The Best Coffee Roaster Brands: A Guide to Pioneers, Cult Favorites, Up-and-Comers, and More

Are you ready to indulge in the rich, aromatic world of coffee? Look no further because we've compiled a list of the best coffee roaster brands that are guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds and awaken your senses. From the pioneering companies that revolutionized the industry to the up-and-coming contenders making waves, we've got it all. Join us on this flavorful journey as we explore the cult favorites, the beauty queens, and the emerging stars that have captured the hearts of coffee lovers worldwide. Get ready, because your coffee experience is about to be taken to new heights.

The Pioneers


Intelligentsia is one of the original artisan coffee roasters, known for pioneering the Direct Trade coffee movement. They established personal relationships with coffee growers and emphasized the concept of "in season" coffee. This LA- and Chicago-based roaster continues to deliver consistently excellent roasts from a wide variety of coffees. If you're in NYC, LA, or Chicago, you can also visit one of their cafés for a cup of coffee or even take a class.

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Stumptown is another well-established leader in the specialty coffee industry. With roasting locations in Seattle, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and its native Portland, Oregon, Stumptown has garnered a dedicated following. While some customers swear by their blends, it is their impressive selection of single-origin coffees that truly stands out.

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Ritual Coffee Roasters

Ritual Coffee Roasters played a significant role in establishing San Francisco as a coffee mecca. They carefully source their beans and roast them with a lighter touch, setting them apart from mainstream North American coffees. Vibrant single-origin beans and thoughtfully blended espressos make their way into the striking red bags that grace their shelves. Having Ritual Coffee Roasters' beans in your kitchen is sure to impress your West Coast friends.

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Counter Culture

Counter Culture has earned a reputation as one of the most respected specialty coffee roasters. They are known for their transparency in sourcing and pricing, as demonstrated by their annual reports. They also offer weekly coffee tastings at their regional training centers, which are open to the public. Recently, they underwent a rebranding, giving their beloved blends new names and eye-catching packaging. Their focus is now on showcasing truly exceptional micro-lot coffees in elegant, fancy boxes.

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PT's Coffee

Don't overlook the specialty coffee options in so-called "flyover country." PT's Coffee, based in Topeka, Kansas, has been producing high-quality coffees to satisfy a variety of palates for years. They offer a wide range of options, including blends and organic single-origin beans.

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Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee has made a name for itself as a leading mega-boutique coffee company. Starting in an Oakland farmers' market, they now have multiple locations in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, and even Tokyo. As their global profile has risen, so has the quality of their coffee. Their cold brew cans, cartons, and fresh beans can now be found on shelves worldwide.

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Image may contain Restaurant Human Person Cafe Cafeteria Furniture and Chair

The serene scene at Madcap Coffee's Grand Rapids café.

Photo by Seth Herman

The Cult Favorites

Heart Roasters

Portland, Oregon's Heart Roasters has gained a following among coffee enthusiasts. Known for their Scandinavian roast aesthetic, which results in lighter and more delicate flavors, Heart offers a selection of beautiful Kenyan, Ethiopian, and Colombian single-origin coffees. Their Stereo blend, available seasonally, is also worth trying.

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Madcap Coffee Company

Madcap Coffee, headquartered in Washington, DC and Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been delighting customers with their high-quality roasts since 2008. From their popular Colombia San Sebastian to limited edition offerings like their Varietal series, Madcap offers an intriguing array of coffees year-round. They were also early adopters of the wasteless cascara trend, serving sparkling cascara on tap at their Grand Rapids location and selling tins of it online.

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49th Parallel Roasters

Don't forget to explore Canadian coffee roasters, such as the long-established and consistently excellent 49th Parallel. Based in Vancouver, they offer a modern, sweet Epic blend that's a favorite among espresso drinkers. Their single origins, never roasted too dark, are always beautifully expressive.

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Ceremony Coffee Roasters

Annapolis, Maryland's Ceremony Coffee Roasters is known for its exceptional coffee selections. They take their craft seriously, hosting cup-tasting competitions at their home base. However, they maintain a lighthearted approach, describing their coffee with creative and playful terms. Their chocolates doughnut aromatics are particularly enticing.

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Nobletree Coffee

Nobletree Coffee stands out among young roasteries, with its experimental farm in Brazil and a café in the new World Trade Center. This Red Hook, Brooklyn-based roaster offers balanced and diverse origins in addition to a selection of beautiful Brazilian coffees. Their close relationship with the country's coffee producers ensures they have the inside track on sourcing exceptional beans.

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A barista pulls a shot at one of Tandem Coffee's locations.

Photo by Christopher Buerkle

Tandem Coffee Roasters

Portland, Maine is home to Tandem Coffee Roasters, a rising star in the coffee industry. This roaster, founded by former Blue Bottle employees Will and Kathleen Pratt, has quickly gained recognition for their exceptional coffees. They have expanded their reach beyond Portland, with cafés from Columbus to Montreal serving their top-notch brews.

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Ruby Coffee Roasters

Ruby Coffee Roasters is the result of a former Intelligentsia roaster returning to his native Wisconsin to create his dream roastery. Located in Amherst Junction, Ruby Coffee Roasters focuses on freshness and careful roasting. Their "colorful coffees" represent a commitment to producing consistently excellent beans. They offer a Creamery Seasonal Blend that is particularly noteworthy.

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Café Grumpy

Brooklyn-based Café Grumpy started as a community-based coffee house and has since evolved into one of the best quietly successful roasters in the US. Their modestly sized list of single-origin coffees changes seasonally and is complemented by their Heartbreaker espresso blend. Notably, Café Grumpy consistently produces great decaffeinated coffees as well.

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The Beauty Queens

Parlor Coffee

Parlor Coffee has gained attention for their specialty coffee offerings. Beginning in the back of a Williamsburg barbershop, they have since expanded their business to include an online shop. Parlor offers a small, ever-changing selection of delicately roasted beans sourced from around the world.

Camber Coffee

Sightglass Coffee

San Francisco's Sightglass Coffee has quickly become a beloved coffee brand, rivalling long-established boutique brands. Their café in South of Market is an architectural gem and their light-roasted beans are presented in beautiful Kraft bags with informative tags. Each purchase feels like opening a present.

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Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.

Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. stands out as one of the finest artisan roasters in the Pacific Northwest. Located between Seattle and Portland, they prioritize meticulous bean sourcing and pay attention to every step of the production process. Their packaging is thoughtfully designed and adds a touch of elegance to their exceptional coffees.

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Onyx Coffee

Onyx Coffee in Fayetteville, Arkansas, is proof that great coffee can be found in unexpected places. This roaster pays attention to every detail, from their intricately designed bags to the personalized initials on each batch. They offer classic styles of coffee, such as natural-processed Ethiopians, as well as innovative lactic-acid-processed micro-lot coffees.

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The Up-and-Comers

These new picks come from Epi staffer (and avid coffee drinker) Joe Sevier:

Sextant Coffee Roasters

Sextant Coffee Roasters, founded by Kinani Ahmed in San Francisco in 2014, brings together his Ethiopian heritage and the ingenuity of the American new wave coffee industry. They source beans globally but have a particular interest in showcasing coffees from and around the Horn of Africa.

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Wells Coffee

Wells Coffee, funded by a Kickstarter campaign in 2014, is on a mission to bring fresh single-source roasts and specialty blends to the southwest coast of Florida. They have become known for their high-quality coffees and can be found at pop-ups and cafes throughout the region. If you can't wait for your Boca Raton vacation, they also sell their beans online. Their BB blend, named after the founder's grandmother, is particularly noteworthy.

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Cultured Coffee

Cultured Coffee, produced by biotech company Afineur, takes fermentation to the next level. Their coffee beans undergo a double fermentation process, resulting in a less bitter cup of coffee that is easier on digestion. Their innovative approach has garnered attention, and their coffee is delicious both brewed and as cold brew.

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Nguyen Coffee Supply

Nguyen Coffee Supply is a Vietnamese-American owned coffee roaster and importer based in New York. They are the first importer of green coffee beans from Vietnam in New York. Their mission is to change the perception of Vietnamese beans, which are often unfairly labeled inferior. They work with a fourth-generation roaster in Vietnam's Central Highlands and import both arabica and robusta beans. Their Loyalty Signature 50/50 Blend combines the two bean types for a bold, nutty flavor profile.

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Other Great Coffee Roasters

Paradise Roasters

Located in Hilo, Hawaii, Paradise Roasters focuses on coffee from their own Hawaiian coffee farms and emerging coffee regions worldwide. Their founder, Miguel Meza, also serves as the director of quality control, ensuring that their coffee meets the highest standards.



Based in Topeka, Kansas, PT's Coffee is known for establishing the Direct Trade program and their involvement in the US Barista Competition. They have received numerous accolades for their exceptional coffee.



Initially a gathering place for the community, Sparrows is now a popular coffee roaster in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their roasted beans can be enjoyed at their café as well as at various pop-ups and cafes in the area.


Big Island Coffee Roasters

Mountain View, Hawaii

Big Island Coffee Roasters stands out for their Kona peaberry coffee, a unique and highly rated type of bean. These beans offer rich flavors of cacao, cinnamon, and black cherry. Although Kona coffee has a long history in Hawaii, the craft coffee scene on the Big Island is relatively new. Big Island Coffee Roasters harvests their beans at peak ripeness and mills them in small batches to ensure exceptional quality.

Camber CoffeeCamber Coffee

Readers Choice Coffee Roasters

Black and White

Location: Wake Forest, North CarolinaFounding Year: 2017Recommended Coffee: The Classic

You can rely on Black and White to produce excellent coffee. Why? Because it was founded by two US Barista Champions – Kyle Ramage and Lem Butler. With their extensive experience in the coffee industry, from purchasing to roasting and brewing, they ensure that everyone can have access to high-quality coffee.



Location: Woodstock, VermontFounding Year: 2015Recommended Coffee: Natural Finca El Yos Costa Rica

Since 2015, Abracadabra, a unique roaster-cafe hybrid, has been serving the Woodstock community with magical coffee. Unlike other brands that focus on marketing and branding, Abracadabra is transparent about the origin of its coffee. This benefits both the coffee farmers and the consumers.



Location: Portland, MaineFounding Year: 2017 (formerly Lofted Coffee, founded in 2014)Recommended Coffee: David Muñoz

Before starting Tandem, founders Kathleen and Will Pratt gained valuable experience working in specialty coffee shops across the country. Settling in Portland, Maine, they bring their expertise to Tandem, offering a rotating selection of single origins and blends that showcase their coffee knowledge.



Location: Madison, WisconsinFounding Year: 1994Recommended Coffee: Reina de la Asuncion

With a rich history dating back to 1994, JBC is a coffee brand that has stood the test of time. Their coffees consistently receive high ratings and have even earned four Good Food Awards. JBC's commitment to inspiring their customers ensures that they only select the best coffees available.


Bird Rock

Location: San Diego, CaliforniaFounding Year: 2006Recommended Coffee: Peñaherrera AAA

Bird Rock is renowned in the coffee world for its high-quality offerings. It has been recognized as Roast magazine's roaster of the year in 2012 and has received numerous Good Food Awards. Bird Rock not only focuses on roasting great coffee but also on giving back to the community and supporting direct trade with farmers.


Onyx Coffee Lab

Location: Fayetteville, ArkansasFounding Year: 2012Recommended Coffee: Colombia La Palma Salomon Rodriguez

Onyx Coffee Lab takes a transparent approach to educate consumers about the journey of their coffee beans, from farm to cup. Their baristas excel in coffee competitions, showcasing the brand's trust in its employees and the quality of the coffee they work with.


YellowBand Coffee Roasters

Known as the "Bee Friendly Roaster," YellowBand Coffee Roasters is based in Peachtree City, Georgia. This family-owned company, which has been in operation for many years, not only offers a variety of delicious coffees but also has a strong focus on protecting bees. YellowBand Coffee Roasters partners exclusively with farms that provide homes or hives for bees, ensuring the safety and well-being of these vital pollinators. Buying a bag of their coffee, such as "Bee in Nature," contributes to the Southern Conservation Trust's pollinator gardens. Additionally, the company encourages customers to repurpose used coffee grounds for composting, tenderizing meat, and even beauty regimens.

YellowBand offers a range of light, medium, and dark roast options to choose from. One standout is their "Buzz Berry" coffee, which features beans from the 18 Rabbit Microlot farm in Honduras. This unique blend boasts notes of strawberry, cherry, and raspberry, making it an ideal mid-day indulgence. It's like a taste of sweet summertime on a winter day.

Ruby Coffee Roasters

Location: Nelsonville, WisconsinFeatured Bean: Creamery, a seasonal blend

When it comes to coffee in small towns, there's often a stereotype of basic, drip coffee. However, Nelsonville in Wisconsin breaks the mold with Ruby Coffee Roasters. Founded by an experienced roaster from Intelligentsia, Ruby has made a name for itself not only locally, but nationwide. Their flagship blend, "Creamery," stands out with its ever-changing flavor profile that reflects the seasons. Ruby Coffee Roasters takes pride in sourcing the best beans, with a focus on Kenyan, Ethiopian, and Colombian varieties, as well as fostering personal relationships with Latin American producers.

Sey CoffeeSey Coffee | Photo by Cole Saladino for Thrillist

Heart Coffee Roasters

Location: Portland, OregonFeatured Bean: Ethiopian Halo, with notes of jasmine, gooseberry, and butterscotch

As the specialty coffee industry has shifted towards lighter roasts, Heart Coffee Roasters has embraced this trend by highlighting the unique flavors of each bean. While they do offer some darker roasts, Heart is beloved by coffee enthusiasts for their lighter touch. Their three Portland locations exude a Scandinavian aesthetic, with a fully functional Probat roaster proudly on display in their flagship shop.

Manzanita Roasting

Location: San Diego, CaliforniaFeatured Bean: El Gaucho, a comforting and award-winning chocolatey blend

Manzanita Roasting stands out not only for its delicious coffee but also its commitment to sourcing. They prioritize working with farms that practice good sustainability and pay close attention to quality. Unlike other companies, Manzanita goes beyond organic certifications and forms personal relationships with farmers who may not be able to afford costly inspections. This dedication extends to their roasting process, which utilizes a specialty machine that significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Red Rooster Coffee

Location: Floyd, VirginiaFeatured Bean: Nicaragua Finca Pastoral Honey, with notes of honey graham cracker, lemon, and fruity sweetness

Red Rooster Coffee sets itself apart with its exceptional practices and thoughtfulness towards their staff. The company provides an on-site daycare facility for employees' children, showcasing their commitment to creating a supportive work environment. In addition, Red Rooster has won numerous awards for their popular blends and can be found in select locations, including the stylish Eaton Hotel in Washington, DC.

Dragonfly Coffee Roasters

Location: Henderson, NevadaFeatured Bean: Farm direct from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Notes of mixed berry jam, various citrus, buttercream, and spice

Dragonfly Coffee Roasters stands out for its sustainable and ethical practices. They support emerging coffee markets and ensure nothing goes to waste in their operations. Burlap sacks are repurposed, pallets are used for packaging filler, and even the coffee bean skin finds new life as fertilizer. Dragonfly's dedication to sustainability is commendable, and their commitment to quality coffee is reflected in their award-winning products.

Greater Goods Coffee Co.

For an award-winning roasting company that covers all bases, look no further than Greater Goods Coffee Co.. They were named the best micro roaster by Roast Magazine in 2021. In addition to offering unique and diverse coffees, Greater Goods Coffee Co. focuses on responding to the natural qualities of each bean rather than imposing a predetermined recipe. For example, their "Take Me Home" coffee sourced from Costa Rica's Solis brothers envelops you in a warm, welcoming experience with notes of honey, vanilla, toffee, and citrus. Moreover, Greater Goods Coffee Co. is deeply committed to their community, partnering with local organizations to support various causes, including providing meals to those in need and supporting animal rescue efforts. They also offer certification classes through the Specialty Coffee Association to share their knowledge and passion for coffee.

Bones Coffee Company

For coffee with a twist, Bones Coffee Company delivers. Their themed coffees come in a variety of formats and flavors, catering to all tastes. From limited edition holiday blends like "Oh Fuuudge!" featuring fudge and hazelnut notes, to unique options like "What The Fluff?!" with a delightful berry cotton candy flavor, there's something for everyone. Bones Coffee Company even offers sample packs and a coffee club to help you find your perfect match.


Location: Portland, OregonFeatured Bean: Ethiopian Kilenso with notes of lavender and grape jam

Coava stands out among boutique roasters and coffee shops in Portland. Starting in a garage in 2008, Coava has expanded its distribution network and gained recognition nationwide. They prioritize sourcing the best beans and employ advanced roasting techniques to ensure excellence in every cup. With stylish locations and a commitment to meticulous methods, Coava aims to provide an exceptional coffee experience.

Rogue Wave Coffee Roasters

Rogue Wave Coffee Roasters takes the art of coffee-making seriously. They go to great lengths to perfect the roasting process, and it shows in their exceptional coffees. One example is their "Daterra Full Bloom" from Brazil, which undergoes a unique fermentation process to enhance its sweetness and espresso-like texture. Rogue Wave also shares their coffee preparation recipes on their blog, allowing coffee enthusiasts to recreate their delicious offerings at home.

La Coop Coffee Co

La Coop Coffee Co was founded with a purpose – to support coffee growers from Guatemala. Juan Luis, inspired by his father who was a coffee farmer, established the Asociacion de Caficultores de Union Cantinil (ASOCUC) to ensure fair compensation for coffee farmers. La Coop focuses on offering single-origin, full-bodied coffees, sourced mindfully. Their deep involvement throughout the entire roasting process, from sourcing to final product, sets them apart in their commitment to quality.

Little Waves Coffee Roasters

Recognized as the 2022 micro roaster of the year by Roast Magazine, Little Waves Coffee Roasters is a small-batch roasting company that prioritizes community and diversity. They carefully select brands to work with that align with their values, creating a space where coffee lovers can come together. Little Waves offers a range of coffees, including limited edition varieties like "Edwin Enrique Noreña Pink Bourbon" with its unique purple wine yeast fermentation and "Los Toros" with dark chocolate and caramel notes.

Black and White Coffee Roasters

Black and White Coffee Roasters aims to provide more than just great coffee – they want to transform how you view your role in the coffee industry. Founded by Kyle Ramage and Lem Butler in 2017, the company emphasizes collaboration and simplicity in their approach to creating unforgettable coffee. Their year-round coffee options cater to various preferences, from those exploring specialty coffee to those seeking a comforting cup of decaf. The Black Label series offers unique, lightly roasted flavors like "Gesha Clouds" with its remarkable combination of mango, pineapple, and white wine.

Stamp Act Coffee

Stamp Act Coffee draws inspiration from the historical event of the Boston Tea Party. Founder Andrew Kent combines his knowledge and experiences from Seattle, Ethiopia, Singapore, and Australia to create this unique coffee brand. Stamp Act specializes in lighter roast coffees and takes pride in differentiating between coffee brewed through a filter or espresso machine.

For a truly indulgent espresso experience, try the Milk Money espresso blend. It boasts flavors of cacao and a delightful richness that pairs perfectly with milk. Mwendi Wega is another standout coffee with its distinctive black currant flavor. Whether you prefer filter coffee or espresso, you can enjoy the unique taste of Mwendi Wega.

In addition to single batches of coffee, Stamp Act also offers wholesale options for shops that want to include this delicious coffee on their menu. When choosing wholesale, partners can be confident in Stamp Act's support and training programs, ensuring the success of incorporating Stamp Act Coffee into their offerings.

Temple Coffee Roasters

Temple Coffee Roasters has always aimed to create spaces where people can connect and build relationships. Inspired by the founder's experiences in Indonesia, where the local temples fostered community connections, Temple Coffee Roasters strives to replicate this sense of community through their coffee sourcing and production.

One of Temple Coffee Roasters' most popular offerings is the Ethiopia Nao Genji, a smooth coffee with a crisp finish and hints of bergamot, ginger, and citrus. It can be ground to your preferred consistency, ensuring the perfect cup of coffee regardless of your brewing method. Temple Coffee Roasters also offers a Coffee Club subscription for those who want to enjoy their coffee on a regular basis.

Pachamama Coffee

Pachamama Coffee works towards creating a better and more sustainable future for those most affected by climate change. Their business model has even received recognition for its sustainability efforts from the Specialty Coffee Association. Pachamama Coffee goes the extra mile by using compostable and plant-based packaging, minimizing environmental impact. Although composting the bags requires a few additional steps, Pachamama provides clear instructions on their website.

If you're in search of an excellent breakfast brew, Sunrise is a fantastic choice. This coffee offers a bright and lively flavor profile, boasting refreshing notes of lime and honeydew. Five Sisters, with its delightful caramelly notes and balanced blend of citrus, is another crowd-pleaser.

Brandywine Coffee Roasters

Brandywine Coffee Roasters combines the art of coffee with beautiful visual aesthetics. Master roaster Vic Scutari, with 14 years of experience, curates a collection of lightly roasted, sweet, and juicy coffees. Each coffee bag is adorned with screen-printed artwork by Todd Purse, enhancing the overall coffee-drinking experience.

For a coffee that captures the essence of berry pie, dark chocolate, and caramel, the Santa Josefita is a top choice. It falls under the "comfy" category, offering more flavors than your average cup of joe. For a delightful surprise, consider joining Brandywine Coffee Roasters' coffee subscription option, which features their most popular or newly released coffees.

Ceremony Coffee

Annapolis, Maryland: The Brazil Nunes bean, with its notes of cocoa nib, toffee, and hazelnut, comes from a single-estate, sustainability-certified coffee farm in the Patrocínio growing region of Brazil. Established in 2002, Ceremony Coffee Roasters has grown to include six locations throughout Maryland and a roastery in Annapolis. Ceremony prides itself on its minimalist design aesthetic and unwavering dedication to coffee sourcing and education. They partner with farms and importers around the world, offering highly rated single-origin, blend, espresso, and decaf coffees. Ceremony also provides informative online brew guides for coffee enthusiasts.

Coava Coffee Roasters

Coava Coffee Roasters takes pride in their commitment to quality coffee. They carefully select and roast their coffees to bring out the best flavors. With locations in various cities, Coava has made a name for itself in the coffee world. To fully experience Coava Coffee Roasters, visit their website and explore their offerings.

Wonderstate Coffee

Wonderstate Coffee is a popular midwest coffee company based in Viroqua. With a roastery powered entirely by solar energy and a strong focus on fair pay for its distributors, Wonderstate aims to make a positive impact without compromising the quality of their products. Expect consistently great coffee and exceptional care for both customers and farmers.

For a coffee that embodies the warm and vibrant spirit of Wonderstate, try the Winter Solstice blend. It features notes of citrus, Rainier cherry, and chocolate cake, evoking the feeling of cozy winter gatherings. Burundi Nemba is another standout coffee, with its lighter, citrusy flavor profile infused with hints of lemon, apricot, and black currant. It's the perfect coffee to start your day or serve at brunch.


Bellingham, Washington: The Rwanda Horizon bean produces a caramelized brew with notes of orange spice, molasses, and ginger. Founded in 2015 by three Q Graders, who are trained to detect the finest nuances in coffee beans, Camber has gained recognition in some of the best coffee shops in America. With their flagship location in Bellingham, Washington, Camber offers a range of coffees roasted to perfection.


Santa Cruz, California: The Streetlevel espresso blend showcases notes of stone fruit, zesty citrus, and syrupy sweetness, making it an ideal choice for milk-based drinks. Co-founded by someone with a background in farming, Verve has a deep understanding of coffee terroir. With cafes in California, Japan, and a diverse selection of coffees, including signature blends and unique options like Cascara and canned flash brew, Verve is a force to be reckoned with in the coffee industry.

Best Coffee Roaster Subscriptions

Blue Bottle Coffee

Located in Oakland, California, Blue Bottle Coffee has become one of the most prominent names in the coffee industry since its establishment in 2002. In addition to their cafes, they also offer a wide range of ceramics and brewing kits. Blue Bottle Coffee's subscription service is commendable, providing various options such as cold brews and special blends.


Founded in 1995 and based in Chicago, Illinois, Intelligentsia has made a significant impact in the coffee world. With multiple brick-and-mortar locations and a range of subscription options, including their renowned House Blend, Intelligentsia has solidified its position as a top coffee roaster.

Best Sustainable Coffee Roasters

Counter Culture: Based in Durham, North Carolina, Counter Culture has been at the forefront of the third-wave coffee movement for over 25 years. They prioritize sustainability and educate consumers on conscious coffee brewing practices.

Dragonfly Coffee Roasters: Located in Henderson, Nevada, Dragonfly Coffee Roasters has excelled in sustainability efforts and global representation. They actively source coffee from underrepresented regions and ensure that their packaging is recycled.

Greater Goods: Austin, Texas is home to Greater Goods, a coffee roaster dedicated to sustainability and fair wages for producers. They even have a Specialty Coffee Association Premier Training Campus for coffee education.

Red Rooster: Floyd, Virginia is where Red Rooster operates, focusing on sustainability and gender equality. They have won multiple awards for their ethical practices and offer an onsite daycare for their staff's children.

Temple: Sacramento, California is where Temple Coffee Roasters showcases its commitment to sustainability. Founder Sean Kohmescher emphasizes social, economic, and environmental sustainability, resulting in high-quality, globally recognized coffee.

Please visit each roaster's respective websites for additional information.

Best Specialty Coffee Roasters

George Howell

Location: Boston, MassachusettsFounded: 2004Coffee to Try: Antigua La Flor

George Howell is highly regarded as the pioneer of specialty coffee roasting in America. He has revolutionized the industry with his approach to coffee, similar to a sommelier's appreciation for wine grapes. Howell's expertise in coffee terroir has given coffee lovers the ability to distinguish between different types of beans, such as Ethiopian and Colombian.


Oddly Correct

Location: Kansas City, MissouriFounded: 2008Coffee to Try: Kenya Gathaithi Peaberry

Oddly Correct was established to make specialty coffee more accessible and less elitist. Their commitment to providing high-quality coffee is paired with a dedication to improving environmental practices and ensuring the well-being of their employees.


Best Female-Founded Coffee Roasters

Equator Coffees

Location: San Rafael, CaliforniaFounded: 1995Coffee to Try: Mocha Java Blend

Brooke McDonnell and Helen Russell founded Equator Coffees in the 90s, starting from a garage and expanding to multiple locations nationwide. This female- and LGBTQ-founded brand is committed to sustainability and has received various certifications for their ethical practices.


Treeline Coffee Roasters

Location: Bozeman, MontanaFounded: 2016 (2013 as Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters)Coffee to Try: The Innovator

Treeline Coffee Roasters was founded by Natalie Van Dusen and Don Eilas, who met in Colombia. Van Dusen learned about coffee growing and roasting from Eilas and later started experimenting with roasting at home. With the help of Deejay Newell, Treeline Coffee Roasters was established, offering a variety of coffee options, including single origins, blends, and ready-to-brew pour-over kits.


New York-Based Coffee Roasters


Location: Brooklyn, New YorkFounded: 2017 (2014 as Lofted Coffee)Coffee to Try: Mbature Family Kamavindi

Sey's roasting facility in Brooklyn consistently produces outstanding coffee. The company prioritizes transparency in sourcing and pricing, ensuring that consumers are making informed choices. Sey also values its employees by providing competitive pay and opportunities for career growth.


Superlost Coffee

Location: 2017Founded: Brooklyn, New YorkCoffee to Try: Supernova

Superlost Coffee treats coffee as an art form, showcasing creativity in their coffee bags. The company connects aspiring artists with their coffee by allowing them to design illustrations based on the coffee's name and sensory experience. This attention to detail ensures a delightful and unique coffee experience.


West Coast-Based Coffee Roasters

Triple Coffee Co.

Location: San Francisco, CaliforniaFounded: 2019Coffee to Try: Pacamara Natural

Triple Coffee's commitment to quality is evident in their award-winning coffee. Their founders, led by Tim Melano, travel extensively to source coffee directly from regions and farms they have visited. Triple Coffee spreads coffee knowledge through virtual lessons, creating connections between consumers and coffee farmers.


Go Get 'Em Tiger

Location: Los Angeles, CaliforniaFounded: 2012Coffee to Try: La Pirámide

Go Get 'Em Tiger, founded by Charles Babinski and Kyle Glanville, offers a range of coffee options that appeal to both coffee connoisseurs and casual coffee drinkers. Their dedication to cold brew and dark roast coffees challenges conventional beliefs of specialty coffee. With their expertise, you can trust that any coffee from Go Get 'Em Tiger will be exceptional.


Klatch Coffee Roasting

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CaliforniaFounded: 1993Coffee to Try: Old World Venezia

Klatch Coffee Roasting is renowned for its high-scoring roasts, thanks to Head Roaster and Coffee Buyer Mike Perry. Perry's background in chemical engineering allows him to combine science and artistry in Klatch's roasting process. Rest assured that any coffee from Klatch is roasted to perfection for maximum flavor.



Location: San Diego, CaliforniaFounded: 2013Coffee to Try: Philippine Heritage Microlot

Mostra, founded by four Filipino-Americans, aims to highlight Filipino coffee while offering a range of other coffee options. Their dedication to quality earned them the Roaster of the Year award in 2020. Mostra's collaborations with breweries have further solidified their reputation in the industry.



Location: Santa Cruz, CaliforniaFounded: 2007Coffee to Try: Metapan

Verve is a coffee roaster that embodies a love for life and living. Their commitment to coffee quality has made them a staple in California and even expanded to Tokyo, Japan. Co-founders Colby Barr and Ryan O'Donovan prioritize creating a delightful coffee experience for consumers.


Wrecking Ball

Location: San Francisco, CaliforniaFounded: 2011Coffee to Try: Guatemala Huehuetenango Flor del Café

Wrecking Ball Coffee stands out for its exceptional quality. Co-founder Trish Rothgeb's expertise as a licensed Q-Grader and her contributions to the coffee industry have elevated Wrecking Ball's reputation. Alongside Nick Cho, the winner of multiple barista championships, Wrecking Ball continues to produce outstanding coffee.


Counter Culture

Durham, North CarolinaCoffee: Iridescent, a winter blend with dark chocolate notes, supporting climate change adaptations for farmers

In an industry dominated by investment, Counter Culture remains committed to its wholesale-only approach. They prioritize providing coffee to discerning shops across the country instead of having their own storefronts. Counter Culture has been certified organic since 2002 and actively supports sustainability through programs like Seeds. They have also developed a coffee flavor wheel to help customers explore the diverse flavors in their coffees.

Third Coast Coffee Roasting Company

When it comes to coffee roasting, experience and craftsmanship are key. Third Coast Coffee Roasting Company has been honing their craft for over thirty years. Their flexibility as a roaster allows them to cater to customer preferences, even offering roasted coffee made to order. Third Coast only sources beans from small farms, ensuring quality in every cup.

Their coffee names reflect the regions they come from, with Guatemala being a popular choice. The Guatemalan coffee offers a delightful combination of cinnamon and orange flavors. If you're in Texas, you can find Third Coast Coffee in various grocery stores, restaurants, and locations outside of Austin. They also offer shipping to locations outside of Texas for coffee enthusiasts across the country.

In a world buzzing with coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts, the search for the perfect brew never ceases. Luckily, this curated list of the best coffee roaster brands has got you covered. From the pioneers that paved the way to the cult favorites that have captured hearts and palates, and the up-and-comers making a name for themselves, the choices are endless. Whether you're looking for sustainability, specialty, or a subscription that brings the best beans right to your doorstep, these roasters have it all. So grab your favorite mug and prepare to embark on a journey filled with aroma, flavor, and the perfect cup of joe. Cheers to satisfying your coffee cravings and discovering new favorites among these exceptional brands.

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