Here Are Our Top Picks For The Year 2023's Best Coffee & Espresso Machines

Recent technological advancements are changing the long-standing stigma that home coffee and espresso makers produce subpar beverages.

There has never been a better time to invest in a home brewing solution, as the rising price of your daily caffeine fix and the long lines at Starbucks only add stress to your already hectic morning routine. (Ask Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Alba; they'll attest to the pleasure of a quick DIY cup.) Kaleena Teoh, co-founder of Coffee Project NY, suggests the following features in a modern home coffee and espresso maker: high steaming pressure; a smooth espresso shot; and simple cleanup.

To find the best coffee and espresso maker combinations, we put ten models through their paces. De'Longhi's All-in-One Coffee and Espresso Machine wins because of its simple assembly, separate layout for espresso and coffee, and excellent milk frother.

Here are PEOPLE's picks for the top nine coffee and espresso makers on the market.

A Trip to Williams-Sonoma
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  • Extra-large glass coffee pot that can hold 10 servings.
  • Strong and flavorful
  • Caffeine for the pros


  • Very loud machinery
  • Drip trays need regular cleaning to prevent leaks.

The De'Longhi All-in-One Coffee and Espresso Combination Coffee Maker performed best in a series of tests designed to simulate a barista-prepared beverage. The split design of the machine is ideal for those who want to make high-quality coffee at home. On one end is a 10-cup glass carafe for drip coffee and an adjustable milk frother, while on the other is a café-style portafilter for espresso. Our tasters all agreed that this is the kind of morning brew they look forward to.

As Chris Hallowell of Turning Point Coffee Roasters puts it, "for drip, this was the Goldilocks of the group, with a 10-cup carafe that makes it a versatile crowd-pleaser for nearly any coffee drinker." But its impressive milk texturing for cappuccino fans is where it truly separates itself from competing models. "

The appliance has a simple design that even novices can follow to make their preferred drink. You can brew both espresso and drip coffee at once, saving you time. Our tasters agreed that the coffee produced by the machine had the full, robust flavor of an Americano. In addition to the delicious aroma, the espresso will be "jam-packed with flavor," according to users. "

The machine has a rapid steaming time and a short recovery period between servings, and the foam it produces is of the highest quality. Additionally, there aren't too many places for coffee grounds to get stuck, so cleanup is a breeze.

The De'Longhi produces a roaring sound similar to that of a coffee shop, so be prepared for that. Additionally, the drip tray needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent water from spilling out the back.

As of this writing, the price is $309. 95

Pods vs. Grounds: E vs. G S E pods | Frothing capability: yes | 11 inch height 02 x 14 52 x 12 Length: 79 inches | Capacity of reservoir: 47 ounces | Cup capacity: 12

Tara Donne & The People
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  • A mellow brew
  • Creates a lot of foam
  • Conveniently programmable settings


The Nescafé Dulce Gusto Coffee Machine is the ideal, (relatively) low-cost espresso machine for your home thanks to its compact design and comprehensive features. The Nescafé coffee pods that worked in this machine produced a brew that was both smooth and flavorful, much to the delight of our taste testers. Caffeine is available from this machine even if espresso isn't your thing.

15 user-selectable pressure settings allow you to make everything from cappuccinos to lattes to mochas to cold brews with ease. Enter a pod, set the desired pressure using the toggle switch located at the machine's back, and you're done.

The final product, according to our tasters, tasted "like a mix of coffee and espresso," which is fantastic for the connoisseur of robust coffee but less so for the average consumer. A more expensive model may be necessary if you demand a crystal-clear cup of joe.

Time of publication price: $109 35

Pods rather than grounds | Frother present (and internal) | 6" height 5 x 10 8 x 11 7 inches tall; brews up to 10 cups; holds 45 ounces of water in its reservoir.

/ People by Vicky Wasik
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  • Facilitated use
  • Includes a dial that lets you change the coarseness of the grind
  • Miniature space heater


  • A bit too much scrubbing for my taste
  • Needs constant upkeep

The Miele CM5300 Countertop is an elegant coffee maker that produces coffee that rivals that made by professional baristas. Our evaluation team unanimously agreed that it was very user-friendly and straightforward to operate. When the tray needs to be emptied, the device alerts the user.

Adjusting the device's settings to your preferred coffee grind size is as simple as pressing a few buttons. There are nine different beverages you can choose from on the machine, from standard drinks like lattes and cappuccinos to more elaborate ones like ristrettos and macchiatos.

Hallowell recommends this coffee machine, saying, "This maker is great if you want a really impressive cup, without any of the work." "With the push of a button, the machine grinds the beans in its integrated burr grinder, tamps the espresso, and pulls the shot while simultaneously frothing the milk. "

According to Hollowell, the machine's metal block heats the system (instead of a large reservoir), reducing recovery time and allowing our tester to make six drinks in a row without stopping. There are a lot of parts that need to be washed in this "needy" device: a drip tray, tray cover, coffee grounds container, and water container. Additionally, the manual recommends weekly cleaning of the brew unit and the main dispenser.

The list price is $1,569 as of this writing. 99

Pods vs. Grounds: Pods | Frother? : Yes | How Big? : 18 2 x 9 5 x 14 25 inches tall; 8-cup brew capacity; 1-liter water tank. 3 liters

People/Vicky Wasik
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  • Simple to wipe down by hand
  • Premium coffee shop espresso
  • Strongest taste compared to other options


  • A great deal of planning is required.

The Espressione Stainless Steel Machine may be well worth the extra work for seasoned baristas. Setting up the modern stainless steel machine is more work, but it's worth it for espresso connoisseurs. Before attaching the portafilter and extracting the shot, users must add the grounds and tamp them appropriately. Our tasters found that the additional work resulted in a more interesting and flavorful brew.

Our tasters found the Espressione to be superior to the competition because its espresso shots were consistently longer and its extractions were gentler, resulting in fewer sour and bitter flavors. The espresso shots tasted and felt more like what you'd get from a commercial machine at a coffee shop.

One taster remarked, "The Espressione quickly made our top list because it produced the cleanest cup of coffee we tried during testing and espresso with a great body."

To one's surprise, this device's low maintenance status can be maintained with minimal effort despite its extensive setup. The front water tank and drip tray of the Espressione were easily detachable and cleaned by hand.

Cost as of publication time: $247 99

Pods vs. grounds: Grounds & E S E pods | Frothing capability: yes | Size: 14 6 x 13 x 14 6 inches tall | 10 cup brew size | 1 gallon storage 5 liters

Tara Donne & The People
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  • Facilitated use
  • During the brewing process, please maintain silence.
  • Creates drinks in a flash


  • Exclusively for use with the Vertuo brewer.

When it comes to home espresso makers, Nespresso is a household name, and their Vertuo and Milk Frother are excellent options for novices. With the push of a single button, the compact machine quickly and easily produces delicious beverages.

The three-second heating time was the fastest of all the devices tested, making this an excellent option for people who are pressed for time in the morning. The device is not only lightning fast, but also remarkably silent. It makes espresso with a bold, bitter flavor without any acidity, and a crema that is thick and velvety. Our taster was blown away by the Vertuo's "velvety crema" and the machine's consistent flavor across batch sizes.

The Nespresso can brew coffee, but it's only an Americano (i.e., weak and watery) e watered-down espresso) If you want more than one cup at a time, you may find it inconvenient to have to brew multiple pods. However, it deposits used pods in a side bucket, making cleanup easy. She goes on to say that the Nespresso Vertuo is a great buy because of how quickly it can be set up, how little upkeep it requires, and how well it makes coffee and espresso. "

Time of publication price: $152 46

Coffee: pods rather than grounds; frother included; package size, 8 inches 32 x 11 91 x 11 Height: 93 inches | Cup Capacity: 1 cup | Water Tank Capacity: 40 oz

Individuals/Tara Donne
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  • Useful in regular life
  • Dry consistency
  • Various Cup Sizes Available


We're Keurig coffee machine fans, but if you're in the market for a new machine or an upgrade, which model should you get? The Keurig K-Cafe Single Serve Coffee, Latte, and Cappuccino Maker was the clear winner of our comparison tests. This coffee machine can brew a variety of beverages, from regular coffee to lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso shots, making it ideal for a household with multiple coffee drinkers. The machine's simple frother makes it easy to add foam to the top of your creations.

The majority of our tasters recommended the Keurig K-Cafe's coffee, calling its flavor "rich but light, with a clean aftertaste," and saying that they would happily brew a cup of it every morning. Though they found the flavor to be merely average, they appreciated how well it mixed with their preferred creamer. The frother is simple to clean and the water reservoir is large enough that you won't have to refill it after each use.

It's worth noting that not all tasters had the same experience; some described a full-bodied and aromatic coffee, while others thought it lacked strength or clarity. Nonetheless, they went to bed assured that they would wake up and report to this apparatus the next day.

Current price ($184.00): 99

Pods; frother; yes; 12 inches; grounds 5 x 15 3 x 11 Height: 7 inches | Various brew sizes (6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces) | Capacity of water storage tank: 60 ounces

Will Dickey and His People
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  • Zero-waste
  • Full of flavor
  • Effortless finish


  • Always requires refilling before use.

After trying the Bialetti Moka Express, one of our reviewers exclaimed, "This is what I'm talking about." If you're into throwing it back to simpler times, this stovetop machine will not disappoint with its classic design and delicious results. Even though it can only make a 3-cup pour, the espresso and coffee it produces is among the highest quality you can get from a home machine, making it ideal for single use.

Our tasters agreed that the concentrated pour from the Bialetti delivered on all fronts when it came to flavor. They thought it was a "very enjoyable" way to start the day because it was a "full bodied cup of coffee with a smooth finish." Brewing it slowly on the stove, like your grandparents did, results in a more robust flavor and a fuller mouthfeel. And because it uses every last bean in the moka pot, it produces zero waste.

The only downside is that it can only make one 3-cup serving at a time, so frequent coffee drinkers will have to wash the machine after each use. This tried-and-true pot produces traditional, rich coffee that is perfect for espresso or small servings.

Time of publication price: $52 95

Pods vs. Grounds: Pods | No Milk Frother | 4 x 5 Inches 6 x 6 7 inches tall | 3 cup brew size | 4 liter storage capacity 3 ounces

Tamara Staples, the People


  • Slim and stylish
  • Flavorful and scrumptious
  • Strong and smoky taste


The Jura AI Piano is a stylish machine that created delicious coffee and espresso for our reviewers. This ingenious appliance can brew not only regular espresso shots and cups, but also ristrettos, so you can get a concentrated dose of flavor and caffeine in a smaller serving size.

This simple coffee maker makes a cup that is both robust and flavorful as well as silky and smooth. Those willing to splurge on a coffee maker should consider investing in this because it strikes a delicate balance between flavor and body. Although it makes an americano on the regular coffee setting, our reviewers concluded that this appliance is better described as an espresso machine.

If you prefer espressos and long espressos or americanos to your morning joe, then this stylish machine is for you. But if you have a sophisticated taste (and an appreciation for high-end appliances), this is the coffee maker for you.

As of this writing, the price is 9.

Size: 12 | Frother: No | Grounds vs. Pods 7 x 9 4 x 17 5 inches in height; unspecified brew sizes; 37 ounce capacity.

People/Vicky Wasik

Knowing how easy an espresso machine is to set up and use is crucial because not everyone is a professional barista. Whether or not the machine has a built-in coffee grinder, milk frother, tamper, etc., and how many of each type of drink it can produce at once are all important considerations. Make sure you know what kind of filters it takes and if it can be set to brew and turn off on its own. Every morning, you should have a general idea of how much time and effort your machine will require.

It's important to know that you're not sacrificing quality when you skip your morning coffee. You can learn more about the drink's overall flavor profile (including its smoothness, mouthfeel, amount of sediment, richness, acidity, etc.) by reading reviews. Teoh suggests ensuring the portafilter is not too small. The more uniform the extraction, the better the coffee, according to her.

If you want a great cup of coffee, the brewing time should be between 23 and 29 seconds. The time it takes to brew both one cup and an entire pot of coffee should be double checked.

Nobody enjoys having to do more work than they already do, so before you buy, find out how much of the machine can go in the dishwasher. Also, see if it can be cleaned without disassembly or if the process is complicated. The front water tank and drip tray on the Espressione Stainless Steel Espresso Machine were highly regarded in our testing. This ingenious design makes it simple to disinfect every crevice in the device.

Typically, espresso makers go on sale during the holiday shopping season. Models are often on sale on Amazon, though the brand may not always be what you're after.

Humanity's Vicky Wasik

In our commercial kitchen, we put ten different espresso machines to the test. All the tests were conducted with the same brand and type of coffee, as well as the same grind(s), unless the company specifically requested that we use their pods or coffee. We drew three shots of espresso and brewed as much drip coffee as each machine could handle, noting how it tasted and how long it took. Specific functions, like milk frothers, were evaluated for each product. We concluded the evaluation by cleaning each device and documenting our findings.

Incorrect; espresso and drip coffee are made using distinct machines. The grind size and preparation process are what set these two types of coffee apart. Coffee is made in a drip coffee maker by passing hot water through a filter and coarsely ground coffee. In contrast, an espresso machine uses high pressure to rapidly press water through tightly packed, finely ground coffee beans. Some machines, like the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker, are dual purpose (they can brew either espresso or coffee), but coffee is where they really shine. The Jura A1 Piano is another dual-function machine that produces superior espresso to coffee.

Espresso uses the same beans as regular coffee; the only difference is the degree to which the beans are ground. Espresso coffee is thicker and stronger than regular coffee due to the fine grind of the beans and the lower water-to-bean ratio. The Keurig K-Cafe Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker and the Nespresso Vertuo are two examples of machines that use pre-prepared pods rather than whole beans to brew a cup of coffee in the morning.

Espresso coffee is prepared differently than regular coffee. Using more water and coarsely ground coffee beans, regular coffee is significantly weaker than espresso. Less water and finely ground, packed beans are used to make espresso. Because of its concentrated flavor, espresso coffee is typically served in miniature cups.

There is a difference because, as Teoh explains, "the espresso machine creates the pressure to push water through very finely ground coffee that is tamped" She explains that most coffee makers use a "gravity brewing method," in which water is "pulled by gravity" through coffee grounds in a paper filter to make "regular" or "drip" coffee.

To aid you in finding the best products for your needs, we established the PEOPLE Tested certification. In three labs across the country and with a network of home testers, we put products through our proprietary testing process to evaluate how well they perform, how long they last, how easy they are to use, and much more. We then use these findings to provide ratings and recommendations to help you select the best product for your situation.

Because the best product today may not be the best product tomorrow, we don't stop there; we also routinely re-evaluate the categories in which we've awarded the PEOPLE Tested seal of approval. And by the way, businesses can never pay for our endorsement; products must always earn it the old fashioned way.

In a nutshell, PEOPLE Tested is a reliable source for advice you can rely on every time you shop.

Need additional suggestions for products Examine all of the material labeled "People Tested"

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