"The Ultimate Guide to 6 Top Single-Serve Coffee Makers Without Pods in 2023"

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Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to enjoy your morning coffee without using disposable K-cups? A single-serve coffee maker without pods is your ideal solution. These machines offer the same features as other single-cup brewers, such as different cup sizes and brew strengths, and some can even make other speciality drinks like tea.

Instead of using disposable coffee pods, these machines have filter baskets, making them easy to use. They quickly brew your coffee and provide an excellent balance of convenience and sustainability. We consider them the best coffee makers for anyone passionate about the environment and a quick way to make their morning coffee.

In this guide, we have picked out the top models of single-serve coffee makers without pods.

Awarded: TOP PICK

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Hamilton Beach Scoop 49981A 14-oz coffee maker accommodates mugs of 8 to 14 oz. It features customizable coffee strength and has a trendy silver finish.

ProsAccommodates various mug sizesCustomizable coffee strengthStylish stainless steel design

The Hamilton Beach Scoop 49981A 14-oz coffee maker uses a drip system to brew ground coffee for excellent flavor. It's easy to clean, thanks to its sophisticated stainless steel design. You can adjust it to brew 8-oz cups or large 14-oz travel mugs. It can brew an 8-ounce cup in only 90 seconds and offers regular and bold options to customize the coffee strength. However, it's not programmable.

This coffee maker comes with a graduated scoop to prevent overflows and spills, and an adjustable plate lets you use smaller cups or large travel mugs. You will find dishwasher-safe parts, and the mesh filter doubles as a scoop. It has a high-quality construction that can withstand heavy use and boasts a user-friendly control panel, allowing for easy customization. It also features automatic shut-off after brewing to save power.

Our #2 Pick is the Bella One Scoop One Cup 14-Oz Coffee Maker


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Bella One Scoop One Cup 14-oz coffee maker has a sleek silver design, making it eye-catching on any counter. It's perfect for small spaces and comes with a measuring spoon for coffee grounds.

ProsStunning silver designDishwasher-safe partsPowerful 600W heating element

ConsNo coffee strength settings

The Bella One Scoop One Cup 14-oz coffee maker has a powerful 600W heating system, allowing you to turn water into coffee in minutes. It also has a permanent, dishwasher-safe filter for easy brewing with ground coffee. Its water tank can hold 14-oz of water, and it supports larger cup sizes. You can even use the device as a hot water boiling machine for tea and hot chocolate. However, it lacks coffee strength settings.

You can adjust the drip tray's height to fit small cups or taller travel mugs in this device, and it has an easy-to-use control panel for your convenience. Its BPA-free parts make it durable, and it comes with a measuring spoon for ground coffee. It has a stainless steel finish that blends in with other kitchen appliances and boasts a compact size suitable for apartment kitchens and dorm rooms.

Winner of the BEST THERMAL MUG award:

    Our Reasoning: The ADIRchef 800-01-BLK 15-oz coffee maker impresses with its lightning-fast brewing time, providing hot coffee in just minutes. It also includes a durable stainless steel travel mug and an auto shut-off function to conserve energy.

    Pros: Lightning-fast brewing time, durable stainless steel travel mug, auto shut-off function

    Our #4 Pick is the Mixpresso 14-Oz Coffee Maker

    Cons: The ADIRchef 800-01-BLK 15-oz coffee maker is known for its epic brewing speeds and comes with a thermal 15-oz travel mug, making it a great choice for the office or a picnic. The included scoop makes it easy to measure out coffee grounds, and its premium design and high-quality parts are built to last. The auto shut-off function saves power, but it does not feature a delay-start function.

    This coffee machine boasts a permanent filter that is washable and reusable, and its dishwasher-safe parts make cleaning a breeze. Its sleek black and stainless steel color scheme adds elegance to any kitchen counter. Its small footprint is ideal for apartment kitchens and dorm rooms, and its lightweight design allows users to take it on trips with ease. The coffee maker also includes a high-quality holding basket that withstands daily use.

    Winner of the BEST APPEARANCE award:

      Our Reasoning: The Mixpresso 14-oz coffee maker stands out with its charming Burgundy design and sleek stainless steel accents. It also features an auto power-off function and a self-cleaning system for effortless maintenance.

      Pros: Lovely Burgundy design, self-cleaning system, auto shut off function

      Our #5 Pick is the Elite Gourmet EHC111A 14-Oz Coffee Maker

      Cons: The Mixpresso 14-oz coffee maker boasts a contemporary Burgundy and stainless steel color scheme that blends effortlessly with modern kitchens. It is also available in black and lavender to suit various preferences. The coffee maker's high-quality filter delivers flavorful drinks quickly, and its washable permanent filter saves resources. However, this unit does not offer customization of coffee strength.

      This coffee machine features a one-touch system for easy operation, while its built-in auto shut-off function cuts off the power supply once brewing is complete. The self-cleaning mechanism removes residual water from the brewing system at the touch of a button. It also comes with a metallic thermal travel mug with a lid, making it ideal for users who want to enjoy their coffee on the go.

      Winner of the BEST BREWING SPEED award:

        Our Reasoning: The Elite Gourmet EHC111A 14-oz coffee maker is a speed demon with its 600W heating system, letting you enjoy your coffee in as little as 60 seconds. It comes with a durable insulated 304 stainless steel travel cup and a water-level indicator.

        Our #6 Pick is the BLACK DECKER Brew ‘n Go 16-Oz Coffee Maker

        Pros: Lightning-fast brewing time, durable stainless steel travel mug, water-level indicator

        Cons: The Elite Gourmet EHC111A 14-oz coffee maker features a powerful 600W heating system that produces hot coffee quickly. It also works with single-serve cups as big as 14 ounces. The included thermal travel mug makes it perfect for brewing and storing coffee for trips or picnics. The coffee maker has a one-touch control panel that is simple to use, and it features a water level indicator. However, it does not have a warming plate for keeping brewed coffee hot.

        The key feature of this coffee maker is its removable, reusable filter, which allows for sustainable brewing with ground coffee. Its sturdy base ensures stability, while its tall opening is compatible with tall travel mugs. Additionally, the model boasts a thermal reset switch to prevent overheating, as well as an auto shut-off function that activates immediately after brewing, saving energy.

        Cleaning up is made easy with dishwasher-safe parts. The device can also be used to brew tea, expanding its already wide-ranging use.

        This coffee maker has earned an award for being the Best Dual Coffee Maker. We appreciate its ability to work with both ground coffee and soft pods, and it even comes with a dishwasher-safe beige thermal cup for convenient on-the-go use. The sleek design, auto shut-off function, and the fact that it saves energy make it worthy of consideration.

        The BLACK DECKER Brew ‘n Go 16-oz coffee maker features an innovative space-saving design, making it perfect for those with small kitchens. Its sleek black finish exudes a premium appearance, and its one-touch button allows for hassle-free operation. The auto shut-off function is a key feature for saving power, but note that the filter and brew basket are not dishwasher safe.

        Fortunately, this coffee maker has a permanent mesh filter that can be rinsed with water for safe reuse while also allowing for environmentally sustainable brewing with ground coffee. It also works with soft coffee pods. The coffee machine comes with a stylish 15-oz thermal travel mug in a beige color scheme, adding convenience for taking coffee on the go. This travel mug is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean. It can fill cups of up to 16 oz and is compatible with a variety of travel mugs.

        While many single-serve coffee makers require the use of disposable pods, there are models available that focus on sustainability and convenience without them. These models can range from simply brewing one cup of coffee to accommodating several different brew sizes and even handling tea, espresso, and specialty beverages. With so many options available, deciding on the best single-serve coffee maker without pods can be daunting.

        The primary benefit here is that you can enjoy a convenient single-serve coffee without worrying about the negative environmental impact caused by disposable coffee pods. By ditching the coffee pod and using a reusable filter basket, you can measure coffee grounds without the excess waste and negative environmental impact.

        Brewing coffee through a single-serve coffee maker without pods is simple. They feature reusable filter baskets, unlike traditional drip coffee makers. Some models even come with fill lines on the filter or scoops that help measure the correct amount of coffee grounds for your cup, ensuring accurate and consistent brewing.

        When it comes to single-serve coffee makers, most come equipped with a removable water reservoir and water filter. As the machines pull water from the tank, it heats and then injects it into the filter to extract coffee flavor.

        Brewing your cup of coffee is as easy as pouring the right amount of grounds into the filter basket and pushing the corresponding button. Even with additional features like various brew sizes and brew strengths, most single-serve coffee makers operate with simplicity.

        Opting for a single-serve coffee maker without pods allows for customization in a quickly brewed cup of coffee. If you do not already have one, consider investing in one that does not require disposable pods, or upgrading your current machine.

        The benefits of these single-cup coffee makers are numerous. Firstly, they offer customization. Being free from restrictions that come with disposable pods means you can use ground coffee or grind your beans at home for a more distinctive taste. Secondly, they reduce waste. Reusable filters can be composted, whereas non-recyclable pods cannot. Thirdly, they are easy to use. There is little to no learning curve when it comes to operating these machines. Fourthly, they can brew coffee quickly. A single cup of coffee can be brewed in just a few minutes, with no need to wait for an entire pot to finish brewing. Additionally, they are compact in size, making them ideal for small areas, such as an apartment or office desk.

        However, single-serve coffee makers without pods can be expensive. The quality of inexpensive machines may suffer, shortening their lifespan. A high-quality machine can last between 5 to 7 years, provided it's used and cleaned correctly.

        Before purchasing a single-serve coffee maker, consider your coffee drinking preferences, as well as factors such as filtration, convenience, cleaning, and taste. Some machines are suitable for brewing coffee or tea using loose grounds or leaves. Others can brew a single shot of espresso or a single specialty beverage without using a pod. It may be necessary to look for a machine that can accommodate both options.

        While paper filters can be used, many people choose machines with mesh filters, reducing waste. Keep in mind that the size of the mesh dictates the size of the grounds that can be used.

        When it comes to a quick and easy cup of coffee, single-cup brewers are the way to go. The ones that use pods are even more efficient as all you need to do is drop the pod in and toss it away when you're done. Without pods, a single cup brewer will take a little longer as you have to measure the grounds and clean the filter post-brew.

        Ultimately, your choice of coffee maker should depend on how much time you have in the mornings. A single cup brewer without pods may take longer than the traditional version, but it's still faster than a larger drip coffee maker. If you're running on a tight schedule, investing in a great office coffee maker might be a good option.

        Cleaning up is an important consideration, but automatic cleaning cycles may cost a little more. You could choose not to pay the extra cost and still clean your filter basket manually to get rid of the used grounds.

        For coffee connoisseurs who value taste more than anything else, single-cup brewers that allow customization of brew strength or cup size are highly recommended. These machines come with additional brew options that cater to a range of taste buds. However, for those who just want a quick cup of coffee without worrying about the taste, these additional features don't matter as much.

        If you're someone who genuinely cares about the taste and likes to indulge in specialty beverages, it might be worth investing in the best semi-automatic espresso machine. Plus, you can compare different brands through our detailed analysis of the Cuisinart vs Hamilton Beach coffee maker matchup.

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