La Griglia: Houston's Iconic Restaurant Set to Make a Tantalizing Move

Step into the vibrant world of Houston's culinary scene as one of its iconic restaurants, La Griglia, prepares to embark on an exciting new adventure. With a rich history and a reputation for delivering unparalleled dining experiences, La Griglia is ready to make a move that will shape its future. Prepare to indulge in mouthwatering dishes, discover a revamped menu created by renowned chef Mark Ladner, and explore the stunning new location in the upcoming Harlow District. Get ready to savor extraordinary flavors, embrace timeless elegance, and become a part of the culinary legacy that is La Griglia.

La Griglia Restaurant to Relocate to the Harlow District

La Griglia, one of Houston's most enduring restaurants, has announced its plans to relocate to the Harlow District. This exciting move marks a new chapter for the beloved establishment. Located at the site of the former Nino's and Vincent's spaces, the Harlow District is a dining-focused development that promises to create a vibrant culinary destination.

New Location and Opening Dates

After years of anticipation, La Griglia will open its doors at its new home on 2817 West Dallas St. The restaurant's last day of service at its current location in the River Oaks Shopping Center will be this Saturday, November 4. Mark your calendars because La Griglia will be reopening at the Harlow District on Monday, November 20, ready to welcome both long-time patrons and first-time guests.

A Brief History of La Griglia

La Griglia holds a special place in the hearts of many Houstonians. Founded by the legendary Tony Vallone, the restaurant quickly became an institution in the River Oaks area. Since 2004, it has been part of Landry's Signature Group, showcasing exceptional culinary experiences and providing a warm atmosphere for its patrons.

Chef Mark Ladner Joins La Griglia

To elevate La Griglia's menu and create new culinary delights, Landry's has brought on chef Mark Ladner. Known for his exceptional work at Bar Enza and his James Beard Award-winning stint at Del Posto in New York, Ladner brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to La Griglia's kitchen. With Ladner at the helm, patrons can expect a wonderful fusion of La Griglia's signature dishes and new creations that feature simple, uncomplicated ingredients served with elegance.

Exciting Menu Updates and Inspiration

Under Chef Ladner's guidance, La Griglia's menu will undergo exciting updates while still honoring the restaurant's rich culinary heritage. By blending signature dishes with innovative creations, La Griglia aims to offer a fresh yet familiar dining experience. The inspiration behind these new offerings comes from exceptional ingredients sourced from Italy, which act as a driving force in shaping the menu's vision.

Details on the New Interior

Although specific details and photos of the new interior are limited, patrons can expect a refined and inviting ambiance. Marble and brass finishes, combined with leather surfaces, will undoubtedly create an elegant atmosphere. With seating options available in the main dining room, a dedicated wine room, and an outdoor courtyard, diners will have a variety of spaces to choose from to suit their preferences.

Signature Dishes and Vibrant Atmosphere

Throughout its years of operation, La Griglia has become synonymous with signature dishes and a lively atmosphere. From a well-stocked bread basket to precisely cooked pasta and seafood dishes, the restaurant has catered to the discerning palates of its loyal patrons. The vibrant ambiance, accentuated by colorful murals and the famous Halloween party, has made La Griglia a favorite spot for socialites, politicians, and the see-and-be-seen crowd of Houston.

With its move to the Harlow District, La Griglia looks forward to creating an even more memorable dining experience, blending tradition with innovation while remaining true to its legacy as a Houston staple.

Experience the New Chapter of La Griglia

As La Griglia embarks on this exciting new chapter, Houston's dining scene will witness the birth of a refreshed culinary destination. With its move to the Harlow District, La Griglia promises to deliver exceptional dining experiences that blend tradition with innovation. From the moment you step through the doors, you will be welcomed into a world of tantalizing flavors, impeccable service, and a vibrant ambiance that is uniquely La Griglia. Join us in celebrating this remarkable journey and be a part of the culinary legacy that continues to shape Houston's gastronomic landscape. Indulge, savor, and discover the extraordinary at the new La Griglia.

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