Level up your office game with the top-rated caffeine companions of 2023!

The argument can be made that a workplace can be most enhanced by investing in the best possible coffee machine. The availability of warm beverages easily accessible on one's desk can positively impact one's mood and, therefore, productivity. Furthermore, a coffee run can serve as a much-needed break from computer screens and cogitation. The market boasts an abundance of both personal and large machines designed to supply coffee to the masses, making the selection process a challenge.

That's where we come in. In this list, we present the best coffee machines engineered for office use. These machines rival the benefits of the best ergonomic chairs and standing desks, prioritizing employee satisfaction and workplace harmony. While tech like fax machines, scanners, shredders, copiers, and so on may be necessary, coffee machines carry the most weight in this regard. As a company, TechRadar has tried and tested a variety of bean-to-cup machines, both good and bad.

Since buying commercial and personal machines from the same brand may be more cost-effective, it may be easier to request a quote that suits the office's size rather than buy machines individually. Not all machines on our list are purchasable separately, and some may only be available for business use. Below are the top five machines suitable for both large and small offices. In addition, we have included five other options if the top five aren't suitable.

Our Preferred Office Coffee Machine for 2022

At TechRadar, we invest hours of effort in testing every product and service we review, ensuring that our recommendations are the best. Click here to learn more about our testing process.

(Image credit: Jura)Jura's Giga X line features some of the top-end machines on the market, with the Giga X8c being the most advanced at the moment. This machine can make 32 different kinds of coffee from coffee beans, with an integrated milk system that also provides hot water for those who prefer tea. It can produce up to 200 coffees per day, which makes it ideal for large offices or smaller offices where the demand is high.

You can customize the temperature of the milk and coffee, making it an indulgent experience for caffeine lovers. The touchscreen also lets you choose your perfect cup with ease. However, this machine also has some drawbacks. Firstly, it may be too large and expensive for smaller offices. Secondly, not everyone requires such advanced technology, making it unnecessary to invest in such a high-end machine.

Take a look at the Jura website to see the Giga X8c, a professional coffee machine with a sleek aluminium black design. This machine is perfect for large organizations looking for a high-quality, efficient coffee maker. The Giga X8c has the capability to brew different coffee sizes, ensuring there is no excess or shortfall of coffee.

When it comes to business coffee makers, Keurig offers a variety of options ranging from Small Business to Large Business coffee machines. However, we recommend the Keurig K150 Medium Business option as it provides the versatility of brewing different coffee sizes to cater to individual preferences. This coffee maker is ideal for mid-sized organizations where a large number of workers require a quick brew.

The K150 uses standard-sized coffee pods, meaning everyone can have their preferred blend. Though it has no milk options, you can simply add a jug of milk next to the machine for those who prefer creamy coffee. Plus, the machine has an optional direct water line, making it easy to refill for prolonged use.

While it's important to assess the full Keurig Commercial line to choose the best coffee maker for your office, the K150 offers the most diverse selection. Take a look at the Keurig K150 Medium Business model for an efficient coffee maker option.

Check out the Keurig website for more details on the K150 Medium Business model.

Philips has several coffee machine options that may be just right for you if you want to enjoy more than just black drinks without paying a premium for features you don't need. Choosing one of their Series 3000 models, like the HD8829/01, will get you an espresso, cappuccino, or straight coffee. What sets this model apart is its built-in grinder that allows you to enjoy freshly-ground coffee, something not possible with all machines in this price range. You can also make two drinks at once, which is great for busy households or small offices.

Like most Philips machines, the HD8829/01 has an external milk jug, which may not be ideal if you have a small kitchen counter, but it does eliminate the need for steaming milk manually. Despite its compact size, it's perfect for medium and small offices. If you're looking for a reliable, easy-to-use coffee machine that delivers quality beverages, the HD8829/01 is an excellent choice for you.

Nescafe's Dolce Gusto range features a variety of pod coffee machines ideal for small and busy offices. The Colors Automatic, made by DeLonghi, is a sleek and minimalist machine that blends well with most kitchen decors. It doesn't offer a milk input or multiple coffee types, but its coffee pod-based system allows each user to brew their perfect cup of coffee.

Other Dolce Gusto models have similar features, so if the Colors Automatic isn't your cup of tea, there are plenty of other options to choose from. These pod machines are ideal for those who want to start their day with a quick and effortless coffee fix but don't need the coffee machine to be running constantly throughout the day.

For more information on the Colors Automatic and other Dolce Gusto options, check out their website by clicking here.

(Image credit: Miele)

Looking for a solid coffee machine that can cater to a range of tastes in your office without breaking the bank? Look no further than the Miele CM7550. This mid-sized machine boasts over 20 different drink options, thanks to its external milk jug and built-in bean grinder that allows for the use of decaf or alternate coffee types. This versatility is especially useful for workplaces with varied preferences or non-caffeinated drinkers.

The CM7550 is also a great choice for mid-sized offices, capable of producing two drinks simultaneously. Plus, its durable build and compact size make it a stylish addition to any workspace.

While the external milk jug may require some manual oversight, the mid-range pricing of this Miele model makes it a budget-friendly option that still delivers top-notch performance. Check it out on the Miele website for more info.

Other Office Coffee Machines to Consider

Not all office coffee machines are created equal. When choosing the right one for your workspace, you must take into account ease of use, versatility, and functionality. Complicated machinery or overly-technical equipment can detract from productivity and leave employees frustrated rather than energized.

Additionally, you don't want your office to mimic the offerings of a coffee shop or restaurant since these establishments' machines are geared towards artisanal creations. Typically, office workers want a tasty cup of coffee quickly without the extravagance.

Having a good coffee machine in the office can do wonders for productivity and company morale. Workers appreciate a good cup of coffee and the quick break it offers. However, depending on the size of your workspace and the number of employees, a larger coffee machine may not always be necessary.

When considering renting versus buying, it's important to weigh the short-term versus long-term costs and benefits. Smaller offices or those just starting may find it more financially sustainable to rent a machine rather than commit to a specific model. Conversely, investing in a high-quality machine upfront could prove to be a more cost-effective long-term strategy.

(Image credit: Nespresso)

The office coffee machine is a versatile tool that can provide not only coffee but also decaf coffees, teas, and other hot drinks. Surprisingly enough, coffee machines frequently become the go-to source of drink for office workers, as it provides a more interesting alternative to water while maintaining a healthier profile than constant soft drinks.

When choosing the best office coffee machine for your workspace, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind.

First and foremost, the size of your office is a crucial factor. If you have only a few workers, an expensive, high-capacity machine would be a waste of money and space. Conversely, larger offices require appropriately sized machines to avoid long queues and delays.

The ability level of your workers is the next factor to consider. Espresso machines using ground coffee are usually harder to use than pod-based machines or larger machines with built-in touchscreens. Additionally, machines with wands to steam milk can be difficult for those who are not familiar with them.

A photo of the Nespresso Vertuo Plus

Your preferred input method is also crucial. While pod-based machines are very convenient and able to provide a variety of coffee types, they can be expensive and may not taste as good as freshly ground coffee. Ground coffee can taste great, but it is often manual and can be fiddly to use, making it less appealing for those looking for a quick drink. Top-tier machines can use coffee beans that provide great taste, but all users of the machine must accept using the same type of coffee, and they must frequently refill the beans, making it more expensive for office managers.

Other important factors to consider include the preference for milk or black coffee, the machine's size, and the type of interface preferred. Some models offer touchscreens, while others have button-based systems. Some machines need constant refilling, while others have direct lines to avoid this.

To create our list of the best office coffee machines, we evaluated over 100 models from various large and small brands on the market. Rather than testing all of them, which would be unhealthy, we researched the specs, prices, inputs and outputs, and extra features for each option. A trained barista supervised the research to ensure the value of each option.

Throughout our research, we considered all models from the brands you'll find on this list, as well as many others, ensuring that we covered a variety of coffee machines. From large, expensive devices for large offices or people with a more diverse taste in coffee to smaller pod-based or espresso machines for those seeking a quick boost, we considered all of your options.

Check out the Smeg ECF01 Espresso Coffee Machine for more information.

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