Perfection in Every Cup: Unveiling the Best Coffee Aeropress Techniques and Brands

Are you tired of mediocre coffee that fails to satisfy your taste buds? Say goodbye to subpar brews and hello to the best coffee Aeropress experience you've ever had. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of using the Aeropress Original Coffee and Espresso Maker, introduce you to the ten best Aeropress coffee bean brands in the UK, and provide you with all the necessary ingredients and tools for brewing like a pro. So, get ready to press your perfect cup every time, as we take you on a journey to becoming your own barista and experiencing great coffee on-the-go.

Aeropress Original Coffee and Espresso Maker

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  • Capacity: 10 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.6 x 3.6 x 3.6 inches
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Brew Type: Coffee, espresso, latte, and cold brew
  • Accessories: Tote bag, paper filters, stirrer, and coffee scooper
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Guide For The Best Coffee For Aeropress

In general, many types of coffee can be used with an Aeropress, but for optimal results, it's important to be specific about the coffee you choose.

There are a few key factors to consider, including 

  • Choosing the Right Roast Profile
  • Selecting the Right Coffee Type
  • Ground Coffee vs Coffee Beans
As a general guideline, keep "light", "bright", and "clean" in mind while looking for the best coffee for your Aeropress. 

Choosing the Right Roast Profile

All roast types can work well with the Aeropress since it combines characteristics of both espresso and drip coffee. 

However, in my experience, if you enjoy this brewing style, a light or medium roast tends to complement it the most.

Best Coffee For Aeropress Infograph

If you brew your coffee using the same roast level you typically drink, it may be overpowering for most people. 

When choosing your roast level, consider: 

  • Do you prefer the strong and bold taste of dark coffee?
  • Do you want to experience the unique, subtle flavors of lighter roast beans?
Your answers to these questions will help determine the best roast level for you. However, let's delve into the qualities of each roast profile when brewed with an Aeropress. 

Light Roast 

Light roasts are often considered the best roast type for Aeropress brewing. This brewing method perfectly captures the complex and acidic characteristics as well as fruity flavors of light roasts.

I have written extensively about the best light roast coffee beans here, so feel free to check it out.

Medium Roast

If you enjoy the robust flavor of a dark roast but prefer a slightly sweeter and subtler taste, opt for a medium roast.

A medium roast allows you to experience some of the bean's flavors while still maintaining a solid and dark taste when brewed with an Aeropress. 

If you have the time, you can read my blog post about the best medium roast coffee beans here.

Dark Roast

Ah, dark roasts. Dark-roasted coffee has a dedicated fan base, and for good reason. It offers a unique experience. 

Some coffee lovers appreciate the robust flavor of dark-roasted coffee. However, as mentioned before, brewing a dark roast with an Aeropress can be overpowering, so keep that in mind.

However, dark roasts make an excellent base for creamy coffee beverages like lattes or cappuccinos. They provide the perfect foundation for a well-made milky coffee!

I would also recommend reading my blog post about the best dark roast coffee beans.

Selecting the Right Coffee Type

Choosing the right "coffee type" for your Aeropress can be a bit challenging. The term "coffee type" can encompass various aspects, right? 

Fortunately, I'm drawing on my hands-on experience in the coffee industry to simplify it for you. 

Essentially, the right coffee for your Aeropress refers to: 

  • Type of coffee bean (Arabica vs Robusta)
  • Coffee grade (Specialty vs Commercial)
  • Origin of the coffee beans (certain origins are known for producing balanced and clean cups of coffee)
Coffee Bean Type

Arabica coffee beans are generally considered of higher quality compared to Robusta beans. That's why you'll notice that most brands on my list of the best coffee for Aeropress in the UK use 100% Arabica beans. 

Coffee Grade

For your Aeropress, aim for specialty coffee beans. Lightly roasted specialty coffee beans provide all the flavors needed for an optimal and enjoyable Aeropress brew. 

Remember, the higher the quality of your coffee beans, the better your Aeropress brew will turn out. 

Coffee Bean Origin

The origin of coffee beans affects more than just their flavors. It also determines the cleanliness and balance of your cup of coffee. When it comes to Aeropress brewing, strive for origins that help you achieve a balanced cup!

When I mention "balance" in coffee, I'm referring to achieving a balance between dark smoky and light flavors, acidity and bitter-sweetness, as well as a balance between a rich body and a clean cup. 

Coffee Bean Origin Importance

You can also select the origin based on the flavors you prefer. For example, South and Central American coffee beans offer rich chocolate and nut flavors, while Ethiopian coffee beans are known for their bright, fruity, and floral notes. 

Many other coffee-growing regions offer unique and delicious tasting notes. Choose the ones that align with your preferences after brewing with your Aeropress!

Switch from Ground Coffee to Coffee Beans for Aeropress

If you're a coffee enthusiast, you probably already know the importance of purchasing whole coffee beans to ensure fresh coffee every time. 

The main issue with buying pre-ground coffee is that it tends to lose flavor over time, resulting in less fresh cups of coffee. However, when it comes to Aeropress brewing, there are additional challenges with using ground coffee. 

Ditch Ground Coffee To Buy Coffee Beans For Aeropress

Aeropress requires a specific grind size to extract at the perfect rate. It needs to be finer than drip coffee but coarser than espresso. Thankfully, many coffee grinders offer a specific grind setting for Aeropress - pretty clever, right?

To get it right for Aeropress, you need to grind the coffee beans yourself. However, if you buy pre-ground coffee, it can still taste great, but you may need to experiment with the infusion time of the hot water to achieve the perfect extraction. 

When purchasing coffee beans, pay attention to the grind size. Most coffee companies, like us, offer an "Aeropress grind" option for your convenience when making a purchase.

10 Best Aeropress Coffee Bean Brands in the UK

And now, the moment you've been waiting for! Here is my perfectly-curated list of the best coffee bean brands for Aeropress and the fantastic coffee roasters behind them.

Each bag of coffee on this list brews a unique and delicious cup that you won't be able to resist.

So let's jump right in!

1. Agata Brazil Single Origin

The Agata Brazil Single Origin from Balance Coffee is perfect for concentrated espressos and milk-based beverages. At Balance Coffee, we prioritize your health, which is why we test and monitor our coffee to ensure it's free from any harmful substances. We source our coffee from the top 5% of speciality farms and producers to guarantee the highest quality and support sustainability in the industry. The Agata Brazil Single Origin has a rich taste of dark chocolate, raisins, and lychee that will brighten your morning. Don't just take my word for it, check out the rave customer reviews!

Visit Balance Coffee shop to try out our Agata Brazil Single Origin.

2. Pact Coffee Nyarusiza Gaspard

Pact Coffee's Nyarusiza Gaspard is a light roast that makes some of the best Aeropress coffee. The beans are sourced from Rwanda and can be purchased as whole beans or ground. If you have a grinder at home, I recommend getting the whole beans for a fresher taste. The Nyarusiza Gaspard is loved for its unique tasting notes of blackcurrant, lemon, and hot tea. It's a must-try for any coffee lover!

Visit Pact Coffee to try out their Nyarusiza Gaspard.

3. Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Honduran

Clumsy Goat's Fairtrade Honduran blend is both delicious and ethically sourced. It can be used for concentrated espresso or creamy coffee like lattes and cappuccinos. The beans are sourced from the San Antonia Limitada region of Honduras, supporting around 700 small-scale farmers. This coffee offers a well-rounded flavor profile with balanced acidity and a creamy mouthfeel. The tasting notes of nuts and caramel make it perfect for an Aeropress latte.

Visit Clumsy Goat to try out their Fairtrade Honduran blend.

4. Volcanica Costa Rica Peaberry

Volcanica's Costa Rica Peaberry is available in both pre-ground and ground forms. While I usually recommend whole beans, their ground coffee is perfect for Aeropress brewing. The coffee is bright and sweet, giving you a burst of flavors with every sip. It's great for both espresso shots and drip coffee. If you're looking for a high-quality coffee with a distinctive taste, the Costa Rica Peaberry is a great choice.

Visit Volcanica to try out their Costa Rica Peaberry.

5. Stumptown Coffee Roasters Guatemalan Whole Beans

Stumptown Coffee Roasters are known for their dedication to quality and it shows in their Guatemalan Whole Beans. This medium roast blend offers mouthwatering tasting notes of orange, honey, and butter. When brewed with an Aeropress, you can easily extract the flavors and enjoy a light, acidic cup of coffee. Whether you prefer a zesty orange flavor or a butter-like taste, this coffee has got you covered.

Visit Stumptown Coffee to try out their Guatemalan bourbon.

6. Volcanica Hawaiian Kona Whole Bean Coffee

Volcanica Coffee is a connoisseur in the coffee world, and their Hawaiian Kona Whole Bean Coffee is a testament to their expertise. This blend delivers a perfect combination of traditional and modern flavors. Made from 100% Kona beans sourced from the Greenwell Estate, this medium roast coffee offers a full-bodied yet mellow flavor with undertones of jasmine, citrus, tart cherries, and sweet caramel. It's a pure and fancy coffee that espresso lovers will adore.

Visit Volcanica to try out their Hawaiian Kona.

7. Bird & Wild Seasonal Blend

Bird & Wild is a brand that not only produces great coffee but also has a positive impact on the environment. Their Seasonal Blend is a medium roast that works perfectly with Aeropress brewing. The blend is carefully selected and combined to give a chocolatey taste. Each cup of coffee brewed with this blend will have a rich and smooth taste, with a bright aroma that draws you in. Bird & Wild is committed to sustainability and supports bird conservation efforts.

Visit Bird & Wild to try out their Seasonal Blend.

8. Spiller and Tait Signature Blend

Spiller and Tait's Signature Blend is an award-winning coffee that has gained recognition for its exceptional taste. Roasted in the UK, this blend is made with high-quality Arabica beans sourced from India, Kenya, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Brazil. The coffee has a beautiful aroma and rich, smoky flavors of almonds and caramelized demerara sugar. It's a smooth and satisfying cup of coffee that you can enjoy any time of the day.

Visit Spiller & Tait to try out their Signature Blend.

9. Taylors of Harrogate Rich Italian Coffee

Taylors of Harrogate is a well-known name in the tea and coffee industry, and their Rich Italian Coffee blend is a standout. This medium roast blend produces rich and flavorful coffee with tasting notes of chocolate and almonds. Made from 100% Arabica beans sourced from Latin America and Africa, the coffee is of premium quality and undergoes rigorous quality checks by expert Taylors Q-Graders. It's a coffee that satisfies both your taste buds and your conscience.

Visit Taylors of Harrogate to try out their Rich Italian Coffee.

10. Brown Bear Blue Mountain Blend Ground Coffee

Last but not least, we have the Brown Bear Blue Mountain Blend Ground Coffee. This low-fat and gluten-free blend is perfect for guilt-free indulgence. It's not only one of the best coffee options for Aeropress but also works well with French Press and Cafetiere brewing. The medium roast coffee offers a sweet flavor with undertones of caramel and toffee. Made from 100% Arabica beans sourced from Costa Rica, the coffee is of premium quality and supports bear conservation efforts.

Visit Brown Bear Blue Mountain to try out their Blend Ground Coffee.

The Ingredients & Tools Needed for Brewing with Aeropress

So, you've ordered the best Aeropress coffee and now it's time to brew the perfect cup. To get started, make sure you have all the necessary ingredients and tools. The good news is, they're pretty standard regardless of the brewing method.

Let's break down each of these tools so you know exactly what you'll need.


  • Coffee Beans (Ideally from my top 10 list)
  • Hot water (76.6-96.1°C)

Tools and Equipment:

  • Burr Grinder (check out the best burr coffee grinders)
  • Aeropress scoop
  • Aeropress paddle or spoon
  • Paper or metal Aeropress filters
  • A mug
  • Coffee scale or digital scale
  • Speciality grade coffee

That's all you need to get started with your Aeropress brewing. Now, let's move on to the step-by-step guide in the next section.

How To Brew With Aeropress?

I previously mentioned that there are multiple ways to brew your Aeropress coffee. However, I will provide a rundown of the most basic method, which is the standard Aeropress brewing technique. 

Without further delay, let's dive into it. 

Step 1: Measure Your Coffee 

Using coffee scales, measure around 16-17 grams of coffee beans. If you don't have a scale available, this is roughly equivalent to 2.5 tablespoons or one full Aeropress cup. 

Step 2: Grind Your Coffee Beans 

Use a burr grinder to finely grind your coffee beans. Aim for a medium-fine grind size, similar to what you would use for drip coffee. The texture should resemble table salt. 

You can sift your ground coffee to remove the largest and smallest particles, achieving a balanced grind size. This step is optional if you don't want to bother with it.

Step 3. Prepare and Pre-Heat Your Aeropress

Before using your Aeropress, make sure it is clean from the last use. Place the filter inside the Aeropress cup and rinse it with boiling water to wet it. 

If you're using filter papers, remember to rinse them as well to maintain brew quality.

By washing it with boiling water, you also preheat your Aeropress and coffee mug, allowing your brewed coffee to stay hot for longer. 

Step 4. Ensure Your Water is The Right Temperature

To optimize your brew, use boiling water with a temperature between 76.6 and 96.1°C. You can adjust the temperature as needed. 

Getting the water temperature right is crucial for a high-quality brew. 

Step 5. Add Your Ground Coffee 

Secure the brew chamber on top of your mug and add the ground coffee. Shake it gently to level the coffee grounds.

Step 6. Add Water

Within 10 seconds, add hot water to fill the chamber. While pouring, continue twisting the chamber to ensure even water distribution over the grounds. 

For more technical information about water for coffee, you can view our water for coffee article here.

Step 7. Stir, Plug, and Wait

Briefly stir the coffee slurry using a paddle stirrer or spoon. Then straighten it and pull it up to prevent coffee from passing through the filter.

Insert the Aeropress plunger into the chamber, straighten it, and slightly pull it out to create a vacuum seal. Set your timer for one minute and wait.

Step 8. Stir, Press, and Time

Remove the pressure seal and stir the mixture again. Reinsert the plunger and slowly press it down, aiming for a one-minute plunge.

After hearing a hissing sound, it means there is no more water in the AeroPress to press through, indicating that your coffee is ready.

Be Your Own Barista

Make Cold Brew, Espresso Style, Latte, American

AeroPress posters by: Dominique Nelson-Esch visual designer

Great Coffee On-the-Go

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy delicious coffee wherever they are. Whether you're at home, the office, on the road, or outdoors, AeroPress offers unparalleled convenience and portability.

✔??  AeroPress Go conveniently packs up in its own mug✔??  AeroPress Original is easily packed in a tote bag

Be Your Own Barista

Press Your Perfect Cup, Every Time

AeroPress coffee makers are designed to be portable, convenient, and user-friendly. Think of it as an all-in-one espresso maker, drip coffee maker, and French press! Say goodbye to bitterness and acidity and enjoy rich, flavorful coffee wherever you go.

"I can taste flavors I didn't know existed in coffee."— Kerry K.★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Fast. Clean. Simple.

What I Love About the Aeropress

Without a doubt, AeroPress's main selling point is its low acidity and exceptionally smooth, non-bitter taste. While it may take a few attempts to perfect your desired coffee-to-water ratio, it's easy to master in no time. 

The AeroPress also allows for complete customization of your coffee. It can produce espresso-strength brews naturally, but you can add water to adjust the strength. If you prefer a milder taste, simply add a few ounces of water. Craving a cold brew? Just pour cold water and ice into the coffee. Want a latte? Add your preferred amount of milk. Lately, I've been using foamy oat milk made with my Nespresso machine for a barista-level latte at home. 

Additionally, the AeroPress remains affordable, standing out in an industry that often requires significant investment for this level of coffee quality. It almost feels like a too-good-to-be-true secret. 

In conclusion, the Aeropress Original Coffee and Espresso Maker truly offers an exceptional brewing experience for coffee enthusiasts. With our comprehensive guide for the best coffee for Aeropress, you can explore a variety of delicious beans from the top brands in the UK. Armed with the knowledge of the ingredient and tools needed, you can perfect your brewing technique and become your own barista. Whether you're at home, on-the-go, or simply seeking the convenience of a press-your-own perfect cup every time, the Aeropress is a game-changer. Its compact size and incredible ease of use make it a must-have for coffee lovers. So, embrace the Aeropress and discover the joy of brewing your own exceptional coffee in minutes.

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