Making Coffee With a Pour-Over Device

You can expect to spend around $3 per day on coffee at your neighborhood cafe. The annual cost comes to $1,080, or per month. Whoa Those delicious-looking muffins, bagels, and quiche slices don't come cheap, and that's before you add in tax and a gratuity. However, if you take the time to learn how to make pour-over coffee at home, you won't miss the coffee shops at all. More than that, you'll be able to save both time and cash.

After working as a barista for over four years, I wholeheartedly endorse this technique. With this recipe, I hope to encourage you to try your hand at making craft coffee in your own kitchen. (If you're a coffee aficionado, you'll love the products we've picked out for amateur baristas.) )

The Definition of Pour-Over Coffee

For a cup of pour-over coffee, hot water is poured directly over coffee grounds in a filter, a process also known as "hand-brewing." The coffee extraction process is completely out of your hands in a standard drip coffee maker, as water is constantly poured over the grounds. For complete control, use the pour-over technique. Believe us, this is the best coffee you'll ever taste.

Exactly why Is Pour-Over Coffee Better?

In contrast to automatic coffee makers, the flavors and oils in pour-over coffee are carefully extracted from the coffee grounds, resulting in a superior flavor. Additionally, you won't need to worry about throwing away an entire pot of coffee if you only need one cup. And trust us, a pour-over is much better than a single-cup coffee maker.

Caffeine-wise, pour-over coffee has more to offer than either drip coffee or cold brew. Caffeine levels in each cup are increased due to the coarser grind and longer brewing time required by this method.

Four pours will be timed and weighed after some preliminary work. Each of these methods of brewing coffee will bring out the absolute best in the beans you use. One serving of this recipe will fit into a regular-sized coffee cup. (If you want more than one cup of coffee in the morning, a French press is the way to go.) )

If you don't get it right the first time, don't fret. The key is to keep trying. Even if your scale readings are slightly off, the coffee you make with a pour-over method will still taste fantastic. Make the most of today and start fresh tomorrow.

As a general rule of thumb, you should use 15 grams of water for every 1 gram of coffee when preparing a cup of pour-over joe. Our recipe calls for:

  • The purified water weighs in at 375 grams per serving.
  • Ground Coffee Weighing 25 Grams


  • The filter stays put in the pour-over coffee dripper while you brew. Numerous sizes and designs exist, but the Hario V60 is a solid entry point.
  • Swanneck Kettle: The swanneck kettle has a curved, narrow neck that allows you to pour your pour-over coffee with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Weighing each pour can be done with a simple food scale and a pour-over brewer. However, since timing each pour is essential, we advise using a pour-over scale with a timer.
  • Coffee filters are a necessity for any pour-over dripper.


The first step is to get the water hot and the coffee grounds ready.

The first step is to bring a kettle of filtered water to a low boil. Measure out 25 grams of coffee beans using a scale while the water heats. (Take a look at the coffee brands that scored highly in our Medium-coarse (rough sand-like) consistency is best for brewing coffee, so use a high-quality burr grinder or this inexpensive Hamilton Beach coffee grinder to break down the beans.

Note from the Editor: If you prefer your coffee ground already, consider the suggestions below.

Second, wet the filter in advance.

Put a filter into your pour-over dripper. Then, with the dripper suspended over the sink, slowly pour boiling water over the filter in a circular motion until the entire thing is wet. It's time for the water to drain. The filter will remain in place throughout the four pours if you wet it first, and your coffee will retain its flavor rather than take on that of the paper.

Third, set up your equipment and weigh your ingredients.

Set the dripper atop your mug (a pretty mug for coffee is totally optional). ) Get your scale ready. The next step is to fill the filter with coffee grounds, just as you would with a full pot. In order to weigh in grams, you must first set up your scale so that it reads zero with all of your gear on top.

Method 4: Add Water

Go ahead and start the clock. Starting in the middle of your coffee grounds, pour boiling water from your kettle in a circular motion, stopping just short of touching the outer edge. Let the coffee slowly pour down. A phenomenon known as "the bloom" occurs when coffee grounds rise to the surface during the initial pour. There will be a larger "bloom" on coffee that has just been roasted.

Start your second pour when the timer has reached approximately 30 seconds. Once more beginning in the middle of the coffee grounds, slowly pour in a spiral motion outward and then back toward the middle. Just give it 30 seconds to settle.

Fifth, allow the water to drain down while you pour.

When the clock reaches the minute and a half mark, slowly pour more water, first outward from the center and then back in. Allow the water level to fall Keep an eye out for any stray coffee grounds as you pour the remaining water in a circular motion. When done, you should have about 340 grams on the scale. It could take a few seconds for the coffee to completely draw down.

When finished, carefully remove the dripper and discard the filter in the compost. Take your mug off the scale with caution. And there you have it, a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Cheers

The editor recommends using a coffee mug warmer to maintain the ideal serving temperature of your pour-over coffee throughout the morning. Alternatively, buy yourself an Ember Mug.

Pour-Over Coffee: How to Make It Perfectly Every Time

Making hand drip coffee photo by hsyncoban/Getty Images

Do you have any recommendations for bean brands that work well in a pour-over coffee maker?

In order to show your support for your neighborhood coffee shop, it is recommended that you purchase freshly roasted coffee beans from them. These eco-friendly coffee companies are worth considering next time you need to pick up a quick snack. Buying from a coffee subscription service is another method of helping small businesses.

How about using pre-ground coffee?

You can, but the flavor of your pour-over will improve if you use freshly ground coffee. Therefore, you should buy a coffee grinder and grind your coffee beans yourself.

Could I still make pour-over coffee without a scale?

Of course About 4 tablespoons of medium-ground coffee to about 1 1/2 cups of water is the recommended ratio. You should try to find a ratio that works for you, but feel free to experiment. A perfect pour-over relies as much on timing as it does on the ratio.

What kind of water can I use to make pour-over coffee, and do I need to use filtered water?

We recommend using filtered water because the water's quality directly impacts the flavor of your coffee. It is preferable to use filtered water, but tap water can be used instead if necessary.

So why is it that my pour-over coffee just doesn't seem to have much flavor?

You can improve the coffee's flavor by grinding the beans more finely if you find that it's too weak. The coffee grounds won't be fully extracted if you brew it too quickly, either. Time it so that it takes exactly 2 minutes and 30 seconds to pour, steep, and serve a full pot.

A coarser grind may be in order if the coffee is tasting too bitter. You can get overly extracted coffee if you brew it for too long, too. Once again, context is key. Find the ideal pour-over by experimenting.

To make pour-over coffee, may I use a Chemex?

Yes You can make a Chemex coffee with this method. Nonetheless, many Chemex pour-over makers can brew enough coffee for three cups or more. Multiply our recipe by the number of cups in your Chemex.

Date First Appearing: April 25, 2022

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