Discovering the Best Coffee Beans for Drip: A Guide to Grind Size, Roast Levels, and More

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Are you tired of mediocre coffee that lacks depth and flavor? Look no further! In this article, we will uncover the secret to brewing the perfect cup of coffee with the best coffee beans for drip, ensuring a rich and aromatic experience that will leave you craving for more. From grind size to roast level, we will delve into the factors that influence the quality of your brew and explore the top contenders in the world of coffee beans. Get ready to elevate your coffee game to new heights and awaken your taste buds like never before.

Grind Size and Consistency for Brewing Methods

espresso machine

Understanding the importance of grind size and consistency is vital for brewing a high-quality cup of coffee, regardless of the brewing method used. Different brewing techniques require different grind sizes, with espresso and drip coffee being the most common ones. Let's dive into the various grind sizes required for these methods and how they impact the final result.

Espresso Grind

Espresso coffee requires a fine grind size, which creates a powdery texture similar to confectionary sugar or flour. This is because espresso machines operate under high pressure, forcing hot water through finely ground beans quickly. The fine grind allows the water to extract the flavors and oils from the coffee efficiently, resulting in a rich, well-balanced, and concentrated cup.

Drip Coffee Grind

In contrast, drip coffee brewing calls for a medium grind size, resembling smooth sand. With this method, hot water slowly drips through the coffee grounds, extracting flavors as it passes through a filter. A medium grind size ensures proper extraction time, allowing the coffee to have a balanced and enjoyable taste. If the grind is too fine, the brewing process may be too slow and lead to over-extraction and bitterness. Conversely, if the grind is too coarse, the water may flow too quickly, resulting in under-extraction and weak flavors.

Fine vs Coarse Grind

Striking the right balance between fine and coarse grinds is crucial for brewing delicious and full-bodied coffee. A fine grind, like the one used for espresso, increases the surface area of the coffee bean that comes into contact with the water, speeding up the extraction process. On the other hand, coarse grinds, such as those used for French press brewing, reduce the surface area and result in longer extraction times.

  • Finely Ground: Suitable for espresso machines and Moka pots
  • Medium Ground: Ideal for drip coffee makers, siphon brewers, and AeroPress (with a longer brew time)
  • Coarsely Ground: Best for French press, cold brew, and pour-over methods
Choosing the appropriate grind size for a specific brewing method is necessary to optimize the coffee's flavor and depth. When using espresso beans for drip coffee, adjusting the grind size to the medium range is crucial for achieving the best results.

Roast Level

When it comes to roast levels, the main options are light, medium, and dark. Light roasts have a lighter color and milder flavor. These beans contain more acidity and are best suited for gentle coffees like single origins or espressos. Medium roasts have a fuller body and slightly stronger flavor than light roasts, and they are commonly used in blends and espresso drinks. Dark roasts have a rich, intense flavor and are ideal for full-bodied coffees like French press and cold brew. The choice of roast level depends on personal taste preferences.

Bean Type

There are two main varieties of coffee beans - Arabica and Robusta - each with its own distinct flavor profiles and characteristics. Arabica beans produce a sweeter and more aromatic cup with notes of chocolate and nuts. Robusta beans have a stronger flavor and higher caffeine content, making them ideal for espresso-based drinks or lattes. It's important to know which type of bean you prefer before deciding which one to purchase.

Grind Type

Another important factor to consider when selecting coffee beans is the grind type - coarse, medium, or fine. This is necessary for certain brewing methods, such as French press or pour-over methods that require finer grinds, or espresso machines that need very fine grinds for optimal extraction rates. It's essential to research which grind type works best for your desired brewing method before purchasing your beans.

Quality of the Bean

The quality of coffee beans is determined through inspection and testing for flavor, cup quality, and aroma. It's important to understand the level of scrutiny and standards used during this process before buying any type of bean. Specialty grade coffee is generally of high quality with minimal defects. Premium grade coffee usually has fewer defects compared to standard grade. Commercial grade coffee may have more defects, such as sourness or bitterness in flavor. Low-grade coffee often has significant defects that can negatively impact taste and aroma.

How to store coffee beans

line breakThe best way to store coffee beans is in an airtight container in a dark, non-humid location at room temperature. If your coffee comes in an unlined paper bag, it's recommended to transfer it to an airtight container for longer-term storage. If it comes in a thick, foil-lined bag with a valve, it's best to keep it in the bag until it's time to open it. Refrigerating coffee is not recommended as the damp environment and fridge odors can negatively impact flavor and freshness. However, freezing coffee can work well as long as it is stored in fully airtight bags. You can even brew coffee straight from frozen!

What to look for when shopping for coffee beans

line break✔?? Roast Type: Specialty roasters usually default to light roast because it showcases more of the bean's inherent characteristics. Light roasted beans tend to be sweeter with balanced acidity, while dark roast beans are often bolder and less acidic. Medium-roasted beans fall somewhere in between. Dark-roasted beans also go stale more quickly, so it's important to consume them fresh.

✔?? Roast Date: A more recent roast date means fresher coffee. Specialty roasters often provide a roast date on the bag. With larger commodity roasters, you'll typically find a "best-by" date, which doesn't indicate freshness but rather that it's still okay to consume (coffee is technically safe to drink for a long time, but smell and taste are better indicators of when it's gone bad).

✔?? Price: A higher-priced bean usually means more attention has been paid to each step of production, from growing to roasting. It's often easier to identify the origin of more expensive, higher-quality beans based on flavor profile, such as Ethiopia versus Kenya. While you can spend upwards of $25 per pound for great coffee, you can also find perfectly good coffee for less at the supermarket, though it may not be as complex or balanced.

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Stumptown Coffee Roasters' Holler Mountain

Stumptown Coffee Roasters' Holler MountainBest Overall

Best Whole Bean Coffee - Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass Dark Roast

Kicking Horse Coffee Company’s Kick Ass dark roastBest Coffee on Amazon- Kick Ass Whole Bean whole bean coffee is my number one pick for the best coffee beans available on Amazon. This dark roast whole coffee bean brews a fantastic, smooth cup of coffee that almost all coffee lovers will enjoy.

This roast has become my go-to for one of the everyday beans that I brew at home. It's perfect for French press brewing and drip coffee makers. The coffee beans consistently possess freshness and well-rounded flavors. Since it's a whole bean coffee, you can grind it to your desired needs and ensure a satisfying brew.

Kick Ass is organic and fair trade certified, making this roast not only a great cup of coffee but also great for the farmers. The blend of Indonesian and South American beans in this roast offers smoky, sweet flavors, resulting in a well-rounded cup.

This is a dark roast coffee that doesn't overpower your palate. While it's not the strongest coffee in the world, it contains 120 mg of caffeine per 6 oz cup, which is enough to get you going in the morning.

You can purchase a 1-pound bag on Amazon for under $20.00 with free shipping if you're a Prime member.

Best Ground Coffee

Tested by Beth Lipton for Food Network Kitchen

Nowadays, you can buy coffee in various forms: ground coffee, whole beans, instant coffee, cold brew - you can even subscribe to coffee services. Buying ground coffee, instead of whole beans, brings you one step closer to your important morning ritual. Of course, with so many brands available, you want to ensure that your morning brew meets your preferences. Whether you prefer dark or light roast (or something in between), flavored coffee, decaf, or another option, we brewed multiple pots to find the best ground coffees you can find.

Allegro Coffee Organic Italian Roast

Organic Italian Roast2

Best Value

Coffee Project NY 32 Degrees Cold Brew Coffee Beans

32 Degrees Cold Brew Coffee Beans


  • Make-ahead
  • Available in multiple quantities


  • Not recommended for hot coffee drinkers
While you can technically use any type of coffee bean to make cold brew, this bag was specifically designed for the process: "We selected the coffee for its flavor and profiled it in a way so the solubility of the coffee works with cold brewing," says Kaleena Teoh, Co-Founder of Coffee Project New York. Tasters loved the low acidity and ultra-smooth finish of this sweet, chocolatey, and slightly fruity cup.

Never made cold brew before? It's easy with a cold brew coffee maker, but you can also prepare it without one. Simply combine 1 cup of coarsely ground coffee with 4 cups of cold water in a covered container, refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours, then strain and enjoy. This is also a great make-ahead option for busy mornings, as the grounds need to steep for several hours.

RoastCold brew
Size10 oz., 2 lb., 5 lb.
Manufacturer tasting notesDark chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, brown sugar, stone fruit. Low acidity, creamy body.

Blue Bottle Coffee Hayes Valley Espresso

Hayes Valley Espresso


  • Performs well in multiple brewing methods
  • Great for drinkers who enjoy a slightly sweet, yet strong, cup


  • Expensive
While these beans performed well in both an espresso machine and a drip coffee maker, they particularly excelled when made using a French press. The French press brewing method involves steeping coarsely ground beans in hot water for a few minutes before pressing to extract all the water, resulting in a strong and luxurious coffee. This brewing method creates a robust flavor and an almost creamy mouthfeel that pairs perfectly with the vanilla-scented, lightly sweet brew of these beans.

Named after the San Francisco neighborhood that housed the brand's first-ever physical location, this blend represents their darkest offering, with deeply roasted notes and a hint of acidity.

Size6 oz., 12 oz.
Manufacturer tasting notesbaking chocolate, orange zest, brown sugar

Best Cold Brew

Onyx Coffee Lab El Salvador Santa Rosa Washed

El Salvador Santa Rosa Washed


  • Transparent pricing
  • Brand pays 3-4x more than Fair Trade standard


  • Expensive

Treat yourself to this luxurious cup made with beans from El Salvador. The dedicated team at Onyx Coffee Lab worked with local partners over multiple days of picking, processing, and tasting to create the perfect blend. Testers raved about its full, roasted flavor and well-balanced acidity. While it shines as a standalone drip coffee, it also complements other applications, such as in a vanilla latte with cinnamon, as one tester noted.

The term "washed" refers to the coffee's processing method. It undergoes fermentation underwater for 12-36 hours, which helps break down the outer layer of the beans, making them easier to dry. After fermentation, the coffee is washed to remove the remaining fruit layer before being spread out on tables to dry in the sun.

Roast Medium
Size 10 oz
Origin El Salvador
Manufacturer tasting notes Rose, white grape, fig, black tea


  • Offered in different grind sizes to suit your coffee machine
  • Transparent pricing


  • Expensive

Best Coffee for French Press - Really Good Coffee Co., Organic Dark Roast

Best Coffee Beans on Amazon - Really Good Coffee Co Organic Dark Roast

Have you heard of Really Good Coffee Co? I hadn't either until a friend of mine gifted me some after I couldn't stop talking about how good the French press coffee was at her house. The bag she got me was the Good Coffee Company’s organic dark roast. It has a bold flavor with floral and citrus notes, perfect for French press brewing.

The flavors of cedar, red bell pepper, and lemon blend harmoniously with French press brewing. The dark roast is made from organic, single-origin whole coffee beans that deliver exceptional taste.

The Good Coffee Company, based in Seattle, takes pride in its simple, pure approach to gourmet, quality coffee beans. The flavors are always fresh, and the coffee is affordable without compromising on quality.

If you want to buy Really Good Coffee Company’s organic dark roast whole bean coffee, you can find it on Amazon in a 2-pound bag for under $30.00 with free shipping for Prime members.

Best Coffee for Moka Pot - Illy, Moka Ground, Classica Roast

Best Coffee Beans on Amazon- Illy Moka Pot Ground Classica ROast

Moka pots are Italian-style percolator coffee makers that produce rich, creamy coffee with an espresso-like taste. The key to a good cup of Moka pot coffee lies in using the right coffee grounds with the optimal grind. That's where Illy’s Moka ground, classica roast coffee comes in. It is my top pick for Moka pot brewing.

Illy's Moka ground coffee is rich and smooth, ensuring a creamy espresso-style coffee that we all love. With over 80 years of experience, this Italian coffee roaster knows how to deliver exceptional taste.

The Moka ground coffee offers sweet flavors with hints of caramel and produces a perfect faux crema, which is highly desirable in Moka pot brewing. While it's not made from traditional espresso beans, this medium roast coffee shines when used in a Moka pot.

The coffee is ground perfectly for Moka pot brewing and comes in the iconic silver tin, which helps keep the grounds fresh. I personally have it on auto-ship along with other coffee items for my caffeine fix.

If you want to buy the Illy Moka ground classica roast, you can find it on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.

Best Light Roast Coffee - Coffee Bros., Light Roast

Best Light Roast Coffee Beans Amazon - Coffee Bros -

I used to not be a fan of light roast coffees, but my mind has changed recently. A fellow coffee lover recommended that I try Coffee Bros., light roast coffee beans.

Founded by brothers Nick and Dan Hunnewell in 2019, Coffee Bros. aims to bring 3rd wave coffee to a larger market while supporting small farmers. They have successfully achieved this mission and offer a light roast whole bean that is versatile across various brewing processes, including espresso.

The light roast brews a cup of coffee with flavors of honey, crisp grapefruit, and floral notes, providing a smooth finish. It's an excellent coffee to enjoy during brunch or as an afternoon pick-me-up. I always keep it on hand, especially when I want to introduce someone to the joys of light roast coffee.

The coffee is packaged shortly after roasting and delivered directly to Amazon in small batches, ensuring freshness. They even provide the harvest date and roast date on the packaging, demonstrating their commitment to quality.

If you want to buy this outstanding light roast coffee, you can find it on Amazon (and make a feel-good purchase at the same time). You can even talk to one of the brothers directly if you have any questions when you call. How cool is that?

Best Decaf Coffee - Kicking Horse Coffee, Dark Roast Decaf

Beast Coffee Beans on Amazon - Kicking Horse Decaf Roast

I must admit, I'm not a decaf drinker myself. However, after some research and feedback from others, I can confidently say that Kicking Horse dark roast decaf is the best decaf coffee beans available on Amazon, if not the entire internet. These fairtrade, organic, shade-grown beans are perfect for decaf lovers or those seeking a caffeine-free cup of coffee.

When choosing a decaf coffee, it's important to ensure that it's swiss processed. This all-natural decaffeination method doesn't use solvents to remove the caffeine, resulting in a higher quality and safer product.

The dark roast of these beans offers indulgent flavors of chocolate and roasted hazelnuts. It's recommended for brewing methods such as drip, French press, espresso, and cold brew.

My stepmom, who is a decaf drinker, is a huge fan of this roast. She buys the whole beans in bulk bags of 2.2 pounds. If you're looking for a smaller commitment, you can purchase a 10 oz. bag of Kicking Horse dark roast decaf on Amazon for under $10.00.

Best Everyday Coffee - Stumptown, Hair Bender Dark Roast

Best Coffee Beans on Amazon - Stumptown Hair Bender

Stumptown Hair Bender is my go-to everyday brewing coffee. Its versatility across various brewing methods makes it a standout choice. Whether you prefer drip, pour over, AeroPress, French press, or Moka pot brewing, this dark roast delivers exceptional taste.

Unlike most dark roasts, Hair Bender is not as oily, yet it still rivals espresso beans in terms of flavor. If you use an automatic espresso maker, this roast will truly elevate your espresso experience due to the lack of oil build-up.

Stumptown relies on Hair Bender for their espresso drinks in their own shops. The pour-over brewing method pairs beautifully with this roast, accentuating its citrus and deep chocolate notes.

I recommend purchasing Hair Bender in whole bean form so that you can grind the beans according to your brewing needs. This way, you can fully enjoy the versatility of this roast and understand why it's my top pick for Amazon's best everyday coffee beans. You can find a bag of Stumptown’s Hair Bender dark roast on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.

Best Budget Coffee - Community Coffee, New Orleans Blend

Best Coffee Beans on Amazon - Community Coffee New Orleans Blend

Being from a Southern family with ties to Louisiana, Community Coffee holds a special place in my heart. It was the go-to brand in every kitchen, from my grandparents to my parents. To me, if it wasn't Community Coffee, it wasn't coffee. Don't get me started on iced tea brands!

The Community Coffee New Orleans Blend is my choice for the best budget coffee on Amazon. It offers a dark roast with a deep, flavorful profile that takes me back to cold mornings in my grandmother's warm kitchen during holiday visits.

What's even better is that the company has remained family-owned for four generations, maintaining their commitment to quality coffee, relationships with suppliers, and community support.

This blend provides excellent value for the price. A 12 oz bag usually costs around .00, a steal for the rich flavor it delivers.

If you want to buy Community Coffee's affordable New Orleans Blend, you can find it on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.

Starbucks Veranda Blend

Veranda Blend

Best Light Roast

Stone Street Coffee Company Knee Buckling Espresso

Knee Buckling Espresso

Best for Espresso

Chamberlain Coffee Fluffy Lamb Vanilla Blend

Fluffy Lamb Vanilla Blend

The Chamberlain Coffee Fluffy Lamb Vanilla Blend is a best medium roast coffee. It is currently on sale.

Brewing Espresso Beans in Drip Coffee Makers

espresso drip maker

Many coffee enthusiasts wonder if it's possible to use espresso beans for brewing drip coffee. The answer is yes, and using espresso beans in a drip coffee maker can result in a delicious and unique flavor. Espresso beans are typically roasted longer and darker, but when properly used in a drip coffee maker, they can produce a rich and full-bodied cup.

One important factor to consider when using espresso beans in a drip coffee maker is the grind size. It's recommended to grind the espresso beans coarser than you would for regular espresso. This ensures proper brewing and prevents over-extraction. Place the coarse espresso grounds in a fresh filter in the drip coffee maker, following the coffee maker's instructions for the ratio of coffee grounds to water.

Next, fill the reservoir of the drip coffee maker with clean, cold water. Good quality water is crucial for the coffee's taste. Make sure the coffee grounds are evenly distributed in the filter basket for balanced extraction. Close the lid, turn on the coffee maker, and start the brewing process.

As the coffee brews, the carafe will gradually fill with the espresso-drip coffee hybrid. The resulting coffee may have a slightly thicker texture and a more pronounced flavor than regular drip coffee, due to the dark roast and oils in espresso beans.

While brewing espresso beans in a drip coffee maker may not replicate the creamy texture of traditional espresso, it still offers a satisfying and full-flavored coffee experience. This method is a great option for those who want to experiment with their coffee brewing techniques and expand their palate.

Using Espresso Beans in Different Brewing Methods

espresso machine

Espresso beans can also be used in various brewing methods besides traditional espresso machines. The main difference between espresso beans and regular beans is the roasting process, with espresso beans typically roasted longer. However, both types of beans can be used in different brewing methods, as long as they are ground to the appropriate size and prepared correctly.

Pour-Over Coffee

When using espresso beans for pour-over coffee, it's important to grind them to a medium to coarse consistency. This allows for proper extraction of flavors during the pour-over brewing process. To make pour-over coffee using espresso beans, follow these steps:

  • Measure the appropriate coffee to water ratio, typically 1:15. For a 16-ounce cup, use 32 grams (1.1 ounces) of coffee grounds.
  • Place a paper filter in your pour-over coffee maker and add the ground espresso beans.
  • Heat water to the recommended temperature, usually between 195°F to 205°F.
  • Pour the heated water over the coffee grounds in a circular motion for even saturation.
  • Once you've achieved the desired coffee to water ratio, let the coffee drip through the filter into your cup.

French Press

Espresso beans can also be used to make French press coffee. Grind the beans to a coarse consistency for this method. Follow these steps to brew French press coffee with espresso beans:

  • Measure the recommended coffee to water ratio, usually 1:15.
  • Add the coarsely ground espresso beans to the French press.
  • Heat water to the ideal temperature, between 195°F to 205°F.
  • Pour the heated water over the coffee grounds, ensuring even saturation.
  • Let the coffee steep for about 4 minutes.
  • Press the plunger down gently to separate the grounds from the coffee.
  • Pour the coffee into your cup and enjoy.

High-Pressure Brewing Methods

High-pressure brewing methods include espresso machines, moka pots, and AeroPress coffee makers. Although these methods are typically associated with using espresso beans, they can also be used for brewing regular coffee beans, as long as the beans are ground appropriately. Espresso machines usually require a fine, consistent grind for optimal extraction, while moka pots and AeroPress devices work well with a medium-fine grind.

In conclusion, espresso beans can be used in various brewing methods, including pour-over, French press, and high-pressure methods like moka pots and AeroPress devices. The key is to grind the beans to the correct consistency and follow the appropriate brewing techniques to achieve great results.

Potential Impacts on Flavor and Aroma

coffee cup

Using espresso beans for drip coffee can have a noticeable impact on the flavor and aroma of the beverage. Espresso beans are typically darker roasted and more finely ground, resulting in a richer and more intense flavor profile. The slower water flow through the coffee grinds in drip coffee can lead to a more thorough extraction of flavors and aromas.

It's important to consider the potential differences in body and consistency when using espresso beans in a drip coffee maker. The coarser grind of regular drip coffee beans generally results in a less concentrated and more balanced beverage, while the finer grind of espresso beans can create a more robust and intense taste. To achieve a more familiar consistency and body for drip coffee, it may be necessary to adjust the grind size of the espresso beans to be coarser than usual.

Another factor to consider is the brewing method. Drip coffee makers expose the beans to hot water for a longer period, while espresso machines use pressurized water for quicker extraction. This difference in brewing techniques can affect the final taste, with espresso usually having a fuller flavor and drip coffee potentially tasting slightly watered-down in comparison.

In summary, using espresso beans for drip coffee can impact the flavor, aroma, body, and consistency of the beverage. To achieve the best results, it's crucial to adjust the grind size and potentially experiment with different brewing parameters. Ultimately, finding the perfect balance depends on personal preferences and taste expectations.

Filters for Espresso Beans and Drip Coffee

coffee filter

Paper Filters

Paper filters are a popular choice for drip coffee makers as they produce a clean, sediment-free cup of coffee. They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, with some made from unbleached or bleached paper. Unbleached paper filters are considered more environmentally friendly, while bleached filters have a brighter appearance achieved through chlorination or oxygen treatment.

Using paper filters for espresso beans in drip coffee makers helps control the extraction process. Finely ground coffee like espresso may require a slower extraction, which paper filters achieve by trapping finer coffee grounds while allowing water to pass through at a moderated pace. This results in a well-balanced cup of coffee without unwanted sediments.

Metal Filters

Metal filters, commonly made from stainless steel, are a reusable alternative to disposable paper filters. They are environmentally friendly and compatible with various coffee makers. Metal filters have larger holes compared to paper filters, allowing more coffee oils and fine particles to pass through. This gives the coffee a richer, fuller-bodied taste.

When using espresso beans in a drip coffee maker, it's important to consider the grind size and brewing process. The larger holes of metal filters may result in more extraction and some sediment at the bottom of the cup. However, some individuals prefer the bold, intense taste and don't mind the presence of sediments.

In summary, the choice between paper filters and metal filters when using espresso beans in a drip coffee maker depends on personal preference and desired taste. Paper filters are suitable for those seeking a clean, sediment-free cup with a slower extraction, while metal filters may appeal to those desiring a richer and fuller taste with some sediment present.

cold brew

Espresso beans, when properly ground, can be used for various coffee recipes, including drip coffee. Due to their strong flavor, espresso beans serve as a base for popular espresso-based drinks. Below are some examples:


A latte is a common espresso-based drink made by combining a shot of espresso with steamed milk and a layer of milk foam on top. The smooth and creamy texture of the steamed milk complements the bold flavor of the espresso, resulting in a well-balanced and delicious beverage. To make a latte, use espresso beans with the appropriate grind size for a robust taste.


Cappuccino is another popular espresso-based drink that features rich and bold flavors. It consists of equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam, creating a thicker foam layer and more pronounced coffee taste compared to a latte. To make a cappuccino, use the appropriate grind size of espresso beans, steam the milk separately, and top it off with a generous amount of milk foam.

Black Coffee

Black coffee is a simple way to enjoy the robust flavors of espresso beans. It involves preparing the espresso with darker roast beans and the correct grind size, then serving it without any added milk or sweeteners. This allows the natural taste and aroma of the espresso to shine.

With the strong character of espresso beans, you can explore and create various espresso-based drinks to suit your taste preferences.

Alternative Uses for Espresso Beans

espresso beans

Espresso beans aren't limited to just brewing espressos. They can be used for many other purposes, enhancing both taste and presentation. Here are some alternative uses for espresso beans:

Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

Chocolate-covered espresso beans are a popular treat that combines the flavors of chocolate and coffee. Simply coat roasted espresso beans in melted chocolate, let them cool, and enjoy as a snack, dessert, or garnish for sweets.

Espresso Powder

Espresso powder is a versatile ingredient made from ground espresso beans. It can be used in various recipes, both sweet and savory, to enhance flavors. Add a teaspoon or two of espresso powder to desserts like cookies, cakes, and brownies for an extra kick of flavor.

Mixing with Regular Coffee Beans

Combining espresso beans with regular coffee beans can create a blend with a richer and more robust flavor profile. Experiment with different ratios of espresso beans to regular coffee beans to find your preferred strength. Grind the mixture and brew it for a unique coffee experience.

In conclusion, espresso beans offer a wide range of uses beyond traditional espresso beverages. With creativity and experimentation, you can incorporate espresso beans into various dishes and treats, enhancing flavors and elevating the coffee experience.

What to Know Before Buying Ground Coffee

Before purchasing ground coffee, there are some key factors to consider:

Get the right equipment: Most pre-ground coffee available in grocery stores is designed for use in automatic drip coffee makers. If you prefer brewing methods like French press, espresso machines, or pour over, you'll need to order a specific grind online or buy whole beans and grind them yourself.

Storage: Coffee should be stored in a cool, dry environment, not in the fridge. It's best to store opened bags of ground coffee in an airtight container in your pantry for up to a week for optimal flavor. For longer storage, you can keep them in the freezer.

Flavor: While ground coffee may not have the same strong aroma as freshly ground whole beans, it offers convenience and still delivers delicious flavor. The top picks in our testing have impressed our taster with their delicious flavor.

Partner's Coffee Roasters's Brooklyn

Partner's Coffee Roasters's Brooklyn


  • Balanced
  • Medium roast


  • None

I've been using Partner's Coffee Roasters's Brooklyn roast almost every day since I discovered it. It offers a balanced flavor with notes of milk chocolate and toffee, without being too strong. It's perfect for my morning pour-over coffee.

Dunkin' Original Blend Medium Roast

Dunkin' Original Blend Medium Roast

Best Budget

Starbucks Breakfast Blend

Starbucks Breakfast Blend

Best Budget Runner-Up

Note: The section below this may contain affiliate links. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Mayorga Organics Coffee Cafe Cubano

Mayorga Organics Coffee Cafe CubanoBest Coffee for Cold Brew

Starbucks Espresso Roast

Starbucks Espresso RoastBest Coffee for Espresso

Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso

Intelligentsia Black Cat EspressoRunner-Up Best Coffee for Espresso

La Colombe Nizza Medium Roast

La Colombe Nizza Medium RoastBest Medium Roast Coffee (Sweet)

Lavazza Coffee

You’ve no doubt seen this name on grocery store shelves. The Italian brand was founded by Luigi Lavazza in 1895. And while many businesses do not survive long enough to be passed on to new generations, Lavazza is currently run by third and fourth generation family members – the brand has some serious staying power.

Lavazza Coffee Medium RoastLavazza Coffee Medium RoastCuisine at Home loves this brand. Why? “The Lavazza Coffee Beans are an excellent choice for those looking for a rich and creamy cup of coffee. The light-medium espresso roast works wonderfully to bring out the aroma of hazelnuts and brown sugar. This blend [Super Crema] of 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta is perfect for creating a unique taste in your favorite espresso machine. For those looking to truly enjoy this blend, the 2.2 lb bag is just right. It’s not too small, which would mean that you’d have to buy more soon after opening up, but it’s also not too large, so you don’t end up with a lot of extra coffee. This ensures that your coffee will be fresh and flavorful every time you brew it. It’s mainly intended for people who care about quality: it contains only pure coffee beans, free from any additives or preservatives. Whether you’re looking for an after-dinner treat or simply something to sip on while enjoying a light snack, this blend offers something for everyone.”

Speaking about Lavazza Espresso Italiano, The Coffee Chronicler adds: “This is a medium roast coffee from Lavazza. It’s a subtle, balanced coffee with notes of hazelnut and chocolate. This is truly an all-around coffee. You can use it in milk drinks or enjoy it as a straight shot. I’m not sure why Lavazza calls it ‘Espresso Italiano’ since that might confuse some people who’d think Italian espresso implied [that it’s] super dark and strong – this is NOT dark at all. If you’re looking for that then go for the next coffee on this list, Qualita Rossa. The Rossa version is one of company’s most famous blends. There is a bunch of robusta in here, so expect a strong coffee that doesn’t really offer that much regarding acidity or subtle flavors. This one is more about the crema, texture, and mouthfeel. This is a very traditional espresso!”

Tasting Table also mentions: “Starbucks may be the biggest backers of espresso in America, but never forget that the origin of this coffee making technique comes from Italy. If you ever need a reminder, pull a bag of Lavazza from your store shelves. From the first scoop of grounds to your final mug, this brand of beans will take your morning redeyes and turn them into a leisurely flight to the world’s cappuccino capital. Lavazza coffees are known for their intensity, and each roast comes clearly labeled with where it sits on the scale. The Classico is a coveted roast, but it is the Gran Selezione that holds the crown. The chocolate-forward accent makes it a morning cup to savor slowly. It may be 7 on the intensity scale, but it is a 10 of 10 in terms of taste. Other blends can come in lower intensities but still pack as much flavor as a true espresso. (And if you decide to spring for a home espresso machine, take heart: Despite what you might expect, a daily espresso actually has less caffeine and lower acidity than a daily coffee.)”

Illy Coffee

Illy, Italy, same thing. This Italian coffee company headquartered in Trieste specializes in espresso. And for a fun fact, they are reportedly the first coffee company to market coffee pods.

Classic Roast Illy Coffee BeansClassic Roast Illy Coffee BeansThe Coffee Chronicler names them a classic in the espresso community. Why? “Illy is a traditional Italian company that for many years was almost synonymous with espresso. In spite of being a big and somewhat industrial enterprise, there’s no doubt that Illy puts a lot of care into selecting the right beans for their blends. That means sweet cherries with only a few defects. This is the same kind of coffee that the world barista champions used only 16 years ago. They are medium roast and will suit almost any brewing style. Illy is not going to win any competitions in the highly snobby and advanced coffee world we have today, but it also won’t disappoint in the cup no matter how you brew it. This one is preground, so you don’t need a grinder. If you have a proper setup with your own grinder, then make sure to go for the whole-beans option.”

Tasting Table agrees: “When you think of quality espresso, it’s hard not to let your mind drift towards a daydream of an idyllic Italian scene. Your kitchen may not look like a gleaming Sicilian villa or a bustling cafe on the streets of Rome, but illy Coffee can make it smell like one. The city of Turin often gets most of the love for birthing the now-international Lavazza brand, but there is another place that has long been a crucial part of the Mediterranean nation’s coffee history. The far northeastern city of Trieste is as true a coffee capital as there has ever been. The king of the capital? illycaffè. To be fair, illy comes at a fairly high price point for grocery store coffee. It also comes with an incredibly fine flavor. The 8.8-ounch tins come packed with one of Italy’s finest roasts, including pods for your single-cup machine and some of the best instant coffees under the Tuscan sun (and anywhere else). illy is often used as an espresso coffee, but the magic of it is that — whether from your French press or regular coffee maker — it tastes smooth and balanced rather than burnt or sour. Even so, there is a Ground Drip Classico in case you don’t believe it. Getting your toes wet is an Italian tradition after all.”

According to Good Housekeeping, “The medium roast coffee is smooth and robust without much bitterness or acidity, leaving you with a subtle, lingering sweetness and desire to take another sip. Plus, it comes in an air-free, pressurized can for maximum freshness and easy storage. It’s made from 100% arabica coffee, which is often considered the higher quality pick between the world’s two most common coffees, arabica and robusta. (Of course, the final quality and taste of a coffee also depends on its origin, processing and more). The balanced brew is available in retailers nationwide (including Kroger, Safeway and Target) so it’s a great, accessible option for anyone looking for a new go-to cup.”

Lavazza Dek Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Lavazza Dek Whole Bean Coffee BlendBest Decaf for Espresso

Best Coffee for Cold Brew - Stone Street Cold Brew Coffee, Strong & Smooth Blend

Best Coffee Beans on Amazon - Stone Street Cold BrewI love cold brew coffee. If you’ve read some of my other posts you know I live in  North Texas. Texas is hotter than cold (most of the time) so cold brew is my favorite way to drink coffee.

I’m always searching for a good coffee for cold brewing coffee. I have always used a Sumatra roast for cold brew until I ran across Stone Street’s cold brew roasts. This one comes in whole bean, which I prefer to grind the beans on an as-needed basis. The strong and smooth blend is exactly that, strong but smooth.

The key to a good cold brew roast is that it performs well in cold brewing application and keeps its flavor without heat to bloom the coffee’s flavors.

Stone Street has a whole line of cold brew coffee beans on Amazon. If you like your beans preground, they offer all their cold brew blends (and even flavored coffees) in a coarse ground that is so important for cold brew coffee to achieve the golden ratio.

They have more than 10 flavors and blends in their cold brew line that I highly recommend. They even offer some of their cold brew blends in premeasured brewing sachets for convenience. I have tried most of them but find myself coming back to their original cold brew blend.

This coffee roast exhibits chocolate and nutty notes all while having a lower acid finish with a bold and smooth flavor. You can buy a pound of Stone Street cold brew blend on Amazon for under $16.00.

Kicking Horse Coffee Decaf Dark Roast

Decaf Dark RoastBest Decaf

Death Wish Coffee Co. Dark Roast

Death Wish Coffee Co. Dark RoastRunner-Up Best Dark Roast

Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend

Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's BlendBest Dark Roast

Tandem Coffee Roasters Stoker

Tandem Coffee Roasters StokerBest Medium Roast (Smooth)

Is Ground Coffee Healthy?

Whether you’re a connoisseur or just a regular joe (we had to) who loves their morning cup, it’s likely you start your day with coffee–after all, more than 60 percent of Americans do so daily. Though some think of coffee as a vice, it boasts some major health benefits: Thanks to its abundant antioxidants, coffee is linked to a reduced risk of major illnesses including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, colon cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Plus, the alluring aroma of freshly brewed coffee just may be the best motivator to get us out of bed.

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Brand Reputation

It’s always good practice to read up on reviews and customer feedback about any company or brand prior to making any purchases — this way you can ensure that you’re making an informed decision about what type of bean fits best within your personal preference! From here, you’ll be able to decide whether this specific brand lives up to expectations set forth by consumers — helping you gain enough knowledge prior to investing in any packs.

In conclusion, finding the best coffee beans for drip brewing is a delightful journey that involves understanding the factors that contribute to a perfect cup of joe. From grind size and roast level to bean type and quality, there are endless possibilities to explore. Whether you prefer a French press, a Moka pot, or a good old drip coffee maker, we've covered it all. So go ahead, experiment with different brands and flavors, and let your taste buds guide you as you embark on your quest for the perfect cup of coffee. Happy brewing!

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