The Ultimate Coffee Maker for Tackling Hard Water in 2023

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Are you on the hunt for the perfect coffee maker for hard water? If so, your top priority is probably finding a model that's resistant to mineral buildup. Perhaps you live in an area with hard water, or maybe you're tired of descaling your coffee maker constantly. Either way, you'll want to look for a coffee maker with a built-in water filter, a cleaning function, and a cleaning indicator light.

Although you'll still need to descale your coffee maker regularly, a good water filter can prevent most mineral buildup, which can clog water lines and harm your heating element. Plus, a coffee maker designed with hard water in mind can produce a more delicious brew.

Of course, you'll also want to consider other factors, such as the number of cups your coffee maker can brew, whether it supports automatic programming, and how easy it is to clean.

Our #1 Pick is the Ninja CE251 12-Cup Coffee MakerOur #1 Pick is the Ninja CE251 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Keep reading to discover how to select the best coffee maker for hard water. And if you're still unsure which type of coffee maker to choose, check out our top picks for the best coffee maker.


WHY WE LOVE IT: The Ninja CE251 12-cup coffee maker offers Classic and Rich brew styles, catering to everyone's taste preferences. With a large carafe and the ability to brew both single-serve and whole pot servings, it's a versatile choice.

ProsBuilt-in cleaning cycleFlexible brewing sizes24-hour delay start timer and warming plateConsDrip from brewing basketPermanent filter not suitable for finely ground coffee

The Ninja CE251 12-cup coffee maker has a generously sized glass carafe, making it perfect for serving coffee to numerous people. This coffee maker heats water quickly and efficiently using an advanced boiling system. With a 24-hour delay start timer, you can program the brewing process according to your schedule. The 60-oz removable water reservoir makes filling and cleaning a breeze, especially in areas with hard water. Plus, the dishwasher-safe parts save time on cleaning. While the carafe is removed, the brewing basket drips a bit.

A permanent filter makes operation simple, while the intuitive control panel streamlines management. This coffee maker comes with presets for Classic and Rich coffee, allowing you to customize your brews without hassle. It also features a small batch preset for single-serve portions or batches up to four cups. Moreover, it has excellent cleaning features to combat hard water. Utilize the cleaning cycle to remove debris and prevent scale buildup. The mid-brew pause feature makes it possible to grab a cup of coffee while brewing.


WHY WE LOVE IT: The Hamilton Beach Easy Access 46310 12-cup coffee maker reminds you to clean it regularly, ensuring that maintenance chores don't slip your mind. With intuitive presets for one-touch operation and a forward-filling design, this coffee maker is a convenient choice.

ProsCleaning reminderProgrammable design and keep warm functionFront-filling systemConsNo self-cleaning cycleNo end-of-cycle beep

The Hamilton Beach Easy Access 46310 12-cup coffee maker features advanced cleaning features, making it a great option for dealing with hard water. Its front-access system enables you to fill the water tank without having to move the machine, and the swing-out brew basket makes it easy to access and clean. This coffee maker also comes with a nonstick hot plate to keep your coffee warm after brewing. While this model does remind you to clean it, it doesn't have a built-in self-cleaning cycle.

This device boasts an impressive 2-hour automatic shut off feature to save power by turning off the warming plate when not in use. Its programmable design has a clock feature for setting the brewing time, and an automatic pause-and-serve function that lets you pour out coffee without disrupting the brewing process. With the flexibility to cater to both bold and regular strengths, this coffee system also offers a serving system that supports brewing both a full 12-cup pot and 1-4 cup batches.


This coffee maker wins the coveted BEST FILTERS award due to its impressive gold tone and charcoal filters, which efficiently clean the water to help prevent scale accumulation. It also has a delayed start timer and presets for bold and regular coffee, enabling users to customize their coffee to their precise taste preferences.

The Cuisinart PerfecTemp DCC-3200P1 14-cup coffee maker is renowned for its high-precision systems that allow for controlling temperatures and other parameters, ultimately delivering delicious coffee. The machine has an intuitive control system that allows for customization of the brewing process, with several one-touch controls that make operation effortless. The coffee maker also features controls for bold and regular coffee to cater to personal preferences. The model's gigantic 14-cup glass carafe is suitable for families or work, except that it's challenging to fill and empty.

With a 24-hour delay start timer, this coffee maker enables users to set the machine to start brewing at their convenience. The device allows brewing both whole pots and 1 to 4 cup portions according to needs. A water window on the reservoir provides accurate filling and monitoring of the water levels. This coffee maker has a durable reusable gold-tone filter and charcoal filters that come in handy in regions suffering from hard water.


This coffee maker takes home the prestigious BEST DISHWASHER-FRIENDLY COFFEE MAKER award due to its dishwasher-safe components and two-stage sieve system, making cleanup effortless. It also has a 24-hour programmable design and 4-hour keep warm function and adds a pause-and-pour feature, allowing you to sample your coffee as desired.

The Mr. Coffee 2097827 12-cup coffee maker has a warming plate to keep brewed coffee hot for up to four hours, aided by an automatic drip system that gives excellent flavors. The machine features a large 12-cup glass carafe capable of preparing coffee for whole families in one go, although small servings as low as 20 oz. are also supported. The coffee maker has a large filter basket that makes maintenance a breeze. However, the keep warm system on this machine is not customizable, limiting its functionality.

Equipped with a programmable system with a delay start feature, users can set brewing to start at their convenience, with a Grab-a-Cup auto-pause function that lets them pour out a cup of coffee before resuming brewing. The coffee maker's two-stage water filtration system reduces calcium and chlorine content in the water, making it an ideal choice for those in hard water regions. This model has dishwasher-safe parts, simplifying the cleaning process.


Winning the BEST FAST COFFEE MAKER award, this coffee maker's unique always-hot water system ensures fast brewing, making it the perfect choice for breakfast preparation. Additionally, its innovative spout design guarantees a drip-free dispensing experience.

Brewing a 10-cup pot in the blink of an eye (under 3 minutes), the BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10-cup coffee maker caters to families and workplaces that require speedy brewing without sacrificing flavor. This device features an always-hot system keeping the water at optimal brewing temperature, ensuring fast results. Its drip-free carafe has an ergonomic handle and an innovative drip-free spout that pours out coffee without the slightest spillage. With limited customization options, this coffee maker is perfect for users who need a fast cup of joe without any fuss.

This coffee brewing system incorporates an innovative multi-stream spray head that evenly disperses hot water over the coffee grounds, ensuring optimal extraction. The device accommodates brewing 10-cup pots or batches as small as four cups using a large flat-bottom filter and funnel that maximize the surface area for effective extraction. With its straightforward controls, including a front-facing on/off warmer switch, and superior components that guarantee endurance, this coffee maker earns the BEST COFFEE FLAVOR award.

WHY WE APPRECIATE IT: Direct your morning routine with the diversified brewing capacity of this coffee device. A polished stainless steel finish complements any kitchen decor, bestowing an aura of sophistication.

Pros: Flawless coffee extraction, brew pause function, auto off adjustment, and delay start functions.

Cons: This model lacks brew strength control settings.

With Braun's exclusive pure flavor technology, the BrewSense coffee maker optimizes brew duration and temperature, unlocking aromatic, rich coffee flavors. This machine brews either whole pots or select 1-4 cup options, equipped with a customizable 24-hour timer. A built-in clock assists users in keeping track of their day while its automatic shutdown feature saves energy and reduces waste. Although unable to modify brew strength, this coffee maker compensates with a brew pause function, enabling users to bypass dripping or stop the brewing process. A water level indicator partners with easy-to-access controls, allowing effortless operation. The slick stainless steel construction makes it ideal for small kitchens. The machine's cleaning cycle ensures no-scale buildup.

When determining which coffee maker to purchase, specifically for those living in hard water areas, keep in mind that this may entail picking a machine with a competent water filter to prevent damage from mineral sediments exceeding hardness thresholds, which can clog water lines, affect heating elements, and even taint the coffee's flavor. Machines offering self-cleaning options can be advantageous and fundamental to prolonging machine lifespan. In addition, upkeep of any hoses connected to the coffee maker's hot water dispenser is also necessary. Remember though, even coffee makers marketed as suitable for hard water properties are ultimately susceptible to limescale buildup from extended water exposure. Therefore, regular cleaning is always beneficial to maintain the health and functionality of these machines.

If you're a coffee lover, you know that descaling your coffee maker is a necessary task, regardless of where you live. However, living in a hard water area can significantly reduce your machine's lifespan if not properly maintained.

Coffee makers for hard water operate similarly to standard coffee makers, drawing water from a reservoir, heating it, and extracting coffee from the grounds. However, hard water can cause two major issues: functionality and flavor. Mineral deposits can damage your heating elements and alter the taste of your coffee, resulting in a bitter flavor.

If you want your machine to last, choosing a self-cleaning coffee maker is ideal, but not all self-cleaners are created equal. While some machines only have reminder lights, advanced models have a self-cleaning feature that cleans your water lines and heating elements. Remember to use a descaling solution to remove mineral deposits, ensuring the machine runs smoothly.

For coffee lovers concerned about the flavor, opt for a coffee maker with a water filter, removing the bulk of mineral deposits and preserving your machine's life. Some models even have a water filter and a self-cleaning feature combined.

If you struggle with mineral buildup and need a more robust coffee maker, consider a model that suits hard water regions' needs, regardless of where you live. Remember, constant exposure to minerals in the water can damage your heating element and clog your water lines, leading to the need for regular cleaning.

In general, look for features that suit your needs, like programmability or thermal carafes. Drip coffee makers are generally the most durable, while pod or one-cup coffee makers tend to be less durable. For espresso lovers, invest in using filtered or bottled water to fill your machine, or stick with durable drip machines.

Whether you have soft or hard water, all coffee makers require descaling to function correctly. Periodically descale your machine with a descaling solution, with the frequency depending on the water hardness in your region. By cleaning your machine regularly, you'll prolong its lifespan and enjoy a better-tasting cup of coffee.

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