The Finest Coffee Beans for Pour Over: Elevate Your Brew with These Exquisite Picks

Discover the secrets behind the perfect cup of pour-over coffee with the finest selection of beans handpicked for flavor aficionados. From the volcanic slopes of Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro to the mesmerizing waves of Kona, let us take you on a journey through the world's best coffee beans for pour over. Whether you crave the rich intensity of a French Roast or the smooth sophistication of an Amsterdam Blend, we've sifted through the countless options to compile an exquisite collection that will elevate your pour-over experience to unimaginable heights. So grab your favorite mug and prepare to indulge in a world of aroma and taste like never before.

Coffee Origin

Coffee, much like wine, is influenced by factors such as soil, climate, and altitude, which all contribute to its flavor. As a result, even Arabica coffee beans that appear identical can taste distinct when grown in different regions or by different farmers.

Here's a brief overview of the flavor profiles you can anticipate from coffee originating in various geographic regions:

  • Central American coffees, such as those from Costa Rica, are typically complex with a rich body and a hint of spice.
  • South American coffees tend to be sweet, with low acidity and notes of chocolate and caramel that can be extracted using the pour-over method.
  • African coffees generally have higher acidity, resulting in sharper flavors. However, they also exhibit fruity and floral notes, including hints of red berries and citrus.
  • Asian coffees, like those from Indonesia, possess a rich smokiness. They produce mildly acidic coffee with a full-bodied and robust flavor.
  • Hawaiian coffee, grown in volcanic soil, offers a balanced and bright flavor. These beans have a sweet and mild taste with hints of fruits and berries.
Please note that these flavor profiles apply specifically to single-origin coffee beans. Blended coffees combine flavors and can result in a bold or mellow cup, depending on the specific combination.

costa rica coffee plantation

River Moon Coffee Kona Waves

River Moon Coffee, Kona Coffee Whole Bean, Medium Roast, 16 Ounces, Kona Waves Hawaiian Coffee Blend, Sustainably Farmed, 1 pound, 100% Arabica

The Kona Waves blend from River Moon Coffee combines the bright acidity and flavor of organic Hawaiian Kona beans with other coffee beans from around the world.

This blend has no acidic aftertaste, letting the Kona coffee shine through in a pour-over cup. The result is a balanced flavor profile that delivers a delicious coffee experience.

The Kona beans are grown without pesticides or chemicals on the tropical slopes of the Hualalai volcano in Hawaii. Hand-harvesting ensures the beans remain intact and of the highest quality. River Moon Coffee also uses rainwater to wash the coffee and follows an energy-saving roasting process, making it more environmentally friendly.

These freshly roasted beans have a medium-dark roast and are packaged using a one-way valve to preserve their flavor.

The Kona Waves blend is ideal for pour-over brewing, but it can also be used in French press or drip coffee machines.

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Volcanica Tanzania Peaberry

Tanzania Peaberry Coffee, Mount Kilimanjaro, Whole Bean, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce

Volcanica Tanzania Peaberry coffee is made from Arabica beans cultivated on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. These medium-roast, fair-trade beans are unique because they consist of hand-selected peaberry beans.

Peaberry beans are smaller than regular coffee cherries and contain only one round coffee seed instead of two. This concentration of natural oils and nutrients creates a rich, full-bodied, and sweeter flavor with bright acidity. The aroma is reminiscent of chocolate with hints of dried fruit and orange, almost like freshly baked waffles.

These fresh beans offer a rich flavor characteristic of darker roasts but without the bitterness. And the best part is that they come at an affordable price for peaberry coffee.

The smooth body and sweet acidity make Volcanica Tanzania Peaberry perfect for pour-over brewing and for satisfying even the most discerning coffee enthusiasts.

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Fresh Roasted Coffee Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere

Fresh Roasted Coffee, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere, 2 lb (32 oz), Medium Roast, Kosher, Whole Bean

Yirgacheffe Kochere is a medium-roasted, single-origin coffee hailing from Ethiopia. Fresh Roasted Coffee sources these beans with a focus on the environment and community. The beans are packaged using a nitrogen flush to keep them fresh until they are brewed.

This coffee exhibits a medium body, a smooth flavor, and distinct bright fruity notes with hints of lemon and honey. Regardless of your preferred pour-over method, you can expect a balanced citrusy coffee flavor.

Yirgacheffe Kochere beans are excellent for brewing rich and creamy pour-over coffee and are highly versatile. You can also use them in espresso machines or Moka Pots to create barista-quality drinks like cappuccinos or lattes.

These beans even possess enough flavor to make cold-brew coffee, making them an excellent choice for those seeking variety in their coffee experience.

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Joe Coffee Company Amsterdam Blend

Joe Coffee Company, Medium Roasted Coffee Beans, Amsterdam Blend, Whole Bean, 12 oz Bag

Do not be fooled by the name—Joe Coffee Company's Amsterdam Blend does not come from the Netherlands. Instead, this medium-roast blend consists of single-origin coffee beans from the Minas Gerais region in Brazil. The beans are dried naturally using environmentally and socially responsible methods, including drying the whole coffee cherries with their skins on to enhance flavor and depth.

This processing technique gives the Amsterdam Blend complex and earthy aromas. The coffee itself boasts a nutty flavor with notes of toffee, walnut, and dark chocolate. It has lower acidity and a smooth, delicate taste.

Joe Coffee meticulously roasts the beans to achieve a full-bodied coffee without an overly smoky or over-roasted flavor.

The Amsterdam Blend is ideal for pour-over brewing, delivering a bold cup that strikes a delicate balance between complex acidity and sweetness. Whether you prefer your coffee black or with add-ins, you can expect an exciting and flavorful experience.

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Coffee Bros Light Roast Signature Blend

Coffee Bros., Light Roast — Whole Bean — 100% Arabica — 1 Bag (12oz) — Ethiopia & Colombia — Gourmet & Specialty

Opening a bag of Coffee Bros Signature Blend is sure to provide a pleasant surprise. This blend of 100% Arabica beans bursts with flavor, reflecting the brand's careful selection of the finest beans to maximize taste and quality.

This certified organic light roast blend combines the fruitiness of Ethiopian coffee with the sweetness of Colombian beans. The resulting flavor profile includes floral notes harmoniously blended with honey and citrus undertones.

The Coffee Bros Light Roast blend is perfect for pour-over brewing. It produces a silky-bodied cup of coffee that's an amazing way to start your day.

But that's not all—these light-roasted coffee beans are also ideal for making great espressos. If you own an espresso machine or a portable handheld espresso maker, it's worth giving this blend a try.

To top it off, Coffee Bros Light Roast offers excellent quality and value at an affordable price.

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Gëvalia French Roast Dark Grounds

Gevalia French Roast Dark Ground Coffee Check Current Price

Among the wide range of offerings from Gëvalia, their French Roast ground coffee stands out as a dark roast available in a 20-ounce bag. This coffee is well-suited for pour-over brewing, as it allows the nuanced flavors within the grounds to be fully extracted.

As a dark roast, this coffee has lower caffeine content compared to Gëvalia's lighter and medium roasts but contains more coffee than their bolder roast, which is roasted for a longer duration than the dark roast.

The French Roast boasts a full body with subtle caramel notes, resulting in a sweet and rich coffee taste.

Packaged in a resealable bag, this coffee is an excellent choice for occasional coffee drinkers who want to maintain the freshness of the grounds.

Gëvalia also prides itself on providing an ideal option for those who follow Kosher dietary practices. The coffee is slow-roasted to preserve and elevate the full flavor profile.

Quick Facts

  • Price: This dark roast coffee is available at approximately $13 per 20-ounce bag, making it a moderately affordable option. For those who prefer buying larger bags, the price per ounce is $0.63. While it may not be the cheapest option initially, it offers the most value per ounce.
  • Origin: Produced from 100% Arabica beans, this coffee offers a sweeter taste. The beans are sourced from various locations worldwide, including Colombia, Costa Rica, Kenya, and Guatemala. The use of multiple sources ensures that only the finest beans are utilized, ensuring product quality.
  • Additional Information: In addition to ground coffee, this blend is also available in whole-bean form, offering customers more brewing options. Furthermore, Gëvalia offers several other roasts, such as their espresso roast, majestic roast, house blend, and traditional roast.

Illy Intenso Ground Coffee

illy Intenso Ground Drip Coffee, Bold Roast Check Current Price

Illy is a renowned coffee brand known for its iconic silver tin packaging, commitment to ethical business practices, and wide selection of coffees. In addition to their Intenso ground coffee, they offer a Classico medium roast, a Forte dark roast, and a decaffeinated medium roast.

The Intenso ground coffee, classified as a bold roast (similar to a dark roast), presents a deep flavor profile with a touch of acidity. It features notes of cocoa that create a rich and satisfying beverage, appealing particularly to coffee lovers with a sweet tooth. The coffee is available in a pack of 6, with each tin containing 8.8 ounces of ground coffee.

Quick Facts

  • Price: While the initial cost of this coffee is approximately $14, it's important to note that the price per ounce is $1.59. Consequently, it is the most expensive coffee among the options in terms of the face value cost, despite being priced in the middle range per ounce.
  • Origin: Utilizing 100% Arabica beans sourced from Guatemala, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Costa Rica, Illy prioritizes ethical business standards. Their sourcing practices ensure that the farmers involved are treated fairly, while also considering environmental sustainability.
  • Additional Information: Illy has been recognized as one of the world's most ethical companies multiple times by Ethisphere. The brand is also a certified B-Corp, demonstrating its commitment to maintaining high standards.

San Francisco Bay Coffee Fog Chaser Grounds

San Francisco Bay Coffee Fog Chaser Check Current Price

San Francisco Bay Coffee is an excellent option for individuals who want their coffee purchases to directly support farming communities.

By choosing their products, you can ensure that the brand actively engages in positive initiatives. The Fog Chaser blend is inspired by the common phenomenon of fog in San Francisco.

The brand offers a variety of options that cater to different preferences, including various roasts from light to dark, decaffeinated options, and blends made with specific brewing methods. The options even extend to flavored versions like praline pecan and hazelnut crème.

Aside from their commitment to supporting farmers, the company has established the Roger's Family Trust, which contributes to meaningful causes. Proceeds from their sales go towards building schools, improving housing for farmers, and providing medical care to both farmers and their communities.

Quick Facts

  • Price: With a 28-ounce bag priced at $25, this coffee may initially seem expensive. However, considering the price per ounce at $0.89, it becomes comparatively more affordable, even though the face value cost is higher.
  • Origin: Certified as Kosher, these sustainably grown beans are 100% Arabica and sourced from Honduras and Colombia. San Francisco Bay Coffee recognizes and acknowledges the farmers who oversee the bean harvesting, ensuring the finest quality for their blend.
  • Additional Information: San Francisco Bay Coffee prioritizes ethical sourcing and fair treatment of farmers, striving to improve their quality of life and the communities they operate in.

Lavazza iTierra Organic Amazonia Ground Coffee

Lavazza ¡Tierra! Organic Amazonia Medium Roast Check Current Price

For individuals who prioritize the quality and origin of their coffee beans, Lavazza created the iTierra Amazonia ground coffee. This coffee is USDA-certified organic, ensuring that it is grown and treated properly.

The coffee beans are hand-picked on plantations to guarantee that only the ripest beans are collected, resulting in a higher quality product. The plantations that work with Lavazza are certified as sustainable, affirming their commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

With a sweet aroma and underlying fruit and floral notes, this medium-roast coffee offers a delightful and enjoyable taste. The blend is characterized by a mild acidity and is less bitter compared to the brand's light roasts.

If you want to ensure the quality and origin of your coffee beans, Lavazza ¡Tierra! Organic Amazonia is an excellent choice. The beans are organically grown, and their collaboration with specific plantations ensures proper harvesting and the absence of harmful chemicals.

Quick Facts

  • Price: Available in a 10.5-ounce bag, this coffee can be purchased for approximately $14. While this may seem low at face value, the price per ounce of $1.33 positions it as one of the higher-priced options. Nevertheless, it remains reasonably priced compared to other options.
  • Origin: These 100% Arabica beans are sourced from South America, specifically Peru. Lavazza has chosen to work with specific farms to ensure the ethical and organic cultivation of coffee beans.
  • Additional Information: Lavazza rates this coffee as having a 5/10 intensity, making it ideal for those who prefer a less intense coffee experience. Individuals who desire a more intense or bolder flavor may want to explore other Lavazza offerings.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hundred Mile Blend

Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Medium Roast Organic Whole Bean Coffee - Hundred Mile 12 Ounce Bag with Flavor Notes of Jam and Toffee

Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, the Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hundred Mile Blend is the perfect choice for you. This unique blend combines certified organic Arabica beans from Africa, Central, and South America to create a delightful and flavorful cup of coffee.

With a medium roast, this coffee offers a complex and delicious taste experience. The African beans introduce lovely floral notes that harmonize perfectly with the flavors of jam and toffee found in the South and Central American coffee.

The Hundred Mile Blend from Stumptown Coffee Roasters has a delightful sweetness and richness. It's an excellent choice for a breakfast blend that will make you excited for your morning cup of joe. It pairs wonderfully with breakfast foods such as eggs, toast, or freshly baked pastries.

This blend is carefully crafted with the best coffee beans for pour-over brewing. It is free from any bitterness, allowing the natural sweetness to shine through regardless of your preferred brewing method.

Many coffee enthusiasts enjoy this blend with a French press or Moka Pot. It also serves as a fantastic base for various milk-based coffees.

If you enjoy sweeter coffee flavors, Stumptown Coffee Roasters' Hundred Mile Blend is a top-notch option. Plus, these coffee beans are budget-friendly, so you can indulge in a great cup of coffee without breaking the bank.

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Kicking Horse Coffee Smart Ass

Kicking Horse Coffee, Smart Ass, Medium Roast, Whole Bean, 2.2 Pound - Certified Organic, Fairtrade, Kosher Coffee

True to its name, Kicking Horse Coffee's Smart Ass blend of medium-roasted beans sourced from Africa, South, and Central America provides a bold and invigorating coffee experience.

From the very first sip, you'll notice a complex and satisfying flavor profile. Hints of berries, like red currants, mingle with the sweetness of sugar cane and milk chocolate.

This Arabica blend is perfect for those who prefer their coffee without acidity or bitterness. Its abundant natural sweetness is sure to satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs, with many people finding it enjoyable without any additional additives.

While pour-over brewing brings out the best in this coffee, it also excels in espresso, French press, and cold brew applications. This blend produces a smooth yet robust cup that will surely awaken your senses in the morning.

Smart Ass coffee is an excellent choice for socially and environmentally conscious coffee lovers who crave the strength of black coffee without any burnt aftertaste. The coffees in this blend are certified kosher, organic, and fair trade.

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Black Rifle Coffee Silencer Smooth Grounds

Founded by veterans, Black Rifle is a brand that offers over 20 different types of coffee. Among their popular options is the Silencer Smooth blend, which features 100% Colombian Excelso beans known for their quality.

This coffee delivers a smooth finish and has a high acidity level, making it ideal for seasoned coffee drinkers. It boasts a pleasant aroma and flavors of citrus, making it a great choice for a morning pick-me-up or a midday boost.

A portion of the proceeds from each blend sold goes towards supporting veterans and first responders, as the company was founded by a group of veterans.

Quick Facts

  • Price: Black Rifle coffee is available for $18 per 12-ounce bag, resulting in a cost of $1.50 per ounce. This makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious coffee enthusiasts. Moreover, a portion of the sales goes towards supporting veterans and first responders.
  • Origin: The coffee is made with beans sourced from Brazil and Colombia, specifically using 100% Colombian Excelso beans. These premium beans are carefully roasted to ensure optimal flavor in every cup. The Silencer Smooth blend is classified as a light roast.
  • Additional Information: Apart from the Silencer Smooth blend, Black Rifle offers a range of roasts including light, medium, dark, and extra dark. Each blend is named after terms commonly used in the military, aligning with the company's name.

Choosing the best coffee beans for your pour over coffee can make all the difference in the world when it comes to flavor and quality. From the rich and smooth River Moon Coffee Kona Waves to the vibrant and fruity Fresh Roasted Coffee Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere, there are countless options to satisfy even the most discerning coffee lovers. Whether you prefer a light roast or a dark, bold flavor, this carefully curated list has something for everyone. So, why settle for ordinary coffee when you can elevate your morning routine with these exceptional bean selections? Indulge in the best pour over experience and start your day with a truly remarkable cup of coffee.

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