Cole Hauser's Free Rein Coffee: Brewing Big-Time Buzz in San Angelo, Texas

Are you ready for a caffeine-fueled adventure in the Lone Star State? "Yellowstone" star Cole Hauser, known for his captivating portrayal of "Rip Wheeler" on the hit TV series, has taken his love for coffee to new heights by opening a trendy coffee shop in the heart of San Angelo, TX. Step inside the historic Longhorn Coffee Company building and prepare to be immersed in a world of rich aromas, rustic cowboy charm, and an extraordinary coffee experience like no other. Get ready to join the 'Yellowstone' phenomenon and discover how Hauser's passion for coffee is brewing success in the sunny landscapes of Texas.

"Yellowstone" Star Cole Hauser Opens Coffee Shop in San Angelo, TX

Popular "Yellowstone" actor Cole Hauser has ventured into the world of coffee by opening a new coffee shop in San Angelo, TX. Known for his role as "Rip Wheeler" on the hit TV show, Hauser has brought his entrepreneurial spirit to the thriving coffee industry. With his star power and passion for quality coffee, Hauser aims to make his mark on the local coffee scene and provide a unique experience for coffee enthusiasts.

Inside the Longhorn Coffee Company Building

The coffee shop, named Free Rein Coffee, is housed within the iconic Longhorn Coffee Company building. This historic building has served as the perfect backdrop for Hauser's venture, blending the charm of the past with the excitement of a new business. Step inside and you'll be greeted by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and a warm, inviting atmosphere. The interior design echoes the rough rider, cowboy image that the brand embodies, creating a unique and memorable experience for customers.

About Longhorn Coffee Co. and its Founders

Longhorn Coffee Co. is not just any ordinary coffee company. It was founded in the early 2010s by Scott and Laurie Decker, who had a passion for roasting small batches of coffee. What started as a small-scale operation quickly grew, and their coffee blends made their way into popular grocery stores like Market Street. The Deckers' dedication to quality and craftmanship laid the foundation for what would eventually become the coffee shop that Hauser would join forces with.

Cole Hauser's Involvement in the Business Venture

Cole Hauser's involvement in the coffee business goes beyond just lending his star power. He is part of an investment group, led by Karl Pfluger, based in Midland, Texas. The group saw an opportunity to invest in Longhorn Coffee Co. and transform it into something even greater. Hauser's passion for coffee and his connection to the "Yellowstone" brand made him an ideal partner for this venture. His presence during the coffee shop's grand opening generated excitement and brought attention to the new establishment.

Free Rein Coffee's Menu and Inspiration

Free Rein Coffee offers a diverse menu that caters to varying preferences. From light and medium roasts to richer and bolder dark roasts, there's something for everyone's taste buds. The coffee selection reflects the brand's rough rider, cowboy image, drawing inspiration from Hauser's youth in Montana. Just like a lone cowboy starting a new day's adventure, Free Rein Coffee aims to fuel hard workers as they prepare for their daily grind. In addition to their classic offerings, Free Rein Coffee also offers seasonal flavors like the beloved pumpkin spice, providing a touch of novelty and excitement throughout the year.

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Embrace the Coffee Adventure with a Texas Twist!

As you sip your cup of freshly brewed coffee at the new Free Rein Coffee, infused with the spirit of "Yellowstone" and the rugged cowboy ethos, remember that this coffee venture is more than just a business endeavor for Cole Hauser. It's a celebration of craftsmanship, community, and the pursuit of excellence. So, whether you're a fan of the show, a coffee enthusiast, or simply seeking a unique coffee experience, don't miss the opportunity to ride along this exciting journey. Visit Free Rein Coffee in San Angelo and let the flavors transport you to the wild landscapes of Montana, invigorate your spirit, and ignite your passion for life's daily grind. Saddle up and embark on this remarkable coffee adventure with a Texas twist!

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