Detailed Instructions for Cleaning Your Keurig Machine (Because You Know It Needs It)

Continue reading if your Keurig is making K-cup deliciousness for more than one person, more than once a day. While there are benefits to drinking coffee on the regular, there are also some pretty gross consequences to using your Keurig every day without giving it any love or attention.

As to why a Keurig machine requires cleaning,

Keurig cleaning is an important preventative measure. A Keurig, like any other coffee maker, can develop mold if it isn't properly drained, rinsed, and cleaned. In addition to preventing the growth of mold and bacteria, keeping your Keurig clean on a regular basis will help it function at peak efficiency. Coffee brews better and tastes better after a quick clean to remove mineral buildup in the machine. One can make better coffee in a Keurig if they keep it clean.

When should a Keurig be cleaned?

Descaling your Keurig coffee maker every three to six months is highly suggested by the company. Scale and calcium deposits should be avoided as a result. However, the Keurig's other components require more consistent care. The exterior, cold water reservoir, drip tray, and pod holder of the Keurig should be cleaned once per week if you brew a K-cup every day.

Even though it's yet another thing to do, keeping your Keurig clean will ensure that your morning (and afternoon and evening) coffee continues to taste as good as the first.

Exactly what can be used to disinfect a Keurig machine?

Cleaning your Keurig can be done in a few different ways. Below, we explain how to use common household items like vinegar, water, and citric acid. Descaling solution and Keurig cleaning pods are available for use when unsure. In a matter of minutes, they will have your Keurig brewing like new again after removing any mineral buildup.

A Guide to Maintaining Your Keurig Brewer

Equipment and Materials

  • Pods for descaler use with Keurig Instead of dispensing coffee, the Keurig cleaning pods descale the machine and wipe away residue from the pod holder. Put one in the machine's pod slot, make a potful, and drink the results straight from the cup. Then, after cleaning, brew a large batch of water to flush out the cleaner.
  • Using a descaler on your Keurig The Keurig descaler is a reliable alternative, though it may take a bit longer to work. Citric acid is used in its formulation, making it safe for use on the brewer. Put it in the machine's empty water reservoir, fill it with water, and put it through several brew cycles for a thorough cleaning.
  • Filtering cartridge for drinking water After the Keurig's cleaning cycle is complete, fill the reservoir with filtered water. It filters out the chlorine in your water supply so that your coffee tastes better. Two months of use from one cartridge is possible.


Here are the steps you should take to clean your Keurig machine. When you know what to do, cleaning will be a breeze every time. Before using your Keurig for the first time, check the manufacturer's guidelines to determine whether or not its individual components, such as the water reservoir, are dishwasher-safe.

1. Disassemble your Keurig coffee maker

To ensure a thorough cleaning, disassembling your Keurig is a must. It should be possible to take apart the K-cup pod holder, water reservoir, and drip tray.

Parts can be disassembled, washed, and reassembled.

If you don't want soapy coffee, disassemble everything and give the water reservoir a good washing with soapy water, then rinse it well. ) The lint that sticks to the reservoir's sides could make its way into your coffee if you don't let it dry out.

While you're at it, remove the needles that poke your K-cup every morning. Paper clips can be straightened and used to dislodge any coffee grounds that have become lodged.

Then, clean the K-cup holder and the drip tray with a damp, soapy, lint-free cloth. Don't forget to clean the machine's exterior after reassembly!

Third, descale the Keurig

Calcification and mineral deposit drying in water result in scale. Mineral deposits in water can impede the Keurig's brewing process, so it's important to use water with a low mineral content. And it has a direct effect on how your coffee tastes. Yuck However, you shouldn't worry Some of the ways to descale a Keurig are as follows:

Keurig Cleaning Solution: A User's Guide

Keurig's own descaling solution, compatible with all Keurig 2.0 models, has been developed and approved by the company. 0 and 1 None of the K-cup brewers

Unplug the machine, and then fill the water reservoir with equal parts Keurig Descaling Solution and water. Put a coffee cup under the water heater and fill it with hot water. When the water is ready, pour it out, replace the mug, and do this again until the reservoir is empty. Empty the water tank, refill it, brew another cup of hot water, and discard the used water. Voila Scale-free Keurig

Vinegar and water: the perfect combination for cleaning your Keurig

When attempting to get rid of scale buildup, white distilled vinegar is essential, so fill the water reservoir halfway with that and finish off with water. Start the brewing process without a K-cup and keep going until the water is gone. When the water supply runs dry, start over with fresh water to get rid of the vinegar tang. (Really, what doesn't vinegar disinfect?) )

Learn the many simple ways in which vinegar can be used to freshen up and clean your home.

Using Citric Acid to Clean Your Keurig

Citric acid, like vinegar, can be used to effectively disinfect a Keurig and remove any scale that has built up.

Mix one or two tablespoons of citric acid with four cups of water, and then add this solution to the water storage tank. A cup of hot water can be brewed by positioning a coffee mug under the drain spout, then discarded. Repeat the brewing process with fresh water until there is none left in the water reservoir.

Citric acid can be purchased from spice shops, the canning section of your local grocery store, or even on Amazon.

What to Do When Your Keurig Isn't Being Cleaned

Keurig 2.0 Getty Images/Sergio Alexander

Use a Keurig Rinse Pod.

A weekly use of Keurig Rinse Pods is all that's required to keep your Keurig smelling and tasting like new. An enormous mug can be used by setting it on the Keurig's drip tray. A Keurig Rinse Pod can be used in place of a coffee capsule; just raise the handle and drop it in. The rinse pod should be brewed using the eight-ounce setting. To ensure a thorough cleaning, take out the rinse pod, pour out the brewed rinse solution, and brew another eight ounces of water. Done

The difference is noticeable, especially if you experiment with different flavored coffee and tea pods. There will be no longer be any flavor blending between chai teas and cinnamon roll coffee.

The Replacement Water Cartridge for Keurig Brewers

The flavor of your coffee will suffer if the tap water where you live contains high levels of chlorine. Never fear The chlorine in the Keurig tank can be diminished with the use of water cartridges. Optimal performance is achieved by changing the cartridge every 60 refills or every two months. The number of cups of coffee you drink per week will determine how long a set of six water filter cartridges will last. Furthermore, we assume that you drink a lot of coffee given that you own a Keurig.

When It's Time to Get a New Keurig

On average, customers report that their Keurig machines last between three and five years. However, if you're wondering whether it's time to replace your Keurig sooner rather than later, consider the following:

  • The temperature of your coffee is not consistent. Get a new, reliable Keurig if your current one keeps producing lukewarm coffee, or choose one of our top-rated coffee makers (just be sure you know how to clean a coffee maker before making the switch). )
  • A cup of coffee from your Keurig takes longer than a few minutes to brew. The Keurig was designed for efficiency. It may be time to upgrade if your computer can't keep up with your hectic routine.
  • Either your Keurig is leaking or your coffee is weak. Coffee that tastes like bean water is not what you're going for.

Knowing the proper methods for cleaning a Keurig coffee maker can help you get more use out of your appliance. It'll be one of your most treasured kitchen tools after a thorough cleaning, and that's before you add any of the other adorable gadgets to your collection. And if you're a Keurig fanatic, you'll also want to check out these additional Keurig accessories, such as a custom coffee mat and a decal to give your machine a unique look.

Curious as to what methods work for other kitchen gadgets In addition to the oven and dishwasher, we also have guides on how to clean a microwave and an air fryer.

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