Discover the Top 5 Siphon Coffee Makers (Vacuum Coffee Brewers) for the Perfect Cup of Joe!

As a full-time coffee enthusiast, I can't help but get overly excited about unconventional brew methods. However, nothing ignites my passion more than the siphon coffee brewer, otherwise known as the vacuum coffee maker. This unique device is a fusion of science experiment, spectacle, and coffee maker, and finding the perfect one can leave a lasting impression on your friends and taste buds.

But fret not, for we've compiled a comprehensive list of the top five siphon coffee makers available in 2023, catering to budgets and luxury preferences alike. So, read on to discover which one is the perfect choice for you.

Yama Glass Stovetop Coffee SiphonHARIO Technica Coffee Siphon

The Top Five Siphon Coffee Makers of 2023




HARIO Technica Coffee Siphon

3 cups


6.3 x 3.74 x 13.11 inches


Bodum Santos Stovetop Glass Vacuum

Yama Glass Stovetop Coffee Siphon

3 cups


4 x 4 x 14 inches


Bodum Santos Stovetop Glass Vacuum

8 cups


12.5 x 10.3 x 7.8 inches


NISPIRA Belgian Balance Syphon

NISPIRA Belgian Balance Syphon

5 cups


12.2 x 5 x 15.74 inches


Introducing the Yama Glass Tabletop Ceramic Syphon, perfect for a stovetop experience. With a size of 6 x 6 x 10 inches and its ability to hold up to 5 cups, this brewer is sure to please even the most discerning coffee lover. Click the link below to see this amazing device for yourself: SEE ON AMAZON

Yama Glass Tabletop Ceramic Syphon

Now that you have an idea of what to look for, let's explore some excellent options that you don't want to miss out on. Keep in mind that these choices are not ranked in any particular order. Why? Because each of these brewers is revolutionary in its own right.

Take the Hario Technica, for instance, a vacuum brewer that has become a staple in many specialty coffee shops across the world. It provides an excellent brewing experience that is sure to satisfy any coffee enthusiast. To learn more about what makes this brewer so special, click the following link: Hario Technica.

Hario Technica Coffee SiphonHario Technica Coffee Siphon

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Yama Glass Stovetop Siphon brewer, which offers simplicity and ease of use at an affordable price. This stovetop brewer comes in two sizes, 22 and 40 ounces, perfect for those who need to brew a quick cup of coffee. The simplicity of the Yama is perhaps its greatest strength, but some have raised concerns about its fragile design. To learn more about this affordable option, click on the following link: Yama Coffee Siphon.

Yama Glass Stovetop Coffee Siphon

Lastly, we have the Bodum Pebo Siphon, a brewer that is both visually stunning and practical. With a sleek and modern design, it is a standout in any kitchen. It provides excellent brewing quality and is perfect for those who love to entertain guests. Click on the following link to see this masterpiece: .

In case you've ever ventured into a Starbucks (we won't judge), you've probably seen the Bodum Pebo, also known as the Santos, paraded all over their windows. This Scandinavian company excels in minimalistic design while retaining functionality, a trait which is evident in the Bodum stovetop.

Bodum Santos Stovetop Coffee Vacuum

While it is only slightly larger than the Yama stovetop, the Bodum stovetop outdoes it in terms of quality of materials used.

Oddly enough, the Bodum stovetop brewer doesn't utilize a cover for its top chamber, which generally does not pose an issue unless you're inclined to add too much water.

We provided a review of the Bodum Pebo, but if you want to make a statement or match your new top hat, then you should opt for the Nispira Belgian Belgium Balance vacuum brewer. Nothing screams elegance and sophistication quite like a nod to the early days of coffee production, which the Nispira machine represents in its adaptation of one of the initial vacuum coffee makers. Although it can come across as impractical, snobbish, and luxurious, it operates as well as the majority of modern vacuum coffee makers. Only a heads up: it merited the highest price on the list, but we suppose you already figured this out by observing the term "luxury" in its name.

Nispira Belgian Balance Syphon

Different from other vacuum coffee makers that stack one chamber on top of the other, the chambers for the balance siphon in this machine are parallel. Although this design is unique, the Balance Syphon still operates under the same basic principles as its peers. Nevertheless, it is not as adjustable as other vacuum brewers, and acquiring replacement pieces could be a chore. Still, it makes for an outstanding siphon brew!

Yama Glass Ceramic Syphon

Let's say you appreciated the NISPIRA Balance Syphon, but your days of wearing a monocle are over. Perhaps you enjoy presenting coffee as much as drinking it, yet you prefer something with more of the open-source touch found in other vacuum brewers. The Yama Tabletop Syphon might be the perfect machine for you.

This vacuum brewer includes a chic three-arm stand with a decorated ceramic base, but apart from that, its design is remarkably similar to the Hario Technica.

Unfortunately, its output doesn't measure up. The rubber seal on the Yama Tabletop Syphon isn't completely effective in forming a vacuum. Even so, this brewer includes its butane burner, which serves as a reliable and consistent heat source. Plus, you can use this vacuum brewer on a stovetop as well.

Have you experimented with any of the vacuum brewers on this list? Since pour-over coffee probably appeals to you as well, make sure to check out our favorite pour-over brewers or these really amusing slow-drip coffee makers.

What Is A Vacuum Coffee Maker?

To answer the question of what a vacuum coffee maker is, there are two answers, a short one and a long one.

The short answer is that a vacuum coffee maker is a contraption you might have seen in select coffee shops that look hipster. If you don't know what it does, you're not alone.

The long answer is that a vacuum coffee maker is a system of full immersion brewing that uses heat to create a vacuum in one chamber. The heat forces water into another chamber, where coffee grounds are steeped, and then allows the brew to drain back down into the bottom chamber.

Despite the complexity of this process, it's not difficult to follow. If you're still confused, you can watch Steven from Home Grounds demonstrate the brewing process in a video.

But why choose a vacuum/siphon coffee maker? Here are four unique features to set it apart from other brew systems:

    Total Immersion - One of the unique features of the vacuum coffee maker is that it uses a dramatic process called total immersion. This means that the coffee grounds and water are in contact throughout the whole brewing process, resulting in a clearer and lighter flavor.

    The Vacuum - After the coffee grounds have soaked for a while, the vacuum created in the bottom chamber pulls all the liquid back down through the filter, effectively extracting any remaining solubles from the coffee grounds while leaving you with a flavorful cup of coffee.

    Consistent Heat - Unlike other brew methods that require preheated water to be poured over grounds, vacuum coffee makers provide consistent heat throughout the process, allowing greater control over the brew quality.

    Beautifully Designed - Brewing coffee in a siphon pot is a complete sensory experience. It involves sight, sound, aroma, touch, and taste. And let's face it, vacuum coffee makers also look pretty cool and can catch guests' attention on your kitchen counter or trophy case.

    When considering purchasing a vacuum coffee maker, there are a few other things to keep in mind, such as the type of filter used and the size of the brewer. But overall, a vacuum coffee maker offers a unique brewing experience with a rich and flavorful cup of coffee.

    an image of tips on choosing the best siphon coffee makers

    Distinguishing Stovetop vs. Standalone Vacuum Brewers

    When it comes to brewing coffee, the difference in quality between stovetop and standalone vacuum brewers is negligible. The primary factor that influences the decision between the two is appearance. Standalone brewers offer a more stylish design, while stovetop varieties are more affordable.

    The essential divergence between the two comes down to functionality. Stovetop brewers are designed to seat on top of gas or electric stoves, while standalone vacuum brewers possess an exclusive stand or a separate gas or alcohol burner that neatly attaches beneath the lower chamber.

    Selecting the Optimum Brew Amount

    Like other brewing systems, vacuum coffee makers cater to different batch sizes, which generally range between 3-8 cups per brew. The volume you prefer to brew will depend on the need for caffeine in the mornings or the size of your family.

    Vacuum coffee maker brewing coffee in a kitchen

    Making a Style Statement

    The price range of these brewers implies that those considering investing in one have an eye for style. No matter what your taste, vacuum brewers have something for all of us, even the Elton John in you. However, a word of caution: the fancier the model, the higher the price. If you prefer something more simple (and possibly mundane), a regular coffee maker might be the best option.

    The Ultimate Choice

    After careful consideration, my top pick is the Hario Technica. The preferred choice of numerous coffee shops, this vacuum coffee maker outshines its rivals in delivering high-quality and consistent brewing. It boasts of a unique design that typifies vacuum brewers without compromising in terms of practicality. Additionally, it is built with superior materials, and unlike other vacuum brewers, it is leak-proof.

    If you are considering a siphon coffee maker, the KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Brewer is the perfect choice for beginners. However, suppose you are up for the challenge. In that case, our guide on how to use a siphon coffee brewer will give you full details on how to brew a rich and clean-tasting coffee. The coffee grind size plays a significant role in the flavor of the coffee, with a medium-coarse grind recommended for the siphon coffee maker. The process can be relatively complex, and it is essential to follow the steps carefully, ensuring the perfect brew.

    Enjoy your rich and flavorful coffee!

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