Revolutionizing the Home Coffee Experience: The Cutting-Edge World of JURA Coffee Machines

Experience the future of coffee brewing at home with JURA, the Swiss brand revolutionizing the way we enjoy our beloved beverage. Imagine savoring barista-crafted coffee without leaving the comfort of your kitchen, indulging in customizable hot and cold brew specialties tailored to your exact preferences. With innovative models like the GIGA 10, Z10, and J8, JURA brings high-pressure brewing, cold extraction processes, and sweet foam functions right to your countertop. Join us on a journey through the world of JURA coffee machines and discover how these cutting-edge devices are redefining coffee enjoyment, one cup at a time.

JURA: Revolutionizing Coffee at Home

Experience the future of home coffee brewing with JURA's innovative coffee machines. These cutting-edge devices bring the pleasures of barista-crafted coffee right to your kitchen. With advanced technologies and high-pressure brewing from freshly ground beans, JURA is transforming the way we enjoy coffee at home.

GIGA 10: Customizable Hot and Cold Brew Specialties

Elevate your coffee experience with the JURA GIGA 10, an extraordinary coffee machine that offers a wide range of customizable hot and cold brew specialties. This model features two whole bean containers and two ceramic disc grinders, ensuring maximum grinding quality for your perfect cup of coffee.

Interactive Touch-Operated Panel

The GIGA 10 is equipped with an interactive touch-operated panel in a wide panorama format, making it incredibly easy to navigate. Simply tap and slide your way through the customization options to create a beverage tailored to your preferences. Adjust the percent of beans ground from each container, choose the desired volume, intensity, coffee-to-milk ratio, and more. With the GIGA 10, the possibilities are endless.

Hot Water for Tea and Americano

Not only does the GIGA 10 excel at brewing coffee, but it also delivers hot water at different temperatures, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of teas or a perfectly balanced Americano. Enjoy the aromas and flavors of your favorite hot beverages with the convenience of the GIGA 10.

Z10: Introducing Cold Brew Specialties

Introducing the JURA Z10, a coffee machine that revolutionizes the world of cold brew. Experience a whole new dimension of coffee enjoyment with JURA's exclusive Cold Extraction Process, which pulses cold water through freshly ground coffee under high pressure.

Refreshing and Energizing Cold Brew

The Z10's Cold Extraction Process results in a refreshing and energizing cold brew with a wonderfully balanced aroma. It takes the concept of iced coffee to a whole new level, providing a unique taste experience that will keep you coming back for more. Say goodbye to ordinary iced coffee and prepare to be amazed by the Z10.

Product Recognizing Grinder (P.R.G.)

The Z10 stands out with its Product Recognizing Grinder (P.R.G.) technology. This intelligent feature recognizes the chosen specialty and adjusts the fineness of the grind accordingly. Whether you're preparing a hot or cold brew, the Z10 ensures precise and instant adjustments for a consistently perfect cup of coffee.

J8: Indulgence with Sweet Foam Function

Indulge in the ultimate coffee experience with the JURA J8. This remarkable coffee machine offers an exclusive Sweet Foam function that adds a hint of syrup to the milk foam for a delightful twist. Create your own Sweet Latte with your choice of flavor, sweetness, and intensity.

Coffee Eye: Smart Cup Sensor

The J8 features JURA's Coffee Eye, a smart cup sensor that detects the positioning of your cup. This intelligent technology automatically adapts the selection of specialties on the display to show the available options. The J8 ensures that every cup is brewed to perfection, personalized just the way you like it.

P.A.G.2 Grinder with Aroma Control

Experience the perfect grind consistency with JURA's P.A.G.2 grinder. Equipped with aroma control, this advanced technology actively monitors the grind, ensuring optimal flavor extraction in every cup. Combined with the eighth-generation brewing unit and the 3D brewing process, the J8 guarantees maximum flavor and satisfaction with each sip.

Advanced Features for Optimal Flavor

Unlock your coffee's true potential with JURA's advanced features, designed to maximize flavor and quality in every cup.

Customization for Individual Preferences

JURA coffee machines allow for extensive customization to suit individual preferences. Adjust the volume, intensity, and ratio of coffee to milk to create your signature drink. With JURA, you have complete control over your coffee experience.

Grind Consistency and Freshly Ground Beans

Enjoy the taste of freshly ground beans with JURA's high-quality ceramic disc grinders. These precision grinders ensure consistent grind fineness, resulting in optimal extraction of flavors from the coffee beans. Start your day with the unbeatable aroma and taste of freshly ground coffee.

Discover the World of JURA Coffee Machines

Explore the wide range of JURA coffee machines and enhance your coffee brewing experience. Visit for more information on their innovative models and the ultimate in coffee enjoyment.

Discover the World of JURA Coffee Machines

With JURA coffee machines, the future of coffee brewing is at your fingertips. The possibilities are endless as you explore the customizable hot and cold brew specialties, indulge in the delightful Sweet Foam function, and experience the wonders of JURA's advanced features. Elevate your coffee brewing experience and unlock the true potential of your favorite beans. Embrace innovation and bring barista-level coffee craftsmanship right into your kitchen. Visit and embark on an extraordinary journey to discover the world of JURA coffee machines. Your perfect cup of coffee awaits.

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