Here Are Our Top Picks For The Year 2023's Best Dual Coffee Makers


Our Favorites

  • Extremely flexible

  • A dual brewer with a small footprint

  • Facilitated use

  • Complete online resource for cooking

The Things That Bug Us

  • Just a weak frother.

To simply refer to the Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System as a "dual" coffee maker is to do it a disservice. This machine has six options, including a single-cup option (9), rather than just two. 5 ounces), a 14 ounce travel mug, and a carafe that holds up to 10 servings. (A standard "cup" of coffee is 5 ounces, so this carafe holds 50 ounces of liquid.) )

Beyond your standard cup of drip coffee, it can also brew a wide variety of other beverages. The cold brew function modifies the brewing time and temperature to produce a more flavorful and invigorating drink. Instead of letting the grounds steep for an entire day in a traditional cold brew maker, you can brew an entire pot in just 15 minutes. Keep in mind that Ninja suggests you increase the amount of coffee grounds you use in a cold brew by one scoop.

Additionally, a detachable milk frother makes lattes and cappuccinos possible. Even though its frother isn't as strong as those found in more expensive espresso machines, it still does the job. Tea lovers can use the Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System as well. There's a dedicated filter for loose tea leaves, and the machine can be set to dispense water at the optimal temperature for any of five different types of tea.

Price is reasonable thinking about how useful, easy to use, and durable the product is. It's more space-efficient than other dual coffee makers because all beverages are prepared using a single shower head.

Currently, the price is $200.

Size (inches): 11 | Volume (in ounces): 50 Dimensions: 8 x 10 x 15 inches; Power: 1,500 watts; Current: 120 volts; Guarantee Period: 1 Year

Hamilton Beach 49980 2-Way Coffee Maker with 12 Cup Carafe & Pod Brewing

Our Favorites

  • Economic efficiency

  • It's simple to use

  • Totally reversible programmability

Disliked Features

  • There are no removable water tanks.

The low cost of this two-way brewer makes every cup of coffee that much more enjoyable, especially considering that dual coffee makers are typically more expensive than regular drip machines. The machine has a 12-cup glass pot on one side and a 14-ounce single-serve pot on the other. Each side can be pre-set up to 24 hours in advance, allowing for freshly brewed coffee to be ready each morning. The individual serving side is perfect for a speedy cup at home, and there's even room for a to-go mug before work. Despite the travel mug being shown in the product photos, it does not come with this machine.

Each side has its own water tank, but you can't empty them. While this is standard for drip coffee makers, it's something to keep in mind if you plan to store your machine under your kitchen cabinets.

A front-mounted dial allows you to select between a single serving and a full carafe. There's also a button for a bolder brew, which boosts the coffee's aroma, flavor, and body. Overall, it's a very simple device to operate.

As of this writing, the price is .

Size (inches): 11 | Volume (in ounces): 60 08 x 12 23 x 13 Size: 9 inches | Power: 950 watts | Operates on: 110-120 volts | Limited Warranty: 12 months

Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker

Things We Dig

  • Facilitated use

  • Accepts both ground coffee and K-cups.

  • Calmly simmering

Disliked Features

  • The carafe can't go in the dishwasher.

  • Not the best buy for your buck

Some Keurig models, such as the K-Duo Plus, now include full-sized coffee pots, whereas in the past they could only brew a single cup at a time. A 12-cup thermal carafe is included in addition to Keurig's standard single-serve brewing with K-Cups or reusable K-Cups. You can load the machine with freshly ground coffee via the front-facing filter.

We put twenty different Keurig models to the test, and the K-Duo Plus produced some of the most flavorful and robust coffee. It's not quite as strong or thick as what you'd get from a high-quality drip coffee maker, but it's still delicious. Additionally, we discovered that the insulated carafe kept the coffee hot for a long time. For a full pot, select between 6 and 12 cups; for a single serving, select between 6 and 12 ounces.

We tested both of Keurig's other carafe-equipped models—the K-Duo and the K-Duo Essentials—but ultimately decided that the K-Duo Plus was the best option due to its superior brew quality and compact footprint. When compared to other options on this list, its higher price may not be justified by the quality of the coffee you receive. The K-Duo Plus, like other Keurig models, has the advantage of being extremely simple to operate.

As of this writing, the price is $230.

Will Dickey, The Spruce Eats

Size (in inches): 15 | Volume (in ounces): 60 88 x 7 68 x 14 Size:19 inches | Power:1,500 watts | Current:120 volts | Guarantee:1 year

Analyzing the Takeaway

"This is the most solidly constructed Keurig coffee maker I've tried." Everything about it, from the sleek design to the reassuringly sturdy construction of the included nesting pieces, gives off an air of high quality. "

Breville Precision Brewer Coffee Maker

Things We Dig

  • Produces delicious coffee

  • Numerous modifiable options

  • Clever layout

  • Produces flavorful, potent cold coffee.

The Things That Bug Us

  • Slow buildup

  • Possible learning curve for LCD screen

When designing the Precision Brewer, Breville thought of nearly everything a coffee connoisseur could want. The My Brew mode, one of six available brewing options, provides exceptional customization for each individual cup of coffee. Adjusting the brew time, temperature, and water pressure are all possible. The other options are "Cold Brew," "Gold," "Fast," and "Strong." The default gold setting is in accordance with the Specialty Coffee Association's Golden Cup Standard for a perfect cup of coffee. Not to mention the convenience of single-serve brewing that this machine provides.

From our own experimentation, we can attest that the item is effective across the board and yields delicious outcomes. A dial beneath an LCD screen allows for fine-tuning of all settings. The Breville Precision Brewer was recommended to us by Allie Caran, the Product Manager at BaristaValet. She praised the coffee machine, saying, "I like that it can adjust everything." It brews in about five minutes, and it has two buttons that let you make cold brew or make coffee stronger. Although the two-button interface and extensive list of brewing options may seem overwhelming at first, we soon found our rhythm with them.

Both a glass and a thermal carafe, each holding 60 ounces, are available when you buy a Breville Precision Brewer. The price difference between thermal and non-thermal is negligible when considering the overall cost of the product. In our own testing, we found that the thermal model provided very good heat retention. The brewer comes with an extended two-year warranty, giving you some peace of mind despite the high price.

As of this writing, the price is $330.

Author(s): Cheyenne Elwell, The Spruce Eats

60 ounce capacity | 12 in height 7 x 6 7 x 15 7 inches | 1,650 watts | volts | limited 2-year warranty

Checking Understanding

This is the coffee maker to get if you want a lot of bells and whistles. It's capable of producing single and multiple servings, as well as iced coffee and cold brew. Product Analyst Cheyenne Elwell

Things We Dig

  • Prepares a wide range of coffee beverages

  • Heavy-duty steamer wand

  • Contemporary polish

  • Usage is a breeze

Disliked Features

This dual brewer can produce delicious espresso shots in place of traditional single-serve drip coffee. The built-in steam wand makes it even more adaptable than a regular two-way coffee maker, allowing for the creation of frothy milk beverages such as lattes and cappuccinos. We put the De'Longhi Coffee and Espresso Maker through its paces and discovered that its steam wand heats up rapidly and creates frothy milk on par with that of more expensive espresso machines. You can use the steam wand to create a thicker foam for lattes or a lighter, frothier milk for cappuccinos.

You can make an Americano, which is the closest you can get to drip coffee with an espresso machine, or you can make either one of these. It has a glass carafe that holds 10 cups and produces a potent coffee. Users can brew both espresso and drip coffee simultaneously, saving time for the caffeine-crazed who want to pull a "red eye" by not having to wait for side one to finish. We were pleased to find that there weren't many stray coffee grounds stuck in the machine after brewing was complete; however, the drip tray can overfill quickly and will need to be emptied on a regular basis.

De'Longhi has updated their lineup of coffee and espresso makers with the COM532. One of the most notable improvements is the digital touchscreen, which also contributes to a slight price increase when compared to the other models.

Cost as of publication: $320

Vicky Wasik's The Spruce Eats.

Ten Cup Capacity | Eleven Inch Height 02 x 14 52 x 12 79 inches | 1,500 watts | 115 volts | 1 year guarantee

Checking Understanding

This coffee maker is perfect for almost any household because of its large 10-cup carafe. Its exceptional milk texturing for cappuccino lovers, however, sets it apart from the competition. "

Braun MultiServe KF9170SI Coffee Maker

Things We Dig

  • Various brew sizes and strengths

  • With a detachable water tank,

  • Tea-ready steaming water dispenser.

  • Room for a mug on the go.

Disliked Features

  • It's a pain to manually clean the carafe.

  • Pricey, but fair

The quality of a coffee maker can be evaluated in several ways. Questions can be as superficial as "does it look nice in the kitchen?" or "how easy is it to use?" or "how effective is the brewing system?" The Braun MultiServe is a great home coffee maker because it excels in all of these categories. It has a sleek, contemporary design, simple controls, and can produce a wide range of tasty beverages.

You can choose from seven different sizes, from single-serve to full-pot. Travel mugs can also fit in the brewing area. There's a setting for iced coffee, and you can adjust the strength to make it iced or regular. The KF9170SI is our top pick over other models in the Braun MultiServe Coffee Maker line because it can brew coffee at six different temperatures and dispense hot water for tea at six different temperatures. This, like every other Braun MultiServe coffee maker, is more expensive than your standard drip coffee maker, but not by a huge margin. They are also backed by a three-year guarantee.

The Braun MultiServe has also been awarded the prestigious Golden Cup Seal of Approval from the Specialty Coffee Association. This guarantees that the coffee was brewed at the ideal time, temperature, and solubility (how much coffee was extracted into the cup) during the testing process. Peter Giuliano, the Chief Research Officer at the Specialty Coffee Association, was consulted regarding the Golden Cup Standard, and he said, "Our standard is that a machine has to get to 195 to 205 degrees within one minute of turning it on." , where it should remain for the duration of the brewing process. That's trickier than you'd think. "

As of this writing, the price is $230.

50 ounce capacity | 7 inch height Size: 1 by 13 by 15 inches; Power: 1,600 watts; Input: 120 volts; Guarantee Period: Three Years

Cuisinart SS-GB1 Coffee Center Grind & Brew Plus

Our Favorites

  • Use with a K-Cup

  • Capacity: 12 cups

  • Programmable

  • Extended guarantee

Disliked Features

  • Sharpening blades

  • Rumbling noises

The Cuisinart Coffee Center Grind and Brew Plus is a versatile machine that can make a full pot of coffee from freshly ground beans or a single serving from a K-Cup. The carafe has enough coffee for a large family, as it can hold up to 12 cups. We found that the machine brews slightly slower than average, taking nine minutes for a full pot, when we put it through our paces. Coffee brews to a perfect 188 degrees and has a robust flavor in both the carafe and individual servings.

The lack of a burr grinder is the primary criticism leveled at this device. The latter is generally favored over blade grinders because it grinds more uniformly and with less heat and friction. The grinder was also rather noisy, as is often the case with steel blades, in our opinion. The Grind and Brew Plus, being a dual brewer with a built-in grinder, offers excellent value for the money. A blade grinder has the advantage of being much cheaper.

The design is on the bulky side, but that makes sense given the presence of the grinder. However, the removable drip tray on the single-serve side makes up for its height, allowing for the use of larger travel mugs. One cup can be brewed in sizes of 8, 10, or 12 ounces.

As of this writing, the price is $230.

Written by Russell Kilgore, The Spruce Eats

Size (inches): 10 | Volume (in ounces): 60 75 x 11 73 x 15 Size: 93 inches | Power: 1,100 watts | Power Supply: 120 volts | Limited Warranty: 3 years

Checking Understanding

It's hassle-free to use because it does everything for you, from grinding to brewing. In general, it makes tasty coffee that tastes freshly ground. "

Judgment Reached

The Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System is our go-to Dual Coffee Maker because it produces drinks of varying temperatures and tastes great every time. It's not too expensive, but the Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer is an even better deal.

Each coffee machine on this list has been thoroughly evaluated, either at the homes of our reviewers or in our laboratory alongside numerous other models. We evaluate important factors like brewing time and temperature, coffee quality, ease of use, and more to give you the most useful and accurate information possible about a coffee maker. For each product we review, our writers give specific reasons for and against recommending it to readers.

Having a dual coffee maker means you can make anything from a single cup to an entire pot. Additionally, they probably make more than just drip coffee. Many two-in-one coffee makers, for instance, can brew both drip coffee and espresso. Coffee that is brewed specifically to be served cold is one alternative. You probably want a dual coffee maker because you like having the flexibility to choose between two different sized cups. Check the options available on these normally adaptable machines.

Dual coffee makers are typically larger than single-cup coffee makers because they combine two appliances into one. They can be nearly twice as wide as regular coffee makers because many of them have a dual design consisting of a coffee pot on one side and a single-serve section on the other. If you're concerned about the amount of counter space a dual coffee maker will take up, it's a good idea to check the product dimensions before making a purchase.

Most single-cup coffee makers use pods, like Keurig's K-Cups or Nespresso capsules, to brew the coffee. Meanwhile, freshly ground coffee beans are required for a full pot of drip coffee. You can probably find a dual brewer that has a single-serve setting that works with coffee pods if that's your preference. If you don't have a strong preference, you can choose from a wider variety of dual coffee makers.

Isaac Nunn. The Spruce Eats.

If your coffee maker doesn't specify a grind size, a medium grind is ideal. It provides the right amount of flavor for coffee without making it too watery or too bitter. If you use reusable coffee pods for single cups, you can also stick with a medium grind. Fortunately, the standard grind size for pre-ground coffee is a medium.

The amount of caffeine in your brew will change based on the origin of the beans, the size of the scoop, and even the coffee maker you use. However, the average amount of caffeine in a cup of drip coffee is between 80 and 200 milligrams. This is quite a spread, but the average cup of coffee weighs in at around 100 milligrams.

Coffee makers accumulate mineral deposits over time, which must be removed through a process called "descaling." The coffee might taste weak or the machine might stop working entirely if you don't descale it regularly. Descale once every three months at the very least However, most users should be fine with a three-month interval before checking in again. How often you should perform this type of deep cleaning is probably specified by the coffee machine's manufacturer. There are a variety of commercially available descaling cleaners, but a simple mixture of white vinegar and warm soapy water will also do the trick.

Written by Russell Kilgore, The Spruce Eats

Coffee concentrate, often used as an alternative to espresso, is a more concentrated and shorter-lasting brew. Although coffee concentrate is a convenient back-up, it can't compare to espresso in terms of body, flavor, or crema. Why? Flow rate, pressure, and grind size are all factors. To create espresso, hot water is blasted through finely ground coffee beans at a high rate of speed. Unlike cold brew coffee concentrate, regular coffee concentrate is prepared by filtering hot water through coarserly ground beans in a slow, steady stream. Think of coffee concentrate as a cross between drip coffee and espresso

Neither is inherently superior to the other; rather, they each offer unique advantages. A thermal carafe's main selling point is that, unlike a glass coffee pot, it can keep coffee hot without being placed directly on a hot plate. A hot plate, which effectively cooks the coffee over the course of a few hours, changes its flavor. Therefore, coffee brewed in a thermal carafe is preferable to coffee brewed in a glass carafe and set on a hot plate because the former keeps the coffee's original flavor longer. Additionally, thermal carafes are more long-lasting than glass.

However, a glass coffee pot does have some benefits. As compared to thermal carafes, they typically cost less, are less difficult to clean, and sometimes even pour better. If you don't want to lug around a heavy stainless steel pot of liquid all the time, these are a great alternative.

Derek Rose is the Coffee & Tea Expert for The Spruce Eats, and he authored this article. Derek read third-party articles and customer reviews, in addition to analyzing testing research of various coffee makers conducted by The Spruce Eats, to arrive at these conclusions. He has also spoken with numerous professionals to get their input on the best drip coffee makers and pod systems on the market. Derek has a BA in Communications from Marist and an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia. In 2019, he became a part of The Spruce Eats.

This article features an interview with Allie Caran, Product Manager at BaristaValet. Before that, she was the head of training at Partners Coffee. Caran has worked for coffee companies for over 15 years.

We talked to Peter Giuliano, who runs the Coffee Science Foundation and is the head of research for the Specialty Coffee Association, for this article.

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