Here are the top rated iced coffee makers of 2023.

On hot summer days, a tall glass of iced coffee is the only thing that can get you through the afternoon lull. However, it's a pricey caffeine habit at over $5 per cup.

Let's bring in the iced coffee that you made yourself. Our rundown of the seven best iced coffee makers will have you whipping up iced coffee drinks like gourmet cold brew and iced caramel frappes in no time.

Here Are 2023's Top 7 Iced Coffee Makers

An excellent cup of coffee, whether you prefer it hot or cold, begins with the best coffee maker for the brew method. The Home Grounds staff put numerous iced coffee makers through their paces during the steamy summer months to compile this list of our top 7. Browse our tasty iced coffee recipes once you've settled on the best iced coffee maker for your needs.

image product details Optimal in Every Way Overall Best Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System Brewing System, Both Hot and Cold, by Ninja
  • 50 oz
  • Metal, ceramic, and plastic
  • Cups of coffee, both hot and cold
Check It Out On Amazon In terms of utility, it is unparalleled. The Most Adaptable Bodum Chambord French Press French Press with Bodum Chambord
  • 34 oz
  • Material: Stainless steel and borosilicate glass
  • Coffee in any form you like it: hot, iced, or cold brew
FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT AMAZON The Supreme Keurig for Iced Coffee Top Keurig Model for Iced Coffee Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker Coffee Maker, Keurig K-Elite
  • 12 oz
  • Synthetic materials, metals
  • Espresso, cappuccino, and coffee on the rocks
WATCH ON AMAZON Choose From the Budget Choose From the Budget Hario V60 Fretta Iced Coffee Brewer Brewer for Iced Coffee: Hario V60 Fretta
  • 23.67 oz
  • Polypropylene and heat-resistant glass
  • A choice of either hot or cold brew
Interested? Here's Your Best Bet: The most cutting-edge The most cutting-edge Finci Express Electric Cold Brew Coffee Maker A Cold Brew Coffee Maker by Finci Express
  • 37 oz
  • Materials: borosilicate glass and plastic
  • ]Cold brew
WATCH ON AMAZON The Finest Old-Fashioned Device for Making Iced Coffee Top-Rated Old-Fashioned Iced Coffee Machine Mr. Coffee Hot and Iced Coffee Maker Mr Espresso Machine with Hot and Iced Water
  • 22 oz
  • N/A
  • Cold brew, regular, or decaf?
READ ON AMAZON Best Drip Coffee Maker for Iced Coffee The Top-Rated Iced Coffee Drip Brewer Yama Glass Cold Brew and Iced Coffee Maker Cool Brew and Iced Coffee Maker, Yama Glass
  • 32 oz
  • Borosilicate glass made by hand, solid wood frame
  • Cold brew
Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

It is without a doubt that the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is our top choice when it comes to iced coffee makers. A large glass carafe of 50 ounces means you can brew just enough for yourself, or enough for the whole family. The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is convenient because it allows you to brew either tea or coffee in a cold method without having to worry about the flavors blending.

The traditional and luxurious hot coffees are easy to understand, but the "Over Ice" and "Cold Brew" options require some explanation. If you select "Over Ice," you'll get a stronger coffee concentrate ideal for making classic iced coffee. Cold brew coffee, on the other hand, is brewed without the use of heat, resulting in a milder, more palatable beverage. For either, ice cubes should be added to the brew pot.

Only this iced coffee maker has a milk frother that stores neatly on the side of the appliance, making it the only one on the list to offer this feature. Pushing a button produces perfectly chilled foam, perfect for topping off your iced latte. There is no longer any need to find space for a separate appliance, making this arrangement ideal for kitchens with limited cabinet space.

At last, Ninja provides a good number of coffee and tea recipes to get you started (1). This drip coffee maker can make a variety of iced coffee drinks, including toasted coconut mocha cold brew and iced London Fog.

Read our in-depth analysis of the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System to find out more.

Bodum Chambord French Press

The Bodum Chambord French Press, which holds 34 ounces of liquid, is the best all-around iced coffee maker because it also produces excellent hot French press coffee and low-temperature cold brew. The frothed milk that you put on top of your coffee, whether it's hot or cold, can be made in this (2).

This classic Bodum Chambord French press is dishwasher safe thanks to its stainless steel spiral plate and filter and borosilicate glass brewing chamber. Everything that has a chrome or matte chrome finish can be washed in the dishwasher.

For a classic iced coffee, brew some coffee in a French press and pour it over ice. The resulting cup has a strong flavor while still being sweet, making it excellent for use in frappes or on its own.

This coffee press is ideal for homes with limited counter space due to its small footprint. With a stature of 9 inches, a width of 5 Once you're done brewing, you can easily store the 5 inch wide device in any cabinet or cupboard.

Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

A single serving of iced coffee can be made in the Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker with ease. We rank it as a top Keurig coffee maker.

Simply inserting a K-Cup, selecting a cup size, and clicking "Over Ice" or "Strong Brew" will produce a delicious cup of hot or iced coffee. Put some ice in your mug, whether it's regular or coffee ice, and select "Over Ice" to make iced coffee. ”

You can make almost any kind of iced coffee you can imagine with over 300 different coffees to pick from (3) There's a tea, coffee, espresso, or cocoa flavor for every preference, from smooth and creamy caramel vanilla cream to bold and salty butter toffee.

When all you want is a simple, flavored iced coffee, this is a great option.

You can always have the best tasting cup with Keurig because it comes with a water filter and notifies you when it's time to descale. Since different coffees are optimally extracted at various temperatures, the K-Elite allows you to set the water temperature anywhere between 187 and 192 degrees Fahrenheit.  

With a 12 Having a 13-inch width and a 7-inch height The K-Elite is a fashionable and adaptable addition to any kitchen countertop thanks to its narrow width (only 1 inch), brushed metal finish, and chrome accents. Check out our comprehensive Keurig K-Elite review for more information on this simple brewer.

Hario V60 Fretta Iced Coffee Brewer

If you're looking for an affordable iced coffee maker, the Hario V60 Fretta could be a great addition to your kitchen. The Hario V60 and the Fretta share a common 02 dripper cone.

However, ridges inside the cone ensure that all of the coffee, including the bottom and sides, is extracted uniformly in this design. Coffee can be cooled without being watered down thanks to the ice insert and polypropylene water distributor.

In general, coffee made with a V60 Fretta is extremely flavorful, clean, and pleasant to drink. Although it lacks the silkiness of a regular cold brew, all of the roast's nuance is still there. This makes the final cup more complex, and if brewed correctly, you can enjoy a refreshingly nuanced cup of cold coffee.

Yummy hot coffee can be brewed in a pour-over style with the Fretta. In this case, however, you wouldn't use the ice insert and instead would brew straight into the glass carafe.

The glass carafe can go straight into the dishwasher after you're done brewing. Clean the remaining parts with a gentle soap and a soft sponge.

Finci Express Electric Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The Finci Express Electric Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a novel solution for those who don't have time to wait 12 hours for a good cold brew.

Put eight heaping tablespoons of medium-ground coffee into the filter for a final product volume of 37 fluid ounces. Put the filter in place, snap shut the lid, fill the machine with water at room temperature, choose your brewing strength, and hit the "Brew" button. In just 5–25 minutes, you can have a cup of chilled coffee that's both refreshing and revitalizing.

Customize the strength of your iced coffee at the Vinci Express. Regular coffee requires 16 hours of brewing time, but a quick brew only takes five minutes. Faster and stronger than the 10-minute medium brew, the medium brew option only takes ten minutes to prepare. The 15-minute "bold" and the 25-minute "extra-bold" options both produce a cold brew that can be diluted with milk or water (4), but the concentrate is only available as a cold brew.

This fast cold brew coffee is made possible by Vinci's patented Circle Flow technology. The Vinci Express, in essence, employs a slow, steady stream of water through the coffee bed to produce a cold brew or concentrate that is perfect on its own or blended into other iced coffee beverages and contains no sediment.

The Vinci Express is a delicious and efficient compromise. The cold brew it produces is rich, sugary, and silky.

After you're done brewing, cover the carafe with the serving lid and refrigerate it for up to ten days. The Vinci Express's self-cleaning function also keeps it free of stale coffee.

Mr. Coffee Hot and Iced Coffee Maker

The Mr. Coffee Classic Iced Coffee Maker is the gold standard. You can't go wrong with this Coffee Hot and Iced Coffee Maker for your daily brew. The included reusable filter allows you to brew six, eight, twelve, or sixteen ounces of hot coffee, and the tumbler allows you to brew a massive twenty-two ounce iced coffee drink.

Why is Mr. Authentic Mr. Coffee® Hot and Iced Coffee Maker. The "Over Ice" setting on this coffee machine is the bomb. After a brief pre-infusion or bloom period, the coffee is brewed steadily into the ice-filled tumbler for three to four minutes (5).

Specifically, we appreciate that Mr. This iced coffee maker comes with a travel mug for your morning brew. Tumblers are great, and the "Ice" and "Water" fill lines eliminate any guesswork. Also, the included two-sided scoop makes it easy to measure out just the right amount of coffee. Everything but the base can go in the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Yama Glass Cold Brew and Iced Coffee Maker

In our opinion, the Yama Glass Cold Brew and Iced Coffee Maker is the best drip iced coffee maker on the market. It's a sight to behold while it makes a tasty cup of iced filter coffee.

This cold brew coffee tower, which is constructed entirely of wood and hand-blown glass, brews 32 ounces of cold brew in three to four hours, as opposed to the standard 12 ounces. To begin cold brewing, place ice and water in the upper chamber. Coffee grounds ground to a medium consistency should be placed in the brewer, and the flow rate can be adjusted using the valve.

12" in width and 25" in height. With a height of 4 inches, this iced coffee maker is not subtle. According to Nossa Familia Coffee's CEO, Augusto Carneiro, if you can squeeze it in, you'll be rewarded with a cold brew that's smoother, sweeter, and lower in acidity than your standard immersion cold brew.

It's not like any other cold brew you've had before; it's crisp, has a pleasant finish, and stands out from the crowd.

I mean, why limit yourself to iced coffee? With some practice, you can also create fragrant iced teas and infused iced alcoholic beverages.

Yama Glass Cold Brew Coffee Maker has more complicated cleaning and maintenance requirements than the other brewers on this list. It's best to wash everything by hand with a gentle detergent and a gentle sponge. Also, immediately after use, make sure the beakers, carafe, and wooden frame are completely dry.  

A Guide to Purchasing an Iced Coffee Machine

What should you consider before purchasing your very first iced coffee maker? Follow along with this buyer's guide as it discusses crucial factors to think about.

types of iced coffee makers

Coffee versus Iced Coffee Cold Brew

Brewers that produce both iced coffee and cold brew are included in this roundup, but these two beverages are not interchangeable.

Coffee is brewed hot and poured over ice to make the classic iced beverage. Because of the water loss from melting ice cubes, it is customarily brewed at a slightly higher strength. Cold brew coffee, on the other hand, is never subjected to water warmer than 74 degrees Fahrenheit because it is brewed at room temperature or below.

This separates the same beans into two distinct categories of flavor. In an article for Barista Magazine, Tobias Anderson (6) claims that traditional iced coffee shares the same complex flavor profile as its hot coffee counterpart.

Brewing up a storm in a flash Filter coffee is brewed over ice to prevent the coffee's nuanced flavors from evaporating.

If you've just purchased some high-quality Ethiopian coffee beans and want to enjoy their delicate floral aroma, the best way to enjoy them is in an iced coffee.

Because of its longer brewing time and cold extraction, cold brew coffee is typically more mild and sweet, with hints of chocolate and nuts. Cold brewing coffee is a good option if you're looking for a low-acid, easy-to-drink cup (7).

Calculating Volume and Storage Potential

Capacity is another important consideration. How many people do you plan on serving with this batch of iced coffee? One person? A small group? A large gathering?

Most coffee drinkers consume more than the six ounces that make up a traditional cup. It's possible that you won't have enough iced coffee for more than a few servings from a 32-ounce coffee brewer.

Which coffee maker capacity is best for you depends on where you plan to keep it when not in use. It's best to have a slim design that can be tucked away in a corner or concealed in a cabinet if you're working with a small kitchen. The best trade-off between cost and storage space is found in a multifunctional coffee maker like the Bodum Chambord.


Next, think about the coffee machine's construction.

A glass coffee maker may not be the safest option if you have young children or pets that like to jump up on counters.

Flavor from borosilicate glass is excellent, but it may not be worth the hassle of replacing broken glassware.

French presses typically have stainless steel carafes, as opposed to the glass carafes that come with many coffee makers. You'll get the same adaptability with these, but they'll last much longer.

There are also plastic alternatives, such as the Keurig and the Gourmia iced coffee maker. However, Keurigs do not come without their share of issues. Although the machines are cheap and long-lasting, some people worry that the plastic parts will leach into the hot brew and ruin their drink.

Beers to Choose From

Last but not least, what kind of beverages do you drink the most of? Is it just an iced coffee maker you're after, or do you have other needs as well?

A coffee maker that can brew over ice will typically also produce hot coffee. However, a machine solely designed to make cold brew will be singular in its function.

Is the morning ritual of brewing coffee akin to meditation, or do you need that iced coffee right now? When time is of the essence, pod-based brewing systems like the Keurig K-Elite are a fantastic option. The Vinci Express or the Yama Glass cold brew coffee tower, on the other hand, are excellent options if you want to take your time enjoying the brewing process.

The Result:

This concludes our list of the top seven iced coffee makers of 2018. Each and every iced coffee lover can find the perfect machine for them, whether they're on the hunt for a cold brew coffee tower, an all-in-one, or a specialized iced coffee maker. The Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System is our top pick because it can brew both hot and cold beverages, is simple to operate, and comes with a milk frother for crafting fancy iced coffee beverages.

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

To make iced coffee, simply brew your regular coffee extra strong and pour it over ice. However, this is simplified by iced coffee makers, which typically have their own settings for making such robust beverages. Creating a stronger cup of coffee with a drip coffee maker requires more than just adding more ground coffee; a slower brew cycle is used to increase extraction.

It's true that investing in a cold brew coffee maker is worthwhile. A cold brew coffee maker is a must-have if you regularly consume large quantities of the beverage. The filters, automated brewing process, and carafes necessary to fully utilize this brewing method are standard on many models. It also allows you to use your French press or Aeropress to make a fresh pot of coffee first thing in the morning.

When making cold brew coffee in an Aeropress, start with 30 grams of coarse coffee grounds, 132 grams of room temperature water, an inverted Aeropress, and a 24-hour steep time. After a full day, carefully invert the Aeropress over a mug, press, and savor your brew.

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