Craving Your Daily Brew? Discover the Top Smart Coffee Makers of 2023!

Are you someone who can't function in the morning without coffee? Do you struggle to make a cup that tastes as good as your local coffee shop? Or maybe you're just not able to operate appliances when you need them the most. If so, wouldn't it be perfect if you could have the perfect cup of coffee ready for you when you walk into the kitchen? Well, now you can!

Smart coffee makers have been around for a few years and, while they haven't quite surpassed their non-connected counterparts in popularity, they offer much more control and convenience than conventional models. We've curated a list of the best ones out there.

Best Bean-Grinding Smart Coffee Machine

If you're interested in the freshest coffee possible, consider the Atomi Smart Coffee Maker and Grinder. This smart coffee machine has a built-in grinder which means that you can process whole beans for top-quality coffee. Additionally, it supports app and voice controls, allowing you to easily create brewing schedules and set the brewing strength.

Who It's For: If you're willing to spend a little extra for voice-controlled coffee and the freshness of whole beans, this is the smart coffee machine for you. However, if you're looking to save some money and don't need as high of a capacity, consider the iCoffee machine further down on this list.

Best for Simplicity:

    The Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker offers a simpler option for those who don't need all the bells and whistles of other models. It works with Alexa voice controls, taking up minimal counter space.

    Who It's For: This coffee maker is perfect for those who value simplicity and don't need all the added features of other smart coffee machines. Plus, since Mr. Coffee doesn't currently have any app-controlled models, this is a great alternative.

    Best for Grinding Beans on a Budget:

      If you're on a budget, but still value freshly ground beans, the iCoffee Remote Smarter Coffee Machine is a great option. It has interchangeable panels and works with app and voice controls.

      Who It's For: This smart coffee machine is perfect for those who want to grind their own beans and enjoy premium coffee without breaking the bank.

      With these smart coffee machines, you can have your perfectly brewed coffee waiting for you when you wake up in the morning. So why wait? Get yours today and enjoy a hassle-free coffee experience!

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      The iCoffee Remote Brew boasts an in-built grinder and is an affordable alternative to the Atomi model. It can also be used with Alexa and Google Assistant, and comes with interchangeable faceplates in black, silver, or white to complement your kitchen decor. However, with a capacity of only 1.5 liters (approximately 6.34 cups), it falls short of the Atomi's impressive 12-cup capacity.

      Target Audience

      Although still relatively expensive, the iCoffee Remote Brew is an ideal option for anyone seeking a smart coffee machine with built-in grinding capability. The added bonus is the interchangeable faceplates.

      Best for Single Servings

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      Single-serve pod coffee makers may no longer be in vogue, but they still offer a convenient way to brew coffee—with reusable filters available as an eco-friendly alternative to single-use pods. The Wi-Fi-based Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart is a brilliant device that combines the simplicity of pods with the versatility of an app. The mobile app enables users to pre-schedule brews and customize the intensity and temperature of your coffee with five and six settings, respectively.

      Target Audience

      If you prefer to customize your single-serve coffee to your precise liking, the Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart is a reliable option.

      Best for Espresso Shots

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      The Nespresso Vertuo Next Deluxe revolves around coffee pods, similar to Keurig devices, except that they are customized for espresso rather than drip-style coffee. While it provides Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, the machine offers few customizations as compared to other models.

      Target Audience

      For espresso aficionados, the Nespresso Vertuo Next Deluxe is a must-try option with little in terms of voice control and app connectivity. Incidentally, it can connect via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for convenience updates only.

      Upgrade Your Cooking Game with Tovala's 2nd Gen Steam Oven

      Elevate your culinary abilities with the latest smart technology that facilitates effortless cooking in the comfort of your own home. Our featured product, the Tovala Steam Oven (2nd Gen), is a game-changer that will revolutionize your kitchen experiences. Utilizing its advanced connectivity features, this cutting-edge device offers unparalleled convenience throughout every stage of the cooking process.

      Tovala Steam Oven (2nd Gen)

      And it's not the only smart appliance in town; there are countless other high-tech gadgets to choose from. Take your cooking to the next level with the most innovative and efficient kitchen appliances available on the market. To help you out, we've curated a list of the top smart kitchen appliances that have exceeded our expectations - browse through our selection and discover a world of culinary possibilities.

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