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An intermediate tone between light and bold

What is the correct answer:

A Caffeine levels are higher in darker roasts of coffee because they taste more intense.

B Due to the shorter amount of time that lighter roasts spend in the roasting process, they contain more caffeine than their darker counterparts.

The answer


The caffeine content of whole coffee beans of the same origin, whether roasted to a light, medium, or dark degree, is roughly the same across the board.
The beans and the flavor profile you develop when you roast them are where the real power of the best coffee is found. This is why Death Wish Coffee Medium Roast, along with our OG Dark Roast and Valhalla Java, is The World's Strongest Coffee.

Excellent coffee is only part of the deal. It's a milder variation on our dark roast, but it's still a powerfully stimulating organic coffee with plenty of caffeine. Those in search of high octane in their coffee, but also desiring a smooth experience, will find their match in this blend.

However, how can a medium roast have the same intensity as a dark roast? While we can't give away all of our trade secrets, we can share some coffee lore that not even your snooty neighborhood barista knows.

To What Degree Is Coffee Roasted

A majority of Americans favor a medium roast. More than half of those surveyed in 2020 said medium roast was the type of coffee they drank the day before. In second place was dark roast, with only 15% choosing light roast.

Numerous coffee drinkers favor medium roast because of its mild flavor. It's less "in your face" and more "easy drinking." As a result of the roasting process, the coffee has a more well-rounded flavor with hints of fruit and toasted caramel. Lighter, less acidic, and more nuanced are the characteristics of medium-roasted coffee. After trying it, you can't wait to get another taste and figure out what flavor it is. Dark roasts, on the other hand, tend to be stronger, sweeter, and more uniform in flavor throughout the entire cup.

A comparison between a regular medium roast and a black coffee:

Sensible Roasting Temperature

Beans are a light brown in color.

Oil: None

In the mouth, one experiences nutty and fruity undertones.

PH level: mildly acidic but in equilibrium

In terms of flavor, it is more uniform (imagine plain chocolate ice cream as opposed to chocolate marshmallow with fudge ripple) while also being more assertive.

Moderately Thick

American Roast, Breakfast Roast, City Roast, Regular Roast are all names for the same type of coffee.

Dark Roast

The color of the beans is a deeper brown.

Oil: Some

In terms of flavor, think chocolate.

Slightly more acidic, yet still very drinkable

Flavor profile: more complex, with a wider range of flavors discernible. Vivid and opulent

Substance: Heavier

Famous roasts include the French Roast, Italian Roast, Espresso Roast, Continental Roast, New Orleans Roast, and Spanish Roast.

Steps in Roasting a Meat or Veggie

Medium roast coffee, as you might have guessed, is roasted for less time than dark roast coffee. As an imperfect analogy, think of comparing it to the difference between steaks cooked to medium and those cooked to well done. (Here, "rare" is synonymous with light roasts.) )

However, roasters' work entails far more than simply altering the coffee beans' appearance. A coffee bean's and a brewed cup of coffee's aroma, flavor, acidity, and body are all established during the roasting process.

Beans, like steaks, can be roasted until they're cooked to perfection. The Maillard reaction occurs in the beans as the heat is gradually increased. The bean's sugars and amino acids are reacting at this point. The only thing you need to be concerned about is that this is the first thing to alter the taste. The coffee's final acidity, sweetness, and viscosity are all affected by this reaction.

The next phase, caramelization, occurs when the temperature reaches a certain point. The beans caramelize like onions on a Food Network show, releasing a sweet, nutty aroma and flavor.

There are then the first and second cracks, which occur at different times during the roasting process. As the beans crack and expand, their flavor develops further. The oils inside the bean are released at the second crack.

Whichever point in this process you choose to stop at will determine how dark your coffee will roast. When the first crack appears, the coffee is taken off the heat to prevent over-roasting. Between the first and second crack is when you take out your medium roasts. Moreover, whole beans of coffee are taken out at the second crack for a dark roast. At the end of the roasting process, the beans are cooled, packaged, and sold either as whole beans or as ground coffee.

Discover the World's Darkest Medium Roast Coffee

You won't find our new Death Wish Coffee Medium Roast to taste like any other medium roast coffee. This lighter roast is every bit as robust and silky as our original dark roast.

We are always searching for the best possible coffee beans so that we can create the best possible blend. Benefiting the environment, the farmers, and your health, all of our roasts begin with only USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade coffee beans. We get the Robusta and Arabica beans for the Medium Roast from India, Peru, and Ethiopia.

Robusta beans serve as an alarm clock. Caffeine content is roughly twice that of Arabica beans. The down side to that fantastic shock Some people don't like the bitter aftertaste that Robusta beans sometimes have. Lucky for us, Arabica beans are the tastiest variety. The roasting method determines whether fruity, chocolatey, or caramel flavors are released.

In order to make the new Medium Roast taste more vibrant than our original blend, we roasted it in a different way. Stone fruit, caramel, roasted peanuts, and a velvety dark chocolate finish characterize our Medium Roast. In contrast, the dark roast we offer is bursting with ripe cherry and deep chocolate notes.

However, the end result of either roasting method is a cup of coffee that is mild in acidity but strong in flavor. Both are the most highly caffeinated coffees available. This coffee is twice as potent as the standard brew.

If you enjoy dark roast coffee and are looking for a satisfying medium roast, look no further than our Death Wish Coffee.

  • You want a flavor that will ease you into the day, but has enough of a kick to make the dead get up and smell the coffee, right?
  • Want to switch up their morning brew but keep the same level of caffeine kick?
  • Intent on bringing their pals over to the dark side (Warning: they might start stealing your coffee if you do this.)

If you prefer a milder version of bold coffee, Death Wish Coffee Co. is a good option regardless of your preferred brewing method. guarantees your safety Our new Medium Roast coffee is available in ground, whole bean, or Death Cups, and we can't wait for you to try it.

Find some Medium Roast.

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