent hand grinder.

If you are seeking to truly appreciate specialty coffee without spending a fortune, this is the most affordable acceptable coffee grinder.

The Timemore C2 shares many benefits with the 1Zpresso Jx, but it is lighter and easier to hold, especially for those with smaller hands.

However, it has a slightly limited capacity of approximately 25 grams and is not suitable for grinding espresso.

Nevertheless, if you simply want a fast, efficient, and capable hand grinder to embark on your coffee journey, this model is the way to go. It surpasses traditional hand grinders from Hario, Porlex, or JavaPresse by far.

Read my detailed review of the C2 here.

(Note: Although the C3 model has been recently released, I still believe the C2 is more suitable for most people.)


  • Affordable
  • Great for travel
  • Fast for a manual coffee grinder
  • A great starting point for your coffee journey

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5: Eureka Filtro (filter coffee)

Eureka Mignon Filtro Coffee...

The Eureka Filtro is a logical step up from the Baratza Encore.

Produced in Italy by the esteemed grinder legends from Eureka, it is a flat burr grinder.

There are both positive and negative aspects to consider when it comes to the Filtro.

On the upside, it offers exceptional grind consistency, making it the most consistent grinder I have ever tested. For a more detailed explanation, check out my comprehensive mid-range grinder test on YouTube.

However, some of the design choices are less favorable. For example, you need to hold the pulse button to operate the grinder, rather than having a convenient on/off button.

The retention is also slightly higher than I prefer, with an exchange of around 1.5 grams per dose, which can be a drawback for serious single dosing.

Nevertheless, installing bellows and removing the declumper can help reduce the retention and enhance the grinder's performance.

In terms of materials, construction, and grind consistency, the Eureka Filtro is in a league of its own compared to the Baratza Encore.

Although it is slightly more expensive, the additional value and grind consistency you gain make it worth considering.


  • The most affordable flat burr grinder
  • Extremely consistent grind
  • Italian quality

Read my comprehensive Eureka Filtro review here.

6: Fellow Ode (Filter Coffee)

Fellow Ode Brew Grinder - Burr...

The Fellow Ode grinder faced some initial challenges during its first year or two on the market.

However, Fellow has successfully addressed most, if not all, of the criticisms with the release of the Gen 2 version. As a result, it has become the new champion of brew grinders.

If you are looking for an electric grinder that excels at everything except espresso and Turkish coffee, the Fellow Ode should be at the top of your list.

Its design is stylish and unique, and the user experience is exceptional.

Furthermore, you can switch the burrs to other types, such as models from SSP, which allows the grinder to achieve espresso-level precision.

It's important to note that the Ode is designed for single-dosing, meaning you need to measure out your coffee dose each time. However, for true coffee enthusiasts, this is the standard practice and should not be seen as a drawback.


  • Beautiful and innovative design
  • Designed for single-dosing
  • Produces great flavors for drip coffee due to professional-level 64 mm flat burrs

Discover the best manual coffee grinders here.

Read my Fellow Ode review here.

7: Eureka Mignon Specialita (espresso)

Eureka Mignon Specialita...

Eureka, an Italian grinder brand dating back to 1920, is known for producing some of the best grinders on the market today, particularly for espresso.

The Eureka Mignon Specialita is a top-tier espresso grinder that I have been using and loving for years.

It boasts exceptional construction quality and is compact enough to fit on your kitchen counter.

It is also remarkably quiet, allowing you to brew a shot without disturbing the entire household.

The Specialita's precise timing mechanism offers accuracy up to 1/10th of a second, resulting in consistently precise dosing.

And let's not forget about its stylish appearance.

For a more detailed look at the Eureka Mignon Specialita, read my review here.


  • The bee's knees when it comes to espresso grinders
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Quiet operation

8: Df64 / G-iota (espresso/filter)

white black silver black...

The DF64 grinder has generated a significant amount of hype in 2021 and 2022.

Though released by a relatively unknown Chinese company called FL Coffee, it manages to incorporate many features that coffee enthusiasts seek at an affordable price.

It is a multipurpose grinder designed for single-dosing, which means it retains a minimal amount of ground coffee inside the burr chamber. The inclusion of bellows enables you to blow out the remaining grinds, allowing for easy switching between different beans or brewing methods.

The DF64 features 64 mm flat burrs, making it simple to install burrs from other manufacturers to explore different flavor profiles. Many users quickly upgrade to SSP burrs for an exceptionally clean flavor achievable only with certain professional burr sets.

Although the grinder excels in espresso, it also provides decent results for pour-over, especially with a little modification.

Keep in mind that the DF64 may require small adjustments and improvements to fully unlock its potential. The declumper, in particular, has experienced some issues.

Given the extensive details about this device, I recommend checking out my review for more information.


  • Designed for single-dosing
  • Suitable for both espresso and pour-over
  • Sturdy design and powerful motor

9: Baratza Sette 30 (espresso)

Baratza Sette 30 Conical Burr...

When the Baratza Sette was introduced a few years ago, it garnered immense expectations due to its revolutionary and unique design.

It offered nearly zero retention, exceptional speed, and excellent consistency at a price point suitable for home baristas.

Unfortunately, the grinder experienced various bugs and issues, especially with the version equipped with a built-in scale.

Fortunately, Baratza has since resolved most of these problems and earned a reputation for excellent customer service, particularly in the United States. Therefore, I am confident in recommending this grinder (with the U.S. market in mind, as there may be limitations in countries without Baratza customer support).

If you want to make fantastic espresso at home without breaking the bank, the Sette 30 is the way to go. It offers 30 grind settings, which may require more effort to dial in compared to the more expensive 270 version. However, its focus on espresso and Aeropress results in a fine grind range.


  • Grinder with zero retention
  • Produces fluffy grounds
  • Attractive price point
  • Super precise digital timer

For an in-depth look at the Baratza Sette, click here.

Delonghi Dedica Coffee Grinder

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder

The Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder is highly acclaimed, receiving top marks from the Wirecutter and CNET. We were excited to test it out and see what all the hype was about. This grinder operates with a manual on-off switch, requiring your supervision throughout the grinding process. Compared to other machines, it was slower, and the coarser French Press grind was visibly inconsistent, with too many fine particles.

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder

The Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder left us with mixed feelings. The coarse grind was inconsistent, and the medium/fine grind was too fine. Additionally, there was no reliable way to measure the amount of coffee being ground.

Breville Smart Grinder Pro

DeLonghi Dedica Coffee Grinder

DeLonghi's grinder performed well, delivering consistent grinds across all brewing methods. It features a digital interface that allows you to set the number of cups, ensuring a consistent grind of 6.0-6.5 grams per cup. However, it does have limitations when it comes to the espresso setting. The attachment for grinding into a portafilter is specifically designed for DeLonghi espresso machines, and it won't fit other machines' portafilters. Additionally, you can only grind one shot at a time, without the ability to change the number of shots.

OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Breville Smart Grinder Pro

The OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder impressed us with its sturdy stainless-steel housing, user-friendly dial-in controls, and easy-to-read digital interface. It offers a wide range of grind options and additional features. However, it didn't have as many grind settings as the KitchenAid pick, and it required a bit more time to get acquainted with the grinder's operation.

Baratza Sette 30 Conical Burr Grinder

Oxo Brew Conical Burr Grinder

We really wanted to like the Baratza Sette 30, especially since it comes from the same company as our top pick, the Virtuoso. It boasts high-quality materials and the ability to grind directly into a portafilter. However, we found it challenging to dial in for espresso. While we managed to get a satisfactory shot using a specific setting, it didn't perform well with other brewing methods. The Sette 30 also tends to be messy when grinding into a portafilter, making it less convenient to use.

Eureka Mignon Notte Espresso Grinder

$329 at Seattle Coffee GearBaratza Sette 30

The Eureka Mignon Notte is primarily an espresso grinder, and we only evaluated it based on its performance in that area. Weighing 25 pounds, it's a solid and well-built piece of equipment. It grinds consistently for all methods and can even achieve a fine grind suitable for Turkish coffee. However, there are a couple of drawbacks. The adjustment knob is quite large and requires both hands to adjust. Additionally, there may be some flyaway grinds, and a bit of ground coffee can splatter when removing the catch cup. Overall, it's a high-quality and versatile grinder for espresso enthusiasts.

Zwilling Enfinigy Burr Coffee Grinder

Wilfa Uniform Coffee Grinder

The Norwegian Wilfa Uniform brings consistent grinding and quality construction, characteristic of Scandinavian home products, to the United States. It performed well for all brewing methods, even producing a fine enough grind for Turkish coffee. However, there are a couple of issues. The adjustment knob is large and a bit cumbersome to use. Additionally, some flyaway grinds were observed, resulting in a bit of ground coffee on the counter when removing the catch cup. Nonetheless, it's a high-quality and versatile grinder.

Capresso Infinity Plus Black Conical Burr Grinder

Bodum Bistro

We appreciated the compact design and user-friendly interface of the Bodum Bistro. However, its grind consistency fell short, leading to lower scores in our blind taste test. Similarly, the Krups GVX2, while compact and inexpensive, produced a darker and more bitter brew compared to its competitors. Another manual option, the Mueller grinder, felt flimsier and was more difficult to fill, adjust, and operate.

Note: The product links provided in the original text have been deliberately modified with "" to prevent redirection to external websites.

In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best grinder for pour over coffee, these top picks for 2022 offer a range of options to suit every coffee lover's needs. Whether you're looking for precision and consistency, convenience and versatility, or a balance of both, there's a perfect grinder on this list for you. Investing in a quality burr grinder will not only enhance the flavor and aroma of your pour over coffee, but it will also elevate your overall coffee brewing experience. So why settle for anything less than the best? Choose one of these top-rated burr coffee grinders and start enjoying the perfect pour over cup of joe every morning. Cheers to delicious coffee moments!

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