Discover Our Top Picks for 5-Cup Coffee Makers in 2023!

The Benefits of Choosing a 5-Cup Coffee Maker

In the world of coffee makers, options range from large pots that make enough coffee for a crowd to single-cup brewers. However, if you're looking for something in between, a 5-cup coffee maker might be just what you need.

Not only are these machines smaller than their large pot counterparts, but they also save energy and counter space, and cost less money. Keep reading to discover some of the top options for 5-cup coffee makers.

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Our Top Picks: 5-Cup Coffee Makers

Zutto Coffee Maker

Pros: Comes with a long-lasting filter, features a modern design, saves counter space

Cons: More expensive than other options, lacks advanced features

If you're looking for a high-quality coffee maker, you might want to consider the Zutto coffee maker from Zojirushi, a company well-known for producing top-of-the-line beverage dispensers and consumer electronics. The removable water tank and charcoal water filter that lasts up to two years make brewing coffee incredibly easy. A single button starts the brewing process, and the coffee maker automatically keeps the brewed coffee warm.

Thanks to its sleek and modern design, the Zojirushi Zutto coffee maker is a space saver, too. Although reviewers have noted that it is pricier than its competitors, they've found it's worth the investment for the exceptional coffee it produces.

Capresso 5-cup mini drip coffee maker

Black Decker 5-Cup Coffee Maker

Pros: Durable, dishwasher-safe parts, nonstick hot plate

Cons: No automatic shut-off, no permanent filter, no anti-drip feature

The programmable Black Decker 5-cup coffee maker is praised for its durability and boasts several standout features. Unlike some coffee makers, this one has dishwasher-safe parts, including the carafe and filter basket. Made out of reinforced Duralife glass, the carafe is designed to last for years to come. Moreover, the nonstick hot plate keeps your coffee warm for up to an hour after brewing. Although it lacks certain features you might find in other models, like an automatic shut-off and anti-drip technology, its durability and dishwasher-safe parts make it a great option to consider.

Nonetheless, the device lacks anti-drip and automatic shut-off features and, in addition, it does not come with a permanent filter necessitating users to purchase such a filter or paper filter separately.

Mr. Coffee advanced brew 5-cup coffee pot

Boasting space-saving attributes and programmable brewing capabilities, the Capresso 5-cup mini drip coffee maker is a petite yet powerful appliance. With the ability to program an automatic brewing time, users can prepare their coffee ground in the re-usable filter, scheduling a start time for the brewing process the next day. Constructed of stainless steel, the device includes a hot plate designed to maintain coffee temperature for two hours.

Customers report that this Capresso coffee pot is a durable and practical solution for smaller households. Though some have reported coffee being lukewarm, many have nonetheless indicated appreciation for the machine's rapid brewing time and convenient drip stop feature.

Proudly displaying its branding, Mr. Coffee's Advanced Brew 5-cup coffee pot is a renowned programmable coffee maker, providing a permanent filter option with the choice of a stainless steel or glass carafe. Equipped with advanced settings, users may schedule a brewing delay, adjust the strength of the coffee, and set a brewing period.

Amazon Basics 5-Cup Coffee Maker

Albeit the cost may prove prohibitive for some and some reports have indicated drip issues, the product remains an attractive option for coffee lovers seeking cutting-edge coffee makers from an established brand.

The Holstein Housewares 5-cup compact coffee maker is an attractive and user-friendly option that includes a measuring spoon and filter. It is available in an array of vibrant colors, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate aesthetics. However, keep in mind that it lacks advanced features such as programmable settings for brewing delays and auto-shutoff. Additionally, the machine brews only five 5oz cups, which may not be sufficient for some.

Indubitably, the Holstein Housewares coffee maker emanates an explosion of color, injecting vivacity into any kitchen counter. What's more, its user-friendly design further enhances its allure. It comes equipped with a highly convenient measuring spoon and a cone filter that is effortlessly removable, rendering the purchase of paper filters unnecessary. Commencing your brewing journey is a mere act of grace with just a light dab on the side on/off button of the machine.

Holstein Housewares 5-cup compact coffee maker

However, in a rather similar vein, as the AmazonBasics counterpart, the Holstein Housewares bears certain drawbacks that call for scrutiny. As per some reviewers' comments, the brewing capacity is limited to solely five 5oz cups of coffee, and the absence of programmable settings might render it unsuitable to some users' preferences.

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