Here Are Our Top Picks for the Best Camping Coffee Makers of 2023

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Morning coffee is one home comfort that is difficult to leave behind, no matter how rough you intend to get or how light you keep your load. There is an abundance of portable coffee makers available for campers who need a caffeine boost, so we put the most popular ones to the test to see which ones are worth including in only the most selective packing lists.

Each brewer was taken straight from the packaging and tested by a group of people with different camping backgrounds and coffee preferences. They discussed the convenience, cleanup, portability, longetivity, and taste of their respective coffee machines.

After multiple adrenaline surges, we decided the Bestargot Titanium French Press was the best camping coffee maker. If you can't live without your espresso, need a lightweight option, or plan to play barista for a large group of campers, look at the other top picks on our list to find the one that's right for you.

Bestargot Titanium Camping French Press

Why We Like It: This multipurpose pot has everything you need to brew the ideal cup of coffee anywhere, from the kitchen to the campfire.

The French press is convenient because it can be taken anywhere, but its small size means that it's not ideal for brewing coffee for a large group.

This compact French press was an instant hit with our reviewers thanks to its versatility, lack of waste, and suitability for use in any climate. Aside from making delicious coffee, the titanium presser can also be used to heat up other foods, making it a versatile addition to any camping kitchen.

One reviewer praised the product, saying, "It does its most important job well — making great coffee — and is lightweight and durable to boot." Even those unfamiliar with using a French press will have no trouble making their coffee. Boiling water is a breeze with the handle across the top, and the engraved measuring marks on the side of the pot make it a breeze to prepare meals. Even if you only have a sinkful of water, you can easily clean the 3-cup cylinder and the plunger.

The Bestargot French press passed all of our durability tests with flying colors, is compact and lightweight enough for backpacking trips, and has a lid that keeps liquids toasty on chilly days. The handles' form is ergonomic, and they collapse for storage or transport. The press is ideal for eco-conscious campers because it eliminates the need for paper disposables by employing a stainless steel filter.

Current retail price is .

Specifics: Three Cups | Seven 7 oz. | 3 94 x 4 Immersion depth of 33 inches

Tamara Staples, Travel & Leisure

Sea to Summit X-Brew Collapsible Camping Coffee Dripper with Reusable Steel Filter

We adore it because it is compact, light, and simple to operate, but its high-quality construction and design are not compromised in any way.

Note that the X-brew only has a two-cup capacity for brewing coffee.

The simple, compact, and ultra-lightweight dripper from Sea to Summit received a perfect score from our testers. The lightweight and compact pour-over coffee maker requires no assembly. 9 ounces One happy camper, quoting Travel Leisure, exclaimed, "I love that it collapses and has a fairly small diameter." "It stows away neatly in all the compartments of my duffel bag, too." If you want to keep your camping chores to a minimum, the simple brewing process (just put the grounds in the dripper and pour water over them) is ideal. Moreover, the cleanup You can spend more time relaxing by the fire or going on an outdoor adventure because cleaning the dripper only takes a few seconds. If you're worried about the X-brew breaking in transit, which is entirely possible if you're planning on traversing rough terrain, you can relax.

Sea to Summit's dripper produced full, flavorful cups that impressed even those who typically favor steel coffee makers. The silicone used in its construction makes it impervious to chemical contamination and leakage even at very high temperatures (from well below freezing to 440 degrees Fahrenheit). The stainless steel mesh filter that comes with the dripper prevents waste buildup, but you can also use paper filters if you prefer.

$15 as of this writing.

Specifics: 2 servings | 2 cups 9 ounces | 3 by 4 The folded size is 4.5 x 4.5 inches. Pour-over | 8-inch

Tamara Staples's Travel and Leisure Magazine

Stanley Boil and Brew Camping French Press

We like it because the strain is uniform and the plunger can be removed quickly and easily for boiling.

What to Keep in Mind: When pouring coffee out, some testers noticed the lid leaked from the rim.

It's not just because it makes excellent coffee without the use of ground beans that this sturdy French press is a worthy addition to your camping gear. The foldable handle helps to save space, and the pot's 4-cup capacity makes it a smart addition to your cooking arsenal, but its size is still noticeable when compared to other items in your backpack. The stainless steel construction is safe for direct fire heating and will last for many camping trips. The insulated construction and the detachable lid make it possible to enjoy hot or cold beverages without losing their quality. An impartial reviewer concluded, "It is useful for those who are searching for a camping or backpacking press." It's also pretty neat that it can be used in a variety of settings, including at home, while car camping, and while backpacking. "

The three-part nesting design made cleanup and brewing a breeze. The fact that T L's group of campers could easily adjust the coffee's strength made the press a hit. You won't be adding to trash cans or wasting paper filters by using this or any of the other French presses on our list.

Current price ($23 as of this writing)

Specifics: Fourteen ounces (cups) 88 oz. | 4 3 x 4 3 x 7 Immersion depth of 6 inches

  • Stanley Boil and Brew French Press

    Vacations and Travel with Tamara Staples

  • Stanley Boil and Brew French Press

    Vacations and Trips / Conor Ralph

  • Stanley Boil and Brew French Press

    Conor Ralph's Travel and Leisure

GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip Coffee Maker

Why We Like It: In our testing, this compact but powerful dripper consistently produced delicious cups of coffee.

The brewing system has a small capacity and isn't as spill-proof as some of the alternatives.

The GSI Mug Top is the most compact and inexpensive coffee accessory on our list. The GSI coffee maker's minimalist design consists of a nylon filter and clip-on legs that can accommodate a variety of beverage containers, from wide-mouthed thermoses to skinny water bottles. The polypropylene legs may look fragile at first glance, but they passed our durability test with flying colors when we repeatedly clipped them on and off our cups. This coffee maker is a single unit, and its legs fold up to make it even more space-efficient when not in use.

Once the water has boiled, the pour-over method makes coffee in record time. Extra grounds are easily removed from the filter by giving it a quick rinse.

As of this writing, the cost is $11.

This is how much you need: 1 cup, 4 ounces, 4 2 x 4 2 x 0 Brew Height: 5" | Pour-Over

Tamara Staples, Travel & Leisure

OXO Brew Venture French Press

The French press from OXO is practically indestructible, so it's a favorite.

You should know that it requires a lot of room in your backpack.

This glass beaker filter brews enough coffee for eight cups and features a slotted spout for improved filtration. Clear, shatter-resistant Tritan plastic is used for the main body of the pot, while silicone is used for the user-friendly handle, gasket for the easily operable plunger, and lid. The materials can't be heated directly over an open flame, but in a busy kitchen, the cylinder won't have to get quite as hot as one made of steel. There is a window on the front cover so you can see how much water and coffee you have left. It wasn't hard to clean, but it's more work than some of the other coffee makers we looked at because of all the parts.

Cost as of publication: $26

Eight Cups | Fifteen Weight: 0.2 ounces Dimensions: 7.0 x 7.0 x 9.0 use: submersion

Leisure and Travel by Conor Ralph

Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker

This moka pot has been adored by coffee aficionados for almost 90 years because it produces delicious beverages.

It's not as good for brewing over open flame as some of the other French presses on our list, so keep that in mind.

Since its introduction to the European coffee scene in 1933, the Bialetti Moka Pot has been a fan favorite, and our tasters couldn't stop raving about the exquisite flavor it produced. Even though you might expect such a beloved brew to require a delicate machine, the moka pot passed our durability test with flying colors. (No one wants their outdoor enjoyment ruined by a broken pot.) It's also easy to rinse off and doesn't need soap to be cleaned.

Due to its size and nuanced heating requirements, it is better suited for opulent outdoor getaways than rigorous backcountry excursions. The 11-cup model is lighter than the 6- and 9-cup models, but if you need a larger capacity, the 6- and 9-cup models are the way to go. The 2-ounce, 1-cup version is just the right size. For the best possible, world-famous Bialetti flavor, we advise bringing a portable stove along on your camping trip rather than just relying on the campfire.

Currently $44 (as of publication)

Specifics: 112 to 13 cups ounces to ounces Weight: 75 lb. | Sizes: 4, Percolator Type:

Tamara Staples's Travel and Leisure Magazine

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

The coffee made in an AeroPress is delicious, versatile, and comes in large batches, which is why we recommend it.

What to Keep in Mind While the Aeropress can make coffee with a strong, full flavor, it is not an espresso machine.

The AeroPress is a great coffee brewing tool because it can be used for multiple purposes, lasts a long time, weighs very little, and is simple to clean. You can alter the ratios to make a variety of espresso-style shots, or you can go for the more classic flavor of drip or pressed coffee. True espresso, as any fan of the Italian method knows, is prepared by rapidly pumping very hot water through finely ground coffee beans, so true believers in the Italian style need to use a different maker (more on that later) to get their fix. One of our espresso lovers did, however, conclude that the rich flavor this versatile press achieves would satisfy all but the "biggest espresso snobs."

Campers may find it helpful to leave behind the included stirrer, funnel, filter stand, scooper, and carrying bag in favor of more essential and versatile camping tools. We'd like to see a reusable paper filter option instead of the paper filters that come with the package.

As of this writing, the price is $32.

What You Need to Know: 3 Cups | 1 Pound | 4 22 x 4 22 x 5 a depth of 26 inches

Tamara Staples's Vacations and Weekend Getaways

We put 18 of the best portable coffee makers to the test, evaluating how they fared in terms of flavor, convenience, portability, durability, and cleanup. Manufacturers' assembly and operating instructions were included with each test instrument.

We evaluated the efficiency of the brewing process, the clarity and intuitiveness of the instructions, and the presence or absence of all required components in the product packaging. To get our preferred coffee strength, we brewed maximum-capacity batches. After tasting the brew, we applied the same criteria that we use with our regular coffee makers at home. We rated based on the frequency and severity of issues like clogging, spilling, and user confusion. Participants were given biodegradable soap, a dish towel, a collapsible sink, and no more than 32 ounces of water—basic cleaning supplies found at most drive-up campgrounds in the United States. We noted how simple it was to wash and dry each component of the coffee makers.

Conor Ralph's Travel and Temptation

We then packed our standard camping gear into our backpacks and tried to see if the coffee maker would fit inside. If it was too bulky, heavy, or awkward, we would have to leave it at home. We went for a walk while carrying the packs on our backs to see if the coffee makers were too bulky or heavy to be comfortably carried around.

To ensure that the coffee makers would survive even the roughest camping trips, we dropped them three times from a ladder while they were still in the backpacks. After each drop, we meticulously noted the extent of the damage, taking into account whether the marks were merely cosmetic or would have an actual functional impact on the device.

Conor Ralph's Travel and Temptation

After putting the coffee makers through their paces in our New York City lab, we sent them out into the wild to see how they fared over the course of several months. Our survey results are continuously revised as more data is collected from campers.

Although they did not make our top picks, five of the 18 coffee makers we researched and tested had impressive features that set them apart from the competition.

Authentic espresso can be made anywhere with the help of the Wacaou Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker, a true hidden gem. Despite the tasty shots, the product did poorly in the durability test and had a steep learning curve, small servings, and a small number of pieces, all of which made it a poor choice for serious outdoor excursions.

The JetBoil Flash Java Kit Cooking System is our top pick because it is the only option on this list that includes its own heating source, folds up compactly, and can produce 1 liter of coffee at once. However, it's the priciest maker we looked at, and we didn't think the hassle of cleaning it or the lackluster coffee it produced were worth it.

While we were huge fans of Stanley's French press, their clumsy Adventure Cool Grip Percolator isn't great for campers who value portability and ease of use.

The GSI Outdoors Java Press was easy to use and had clear instructions, but the nylon-wrapped cozy was a pain to clean and dry. The quality of the coffee made with the other French presses we tested was higher.

The MSR Mugmate Coffee/Tea Filter, like the other pour overs we tried, is incredibly long-lasting and incredibly simple to use; however, we did not choose it as a winner because its rigid rim does not fit many mugs and the flavor did not make up for the loss of convenience.

Recreation and Travel / Conor Ralph

Start your hike or workday with a cup of coffee from your new coffee maker. Some brewers are better suited for either coarse or more finely ground beans, so it's important to make sure the brewer works with your other coffee accessories and filters without any issues. You won't want to find out you need something for proper operation or cleaning after you've gone off the grid, so make sure all the crucial pieces fit in your packing plan ahead of time.

Even though larger brewers are bulkier and heavier, they may be worth bringing if many people will be relying on the maker for their morning coffee. Small-capacity pour-overs are the most portable option.

You should only bring a pour-over without a boiling pot if you plan to bring another container to heat water anyway. Choose a stainless steel item with multiple handles, a large capacity, and measuring marks if you need a pot to reheat soups and other foods.

Questions That We Get A Lot
  • How do you make coffee in the outdoors?

    The ability to boil water is crucial for making coffee while camping. Making coffee while camping isn't hard as long as you know you'll have access to hot water. If you're in a hurry to pack up camp, a pour-over travel mug or a portable French press could come in handy because they allow you to brew coffee without wasting too much time.

  • How coarsely should I grind my coffee beans?

    The coffee grinder you use is only one factor in determining the size of your coffee grinds; personal preference also plays a role. A medium grind is a good place to begin with most coffee makers, and you can always fine-tune from there. If you want to avoid sour or bitter coffee and have the grounds not fall into your mug, read the manual for your coffee maker.

Lydia Price, the commerce editor, has been camping since she was a baby, and she drinks coffee every day. In order to write this piece, she participated in a group of testers who convened in our New York City lab to evaluate 18 of the most popular handheld and camping-oriented coffee makers on the market.

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