Discovering the Perfect Blend: Unveiling the Best Coffee Beans for AeroPress Brewing

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Are you in search of the perfect cup of coffee to kickstart your day? Look no further! In this article, we will delve into the world of coffee beans and discover the best options specifically tailored for the AeroPress. Whether you're a coffee aficionado looking for a robust blend or someone who prefers a light and delicate brew, we have got you covered. Get ready to embark on a flavor journey as we explore the best coffee beans for AeroPress brewing. Let's dive in!

A Comparison of Our Favorite Brands for 2023

Image Product Details
Best Overall

Lifeboost Dark Roast

Strong, dark flavor

Fair Trade, Organic, and pesticide-free


Best Ground Coffee

Volcanica Costa Rica Peaberry

Rare peaberry coffee beans

Dazzling acidity and bright, sweet flavor

Available in three grind sizes and whole bean

Coffee Bean Direct Colombia Supremo

Lemon, chocolate goodness

Lots of coffee


Tiny Footprint Nicaragua Segovia



Organic and carbon-negative

Onyx Coffee Lab Ethiopian Gedeb Beriti

Complex flavor profile

Exciting new roaster

Traditional and modern options

Our Top 3 Picks

Do you want to go from Aero-press to Aero-best real quick? Then my top 3 picks are the best place to start.

The optimum Aeropress brew begins with buying premium-quality and speciality-grade beans roasted lightly or medium to nurture beautiful and natural characteristics and flavours.

Use the table below to Discover our top 3 picks for the best coffee for AeroPress maker! Act FAST to enjoy £5 OFF and speedy delivery. Grab this exclusive offer today.

Product Benefits where to buy
Best Healthy Coffee Overall

Agata_Brazil_Single_Origin_Balance_Coffee.jpg?v=1683960206Agata Brazil Single Origin

  • Light roast with chocolate, Peach, & hazelnut flavour
  • Speciality Grade
  • Rich in antioxidants & Polyphenols
  • Rated 4.8 stars
  • Rich in Vitamin B3
  • 100% Arabica
  • Ground & Whole beans

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Best Runner Up


  • Light roast with mandarin & lavender flavour
  • Excellent Review
  • Speciality Grade
  • Ground & Whole beans

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2nd Runner Up

Clumsy_Goat_Fairtrade_Honduran_1.jpg?v=1683962020Fairtrade Honduran

  • Light roast with roasted Nuts & Caramel flavour

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But that’s not all.

To ensure that you get your hands on nothing less than the best coffee for Aeropress UK, I analyzed the following:

  • The freshness of coffee
  • Screened or tested for nasties like mould, mycotoxins and pesticides
  • Speciality vs commodity-grade coffee
  • Sourcing techniques
  • Flavors and tasting notes
  • Roasting level
  • Sustainable
  • Customer reviews

And more! Simply put, I’ve done all the research, so you don’t have to. So, let’s have a sneak peek shall we?

1. Agata Brazil Single Origin Balance Coffee

If you know anything about Aeropress brewing, you’d know that the best coffee for it is versatile.

And that’s where my Agata Brazil Single Origin comes in. It is a rare, single-origin speciality coffee-grade and 100% Arabica.

Best Coffee For Aeropress UK

It’s not cheap, but that’s for good reason. We took a no-expense-spared approach to source this one.

But that’s not the real reason this is on top of the list. It’s actually because this coffee is tested for mould, mycotoxins and pesticides.

It's loaded with goodies like antioxidants and Vitamin B3 that are great for your health too! How so?

The coffee is also grown in heavy shade conditions which means a reduction in retaining roast style and better coffee quality.

The tasting notes of this magnificent coffee are dark chocolate, lychee and raisin which work incredibly when brewed in an Aeropress.

This is why it is the best coffee for Aeropress UK this season!

Visit Balance Coffee shop to try out our Agata Brazil single origin.

2. Pact Coffee Nyarusiza Gaspard

Many factors have made Pact Coffee so popular, but for me, sustainable sourcing comes out at the top.

Pact sources speciality-grade coffee beans, and their Nyarusiza Gaspard coffee comes from Rwanda.

Best Coffee For Aeropress Brands

It is a thoroughly washed, speciality coffee that is fresh and healthy. What’s more?

The tasting notes of ripe blackcurrant with a tinge of dry fruits make it absolutely incredible to sip on.

Visit Pact Coffee to try out their Nysarusiza Gaspard.

3. Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Honduran

Do you love your creamy lattes and cappuccinos? Then you’d be happy to know that the Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Honduran is perfect for milky coffee!

You can use Honduran coffee to make a concentrated shot using your Aeropress and then make your latte.

Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Honduran

It offers a well-rounded flavour profile and balanced acidity. The beans are fair-trade certified and come from San Antonia.

Visit Clumsy Goat to try out their Fairtrade Honduran.

What Are the Best Coffee Beans for AeroPress?

Considering the following, the best coffee beans for AeroPress are:

  • Light to medium roast beans
  • Freshly ground whole bean coffee
  • A quality, single origin Arabica coffee, preferably one that's fair trade and organic

1: Ethiopian beans

Bean & Bean Ethiopia Sidamo...

Ethiopian beans are world-renowned for being unique in their intense fruity flavor.

Because the coffee plant naturally evolved in this part of the world, beans from Ethiopia vary depending on the subregion they’re from. Every little town has their own genetically unique set of plants.

All true coffee lovers see Ethiopia as their spiritual home, the same way a wine lover might wish to go the Bordeaux region in France.

Ethiopian coffee is either “natural,” where the bean is dried inside the cherry, or “washed,” where the bean is depulped before being washed.

Washed Ethiopian beans, like the one above from Bean & Bean, often have notes of jasmine and lemon. Their natural counterparts are usually more berry-like with notes of strawberry and blueberry.

Either way, due to their unique flavor profiles and high natural sugar content, Ethiopian beans should be enjoyed at a lighter roast level.

See more reviews

2: Central American beans

Stumptown Coffee Roasters...

Central American beans are often described as a balanced bean–replete with both unique fruit flavors and acidity along with the full cocoa and spice flavors characteristic of South American beans.

Guatemalan beans are a good place to start if you are unsure which flavor profile you prefer since it offers the best of both worlds.

Choose a light to medium roast for a balanced flavor. Go with a reputable roaster/farm combo such as Stumptown Coffee and this bean from El Injerto. This really is the gold standard in the world of coffee.

See more reviews

Which Beans Make the Best AeroPress Coffee—Light or Dark Roasts?

AeroPress coffee is best made with light or medium roast beans. A light roast will give you a cleaner, more acidic flavor, while a medium roast will be smoother and have more body. You can also use a dark roast coffee, but it will give you a much heavier, smoky cup of coffee. If you do prefer light roasts, we recommend trying quality light roast Colombian or Ethiopian coffee beans.

If you're looking for a coffee that's somewhere between flavorful and forgiving, opt for a medium roast. This will produce a coffee that's less acidic and more balanced. The Starbucks Pike Place we've recommended here is a good example of a delicious medium roast. A couple of other good medium roasts to try in the AeroPress are Brazilian or Guatemalan coffee beans. No matter which beans you choose, make sure they're freshly ground—coffee loses its flavor as soon as it's ground, so while pre-ground coffee will work, it starts to stale the moment you open the bag.

Grind Particle Size

Image of the size coffee grounds to use for an AeroPress.

The second variable to consider is the grind. Once again, the standard AeroPress recipe is quite different than other methods. AeroPress recommends a super fine grind—almost as fine as you would use with espresso. Paired with a short brew time, this kind of grind works best. Yet, for variations that involve a longer immersion, we’ll need to go coarser. Medium-fine to medium-coarse is standard. When in doubt, we would recommend starting in the middle of your grind options (a five on a scale of 1–10) and make adjustments based on taste.

Does grind size matter for AeroPress?

Yes! Grind size matters a lot for the AeroPress coffee maker. It changes your extraction speed and how strong your coffee will end up.

It’s best to use a fine grind when brewing coffee with AeroPress.

What is the best coffee roast for the AeroPress?

Overall, the best coffee roast for AeroPress is a dark roast. The rich, smoky flavors in dark roast work well with the AeroPress, which accentuates the natural flavors in the coffee.

The AeroPress is great for bringing out flavors in any type of coffee. So, the overall best coffee will depend on your flavor preferences.

However, there are some flavors that come together beautifully with the AeroPress that are worth considering. So, let’s talk about them.

Dark roast coffee has its own unique mix of flavors. Manufacturers roast dark roast coffee at a higher temperature and for longer periods compared to other types of coffee.

Dark roasted coffee beans.This method of roasting allows the smoky, strong flavor of dark roast to really stand out among other types.

Light and medium roast still work well with the AeroPress, but dark roast works a little better.

With light and medium roast coffee beans, you still get undertones and flavors, but they are not as bold as the flavors found in a dark roast.

Tip: Check out the differences between light, medium, and dark roasted coffee beans in this in-depth article!

So, your AeroPress will draw out those bold flavors in dark roast and allow you to enjoy your coffee like never before.

Because dark roast coffee is so bold and the AeroPress helps you taste coffee beans more accurately, they make a perfect combination.

So, let’s talk about my favorite coffee to pair with the AeroPress and what makes it so great.

Blends or Single Origin Coffee Beans for AeroPress?

If you prefer a more complex and nuanced flavor profile, where you can distinguish different flavors and tasting notes, the best coffee beans will be of single origin. Blends offer a more balanced, well-rounded overall taste, but you'll miss out on the unique flavors that each individual bean offers. A blend or single origin both taste amazing in an AeroPress, but if you want to experience the bean's unique flavor profile, we suggest trying out a single origin coffee.

The Top 8 AeroPress Coffee Beans

1. Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee – The Best Overall Choice

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Our favorite coffee beans for using with the AeroPress are from Lifeboost. We recommend their Dark Roast because it has a rich flavor and low acidity. Additionally, these beans are sustainably grown and meet the standards for Fair Trade, Organic, and pesticide-free certifications.

This particular coffee is known for its strong and intense dark flavor with hints of chocolate and caramel. It allows for customization of flavor by adjusting the water volume and brewing method with the AeroPress. If you prefer a less intense brew, you can adjust accordingly.

Keep in mind that these coffee beans are on the pricier side, so they may not be the best choice if you're on a tight budget. However, Lifeboost offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, giving you the opportunity to try them out risk-free.

Overall, we believe that Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee is the best option for brewing with an AeroPress.

2. Volcanica Costa Rica Peaberry – The Best Ground Coffee

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If you prefer pre-ground coffee, we recommend the Volcanica Costa Rica Peaberry. This coffee is available in whole bean form as well as three different grind sizes (drip, espresso, and French press). For AeroPress brewing, it's best to use a medium to fine grind, allowing you to experiment with both drip and espresso grind sizes.

The bright and sweet flavor of this coffee is exceptional when brewed with the AeroPress. You can achieve different flavor profiles depending on your brewing method. For a bold and intense flavor, opt for a shot of espresso. If you prefer a more subtle experience, brew a 12-ounce cup using the upside-down method or use the regular pressing method.

It's worth noting that this coffee uses rare peaberry beans, which have a more intense and vibrant flavor. While it may not fit into everyone's budget, the taste, especially when used with the AeroPress, makes it an excellent choice.

3. Coffee Bean Direct Colombia Supremo Whole Bean

If you're looking to purchase coffee in bulk or have a preference for large quantities, Coffee Bean Direct is the way to go. They offer high-quality coffee in affordable bulk amounts. The Colombia Supremo blend, for example, has unique notes of lemon and chocolate that, when combined, create a surprisingly delicious flavor profile. Each bag contains single-origin beans, so the same guidelines for grind size apply. This coffee may taste best with a bit more water, especially if you enjoy experimenting with espresso, utilizing the AeroPress's three-cup storage capacity.

Since these orders come in large five-pound bags, there's a slight chance that you may encounter a less than perfect batch. However, Coffee Bean Direct has excellent customer service and will resolve any issues you have.

Tiny Footprint Coffee is proud to be the first roaster in the world with a negative carbon footprint. They achieve this by donating a portion of their sales to reforestation efforts in Ecuador. Additionally, they contribute to programs focused on healthcare, education, and environmental sustainability.

But how does it taste? The answer is: really good! This coffee uses arabica beans, which are grown at an elevation between 3,750 and 5,400 feet, resulting in a pleasant acidity. The flavor profile includes chocolaty overtones with hints of apricot and fig. However, be prepared to pay attention to your grind size to get the best results.

One minor issue customers have experienced is that the order page sometimes changes options while you're making a purchase. For example, if you select ground coffee and then adjust the weight, it may revert back to whole bean.

5. Onyx Coffee Lab Whole Bean Ethiopian

At Onyx Coffee Lab, they don't roast your beans until you place an order. One of their specialty coffees is the Ethiopian Gedeb Beriti Natural, which offers complex flavors. You can expect notes of dried berries, cantaloupe, and sorghum from this unique blend.

Onyx Coffee Lab strives to strike a balance between traditional and modern coffee styles. This is reflected in their labeling, which categorizes coffees as either more traditional with darker roasts and nutty, chocolaty flavors, or more modern with fruitier and spicier notes, often associated with lighter roasts and single-origin arabica beans.

Overall, the Onyx Coffee Lab Whole Bean Ethiopian is a fantastic option for AeroPress brewing, showcasing the quality of the coffee beans.

6. Klatch Coffee 'Belle Espresso' Beans

If you value ratings to determine the quality of a product, you won't be disappointed by Klatch Coffee. This specific product, the Belle Espresso, received an impressive rating of 94 from renowned coffee reviewer Kenneth Davids.

Most of the coffees on this list have been lighter roasts with single-origin arabica beans. However, the Belle Espresso from Klatch brings us back to the traditional flavors of nuts and chocolate. Other notable tasting notes include blackberry, brandy, and hints of orange. The packaging even provides a brewing recipe if you're not using an AeroPress.

It's important to note that the labels on this coffee may not provide extensive information, and some customers have experienced confusion regarding whether it's whole bean or pre-ground coffee. Rest assured, it is whole bean coffee.

7. Stumptown Coffee Roasters Guatamalan Whole Beans

With a name like Stumptown, you can trust that they take their coffee seriously. And this particular coffee lives up to that reputation! It features enticing flavors of orange, honey, and butter, which can be fully appreciated when brewed using the AeroPress. For a more pronounced orange flavor, a quicker brewing time is recommended. For a richer butter flavor, a slower brewing time is suggested. However, this coffee can be a bit challenging to work with when using the AeroPress due to its light and acidic nature.

Some customers have reported receiving stale coffee, so it's worth paying attention to ensure freshness upon delivery.

8. Volcanica Hawaiian Kona Whole Bean Coffee

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No list of top coffee beans would be complete without mentioning Volcanica Coffee. Their Hawaiian Kona Whole Bean Coffee, sourced from the Greenwell Estate, is made entirely from 100% Kona beans.

Roasted to a medium level, these beans capture the essence of both traditional and modern coffee flavors. They are perfect for making espresso shots and work exceptionally well with the AeroPress brewing method.

Some customers have encountered issues with receiving stale coffee, so be mindful of the freshness when ordering.

10 Best Aeropress Coffee Beans Brands In The UK

Finally, the moment you've been waiting for! Here's my carefully curated list of the top coffee bean brands for Aeropress in the UK, along with the amazing coffee roasters behind them.

Each bag of coffee on this list offers a unique and addictive cup of coffee that is truly delicious.

So, let's dive right in!

1. Agata Brazil Single Origin

The Agata Brazil Single Origin from Balance Coffee is a versatile option that works well for both concentrated espressos and milk-based beverages.

I've mentioned this before, but it's worth emphasizing again - all of Balance Coffee's products are optimized for health. They go through rigorous testing to ensure they are free from any contaminants or harmful substances.

Balance Coffee San Lorenzo Colombia Single-Origin

We don't compromise on quality at Balance. We source our coffee from the top 5% of specialty farms and producers, paying a premium to ensure the highest standards. This approach not only guarantees exceptional coffee but also supports the sustainability of the industry.

Agata Brazil Single Origin offers a delightful flavor profile with notes of dark chocolate, raisins, and lychee, making it the perfect choice to brighten up your morning.

Customer reviews have also played a significant role in placing this coffee at the top of our list for the best coffee for Aeropress in the UK.

Check out what our happy customers are saying:

Balance Coffee San Lorenzo Colombia Single-Origin review

Visit Balance Coffee shop to try our Agata Brazil Single Origin.

2. Pact Coffee Nyarusiza Gaspard

Sometimes, a light roast can create the most mouthwatering Aeropress coffee. One such example is Pact Coffee's Nyarusiza Gaspard, which has become one of my personal favorites.

This coffee originates from Rwanda and is available in both whole bean and ground form, depending on your preference.

Pact Coffee Nyarusiza Gaspard

If you have a grinder at home, I recommend getting the whole beans and grinding them fresh for your Aeropress. The Nyarusiza Gaspard offers unique tasting notes of blackcurrant, lemon, and hot tea, creating a distinct and memorable flavor experience.

This coffee is sourced sustainably and ethically, making it a popular choice among coffee lovers.

Visit Pact Coffee to try our Nyarusiza Gaspard.

3. Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Honduran

Clumsy Goat has made a name for itself in the coffee world, and their Fairtrade Honduran beans are definitely worth mentioning.

UK Coffee for Aeropress

This coffee is perfect for creating a shot of concentrated espresso or as a base for creamy coffee drinks like lattes or cappuccinos.

The beans are sourced from the San Antonia Limitada region of Honduras, as part of the COAGRICSAL collective, which supports small-scale farmers.

The Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Honduran offers a well-rounded flavor profile with balanced acidity and a creamy mouthfeel. The tasting notes of nuts and caramel come together beautifully, making it a great choice for Aeropress lattes.

Visit Clumsy Goat to try our Fairtrade Honduran coffee.

4. Volcanica Costa Rica Peaberry

While I usually recommend using whole coffee beans for Aeropress, Volcanica's Costa Rica Peaberry Blend offers a fantastic cup of coffee even in ground form.

Volcanica Costa Rica Peaberry 2

This coffee is available in pre-ground and ground forms, with three different sizes to choose from. For Aeropress, medium to finely ground coffee works best, so the Espresso or drip sizes are ideal.

What sets this blend apart is its bright and sweet flavor. It's perfect for kickstarting your mornings and offers an excellent flavor blast when brewed as an espresso with Aeropress. However, if you prefer a more subtle experience, opt for drip coffee.

Check out our blog post on the best blend coffee for more options.

So, if you're looking for the best-tasting coffee for Aeropress, make sure to give Costa Rica Peaberry a try. Just keep in mind that it's a bit on the pricey side compared to other options.

Visit Volcanica to try our Costa Rica Peaberry.

5. Stumptown Coffee Roasters Guatemalan Whole Beans

Stumptown Coffee Roasters are known for their serious approach to coffee, and their Guatemalan Whole Beans are no exception.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Guatemalan

This coffee offers mouthwatering tasting notes of orange, honey, and butter. When brewed with an Aeropress, you can easily extract these flavors to create a delightful cup of coffee.

It has a light and acidic profile, making it perfect for those who prefer a subtle yet effective morning coffee. If you enjoy a zesty orange flavor, brew it quickly. For a more buttery experience, go for a slower brew to extract the creamy notes.

Visit Stumptown Coffee to try our Guatemalan Bourbon.

6. Volcanica Hawaiian Kona Whole Bean Coffee

We already featured one Volcanica coffee on our list, but their Hawaiian Kona Whole Bean Coffee deserves its spot too.

Volcanica Hawaiian Kona Whole Bean Coffee

Volcanica Coffee is known for producing some of the finest blends, and this one perfectly combines traditional and modern flavors.

Made from 100% Kona beans, a medium roast sourced from the Greenwell Estate, this coffee offers a full-bodied yet mellow flavor with undertones of bright jasmine, citrus, tart cherries, and sweet caramel. It's a pure and fancy coffee experience!

If you love solid and concentrated espresso shots, this coffee is perfect for you. Some coffee enthusiasts even consider it one of the best medium roast coffees for Aeropress.

Visit Volcanica to try our Hawaiian Kona.

7. Bird & Wild Seasonal Blend

If you're a coffee lover with a conscience and a limited budget, you shouldn't miss out on Bird & Wild. This company is doing some excellent work!

Their Seasonal Blend not only gives you a feel-good vibe but also delivers a medium roast coffee that pairs perfectly with the Aeropress brewing method.

Bird & Wild Seasonal Blend

Bird and Wild established their roastery in London with the aim of protecting migrating birds who often lose their habitats due to farming practices. Additionally, their coffee is ethically sourced and grown.

All of Bird & Wild's coffee is certified Bird Friendly and Shade Grown. It's grown under the shade of native trees that provide habitat for birds.

Now, let's talk about why this blend is perfect for Aeropress. The beans are carefully selected and combined to create a delightful chocolatey taste. Each cup of coffee you brew with this blend will have a rich and smooth flavor, along with a bright aroma that will draw you in.

What's even better is that the coffee is fair trade certified, ensuring both your health and the sustainability of farmers. It's a win-win situation!

Visit Bird & Wild to try our Seasonal Blend.

8. Spiller and Tait Signature Blend

In my ten years of experience, I've learned that award-winning coffee should never be missed. Spiller and Tait's Signature Blend has earned the respect of many, winning the Prestigious Taste Award 2017 and a silver in the Taste of the West Awards 2014.

Produced in the UK, the Signature Blend by Spiller and Tait is undoubtedly one of the best coffees for Aeropress in the UK.

Spiller and Tait Signature Blend 2

Spiller and Tait roast their beans in small batches to ensure premium quality and freshness. This blend is made from high-quality Arabica beans sourced from India, Kenya, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Brazil.

When brewed with an Aeropress, this blend offers a beautiful aroma and plenty of flavor for you to enjoy. The tasting notes of rich and smoky almonds and caramelized demerara sugar are a treat for your taste buds. You can enjoy this coffee at any time of the day or even take it on a quick road trip!

Impressively smooth, this coffee will have you brewing another cup right after the first one.

Visit Spiller & Tait to try our Signature Blend.

9. Taylors of Harrogate Rich Italian Coffee

Taylors of Harrogate is a well-known name in the tea and coffee industry, and their Rich Italian Coffee blend stands out for its unique flavor.

Taylors of Harrogate Rich Italian Coffee

With delicious tasting notes of chocolate and almonds, this coffee lives up to its name by delivering a rich and satisfying cup of coffee.

Made from 100% Arabica beans, the Rich Italian Coffee has a strength rating of 4. Each cup you brew will be luxurious and full of flavor.

The coffee is of premium quality, freshness, and taste. It's one of the best options for Aeropress in the UK. The distinct tasting notes come from carefully selected beans sourced from Latin America and Africa.

At Taylors of Harrogate, quality is a top priority. The coffee is regularly checked for quality by their expert team of Taylors Q-Graders. The brand also focuses on enhancing the sustainability of the coffee industry.

Visit Taylors of Harrogate to try our Rich Italian Coffee.

10. Brown Bear Blue Mountain Blend Ground Coffee

Last but certainly not least, we have the Brown Bear Blue Mountain Blend Ground Coffee. This blend is low in fat and gluten-free, allowing you to enjoy a guilt-free cup of steaming coffee.

It's not only one of the best options for Aeropress in the UK but also works well for French Press and Cafetiere brewing. This medium roast coffee has a sweet flavor with undertones of caramel and toffee.

Brown Bear Blue Mountain Blend Ground Coffee

Delicious, right? But wait, there's more.

This coffee is not only mouthwateringly delicious but also of premium quality. It's made from 100% Arabica beans sourced from Costa Rica.

Brown Bear Coffee has an accredited roastery in the United Kingdom and is committed to producing fresh roasts at reasonable costs.

Each coffee packet is marked with a little brown bear cub logo, a symbol of quality. It represents the great care that goes into creating this delightful blend.

In addition to looking after their consumers, Brown Bear also looks after bears in need. 5% of their sales go to Free the Bears, a UK nonprofit organization with bear sanctuaries across Southeast Asia. Over 950 bears have been rescued and cared for with the help of their contributions.

Visit Brown Bear to try our Blue Mountain Blend Ground Coffee.

How Much Coffee To Use in an AeroPress—Standard Recipe or Adjust To Taste?

Start by measuring out 18g of your favorite beans using a reliable coffee scale. If you don't have a scale yet, you can use the AeroPress scoop. Just use around 1½ scoops of whole beans before grinding or around 4-6 tablespoons of coffee grounds. This will give you a strong and flavorful cup of coffee. If you prefer a weaker cup, add more water or use less coffee. For a stronger cup, use less water or more coffee.

The best way to find the perfect ratio of coffee to water is to experiment and adjust to taste. Start with the above measurements and make adjustments until you find the ratio that suits your preferences.

Water Temperature

Photo of a gooseneck electric kettle on a kitchen counter.

The temperature of the water used in Aeropress brewing is often a topic of discussion. While the standard brew temperature for coffee falls in the 195–205˚F range, the recommended AeroPress recipe suggests using an extremely low temperature of around 175˚F. However, in our experience, brewing at these lower temperatures tends to result in a flat taste with minimal acidity. The coffee may be sweet and strong, but lacks complexity. We recommend experimenting with a range of temperatures to find your preferred brewing temperature.

3: Espresso Blend

If you're craving a strong and bold cup of coffee, then an espresso blend is the way to go for your Aeropress. These dark roasts may not have the "light" notes of the previous two types, but they do boast all the flavors of the roast itself.

With an espresso blend, you have a couple of options. You can create a potent shot that resembles espresso and mix it with hot milk. It's perfect for those who enjoy a creamy and rich drink. Alternatively, you can plunge your espresso-like shot into ice for a refreshing summer beverage.

For the traditionalists out there, you can simply enjoy the "espresso" shot on its own without the need for a traditional espresso machine. To enhance your Aeropress's espresso capabilities, you might consider using a cool gadget like the Prismo.

Personally, I don't often brew this type of coffee at home. However, when I do, I prefer to go for a direct trade blend from a trusted roaster.

Further Reading: For more information on the Aeropress, check out The Advanced Guide to the Aeropress

Are you brewing for strength or subtleties?

When it comes to coffee, everyone has different preferences. Some people enjoy the strong and bold flavors of a darker roast, while others prefer the unique and subtle notes found in lighter roast beans. Fortunately, the Aeropress can cater to both styles.

For those who enjoy medium to dark roasts and want a robust flavor, a higher ratio of coffee grounds to water is recommended. This is what we coffee enthusiasts refer to as a "brew ratio." A ratio between 1:10 and 1:14 is likely to be ideal.

The Aeropress is designed to extract maximum flavor in a short amount of time, resulting in a drink similar to espresso or a moka pot.

If you're more inclined towards a "third wave" coffee experience with fruity or acidic flavors, then lighter roasts are the way to go.

As a general rule, with a dark roast, you taste the roast itself, whereas with a light roast, you experience the unique characteristics of the bean.

Since those who prefer subtle flavors don't need a particularly strong brew, the brew ratio can be decreased to about 1:15 or even less. However, it's not recommended to go beyond 1:18, as the coffee may taste weak or thin at this point.

(In Denmark, we refer to the flavor of thin coffee as "fox pee," but I'm not sure of the proper English translation for this term).

In addition to considering grind size and roast, the country of origin of the coffee beans significantly impacts your coffee experience, especially when opting for a lighter roast. This is because beans from different countries have unique flavor profiles due to varying growing conditions, genetic potential, and processing methods.

I encourage you to experiment with beans from different origins to find the ones that appeal to your taste buds. Here are some guidelines for beans from commonly found countries of origin.

Why is my AeroPress coffee weak?

If your AeroPress coffee is coming out weak, you may need to adjust the grind to a finer setting. Finer grounds slow down the extraction process, resulting in a stronger and more flavorful cup of coffee.

For those seeking the best coffee beans for the Aeropress, I highly recommend trying the Lifeboost Embolden Dark Roast Beans. They have a smooth and rich flavor profile, perfect for adding cream and sugar. Plus, their darker roast makes them forgiving in terms of brewing methods.

These beans are single-origin and made from 100% Arabica coffee, making them an excellent choice for casual coffee drinkers as well.

Give them a try!

Water Quality

Lastly, let's talk about the importance of water quality. While this topic can be quite complex, we recommend filtering your tap water to remove any unwanted flavors or odors. There is much more to learn about water quality, but that discussion is best saved for another time.

Top-down photo of a person pouring water into an AeroPress

  • 18 g of coffee
  • 210 g of filtered water
  • Medium-fine grind (four on a scale of 1–10)
  • Water temperature at 205˚ F
  • 10-second stir after a 1-minute bloom
  • Total brew time ~2:00
  • Use three filters, rinsed with warm water

This recipe follows a 1:12 brew ratio and uses the inverted brew method.

  1. Heat your water.
  2. Prepare your AeroPress by inserting the plunger about 2cm into the chamber.
  3. Leave the cap off for now, with the filters in it ready to go. Set the AeroPress down on the scale, plunger side down.
  4. Add your ground coffee to the chamber.
  5. Start your timer when you pour in the filtered water. Add all the water at once.
  6. At the one minute mark, stir for 10 seconds, then place the cap on top of the AeroPress and lock it into place.
  7. At 1:30, carefully flip the AeroPress over and press it into your cup. Press slowly so that the last bit of liquid leaves the AeroPress at around 2 minutes.
  8. Enjoy your flavorful cup of coffee!

This recipe incorporates all the variables mentioned earlier. Each variable depends on the others, so making changes to one might require adjustments to another for the best results. Feel free to try our recipe and experiment with your own. We'd love to hear how it turns out!

In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best coffee beans for AeroPress, it ultimately boils down to personal preference. However, based on our extensive research and testing, Ethiopian and Central American beans have proven to be exceptional choices for their rich flavors and balanced profiles. Whether you prefer a light or dark roast, ensuring the right grind particle size and using high-quality water is key to achieving a delicious cup of AeroPress coffee. Whether you opt for blends or single origin beans, the important thing is to experiment and find what suits your palate best. With the top 8 AeroPress coffee bean brands and the standard recipe as a starting point, feel free to adjust and find your perfect cup of Joe. Now, brew up a strong and flavorful cup with confidence, and enjoy the extraordinary world of AeroPress coffee!

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