Exploring the Finest Coffee Alternatives: A Delectable Journey through Chicory, Paris Tea, Mushroom Coffee, Golden Milk, and More

Searching for the best coffee alternative that will both tantalize your taste buds and invigorate your daily routine? Look no further! From traditional favorites like chicory coffee and Harney & Sons Paris Tea, to innovative concoctions like mushroom coffee and golden milk, we have explored the wide world of caffeine alternatives to bring you the most captivating and delicious options available. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey through the realm of tantalizing beverages that will have you rethinking your morning brew and embracing new and exciting flavors.

The basics on coffee and tea

According to a survey conducted by the National Coffee Association, 70% of American adults drink coffee, and 62% of them do so on a daily basis. Various observational studies have shown that compounds called polyphenols and antioxidants present in coffee beans have health benefits, such as reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. However, most people don't drink coffee for these reasons.

Coffee lovers appreciate the boost of energy and improved focus that comes with caffeine consumption, as well as the delightful fragrance and rich flavor. However, not everyone enjoys coffee. Some individuals may experience jitteriness due to caffeine, while others may find that the caffeine and acidity irritate their stomach.

Tea, the close relative of coffee, is the second most popular beverage globally, second only to water. Around one-third of Americans enjoy tea. Most types of tea contain about half the caffeine found in coffee, and herbal teas contain little to no caffeine. Additionally, tea contains beneficial antioxidant compounds like flavanols.

Caffeine comparison: A serving of 8 ounces of brewed coffee contains approximately 95 mg of caffeine, while instant coffee contains about 60 mg. Black tea has around 47 mg of caffeine, and green tea has approximately 28 mg.

Chicory coffee

Chicory coffee is considered the original coffee substitute, with a history dating back hundreds of years. It is made from the roots of the chicory plant, which is a blue-flowered herb belonging to the dandelion family. It is brewed in a similar manner to traditional coffee and offers a comparable bitter taste.

However, one significant difference between chicory coffee and regular coffee is the absence of caffeine. This makes chicory coffee an excellent alternative for individuals who are sensitive to caffeine or wish to reduce their caffeine intake. Chicory also offers several health benefits, including promoting gut health due to the presence of a fiber called inulin, which improves the functioning of gut bacteria. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation in the body by targeting harmful free radicals.

Nevertheless, it's important to note that chicory may cause gas and bloating in some individuals due to its high inulin content. People with allergies to ragweed or pollen may also be more susceptible to adverse reactions from consuming chicory. Pregnant individuals should avoid consuming excessive amounts of chicory, as it may increase the risk of miscarriage, and breastfeeding individuals should also refrain from consuming chicory.

Harney & Sons Paris Tea

Paris Tea9

Black Tea

Mushroom coffee

For those seeking a coffee with reduced caffeine content, the trendy option of "mushroom coffee" may provide a solution. Mushroom coffee is essentially regular ground coffee mixed with dried and milled mushroom powder.

While mushrooms are known for their nutritional value, there is limited scientific evidence supporting the claim that mushroom coffee offers the same benefits as consuming whole mushrooms. The nutritional value of mushroom coffee appears to be hyped without substantial factual basis.

Additionally, mushrooms and mushroom coffee may cause digestive issues, especially for individuals with kidney problems or difficulty digesting grains.

Golden milk

Golden milk is a popular warm and savory drink that has gained attention in the clean-eating movement. The key ingredient in golden milk is turmeric, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Traditionally, golden milk is made with milk or a non-dairy alternative as its base. It is then flavored with spices like ginger, black pepper, and vanilla, depending on personal preference. What sets golden milk apart is that it does not contain any caffeine.

For those curious about trying this concoction, a recipe for almond golden milk with apricots and cinnamon is available.

Four Sigmatic

Vegan Recycled materials Budget friendly

Best For | Cold brew & decaf mushroom coffeeMain Ingredients | Organic coffee, chaga, reishi, ashwagandhaPrice | $20 for 16 servings (12 oz); discounted subscriptions available

For those seeking a more magical and productive morning experience, Four Sigmatic offers a unique blend of coffee and mushrooms to provide sustained energy throughout the day. With a range of options tailored to specific needs, such as Think, Focus, Boost, Calm, Protect, Happy Gut, or Balance, Four Sigmatic has something for everyone. The brand also prioritizes environmentally friendly practices by using recyclable containers, maintaining non-toxic products, and obtaining USDA organic certification.

A pack of Four Sigmatic coffee alternative is available, with an image showing a white mug filled with a steaming cup of the brewed blend.

Clevr Blends

Woman owned Vegan Recycled materials

Best For | Coffee-shop taste & pre-made lattesMain Ingredients | Organic oatmilk powder, coconut cream powder, monk fruit, carob, chicory root, resihi, ashwagandha, vanilla bean powderPrice | $28 for 14 lattes (12 oz); discounted subscriptions available

If you enjoy the flavor of your local coffee shop but want to limit your caffeine intake, Clevr Blends offers oat milk lattes that contain adaptogens, mushrooms, and probiotics. These lattes are pre-made and only require the addition of water, either hot or cold. Clevr Blends uses responsibly sourced ingredients that are third-party tested, and their lattes are free of refined sugar and dairy. With options like regenerative cacao, ashwagandha, reishi, and valerian root, you can enjoy the benefits of these natural ingredients. The chai blend is highly recommended, but all the flavors are worth trying. Clevr Blends offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

A pack of Clevr Sleeptime Coffee Alternative, along with an image of the brewed blend, is available for reference.

Wooden Spoon Herbs

Woman owned Vegan 1% for the planet Small business

Best For | Herbal coffee & teaMain Ingredients | Organic chicory, dandelion, maca, burdock roots, mesquite pod, cinnamon barkPrice | $24 for 7 oz; discounted subscriptions available

Wooden Spoon Herbs specializes in "everyday herbalism for everyday vibes." The brand's Herbal Coffee is a caffeine-free alternative containing organic chicory, dandelion, maca, burdock roots, mesquite pod, and cinnamon bark, with a focus on prebiotic roots. All ingredients used by Wooden Spoon Herbs are sourced organically, and the brand contributes 1% of its sales to environmental causes through the 1% for the Planet program. Enjoy the rich and earthy taste of this herbal coffee alternative, along with the energy boost it provides.

A bag of Wooden Spoon Herbs coffee alternative is depicted in an image, showing the brewed blend.


Woman owned Fair trade Vegan Small business

Best For | Adaptogenic formulasMain Ingredients | Organic chicory, burdock, dandelion roots, eleuthero, roasted date seeds & maca, chaga, ashwagandha, cinnamonPrice | $50 for 30 servings (8 oz); discounted subscriptions available

RASA was founded by a previously fatigued mom and an herbalist, aiming to provide a morning boost using holistic adaptogens instead of relying solely on coffee. The brand has served over 100,000 customers worldwide and offers a range of coffee alternatives. RASA prioritizes sustainable sourcing from 15 different countries, fair trade practices, and third-party testing. Newcomers can take an interactive quiz to find their ideal product or opt for the sample pack subscription. The brewing process for RASA takes approximately 15 minutes, providing valuable time for morning meditation and stretches.

A pack of Rasa coffee alternative, accompanied by an image of a French press filled with the brewed blend, is available for reference.

In a world where coffee and tea have reigned supreme as the go-to energy boosters, it's invigorating to discover a whole new realm of alternatives. From the bold and robust flavors of chicory coffee to the delicately balanced notes of Harney & Sons Paris Tea, these unique options are sure to tantalize your taste buds. And for those seeking a truly unconventional experience, mushroom coffee and golden milk offer intriguing blends that boast both taste and health benefits. But perhaps the real gems are the innovative brands like Four Sigmatic, Clevr Blends, Wooden Spoon Herbs, and RASA, who have seamlessly merged traditional ingredients with contemporary wellness trends. So dare to step outside your comfort zone and explore the vast and exciting coffee alternative landscape, where a world of rich flavors and wholesome goodness awaits.

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