Nespresso iced coffee instructions

Cold coffee has a terrible aftertaste, but iced coffee is a tasty and refreshing way to beat the heat. Now, then, what gives That, of course, is debatable and depends on both the coffee and the method of preparation. In this article, I'll demonstrate several methods for preparing iced coffee using Nespresso.

Coffee is brewed the traditional way to make iced coffee, so it's important to pick a good roast. You'll want one that packs a punch and has a lot of flavor to it so that even when it cools down, you can still enjoy it.

You Pick Your Favorite Coffee.

Most people prefer a dark, intense roast of low-acid coffee with a lot of flavor. As such, you might want to use a Nespresso capsule that you wouldn't normally think of for a hot beverage. Use Kazaar, Arpeggio, or Ristretto Nespresso capsules for your daily brew. Interesting options for the Nespresso Vertuo include Stormio and Odacio.

You're free to use whatever coffee you like, but if you're not satisfied with the flavor after using a particular capsule, try something else. The larger Nespresso Vertuo pod machine requires the best capsules, and I have you covered with my guide to the best Nespresso Vertuo capsules.

Nespresso also makes iced coffees that are perfect for serving over ice from its own line. The three Vertuo capsules introduced last year are now available for purchase from the manufacturer.

Light-roasted Brazilian Arabica is used for sweetness in Tropical Coconut Flavor over Ice (230ml), while dark-roasted Ethiopian Arabica provides a more intense texture. The coconut and vanilla notes are strong while brewing, but they fade into the background.

Ice Forte (230ml) is a regular coffee made with a blend of Arabica beans from Colombia and Indonesia, with the latter providing a deeper, woodier, and pepperier flavor profile.

The Ice Leggero (80 ml, double espresso) is a milder coffee option for ice, with less caffeine. Peruvian coffee is used for its darker, cereal undertones, while Ethiopian coffee is added for its brightness.

This year, Nespresso introduced a new drink: Exotic Liminha Over Ice. This capsule makes a drink that is smaller than the'mug-full' size and is ideal for use in a standard glass with ice because it contains only 80 milliliters of espresso. This surprisingly refreshing coffee is flavored with lime and mint. We really enjoy the taste, and the slightly reduced size of the capsule makes it one of our go-to beverages.

There are three different coffees available in the original Nespresso line, and each one is intended to be served as a 40ml shot of espresso. The flavor of Coconut Flavor on Ice is very close to that of the Vertuo version. Here, we use Brazilian medium-roasted beans to create a smoother aftertaste, combine them with Central American medium-roasted beans for a rounded flavor, and top it all off with a refreshing dose of coconut and vanilla.

A blend of Kenyan and Indonesian Java coffee gives Freddo Delicato, a milder iced coffee, a refreshing and slightly sweet flavor.  

The Peruvian coffee (cereal notes) and Indonesian Java (a touch of sweetness) in Freddo Intenso make for a more robust and flavorful brew. The medium-dark roast gives both a touch more bitterness.

Here's the lowdown on iced Vertuo coffee.

Typically, a cup of coffee made with a Vertuo machine will last for significantly longer. The dose is indicated both on the side of the box and the underside of the capsule. Pick a glass (not a mug) that's about twice as big as the drink you want to make so that there's room for the liquid and the ice.  

I used a 500-ml glass to begin making iced coffee with Tropical Coconut Flavor over Ice. Fill it up roughly with ice; six standard cubes should do it, or more if you prefer smaller cubes. Consider your cup size when deciding how much ice to use, and read on for my tips on brewing coffee in a classic Nespresso machine if you use Vertuo espresso capsules.

Then, place the glass where you'll be making your coffee under your Vertuo machine (mine is a Vertuo Next) and pop in your preferred capsule. Just press the button and brew the coffee like normal, except over ice. When there's a lot of ice in the cup, the coffee still brews normally, but it cools quickly because of the ice.

As soon as the coffee has finished brewing, it is ready to be consumed. Wait a few minutes to make sure it's completely cooled down. In most cases, a warmer region at the bottom of the glass will take longer to cool down as the ice rises to the top.

Learn the secret to the perfect Nespresso iced coffee.

Use only espresso capsules (40 ml) with your original Nespresso machine. An ordinary tumbler or an old-fashioned glass works well for serving them over ice.

You should begin with a few ice cubes (three or four is ideal, but more is fine if the cubes are small).  

Throw some ice cubes in a glass, load up your Nespresso machine with your preferred capsule, and enjoy a shot of espresso. It's done when the beverage is cold and ready to be consumed.

If the drink is too strong for your taste, dilute it with some water or cold milk. Don't make the mistake of adding more than about 90 ml of liquid, or your coffee will taste like water instead of coffee.

A guide to preparing iced coffee with a Nespresso Barista.

It's the Nespresso Barista that I turn to most often when I want iced coffee. This machine has a wide range of applications, from brewing hot coffee to churning out iced frappuccinos, but my personal favorite is the Iced Nitro.

A standard Nespresso iced coffee begins with three ice cubes (or about 90g of ice) placed in the Barista's jug, as in the recipe above. Create an extra strong espresso shot and pour it on top.

Though Nespresso suggests sugar for added sweetness, I find that flavored syrup (about 15 ml) to taste works much better, and I wouldn't use sugar with a flavored Nespresso capsule anyway. Then, fill it to the brim with water.  

Nespresso Barista controls

Once you've decided on the Iced Nitro option and pressed the button, the Barista will blend your chosen beverage with syrup or sugar, water, and ice cubes to create a smooth drink that you can pour into a tumbler. A thicker, fuller head means a smoother, more intense coffee experience for you.

Nespresso Barista iced nitro
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