Discovering the Perfect Brew: Unveiling the Best Coffee Beans for Specialty Lattes

Coffee lovers rejoice! If you're a fan of lattes and crave that perfect balance of smooth espresso and velvety milk, then you're in for a treat. Today, we're diving into the world of specialty lattes and uncovering the top coffee beans that will take your latte experience to a whole new level. From the exotic flavors of Ethiopian coffee beans to the rich and bold taste of Brazilian coffee beans, we've got you covered. And as a bonus, we'll also reveal what coffee Starbucks uses for their legendary lattes. So grab your favorite mug and get ready to explore the wonderful world of coffee beans for lattes. Let's dive in!


Ethiopian coffee beans

Ethiopian coffee is often described as having a wine-like blackcurrant flavor, with hints of spice and chocolate.

These coffee beans from Ethiopia boast a fruity taste with subtle notes of berries and chocolate. They offer a clean and crisp finish that leaves you yearning for more.

Ethiopian coffee is renowned as Africa's finest due to its rich aroma and flavor. This is largely attributed to the fact that it is grown in high altitudes with clear air, which lends it a cleaner taste.

Ethiopia is home to the largest number of wild coffee trees, resulting in a wide range of fruit flavors.

Volcanica's Ethiopian coffee beans are a personal favorite of mine. I highly recommend them for crafting delicious lattes at home! If you're interested, you can get them here.


Peruvian coffee beans

Peruvian coffee beans are ideal for lattes due to their low acidity and a sweet, creamy flavor with subtle hints of chocolate or vanilla.

For a well-rounded latte, it's best to choose beans with low acidity and a creamy, earthy taste, complemented by chocolate or vanilla undertones. Peruvian coffee delivers precisely that.

These beans from Peru possess low acidity, resulting in a less bitter flavor. They also exhibit "earthy" notes, which provide a bold taste that stands out amidst the lighter flavors of other coffee beans.

Compared to Colombian or Brazilian beans, Peruvian beans are mild-bodied and lightly flavored, while maintaining the same caffeine content.

Peruvian coffee is one of my favorites to use, and it works exceptionally well in a latte. You can check them out here, or take a look below:


Brazilian coffee beans

Brazilian coffee, also known as a dark roasted espresso blend, is perfectly suited for lattes due to its robust, smoky flavor and mild body.

The flavor profile of Brazilian coffee beans can vary depending on the roast. They can be dark-roasted, leading to a smoky flavor, or the roasting process can highlight their natural sweetness.

If the taste notes of these coffee beans resonate with you, you can check them out here, or click below:


Sumatra mandheling coffee beans

Sumatra mandheling coffee beans, also known as Indonesian coffee or Indonesian single-origin coffee beans, offer a distinct flavor profile with hints of chocolate, roasted chestnut, and caramel.

This type of coffee is typically single-origin and boasts very low acidity, making it an excellent base for espresso. The darker roast enhances its boldness, resulting in a punchy latte, which I personally enjoy.

These coffee beans taste delightful in a homemade latte. If you're interested, you can check them out here.


Kona coffee beans

Kona coffee beans offer a creamy and medium-bodied flavor. Their characteristics make them a perfect choice for lattes, as they strike a balance between acidity and overpowering taste.

Kona coffee delivers a clean, low-acidity taste and a subtle sweetness that stems from the volcanic slopes where the finest Kona beans are grown on Hawaii's Big Island. These factors contribute to the coffee's exceptional quality, making it an ideal choice for lattes.

Kona coffee beans are grown exclusively in the Kona District on the Island of Hawaii and cannot be cultivated elsewhere. As a result, they are considered one of the most expensive varieties available on the market. However, their delicate flavor and rich aromatic scent make them highly desirable.

If Kona coffee beans pique your interest, you can check them out here or use the link below:


Top 7 Best Coffee Beans for Lattes

Are you ready to create your own latte masterpiece? Here is a list of some of the finest coffee beans that you can use:


1. Kicking Horse Coffee, Three Sisters Medium Roast

Best Coffee Beans for Latte

Experience Kicking Horse Coffee's Three Sisters, a Medium Roast Whole Bean blend consisting of three remarkable Canadian Rocky Mountain roasts. This blend takes light, medium, and dark roasts to new heights, resulting in an irresistibly smooth, savory, and sweet cup of coffee. Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate the combination of distinct flavor profiles that harmonize perfectly. It's an unforgettable experience for even the most discerning coffee drinkers!

The Brand: Kicking Horse Coffee

Item Form: Whole Bean

Flavor: Three Sisters - Medium Roast

Caffeine Content: Caffeinated

Roast Level: Medium Roast

What we like:

- Strong, robust flavor

- Smooth, satisfying finish

- Enjoy the taste of a locally crafted cup of coffee

- Feel energized and focused all morning

What we don't like:

- While this coffee is better than most, it may not offer the best value for its cost and size.


2. Peet's Coffee, Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Best Coffee Beans for Latte

For over 50 years, Peet's Coffee has been dedicated to delivering a new level of quality to the world of craft coffee. Our award-winning signature roast, Peet's Big Bang Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

With a bold and intense flavor thanks to carefully sourced Arabica beans from around the world, our Big Bang blend offers a luxurious yet down-to-earth cup of coffee. Its balanced flavor profile makes it the ideal choice for coffee professionals and discerning consumers.

By savoring each cup of this specialty blend, you'll be honoring the legacy of Alfred Peet, the man who ignited the craft coffee movement. Make Peet's Big Bang Medium Roast Coffee the centerpiece of your daily coffee ritual—it epitomizes sophistication and quality.

The Brand: Peet's Coffee

Item Form: Ground

Flavor: Big Bang

Caffeine Content: Caffeinated

Roast Level: Medium Roast


3. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Best Coffee Beans for Latte

Discover the intricate flavors of Jamaica with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. This unique offering presents a complex flavor profile with spicy undertones of cinnamon and a sweetness that carries through in caramelized notes. It achieves the perfect balance of richness and savory elements through its single-origin source from Rodriguez de Mondouza, Amazonas, Peru. This coffee is USDA Organic Certified and Fair Trade Certified, ensuring both intense flavor and sustainability.

The coffee is freshly roasted using an environmentally friendly Loring roaster, allowing you to indulge in a cup of coffee that not only delights your taste buds but also aligns with your commitment to the Earth. Our precise roast is available in whole bean form—offered in 12 oz, 2 lb, and 5 lb bags—so you can always get precisely what you need. This is a special treat that you simply should not pass up. It's perfect for any coffee connoisseur, shop owner, or coffee lover.

The Brand: Volcanica Coffee

Item Form: Whole Bean

Flavor: Jamaican Blue Mountain

Caffeine Content: Caffeinated

Roast Level: Medium Roast

What we like:

- Delicious coffee flavor

- Easy-to-open packaging

- Enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee every morning

- Surprise your partner with a special treat they'll love

What we don't like:

- This coffee bean produces a smooth and fresh-tasting coffee with no bitterness.


4. Lavazza Super Crema Espresso

Best Coffee Beans for Latte

If you're seeking a coffee that captures the essence and quality derived from a century of coffee expertise, Lavazza Super Crema Espresso is the perfect choice. This premium blend of exquisite coffee beans from around the world embodies the pinnacle of classic coffee with a unique taste and aroma.

Every cup of Lavazza Super Crema Espresso delivers a smooth and rich taste, accompanied by a subtle sweetness in its aroma. The full-bodied flavor of this exceptional blend is sure to satisfy even the most discerning coffee enthusiasts.

Lavazza has been at the forefront of the coffee industry for years, and their Super Crema Espresso is a testament to their commitment to the craft. Choose Lavazza Super Crema as the centerpiece of your coffee routine—it represents the perfect harmony of sophistication and quality.

The Brand: Lavazza

Item Form: Whole Bean

Flavor: Super Crema

Caffeine Content: Caffeinated

Roast Level: Medium Roast

What we like:

- A selection of quality gourmet coffee

- Roasted and processed to perfection

- Enjoy the taste of Europe's finest coffee in the comfort of your own home

- Feel the prestige of savoring a specialty quality cup of coffee every day

What we don't like:

- This medium roast coffee provides a non-bitter flavor with excellent crema, making it an ideal choice for automatic machines or for making cappuccinos and lattes.


5. Fresh Roasted Coffee, Dark Brazil Cerrado

Best Coffee Beans for Latte

Introducing Fresh Roasted Coffee's Dark Brazil Cerrado. This delightful coffee is crafted using the finest quality beans sourced directly from Brazil.

Through artisanal roasting and brewing processes, the blend of Arabica and Robusta beans harvested from the Cerrado region in Brazil imparts a smooth and rich aroma with every cup. With its notes of caramel and nutty undertones, this coffee offers an intense and flavorful experience for those seeking a distinctive taste.

With Fresh Roasted Coffee, you not only get an energizing cup of coffee, but also the assurance of a superior quality product. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality coffee in accordance with rigorous standards of quality assurance.

Whether you're a casual coffee drinker or a coffee enthusiast, you can trust Fresh Roasted Coffee to provide you with exceptional beans. And since our Dark Brazil Cerrado contains no additives or preservatives, it's the perfect choice for health-conscious professionals looking to enjoy a flavorful cup of joe without compromising on taste or quality.

The Brand: Fresh Roasted Coffee

Item Form: Whole Bean

Flavor: Organic Peru

Caffeine Content: Caffeinated

Roast Level: Medium Roast

What we like:

- Get freshly roasted coffee delivered to your doorstep

- Enjoy consistent and uniform flavor in each cup

- Treat yourself to a luxurious home coffee experience

What we don't like:

- This coffee has a pleasant hint of vanilla, a velvety taste, and no rough aftertaste. However, the lack of a roasting date reduces its professional appeal.


6. Koffee Kult Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Best Coffee Beans for Latte

Koffee Kult's dark roast whole bean coffee offers a truly unique coffee experience. Our small-batch roasting process ensures that every bag delivers consistently delicious taste. These special beans are freshly roasted within hours of shipping, guaranteeing the freshest cup of coffee.

This coffee boasts a bold flavor with cupping notes of caramel, cinnamon, and a full-bodied richness. Made from organic beans sourced from Colombia, Guatemala, and Sumatra, every sip of this coffee showcases its distinctive taste and quality. Coffee professionals seeking a gourmet coffee will appreciate the uniqueness of Koffee Kult's dark roast whole bean coffee.

What we like:

- Rich, organic coffee beans from around the world

- Not bitter and full of flavor

- Feel proud to serve your friends and family the highest quality coffee beans

What we don't like:

- Despite the presence of some damaged beans, this product offers excellent flavor and value.


7. Caribou Coffee

Best Coffee Beans for Latte

Experience the robust flavors of Caribou Coffee's Caribou Blend Medium Roast Ground Coffee! This 20-ounce bag of flavorful beans is Rainforest Alliance Certified and carefully hand-packed in Minneapolis, ensuring top-notch quality with every sip.

Aromatic and full-bodied, our harmoniously balanced blend offers sweet, spicy, and berry notes for an unforgettable cup. Whether you prefer drip or pour-over brewing methods, Caribou Blend is the ideal choice. Professionals, elevate your morning routine and make every coffee break count with this exclusive blend. Enjoy Caribou Coffee Caribou Blend and start your day off perfectly.

What we like:

- Receive fresh, locally small-batch roasted coffee

- Choose from a variety of flavorful blends

What we don't like:

- The Caribou coffee served at some Einstein's Bagel locations—although slightly better than standard fare—is not as good as the coffee previously served.


Joe Bean's Espresso Blend

Trader Joe's is known for its simple yet high-quality coffee offerings. One such example is Joe Bean's Barista Espresso Coffee Blend. This blend is designed to be enjoyed as an Americano and showcases a captivating array of flavors. It consists of 100% Arabica South American and Central American coffees, along with Indian Cherry A Robusta. Classified as a light to medium roast, this coffee surprises with its depth of character.

Joe Bean's Barista Coffee features a concise list of ingredients, including a small amount of Robusta—a common addition to espresso blends. The inclusion of Robusta lends a rich body and a range of earthy flavors to the drink. This blend is also higher in caffeine content. With its smooth and nutty taste, it's a delightful beverage to savor on a chilly winter day.

Trader Joe's Coffee is reminiscent of in-flight drinks enjoyed on JetBlue, and the packaging cleverly hints at the brew's nuances. While Trader Joe's coffee may not suit everyone's taste, it is an accessible way to get your daily caffeine fix without breaking the bank.


Klatch Coffee Beans

In the sea of coffee companies saturating the market, one brand truly stands out: Klatch Coffee. Known for its award-winning roasts, Klatch Coffee can be found in the best coffee shops across Southern California. Offering a wide range of options, they have a coffee to suit every budget and palate.

To ensure exceptional quality, Klatch Coffee meticulously crafts small batches of their coffee. Whether you prefer to shop at your local coffee house or your neighborhood grocery store, you can easily find their exquisite coffee beans. Additionally, Klatch Coffee provides the convenience of online ordering, allowing you to enjoy their coffee from the comfort of your home.

A shining example of their artistry is the Manos de Mujer light blend. Expertly crafted using a combination of carefully sourced beans from various Latin American countries, this blend guarantees a smooth and delightful cup of Joe.

When it comes to lattes, one of the key elements that sets apart a remarkable latte is the crema produced by a latte maker. A latte maker ensures that the air is evenly distributed in your cup, creating a velvety texture and enhancing the overall experience. For the adventurous coffee enthusiasts, Klatch Coffee offers a guide to mastering latte art.

Indulging in a fabulous latte has never been easier with Klatch Coffee. Whether you desire a small, medium, or large latte, they can fulfill your cravings. Enjoying a perfectly crafted latte can elevate your mornings or impress your friends during gatherings. Armed with a stylish skinny mug or an espresso or standard coffee maker, you can savor a superb cup of coffee without breaking the bank.

In addition to their exceptional coffee, Klatch Coffee boasts a visually appealing website that offers a wealth of information. From a comprehensive coffee guide to intriguing coffee history, this website is a valuable resource for anyone looking to brew coffee like a pro.


Allegro Coffee Beans

When it comes to enjoying a smooth and fruity cup of coffee without the usual acidity, Allegro Coffee beans for lattes are a remarkable choice. These beans excel when combined with milk and sugar, resulting in a latte that is nothing short of perfection.

Allegro places great emphasis on using ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients in their organic coffee blends. The rainforest blend, for instance, boasts a robust caffeine content and tantalizing notes of warm spices, caramel, cocoa, and toasted almonds, all contributing to its aromatic and invigorating characteristics.

For those who prefer a more traditional start to their day, Allegro offers a breakfast blend made with slow-roasted coffee beans. This blend, like all their products, utilizes ethically sourced ingredients, ensuring both a stimulating aroma and a guilt-free indulgence.

If lattes are your passion, then Allegro's organic espresso sierra is the perfect companion. This full-bodied, medium-roast coffee is specifically crafted to enhance the lattes you love. Made with organic and fair-trade ingredients, this espresso blend promises a truly satisfying experience.

In addition to their diverse range of coffee blends, Allegro also presents a decaf blend for those seeking a milder option. Their whole foods decaf blend is meticulously produced using the Swiss water process, resulting in rich aromas and gentle spice notes, all while maintaining a low acidity profile.

For those unable to find Allegro Coffee beans at their local Whole Foods, the company conveniently offers online purchasing. Among their selection, the Italian Roast is a standout choice for those desiring the authentic taste of Italian coffee. Crafted with the finest organic coffee beans, this blend boasts a distinctive bittersweet flavor that is simply exquisite.


Verena Street 2

Whether you prefer to enjoy coffee at home, share it with friends, or savor it on the go, Verena Street 2 Pound Espresso Coffee Beans are the epitome of coffee perfection. With their delightful blend of sweet cream and nutty flavors, these beans promise a sensory delight. To top it off, they are certified sustainable by the Rainforest Alliance, ensuring an environmentally friendly choice.

Verena Street's 2 Pound Espresso Coffee is a testament to their dedication to craftsmanship. Using a careful combination of Arabica beans, they have created a dark roast with a rich and velvety body. This exquisite brew pairs exceptionally well with milk or a standalone cup of coffee. What sets this product apart is its sourcing from Rainforest Alliance certified farms, making it the most eco-conscious option available.

The affordability of Verena Street's 2 Pound coffee beans is truly remarkable, given the exceptional quality they deliver. A must-have in your cupboard, these beans offer a taste experience that is second to none. Indulge in the unique flavors of Arabica coffee beans, and perhaps even experiment with brewing techniques such as the traditional French press. For those with a home brewing setup, Verena Street offers a branded coffee kit that contains all the tools you need to create your own coffee masterpiece.


In conclusion, when it comes to creating the perfect specialty latte, the choice of coffee beans plays a crucial role. With a multitude of options available, it can be overwhelming to find the best ones. However, after thorough research and tasting, I have compiled a list of the top 5 coffee beans for lattes that will elevate your coffee experience to new heights. From the complex and fruity Ethiopian coffee beans to the rich and bold Brazilian coffee beans, each of these selections will bring a unique flavor profile to your latte. Whether you are a seasoned coffee connoisseur or just starting your journey, investing in high-quality beans is a surefire way to ensure a delightful and satisfying latte experience every time. So go ahead, explore these options, and get ready to indulge in the ultimate coffee indulgence.

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