Scooter’s Coffee Drive-Through: Transforming Lebanon's Coffee Scene

Calling all coffee lovers in Lebanon! Get ready to satisfy your caffeine cravings like never before. A new Scooter's Coffee drive-through is coming to town, bringing with it the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and a haven for coffee enthusiasts. Imagine starting your day with a steaming cup of your favorite brew or indulging in a decadent treat during an afternoon pick-me-up. This exciting addition to Lebanon's coffee scene is set to open its doors and revolutionize your coffee experience. So, grab a seat and join us as we delve into the details of this upcoming caffeine paradise.

Lebanon to Welcome New Scooter's Coffee Drive-Through

A new Scooter's Coffee drive-through is set to open in Lebanon, bringing a fresh and convenient option for coffee enthusiasts. Exciting news for the Lebanon community!

Approval of Site Plan for Scooter's Coffee Construction in Lebanon

The city Planning Commission has given the green light to the site plan for the construction of Scooter's Coffee. This approval paves the way for the development of the new coffee shop in Lebanon.

Location and Accessibility of the New Scooter's Coffee Shop

The forthcoming Scooter's Coffee drive-through will be situated on West Main Street, specifically Ohio 63, west of Neil Armstrong Way. Its prime location ensures easy accessibility for customers looking for a quick caffeine fix or a delicious coffee treat.

The shop will be conveniently accessed through the full access point at Big Mike's Gas N Go from West Main Street. Additionally, a small driveway will be available along the property frontage to connect this parcel with another undeveloped one. This thoughtful design ensures smooth traffic flow and accessibility for all patrons.

Development and Expansion Plans by Lebanon Residents

Matt Smith, a resident of Lebanon, along with his wife, is behind the development of the new Scooter's Coffee location. With a desire to serve the Lebanon community, they have been working tirelessly to bring this exciting addition to the area. Their dedication is driven by a passion to provide a much-needed coffee shop in Lebanon, catering to the specific tastes and needs of the local residents.

Moreover, this venture is not limited to Lebanon alone. Smith is also working on opening a Scooter's Coffee on Dixie Highway/Ohio 4 in Fairfield. Additionally, plans are in motion for two more locations in Monroe, Liberty Twp., and Maineville. This expansion demonstrates their commitment to sharing the love of Scooter's Coffee with a wider audience.

Expected Timeline for Construction and Opening of the Coffee Shop

The construction of the new Scooter's Coffee drive-through in Lebanon is anticipated to commence before winter or in early spring of 2024. Smith and his team are diligently working to ensure all preparations are in place for a smooth and efficient construction process.

Once the construction is completed, the coffee shop will open its doors to welcome customers. The anticipated opening hours will be from 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., allowing patrons to start their day with a refreshing cup of Scooter's Coffee or enjoy a delightful evening pick-me-up.

Employment Opportunities and Operational Hours at Scooter's Coffee Lebanon

With the opening of Scooter's Coffee in Lebanon, exciting employment opportunities will become available for the local community. Matt Smith envisions employing approximately 25 to 30 individuals, forming a dedicated and passionate team.

The coffee shop will operate during convenient hours to accommodate the bustling schedules of Lebanon residents. From early morning until evening, Scooter's Coffee will be there to serve customers, satisfying their cravings for exceptional coffee experiences.

Background of Scooter's Coffee and its Growth

Scooter's Coffee is a renowned coffeehouse chain that originated in Bellevue, Nebraska. The company was founded in 1998 by Don and Linda Eckles, who opened their first drive-through coffeehouse in that location. Since then, Scooter's Coffee has gained popularity, delighting coffee lovers with their high-quality products and fast-paced service.

The company's recent milestone includes the opening of its 700th store in Elkhart, Indiana, marking a significant achievement in its expansion endeavors. This growth is a testament to the consistent quality and commitment to customer satisfaction exemplified by Scooter's Coffee.

Embrace the Scooter's Coffee Experience in Lebanon!

As the anticipation builds for the arrival of the new Scooter's Coffee drive-through in Lebanon, it's time to prepare for a coffee adventure like no other. Whether you're a devoted caffeine connoisseur or simply crave a delightful coffee break, this upcoming coffee shop is ready to exceed your expectations. From the carefully crafted beverages to the warm and welcoming atmosphere, Scooter's Coffee invites you to embark on a journey of exceptional flavors and memorable moments. Stay tuned for updates on the construction progress, mark your calendars for the grand opening, and get ready to savor the taste of perfection. Lebanon, get ready to indulge in the Scooter's Coffee experience - it's time to awaken your senses and discover a world of coffee bliss!

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