The Art of Selecting the Ultimate Low Acid Coffee: Unveiling the Finest Brands and Techniques

Discovering the perfect cup of joe can be a delightful quest, but for those who suffer from acid reflux or sensitive stomachs, it can be a daunting challenge. Luckily, we have unravelled the mystery of finding the best coffee acidity levels. In this article, we will take you on a journey through the world of low acid coffee. From the fascinating origins of shade-grown beans to the surprising benefits of decaffeinated blends, we will explore all the secrets to choosing a truly great low acid coffee. So grab your mug and get ready to embark on a flavorful adventure!

Choosing A Great Low Acid Coffee

If you are looking for more information or guidelines to help you choose a low acid coffee, there are certain qualities that good low acid coffees have in common.

Here are ten tips on how to choose a great low acid coffee:

  1. Choose a lighter roast. Longer roasting times and higher heat produce more quinic acid, which can upset the digestive system.
  2. Opt for Arabica coffee. Arabica beans have less acid than Robusta beans, so look for a blend made entirely from high-quality Arabica beans.
  3. Look for coffee roasted in smaller batches. Ideally, choose coffee that has been roasted right before it is shipped.
  4. Drink coffee fresh. The longer coffee sits, the more quinic acid is released, which can make the stomach sour.
  5. Brew for a moderate length of time. If you prefer a medium-dark roast instead of a golden one, use a French press or Chemex to minimize acidity. Longer brew times can contribute to higher acidity.
  6. Try cold brewing. Cold brew coffee has been shown to have lower acidity compared to hot coffee.
  7. Add non-dairy milk or creamer. These can help reduce acidity in the coffee.
  8. Use a coarse grind. Finely ground coffee exposes more surface area, allowing more acid to be released into the cup. Choose a coarser grind or grind your own beans at home.
  9. Choose beans grown at low elevations. Beans grown at higher altitudes tend to have higher acidity. Also, consider buying fair trade coffee.
  10. Look for organically sourced beans. Certified organic growers use fewer pesticides and their coffee must be non-GMO. Beans from Nicaragua, Brazil, and Ethiopia are good options.

Look for Shade-Grown Coffee

In the past, coffee naturally grew in shaded rainforests. However, as demand increased, farmers started moving coffee plantations into sunny areas to increase production. While this resulted in faster growth, it also increased acidity and created a bitter aftertaste in conventional sun-grown coffee. Shade-grown coffee, on the other hand, is less acidic and grown in a more sustainable way. By growing coffee in the shade, it grows slower but develops a richer flavor and lower acid concentration. Shade-grown coffee also benefits from picking up nutrients from surrounding fruit trees, resulting in higher quality beans with a smoother flavor. Currently, only a small percentage of coffee is shade-grown and organic, but it can be a great choice for those with sensitive stomachs or environmental concerns.

Opt for Darker Roasts

Apart from origin and roast level, the acidity of coffee is also influenced by the roast. Darker roasts tend to be less acidic because the longer roasting time helps reduce the acidity of the beans. However, it's important to note that darker roasts may lose some of the bright and fruity flavors associated with light roasts. Instead, they develop chocolatey and earthy notes that are well-suited for darker roasts. If you prefer low-acid coffee, darker roasts are generally a good choice, but medium blends can also work depending on your personal taste and sensitivity.

Reduce Coffee Acidity with Milk

Milk is high in calcium, which naturally reduces the pH level and acidity of coffee. This method works best with dark roast coffee. Light and medium roast coffees may not blend as well with milk as they have different flavor profiles. Adding milk to your coffee can help reduce acidity for a smoother taste.

Acids are Lower in Decaffeinated Coffee

Decaffeinated coffee has been shown to have lower levels of phenolic acids compared to regular coffee. The decaffeination process reduces the overall acidity in the coffee. There are three main methods for decaffeinating coffee beans: the carbon dioxide method, the direct solvent method, and the Swiss water method. Many people choose decaf coffee either for health reasons or to maintain the flavor they love without the caffeine. Low acid decaf coffee can still be high-quality and provide a great coffee experience.

Robusta Coffee Beans Create a Low Acid Coffee

While Arabica coffee beans are the most popular, not all coffees are made solely from Arabica beans. Many coffee roasters use a blend that includes Robusta beans. Robusta coffee beans are known for creating a low acid coffee because they lack the citrus and phosphoric acid found in Arabica beans. This makes them a recommended choice for individuals with acid reflux. It's worth noting that Robusta beans contain almost double the caffeine compared to Arabica beans.

Cold Brew Coffee Acidity

Cold brew coffee is significantly less acidic than hot coffee, with a reduction of over 60%. The cold brewing process involves steeping coffee grounds in cold or room-temperature water for an extended period, usually 24 hours. This slow extraction method results in fewer acidic compounds being released from the coffee grounds, creating a low acid coffee. Cold brew coffee offers many benefits and its popularity is increasing. To make cold brew coffee, coarsely grind coffee beans, combine them with cold water, let it steep for 8 to 24 hours, filter the coffee, and store it in the refrigerator.

8 Best Brands of Low Acid Coffee

When it comes to low acid coffee, some brands offer better balance and flavor than others. Here are eight brands worth considering:

Golden Ratio

Pros: Golden Ratio offers a range of bold flavors, packaged in organic cotton for easy brewing. It has 5x lower acidity than regular coffee and is ethically sourced.

Cons: Not widely available in physical stores; mainly sold online.

Lifeboost Coffee

Pros: Certified organic with light, medium, and dark roast options. Popular among low acid coffee lovers.

Cons: May be sold out in many places and considered pricey by some reviewers.

Volcanica Coffee

Pros: Offers Costa Rican beans from different farmers and roasters around the world. Customizes roasting based on order.

Cons: Website may be difficult for beginner coffee drinkers to navigate.

Lucy Jo's Coffee Roastery

Pros: Sumatra blend with a nutty and chocolatey flavor. Lowest acid content and certified organic.

Cons: Not all options are low acid, so choose carefully.

Tieman’s Fusion Coffee

Pros: Blend of coffee and tea with added antioxidants. Light texture and unique flavors.

Cons: Can be frequently out of stock and considered on the pricier side.

Puroast Low Acid

Pros: Readily available in physical stores. Dark French roast is well-liked, and beans are roasted the same day they ship.

Cons: Limited variety in flavors and no light roast option.

Java Planet

Pros: Organic coffee with chocolate and nutty notes. Bags indicate roasting dates for freshness.

Cons: Specialized blends may sell out quickly, and some reviewers mention residual acidity.


Other brands worth exploring include Camano Island Coffee Roasters and Trucup Coffee, both offering low acid options.

Remember to choose the brand that suits your taste preferences and sensitivities.

In conclusion, finding the perfect coffee with low acidity levels doesn't have to be a daunting task. By considering shade-grown options, opting for darker roasts, adding milk to your cup, or exploring decaffeinated and robusta beans, you can savor a flavorful and smooth brew without the unwanted acidity. And for those who enjoy a refreshing cold brew, you'll be pleased to know that it boasts significantly lower acidity levels compared to its hot counterparts. So, whether you're a coffee aficionado or simply someone who enjoys a good cup of joe, give these top 8 best brands of low acid coffee a try and revel in the delightful balance of flavors without compromising on quality. Happy brewing!

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