Six Digestive Strategies to Prevent Coffee-Induced Bowel Movements

How To Stop Coffee From Making You Poop

Although drinking coffee in the morning can help you feel more alert, it also has the potential to send you scrambling for the restroom.

For example, if you drink too much coffee and find yourself constantly on the go to the restroom, you may begin to feel out of control.

In time, drinking hot beverages, like coffee, may become a source of anxiety.  

Here, we'll break down the science behind this phenomenon and offer strategies for maintaining a healthy digestive system.  

The first thing you should know is that you are not alone; many people, especially in the morning after drinking coffee, report experiencing a laxative effect.  

Several factors contribute to this phenomenon:

Strength of Caffeine

Coffee's laxative ingredient, caffeine, is found in many other beverages as well.

Even though caffeinated coffee isn't as strong a laxative as what you'd find at the drug store, it can still cause you to have to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning.    

Puts your digestive system on the move

For some, coffee is a peristalsis stimulant.

Muscle contractions in the digestive tract, known as peristalsis, help move food through the intestines and ultimately lead to defecation.  

That's why coffee's aftereffects are totally up to your digestive system. Coffee may have a laxative effect on some people, while others will not.    

Chemicals Found in Coffee Called "Acids"

Apart from caffeine, coffee also contains chlorogenic acids. These acids stimulate gastric acid production and facilitate digestion.  

It can help with gas, but too much of it can lead to IBS.

Cheese, Sweets, and Other Treats

Last but not least, your frequent urination can be attributed to more than just coffee.

Coffee creamers and sugar syrups, while delicious, may contribute to the issue.

Sometimes putting things like milk, cream, and sugar in your coffee can make you feel like you have to poop.    

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Home bathroom toilet

Drinking coffee can cause you to defecate very quickly. If you find the absence of a restroom fee to be a problem, however, you have a few options.  

In most cases, reducing how much coffee you drink is the best course of action. True, coffee consumption is correlated with increased bathroom usage.  

You can lessen the laxative effects of caffeine by consuming less of it. Having less caffeine than coffee, tea can be a better choice for a morning beverage.

If you simply cannot give up coffee, however, try some of these alternatives.    

One of the reasons you have to go to the bathroom soon after drinking coffee is because of the caffeine, which is also the reason why some energy drinks have laxative effects.

By  taking the decaf route coffee , so you can drink coffee in the morning without feeling overstimulated

Nonetheless, regular coffee will have a laxative effect, whereas decaf coffee, while still containing some caffeine, will not.    

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That's a fact, right? Seventy-five percent of all humans is sensitive to lactose Dairy products can trigger diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms in people with this condition. [ 1 ]

However, due to the mild nature of the symptoms, many people are unaware that they are suffering from it. If you're one of those people who gets the runs after drinking coffee, that could be why.    

For a week, try going without milk or creamer to see if it has any effect on your digestion.

Don't put them in your coffee if you want to reduce the number of times you have to use the restroom. You can always try another fox if this one doesn't work.    

Human nature dictates that the majority of bathroom visits occur first thing in the morning.

You may be following your body clock if you use the restroom first thing in the morning; coffee is probably not to blame.  

Avoid your morning cup of coffee and see if you still feel like you have to poop after drinking it. If you answered "yes," then your coffee consumption is unrelated to how often you poop.    

If you drink coffee while hungry, it could be fatal. Coffee causes a strong gastrocolic reflex if consumed without food.

This influences stomach acid and induces bowel movements, prompting an urgent need to use the restroom.  

Some people find that coffee tastes better after they've consumed something slightly more substantial, like bread, fruits, water, or others. , the laxative effect should be less severe    

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Some people may experience a need to defecate after drinking coffee due to the acidity in the beverage. Changing the type of coffee you drink may help alleviate the bowel effects of this beverage.

You should start drinking a low-acid coffee if you're accustomed to drinking a coffee with a high acidity.  

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For instance, low-altitude coffees from countries like Mexico and Brazil are less acidic than those from higher-altitude countries like Indonesia.

They may not taste the same as acidic ones, but they should reduce the frequency with which you need to use the restroom.    

Women Drinking Coffee With Some Sunlight

Many people begin their day with a cup of coffee because they've heard it encourages regular bowel movements.

Moderate coffee consumption is fine, but making coffee your primary bowel movement aid can be harmful.  

Do not try to treat your own constipation if you are feeling sluggish. Instead of guzzling multiple cups of coffee first thing in the morning, you should talk to your doctor about your situation.    

Constipation is a common health problem, and dehydration is a major contributor. Drinking too much coffee can dehydrate you because it is a diuretic.

To maintain a healthy digestive tract, your doctor may suggest you cut back on caffeine and increase your water intake if you suffer from constipation.    

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If you need coffee to defecate regularly, monitoring yourself for negative effects could help you avoid going too far beyond your tolerance level.

If, for instance, you find that you're constantly queasy, anxious, and having trouble sleeping as a result of your consumption, you might want to cut back.    

Finally, caffeine is metabolized differently by each person.

A person with a fast metabolism can get rid of caffeine quickly, while someone with a slow metabolism will have it in their system for longer and be more susceptible to its negative effects. Acute Coronary Syndrome  and  arterial hypertension [ 2  

Coffee's acidity can be irritating to some people. That's why it's possible that consuming low acid coffee (or decaf coffee) can mitigate the laxative effects of regular coffee. In an effort to reduce stomach acid, we recommend these coffee alternatives:  

  • Middle Eastern Arabica Flour  
    Arabica blends, in contrast to their Robusta counterparts, are darker in roast and have a richer, more flavorful taste.

    In addition, it has a low acid content, so it can help you manage your frequent trips to the restroom. In that case, swap out the Robusta ground for some Arabica and see if that helps reduce the frequency with which you have to poop.    
  • Blacker Roasts  
    Richer, more intense roasts possibly have a normal acidity, but less caffeine than most beans

    Caffeine is a contributing factor in your diarrhea, so if you drink coffee on a regular basis, switching to this roast may help.    
  • Any Coffee That Isn't From Ethiopia, Ethiopia, or Ethiopia  
    The acidity of coffee varies depending on its origin.

    Coffees grown at lower altitudes, for instance, are less acidic because they produce fewer acids during cultivation.  

    If you find that you have less of an urge to defecate after consuming coffee made from grounds grown in the aforementioned countries, give those grounds a try.    
shiny coffee beans

Your digestive system plays a role.

For instance, while some people may experience the unpleasant side effect of diarrhea after consuming coffee on an empty stomach, this does not appear to be the case for others.    

There are additional causes of diarrhea besides coffee, such as the milk you put in it.

If you've determined that coffee is what's causing your diarrhea, then the advice given above should help. If you've exhausted all other options, it's time to give up.    

The milk in your coffee can cause diarrhea if you have a dairy allergy or lactose intolerance. Other than that, there shouldn't be any issues.    

If you're feeling constipated, it's fine to drink coffee in moderation. Be cautious about relying on caffeine if you're trying to maintain regular bowel movements, and see a doctor if the problem persists.    

If coffee still gives you diarrhea, it's understandable that you wouldn't give it up.

Still, there is hope; give the aforementioned solutions a shot to see if they alleviate your symptoms.  

Your coffee may be giving your digestive system a boost, but only if the caffeine isn't interfering with your daily routine.    


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