Discover the Best Coffee in Portland: A Guide to the Top Coffee Roasters and Cafes

Looking to awaken your taste buds with the finest, most aromatic cups of java? Look no further than the city of Portland, where a vibrant coffee scene flourishes, offering a tantalizing variety of flavors and experiences. From cozy hole-in-the-wall cafes to artisanal roasters, this city has it all when it comes to the best coffee Portland has to offer. Join me on a caffeinated journey as we discover the hidden gems and well-known favorites that make this city a mecca for coffee lovers. So grab your mug and get ready to savor the rich aroma of Portland's coffee culture.

Good Coffee

You can find Good Coffee at six locations in Portland, including the airport. Each location has its own unique atmosphere that combines high-quality drinks with the character of the surrounding neighborhood. Some locations even have outdoor seating, perfect for enjoying the sunny Portland summer days. Make sure to try their seasonal specials, which feature unique ingredients like sarsaparilla, smoked cardamom, salted honey, or hojicha vanilla.

In addition to their commitment to ethical sourcing and quality roasting techniques, Good Coffee also focuses on the community. Through their Common Good project, they select a deserving organization and create a coffee blend specifically designed to support them. 20% of the proceeds from these blends are donated directly to the organization. Look for the bags labeled "A Common Good Project" or ask the barista for more information to support this initiative.

Deadstock Coffee Roasters

Deadstock Coffee Roasters is loved by both sneakerheads and coffee enthusiasts. They serve bright and sweet house roasts with creative names like Fresh Prince and Slow Jamz. Each coffee has its own flavor notes, such as "fruity pebbles" or "cinnamon toast." Although they don't have a posted menu, you can still order classic coffee shop drinks. If you ask nicely, they might even add a sneaker-shaped stencil of cocoa powder on top. They also offer refreshing warm weather specialties like Zero Chill, a blend of coffee and sweet tea, and LeBronald Palmer, a blend of coffee, lemonade, and sweet tea. Check out their sister location, Concourse Coffee, for more space to hang out and work.

Coava Coffee Roasters played a significant role in Portland's specialty coffee scene. They were one of the pioneers in direct coffee sourcing, establishing partnerships with coffee farmers from the start. Despite their growth and expansion across the West Coast, Coava continues to maintain these early relationships. Visit their three locations in Portland to taste their excellent roasts and support their business partnerships.

Push x Pull Coffee

Push x Pull describes itself as a feel-good, do-good place for people to eat, drink, and be. Their southeast location is a favorite spot for excellent coffee. Their natural processing technique, which involves drying the coffee fruit naturally in the sun without removing the skin and pulp, creates fantastic flavors. The cafe has ample workspace, including a long communal table and bar stools by the floor-to-ceiling windows. The space is light and bright, with a turquoise and wood motif. Don't forget to try their bolos, Portuguese-style sweet muffins that are locally baked.

Proud Mary Coffee

Proud Mary Coffee, originally from Melbourne, Australia, has become a go-to spot in Portland's Alberta neighborhood. They offer a wide selection of coffee beans, ranging from mild to wild and deluxe. Whether you're a milk drink aficionado or a black coffee lover, Proud Mary has something for you. From flat whites to V60 pour-overs, their menu showcases the diverse flavors of coffee. Don't miss their avocado toast or potato hash when you visit. Proud Mary's lively ambiance and excellent coffee make it a popular choice among urban brunch enthusiasts.

Kopi Coffee House

Kopi Coffee House sources its beans from Southeast Asia, with a focus on countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, and Myanmar. The owners have extensive knowledge of coffee farming in the region, having spent 15 years traveling and living there. The cafe's Indo-Malay decor creates a charming ambiance, and their menu features beverages with ingredients commonly found in Southeast Asia. Be sure to try their Indonesian ginger coffee, Kopi Jahe, or their take on Vietnamese iced coffee. They also offer loose-leaf tea from Jasmine Pearl, breakfast burritos from Higher Taste, and pastries from Bee's Custom Cakes.


Guilder is known for its spacious and sleek interiors, complemented by an impressive bar setup. Despite its initial intimidating appearance, the cafe offers a welcoming atmosphere. They specialize in bright and complex coffees from Latin America and Asia, roasted under the name Juniors Roasted Coffee. Alongside their coffee menu, Guilder serves a variety of vegetarian dishes, including burritos and jackfruit vegan chicken salad. They prioritize price transparency and fair wages for coffee producers, as demonstrated by their changing display of the daily market cost of coffee.

Cà Phê

Cà Phê brings the quality of Vietnamese coffee to Portland. The cafe showcases the flavors of Vietnamese beans through classic espresso-drip options, traditional iced coffee made with a phin, and lattes with unique flavor additions like ginger syrup and house ube puree. The interior of each cafe features a thoughtful mural that highlights the different regions of Vietnam. Cà Phê also offers delicious banh mi sandwiches, capturing the essence of Vietnamese cuisine.


Extracto has been a beloved institution in Portland for almost two decades. They are known for their balanced roasts and carefully sourced beans from around the world. The cafe's cozy and inviting vibes have garnered a loyal clientele. Apart from their excellent coffee, Extracto also offers pastries sourced from local bakeries. If their pastry display is empty, you can head around the corner to Flour Market for a delicious bite.

Tov Coffee

Tov Coffee has transitioned from its iconic double-decker bus to a brick-and-mortar cafe in Southeast Hawthorne. They specialize in Egyptian coffee, particularly thick, slow-brewed coffee enhanced with cardamom. Their menu also includes American-style brewed coffee and familiar espresso drinks. For those looking for a caffeine-free option, Tov offers the milky Egyptian shalep. Pair your coffee with their sweet pastries, such as ba'alawa and cheese konafa.

Never Coffee Lab

Never Coffee Lab has two colorful locations in downtown and Southeast Belmont. Their playful pastel-colored designs add a unique flair to the cafe spaces. Patrons can choose from inventive lattes flavored with ingredients like Cascade hops, saffron, and fennel seed. The lattes are served in stylish handmade ceramics or bottled to-go with oat milk in tasteful amber glasses.

Heart Coffee

Heart is a well-known and respected roaster in Portland. The brand has a cult following and is recognized for its high-quality beans and commitment to sustainability. Heart sources green coffee at near-perfect scores and is transparent about their supply chain. They offer a range of pastries from local bakeries to complement their excellent coffee. Whether you're a drip coffee lover or an espresso enthusiast, Heart has a consistently solid selection of flavors.

Unearthed Minerals

Unearthed Minerals is a geology-themed coffee shop located in Southeast's Foster-Powell neighborhood. The cozy cafe allows customers to enjoy artfully crafted coffee while surrounded by a collection of carnelian stones. You can choose to sit inside amongst the stones or outside while admiring the nearby Mt. Scott Fuel mountains. Unearthed Minerals ensures that their coffee is rock, sand, and grit-free, providing a unique experience for coffee lovers.

Futura Coffee

Futura Coffee takes sustainability seriously and incorporates it into their coffee production. They use portions of sails for soil regeneration efforts and feature at least one coffee on their daily menu that comes from a farm practicing regenerative agriculture. The result is vibrant beans with fruity or floral flavors. You can enjoy their coffees as a simple drip, pour-over, or classic espresso preparation. Futura has multiple locations, including one in Arbor Lodge and another in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Abba Coffee Roasters

Located in the Pearl District, Abba Coffee Roasters offers a unique menu influenced by Korean specialty coffee culture. They serve drinks like black sesame lattes topped with a dusting of black sesame powder and pistachio lattes that blend beautifully with espresso. All their coffee is roasted in-house, and their cafe provides a light and airy space for reading, studying, or hanging out with friends. Abba is a fantastic addition to Portland's coffee scene.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown Coffee is a beloved classic in Portland. You can find one of their locations inside the Ace Hotel, which is also known for its iconic lobby. Stumptown is known for its great cold brew and offers a range of coffee tools for home brewing. Visit their address at 1026 SW Harvey Milk St for a taste of their exceptional coffee.

Electrica Coffee and Tea

Located in the same spacious and stylish building as the Schoolhouse Electric showroom, Electrica Coffee and Tea is a new addition from the team behind La Perlita. It opened in December 2022 and has quickly become one of our favorite coffee shops in Portland.

What makes it stand out? It's a place where coffee lovers and tea enthusiasts, like Alysha and me, can both find satisfaction.

In many cases, the tea offerings at coffee shops are subpar or average. This is understandable since baristas and owners are primarily focused on providing the best coffee possible. On the other hand, exclusive tea shops like Smith Tea in Portland excel in offering a wide tea selection.

At Electrica, the owners Angel Medina and Seiji Nanbu have combined their expertise in coffee and tea to create a space where both coffee lovers and tea aficionados can discover their cup of delight.

The menu is divided between coffee offerings, similar to those at La Perlita but without the True Mexican Mocha, and tea options.

I ordered a "con leche" (similar to a latte) with their excellent café de olla syrup (which I discovered at La Perlita), and Alysha opted for a cold-brewed sencha (a type of green tea). We spoke with one of the owners about the cold brewing process for tea, and he explained that it removes some of the less desirable "grassy" notes, leaving behind the delicate flavors found in sencha.

As someone who isn't particularly fond of green tea, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. Alysha enjoyed it too and even went back for seconds, trying the Hojicha latte as well.

All in all, Electrica offers a fantastic experience for both coffee and tea enthusiasts, allowing you to explore both worlds.

Instagram: @electricapdx

Address: 2181 NW Nicolai St. (Northwest)

Tov Coffee

Portland is known for its plethora of food trucks, so it should come as no surprise that one of our favorite coffee shops in the city is not a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment. Tov Coffee serves Egyptian and Turkish-style coffees from a vibrant red double-decker bus, making it one of the most unique coffee shops on our list.

To order your drink, head to the first level of the bus and make your way upstairs to enjoy it. The combination of the eclectic decor and the presentation of the drinks on gold-plated, brightly decorated platters will transport you to another country. While we are fans of the rich Turkish coffee served here, we find it hard to resist the sweet and velvety chocolate milk cappuccino known as the Chocolate Jesus.

For a truly unexpected, yet delightful combination, try the Mint Thing, which is a cold brew coffee topped with mint syrup. Just keep in mind that seating is limited, so it may not be the ideal spot for a long work session or an extended chat with friends.

Wallflower Coffee Roasters

What sets a good coffee shop apart for me is when one drink, often a seasonal creation, immediately makes me want to recreate it at home. That was exactly my experience at Wallflower.

I tried their "Tom Selleck" concoction, a delightful blend of cold brew, tonic, mint, and citrus. It was absolutely delicious and has become a regular part of my at-home coffee cocktail repertoire.

Wallflower occupies a prime location on Division Street, taking over a space previously occupied by Dapper and Wise. The location is excellent, nestled in the heart of everything we love about Division, and the space itself has been wonderfully designed both inside and out.

Immersed in the world of coffee, I once listened to a podcast featuring Joël Flores, one of the founders, who shared the journey behind Wallflower. His connection to coffee runs deep, as his father was a coffee farmer in Honduras before their family moved to the United States. They even launched an Indiegogo campaign to gather startup costs, which can be quite significant. It's inspiring to see how they've integrated themselves into the community as they've established their presence.

Instagram: @wallflowercoffeeco

Address: 3158 SE Division Street


Barista falls somewhere between a coffee roaster and a coffee curator. While they roast their own beans, they also collaborate with other roasters, mostly from the Pacific Northwest.

Currently, Barista has four different locations in Portland, and I've personally visited three of them. Although the ambiance may differ slightly between locations, the core offering remains consistent.

When you visit, expect a variety of espresso-based drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos, along with signature drinks like the Oregon hazelnut latte. They also rotate specialty drinks regularly.

They give you the option to choose from three different coffees, typically featuring one or two of their own blends and one or two from other roasters. If you're unsure which coffee to select, don't hesitate to ask the barista for a recommendation!

After placing your order, the talented baristas work their magic, creating your drink, resulting in that wonderful rush of caffeine as it enters your bloodstream.

Courier Coffee Roasters

Courier Coffee Roasters holds a special place on my list of favorite coffee shops in Downtown Portland, conveniently located near Powell's Books. What makes it stand out? The fact that they confidently forge their own path.

While there is certainly no shortage of great coffee shops in Downtown Portland, Courier has established itself as a community staple, serving the city for over a decade. Its name comes from its beginnings as a coffee delivery service, with the founders hand-delivering coffee to Portlanders on bicycles.

Although it may not be as technologically advanced or trendy as some of the other coffee shops in the area, Courier excels in delivering top-notch coffee and creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere.

They roast their own beans and offer a daily rotating filter coffee in addition to the usual range of espresso drinks and cold brews.

What sets Courier apart is the dedication and hard work put into the shop by the owner and small team. When I first visited during the winter of 2021, I met the owner and witnessed him in the process of creating a to-go window, as downtown Portland was quiet at the time. Since then, I've returned multiple times, and it seems there's always something new being built or installed, which I find fascinating.

The owner is also an avid baker, resulting in delectable pastries, including caneles, and occasional pop-ups with local vendors. Currently, Soen—a Japanese food and art brand—operates from the same space on Saturdays to Mondays, serving their kakigōri at 11:00 am.

Instagram: @couriercoffeeroasters

Address: 923 SW Oak Street (Downtown)

Never Coffee Lab

One thing I adore about Never Coffee Lab is their creative signature lattes. While their regular espresso-based drinks are fantastic, it's the signature creations that truly stand out.

In addition to their inventive beverages, Never Coffee Lab boasts a stunning design aesthetic. With two locations—one on Belmont towards Tabor and another in the heart of Downtown Portland—their cafes are impeccably designed. From color-blocked coffee bags to minimalist yet colorful menus and mugs, the attention to detail is remarkable.

They also roast their own beans, offering a range of blends in vibrant bags and single-origin options in elegant white packaging.

I've visited both of their cafes multiple times, and I tend to take friends who appreciate unique coffee experiences but might not be familiar with the intricacies of single-origin offerings or anaerobic science discussions.

While I usually prefer less sweet, flavored lattes, I couldn't resist trying their Midnight Oil (fennel seed, star anise, black licorice) after seeking a barista's recommendation between that and the Hunny (jasmine, dark chocolate, wildflower honey). The Midnight Oil felt more unique, and I can confirm their lattes are absolutely delicious.

At the time of writing, here are the different flavors they offer:

  • Pop: Matcha, tart cherry, Market lime
  • Hunny: Flowering jasmine, dark chocolate, wildflower honey
  • Yuzu & Salt: Yuzu, sansho pepper, burned sugar, coconut cream
  • Midnight Oil: Sweet fennel seed, star anise, black licorice
  • Oregon: Cascade hops, dulce de leche, Jacobsen Sea salt

Alysha, who isn't a coffee enthusiast, tried the Pop (tart cherry, matcha, lime), and while it was enjoyable, we realized most of the cherry flavor settled at the bottom after consuming 90% of the drink.

Overall, I highly recommend Never Coffee if you're looking to explore something a little different and enjoy flavored lattes.

Heart Roasters

When discussing coffee in Portland, it's impossible not to mention Heart. The owners have cultivated a devoted following on the West Coast through their wholesale presence. Heart embodies everything that's both intimidating and tantalizing about specialty coffee. However, it's hard to resist a brand that sources exceptional green coffee, provides transparency in their supply chain costs, highlights fruit-forward flavor profiles in their roasts, and offers an abundance of pastries from local bakeries. For those seeking consistently excellent drip coffee, Heart will always have a bright, acidic single-origin option available alongside their meticulously steamed classic espresso-milk beverages.

Coava Coffee Roasters

Coava Coffee played a significant role in my coffee journey, much like my experience in Australia. When I first visited Portland as an adult, the coffee scene was already great, although not as remarkable as it is today. Coava stood out as the cream of the crop.

I had the pleasure of trying their "Kilenso" coffee, a natural process Ethiopian blend that exploded with fruity flavors. It completely revolutionized how I thought about coffee. Prior to that, I had primarily preferred darker roasts, but I eagerly embraced the idea that lighter roasts could offer a superior experience.

Coava boasts multiple locations in Portland, but their flagship shop remains my favorite. Established in 2010 in the Central Eastside, the shop's interior reflects the industrial aesthetic of its surroundings. With high ceilings, concrete elements, and rustic wooden accents throughout, it's a delightful space.

The menu at Coava is simple yet satisfying. They offer a limited selection of specialty drinks, with their local honey latte taking the lead. However, what truly sets them apart is their commitment to delivering perfectly brewed espresso and filter coffee in the purest form.

When you approach the counter to order, you'll have various coffee options to choose from, typically featuring two espressos and two filter options. The flagship location prepares all filter coffees to order using a Chemex with a metal filter, minimizing paper waste.

The Dragonfly Coffee House

No list of the best cafes in Portland would be complete without The Dragonfly Coffee House. With its tagline "the cozy community coffee house you thought was long gone," it has become a beloved spot for locals in the Northwest.

This independent cafe exudes charm, primarily thanks to its welcoming vibe. Most days, every chair is occupied by friends engaged in conversation or individuals working diligently on their laptops. If you manage to snag a seat, you won't feel rushed; the atmosphere invites you to linger.

Be sure to try their signature chai, a house specialty, and don't miss out on their home-baked goodies. Two friends who previously lived in the Northwest still make frequent visits to this charming cafe, even after moving to different areas.

Address: 2387 NW Thurman St, Portland, OR 97210

cute cafes in Portland

Best Portland Coffee (Post Overview):

  1. Good Coffee
  2. Albina Press
  3. Keeper Coffee
  4. Commissary Cafe
  5. Spella Cafe
  6. Proud Mary
  7. Behind the Museum Cafe
  8. Oui Presse
  9. Stumptown
  10. Caffe Umbria
  11. Coava Coffee
  12. Never Coffee
  13. Heart Coffee
  14. Water Avenue Coffee
  15. Barista
  16. Sisters Coffee Company
  17. Dragonfly Coffee

Keeper Coffee


This cozy and rustic cafe epitomizes the essence of a neighborhood coffee shop and more. Expertly crafted espresso drinks using Coava beans are the highlight here. If you're lucky, you might even encounter a cappuccino created by Morgan Eckroth, the 2022 US Barista champion. Tea enthusiasts are also well catered to, with an extensive menu of both caffeinated and herbal teas from Aesthete Tea served in glass pots. Don't miss the Mizuba matcha and One Stripe chai either. Keeper Coffee doubles as a bakery, offering a delightful assortment of sweet and savory scones, hearty quiches, and irresistible pastries like pecan sticky buns. On weekends, you can enjoy their freshly baked breads such as focaccia and brioche. The charm of the creaky wooden floors, a menu artfully hand-painted on a mirror, and an array of vintage chairs and tables lend themselves perfectly to intimate coffee dates and productive remote work sessions. —KCH

4515 SE 41st Ave

Albina Press

When I think about the original coffee shops in Portland, a few names come to mind. Stumptown, Coava, and Heart are at the top, closely followed by Albina Press. Although I'm not entirely sure of the exact timeline, these establishments have been around for quite some time.

Albina Press has two locations in Portland, and I was thrilled to discover that one of them is just a short walk from our new home. It's located slightly north of the Prost! Marketplace on Mississippi Avenue. They also have a second location on the eastern end of Hawthorne at the base of Mt. Tabor.

At the time of my first visit, they were exclusively using Coava coffees, indicating their commitment to this particular roaster. The menu may not be groundbreaking, but I appreciate that their drip coffee is made with a French Press and then transferred to a batch brew container for later use.

The space on Albina Avenue in Northeast Portland exudes warmth and invites relaxation. With dark wood accents, light walls, and ample natural light, the outdoor seating basks in the morning sun during summer and the interior offers a cozy refuge on wet winter afternoons.

Instagram: @albinapresscoffee

Address: 4637 N Albina Avenue (Mississippi-ish), 5012 SE Hawthorne Boulevard (Hawthorne)

La Perlita

La Perlita was perhaps the best discovery we made during our time in Portland before we permanently relocated here. We initially stumbled upon them in the Pearl District, but now they have moved to Northeast Portland, which is much more convenient for us.

To give you an idea of how much we love this place, we make it a point to bring all our out-of-town friends here because the offerings are truly unique.

I love this place for three reasons. Firstly, they are doing something different—their menu looks completely distinct from that of other coffee shops on this list. Instead of the usual cappuccino, cortado, and latte options, they offer a "cortadito" and "con leche."

Secondly, they have a delightful beverage called café de olla, which combines sweetness with spices like cinnamon and cloves. It's a syrup that you can add to your drink.

Lastly, there's the True Mexican Mocha, a magical mocha made with spices and topped with hibiscus. It's truly something special.

In January 2020, we visited Mexico City for the second time and I had the opportunity to attend a coffee masterclass with a local coffee shop owner and barista. I learned more about Mexican coffee, including why it's not as prevalent in specialty coffee in the US.

What I discovered is that it's a complex situation, but one of the main reasons is that in the mid-2010s, the Mexican coffee industry was devastated by a fungal disease called "coffee rust," which significantly affected coffee production. The industry is gradually recovering, but it's still not back to pre-rust levels. You can read more about this story here.

During the masterclass, I had the opportunity to taste several incredible Mexican coffees, including a natural process coffee from Oaxaca that I ended up buying multiple bags of to bring home and share with my family and friends. Even my older brother, a seasoned coffee connoisseur, claims it's one of the best coffees he's ever had.

La Perlita is owned by Angel Medina, who is also the owner of Reforma Roasters (the coffee they serve) and has an impressive array of other ventures. Angel is Mexican-American and his goal is to showcase a wide selection of primarily Mexican coffees from different regions, each with its own unique flavor profile.

In 2017, he started roasting coffee in his apartment and sold it, donating the proceeds to benefit DACA recipients. He then progressed to opening coffee shops in Portland.

In 2019, he took a break to deepen his knowledge of coffee by visiting coffee farms across Mexico. He returned to Portland in March 2020, which as you may remember, was not the best time to be operating a coffee shop. Nevertheless, he persisted, and a year later, La Perlita has become a hub not only for coffee lovers, but also for BIPOC-owned small food and drink businesses in Portland who host pop-ups in the same space.

If you've never tasted coffee from Mexico before, La Perlita is the place to do it (aside from being in Mexico, of course). They roast each coffee in a way that highlights its specific flavor profile and brings out what makes it special. I was amused by their description of their dark roasts, which retain complex notes of chocolate instead of the usual ash and bitterness found in most dark roasts.

However, I highly recommend trying their "True Mexican Mocha." You won't regret it. A close second is the cortadito with café de olla.

It's also worth mentioning that La Perlita is involved with some of the other coffee shops in Portland on this list, including:

Lionheart Coffee Company

With locations in Tigard and Beaverton, Lionheart has become the go-to specialty coffee destination for those living west of Portland. Lionheart offers a rotating selection of coffees from various roasters, including Junior's and Sunday Coffee Project. These coffees are available as both batch brew and espresso, and you can also try different manual brewing methods like Chemex and Melodrip. The downtown Beaverton location is particularly spacious and offers ample seating for customers. It's a great place to work or study, and they also have a diverse food menu, as well as wine and beer options for those looking for something other than coffee.

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Cathedral Coffee

Located just a few blocks away from the iconic St. Johns Bridge, Cathedral Coffee is always bustling. It attracts remote workers and students from the nearby University of Portland, thanks to its spacious seating and large windows that let in plenty of natural light. In May 2022, Cathedral started roasting its own coffee, offering a variety of single-origin roasts with approachable names like Honey Melon (a floral Ethiopian) and Fruit Punch (a sweet Colombian). Their beans are roasted in St. Helens near their second café in Scappoose, where they also bake pastries for both locations. If you visit later in the day, you might find that their popular savory foldovers or bacon and roasted parsnip quiches have sold out.

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Case Study Coffee

Multiple Locations

The cafes of Case Study vary in size but consistently serve excellent cups of no-nonsense coffee made with beans roasted in-house. They prioritize "no-frills, approachable" coffees and have a selection of drip and espresso blends. Additionally, they offer three seasonally rotating single origins, always including one that's naturally processed. Their SW 10th location is spacious and great for meetings, while the Alberta location is perfect for grab-and-go. If you want to study or work, the Sandy location has long tables that resemble a college library. Each cafe exudes a warm charm with distressed wood and industrial lamps, serving as a testament to their decade-long presence in the coffee scene. They now have five locations across Portland.


The Fresh Pot

Sunnyside, Boise

Coffee culture runs deep in Portland, and The Fresh Pot has been proudly serving as an independent cafe in the city since 1997. In fact, it was the first wholesale cafe to offer Stumptown Coffee. The Mississippi Avenue location has been around since 2002 and is housed in a historic building that once belonged to Rexall Drugs. Stepping inside The Fresh Pot feels like stepping back in time, with its creaky floorboards and classic soda fountain. It's a Gen-X era coffee shop that has stood the test of time. If it's not raining, I recommend getting a black coffee and enjoying it outside. The neighborhood has changed over the years, but the experience of sitting outside and watching life go by remains the same.

3729 SE Hawthorne Blvd, 4001 N Mississippi

Snow Bunny Coffee

Snow Bunny Coffee is an adorable Korean cafe located next to Fields Park in the Pearl District. They offer a variety of coffee options and delightful Korean desserts. Their menu includes cold brew made with Coava beans, dulce de leche lattes, and non-coffee beverages made with matcha or ube. There's something for everyone, and the cafe has a charming and playful atmosphere. I highly recommend trying their shaved milk ices—they are a must-try. And don't miss out on their apple waffle either. You can enjoy your drinks at Fields Park, which features a dog park, a playground, and plenty of space for people-watching.

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Futura Coffee Roasters

At Futura Coffee Roasters, sustainability is a top priority. They are deeply passionate about their efforts, which include using portions of sails for soil regeneration and featuring at least one coffee on their daily menu that comes from a farm implementing regenerative agricultural methods. The result is a vibrant range of beans, offering flavors from fruity to floral. You can enjoy their coffees through various preparations, including drip, pour-over, and classic espresso. In addition to their exceptional coffee, they also offer affordable food options such as oatmeal, sandwiches, and bagels. Futura now has a second location in Arbor Lodge and even a third location all the way in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Super Joy Coffee

Also known as In Joy, this café is located on the Southwest Park Blocks downtown and attracts students from Portland State University and locals alike who appreciate the cafe's meticulous approach to coffee brewing. The owner, Wenbo Yang, boasts an impressive array of certifications and awards in the field of coffee. You'll find his certifications posted along the walls of this unassuming café, including his status as a Q Arabica Grader, Certified Golden Cup Technician, Authorized SCA trainer, and winner of the 2020 U.S. Roasters Championship and 2023 Brewers Cup. Super Joy's sibling location is a roasting-cafe facility on nearby Southwest Yamhill. Both locations serve drinks made with beans primarily sourced from Asia, and their latte offerings include unique ingredients like osthmanthus, soy sauce, and taro.

Nossa Familia Coffee

Nossa Familia, which means "our family" in Portuguese, is known for its commitment to direct trade and building strong relationships with coffee farmers. When the business first began, all its beans were sourced from the owner's family farms in Brazil. Over time, they expanded their reach and now roast coffee from all over the world while maintaining their dedication to ethical sourcing.

Portland is home to four Nossa Familia locations, each featuring a rustic-chic aesthetic that instantly creates a welcoming atmosphere. When you visit, I suggest trying their cafézinho, which is a Brazilian-style espresso served with hot water and raw sugar. It's a fantastic way to experience the unique flavors of their coffee beans. For a sweeter option, you can't go wrong with the Bee Sting Latte, made with honey and a special spice blend. And of course, adding their signature chocolate espresso whipped cream to any coffee drink is always a great choice.

Sterling Coffee Roasters

Sterling Coffee Roasters started as a coffee kiosk and has been a beloved fixture of the Alphabet District since 2009. Their permanent location on Northwest 21st has become a gathering spot where employees and regulars can catch up over cups of light-roast single-origin coffee or a heartier blend for their cappuccinos. If you're looking for something unique to Sterling, try their espresso flights or indulge in their house-made syrups for chai and caramel-flavored beverages. While many cafes have scaled back their retail offerings, Sterling's shelves are still stocked with a wide variety of merchandise and brewing accessories for home use.

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Tōv Coffee


Situated at the corner of Hawthorne and 32nd, you'll find a bright-red, 50-year-old double-decker bus that has been transformed into a café. Owner Joe Nazir, who grew up in Cairo, brought the bus to Portland in 2015. On the bus's first floor, Joe crafts drinks inside a tiny espresso bar. One of their notable offerings is finely ground Egyptian coffee brewed in a bowl of hot sand. There are other standout options as well, such as the Mint Thing iced coffee or a rich double-shot espresso with a cinnamon-infused Smells Like the Mall latte. To complement your coffee, Joe's mother bakes all the pastries in-house, including basboosa—a sweet and syrupy treat made with semolina flour, coconut shavings, and almonds. You can enjoy your drinks on the bus's rooftop deck, which resembles a peaceful oasis with its rich red textiles and hand-carried embroidered pillows from Egypt.

3207 SE Hawthorne Blvd


Roseline Cafe


After years of being a highly regarded wholesale roaster, Roseline opened its own café in 2019 next to Market of Choice in the Goat Blocks neighborhood. Throughout their journey, they have never lost sight of their commitment to delivering high-quality coffee with nuanced and subtle flavors. The café specializes in mochas made with Cloudforest's 70% dark chocolate, serving as the base for more than just your typical coffee drinks. Further down the menu, you'll find surprises like the not-too-sweet snickerdoodle latte and the Due North latte, spiced with pink peppercorns. The café itself has a modern and tidy aesthetic, featuring intricate tile counters and espresso cups adorned with an enameled rose logo. With plenty of seating available, you can relax, listen to mellow acoustic tunes, and savor their pastries sourced from the creative Portland bakery Nuvrei.

1015 SE 11th Ave, Ste 100

Kalesa Coffee


This newly established Filipino-owned coffee shop started as an occasional pop-up event at a Filipino restaurant in Southeast Portland called Magna. They have recently opened a permanent location in the Gotham Building near the Fremont Bridge. Kalesa serves their own coffee roast and offers a range of unique drinks, including coconut cold brew with creamy ube whip, coconut pandan cream soda, sweet corn shakeratos, and mango calamansi made with Sweet Creature PDX chamoy. The pastry case is a testament to Filipino pride, featuring baked goods from various local bakers, such as pan de sal from breakfast sandwich cart breakout Balong, perfect for dipping in coffee. Allie G’ contributes their fluffy coffee pandan mamon, and the Kalat House offers pandan and ube crinkle cookies.

722 N Page St

J Vein Caffè

Rose City Park

Located at the Rose City Food Park, J Vein Caffè operates out of a sleek silver Airstream bus. They have been serving authentic Italian cappuccinos and daily Bakeshop croissants since 2019. When you approach the window, the owner-barista, JJ Johnston, will ask if you prefer a wet or dry cappuccino. He will use Spella espresso beans to expertly pull the shot, and pour the milk right in front of you, creating stunning latte art. He will even ask you to take a sip and make sure everything is perfect to your liking. If you're in the mood for something cold, their caffe shakerato is a refreshing and satisfying choice on sunny days. This cafe is a must-visit for those seeking the best dark-roasted, no-nonsense cappuccino. And if you're looking to pair your coffee with a book, Spella has recently opened its own cafe in Harrison Square, making J Vein Caffè a great stop before your literary adventure.

5235 NE Sandy Blvd


Alameda, Downtown, cully

Guilder Coffee is a true gem in Portland's coffee scene. Its flagship two-floor cafe, located at NE Fremont and 23rd, has established itself as a leader in the city's coffee community. Guilder is associated with Junior's Roasting, an excellent local roasting brand that provides guidance, education, and community support. However, their second cafe inside the iconic Powell's City of Books on Burnside is what truly deserves recognition. Taking over the cafe space inside Powell's was no small feat. It required navigating through uncertainties during the pandemic and helping downtown Portland recover. Yet, Guilder has managed to create something monumental—a cafe that matches the scale and quality expected of one of the world's greatest bookstores. The cafe features stadium seating, mid-century chairs, and a bustling communal table. You can enjoy outstanding coffee both in the cafe and as a to-go option. Don't forget to grab a bag of beans to take home with your new literary treasures. For those seeking a beer after immersing themselves in books, Junior's has now teamed up with Upright Brewing to open a cafe at NE 72nd and Prescott.

2393 NE Fremont St; 1005 W Burnside St; 7151 NE Prescott St (Junior's)

Ardent Coffee

Ardent Coffee is located near Reed College in Southeast Portland, and they have a unique approach compared to other cafes on this list. It operates as a nonprofit organization, with proceeds supporting International Justice Mission, an organization dedicated to ending modern slavery. The baristas at Ardent Coffee are volunteers, and they work with Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters from Denver—a personal favorite roaster of mine. Their menu is fairly simple, and the payment system is based on donations. They provide suggestions to help you determine the appropriate amount to donate. Beyond the coffee itself, one of the best parts of visiting Ardent Coffee is the opportunity to chat with the baristas and witness the on-the-job training they provide to the less experienced volunteers. As an aspiring home barista venturing into the world of espresso, I find this experience to be invaluable. While Ardent Coffee might be slightly out of the way for tourists in Portland, I highly recommend making the trip for a solid cup of coffee that supports a good cause.

Upper Left Roasters

Upper Left Roasters is a charming coffee shop situated in the vibrant downtown area of Portland. Whether you are in a hurry or simply looking to grab a cup of coffee on the go, this is the perfect place for you.

Address: 555 SW Morrison St #100, Portland, OR 97204

7 Coffee Shops Not to Miss in Portland, Oregon

If you find yourself in Portland and in need of a caffeine fix, you are in luck. With an abundance of coffee shops and roasters to choose from, the city boasts a thriving coffee culture that caters to all tastes and preferences. From the carefully crafted brews at Deadstock Coffee Roasters to the cozy and inviting atmosphere of The Fresh Pot, there is something for everyone in the vibrant coffee scene of Portland. So whether you are an avid coffee connoisseur or simply appreciate a good cup of joe, make sure to explore the city's best coffee spots and indulge in the rich flavors that Portland has to offer.

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