Cheapest and Most Reliable Coffee Maker

There are numerous coffee makers available that can produce high-quality brews while still including features typically found only in more expensive models. However, if you just want to make a cup of coffee, you can do so for much less.

In this article, we'll compare and contrast the best coffee makers under $100 so you can make an informed decision.

How do you define a coffee maker?

All coffee makers work on the same principle: ground coffee is placed in a filter, and water is poured over the top to brew the beverage.

After passing through the filter and the beans, the water is ready for use in a cup or carafe.

Although making coffee is a simple process, not all coffee makers are created equal. The strength of the final product and the flavors extracted from the ground beans can be affected by both the temperature and length of time the water is in contact with the beans.

When Considering a New Coffee Maker, What Features Should You Prioritize?

things before buying a coffee machine

Efficiency and usefulness

You and your family members may have different preferences in coffee, so it's important to have a machine that lets you customize the strength of the brew.

To have coffee prepared for you almost instantly upon waking, or to look forward to the morning ritual of brewing your own cup of coffee?

An electric coffee maker that can be programmed in advance will have coffee ready for you when you wake up. Machines with less automation require human intervention, but they still only have a few buttons.

Brewing the ideal cup of coffee with a manual pour-over device, such as a French press or stovetop espresso pot, necessitates undivided focus.

In homes where there are many coffee connoisseurs but not a lot of coffee consumed, pod machines are a great investment.

Long-Term Coffee Expenses and Type

Investing in a coffee machine is just the beginning of your brewing costs. If you use a single-cup coffee maker like a Nespresso or Keurig, you'll need to buy replacement pods or capsules on a regular basis.

New filters, beans, or grounds will need to be purchased if you decide to use a drip machine. Think about your coffee needs and budget to decide which machine is the best fit.

Before making a purchase, think about what kind of coffee you prefer. What kind of coffee do you drink more often, espresso or cappuccino? Make sure the coffee machine you buy can produce the type of coffee you prefer.

Hybrid coffee machines allow you to brew several varieties of coffee at once. Furthermore, you won't have to buy two separate coffee machines if you have one of these.

Beer Volume and Measurement

There are coffee machines that let you brew just the right amount for your needs.

If you only need to make one cup of coffee per day or if everyone in your home has their own unique taste in brew, a single-cup coffee maker is the way to go. They're also helpful if your family members all have different wake-up times.

For heavy coffee drinkers or when hosting a large family meal, a coffee maker that can brew ten to twelve cups at once is the most practical option.

Maintaining Coffee's Heat

A glass brewer with a warming plate will do if you just want to make coffee for the family in the morning. If these warmers are left on for too long, however, the food can get burnt and bitter.

A thermal carafe with a temperature control that can be adjusted throughout the day is ideal if you drink coffee multiple times a day.


Taking accurate measurements of the space in which you intend to place your coffee maker is essential. When deciding where to put the machine, you should also think about whether or not you'll need to lift the top to access the water and coffee grounds.

Multiple Brewing Choices

Many consumers prefer basic coffee makers that require nothing more than the addition of grounds and water.

Some coffee machines can be set to brew at a certain time, keep the coffee warm, or turn off after a certain amount of time. Most electric models will have lights to indicate that the unit is on, and some even have audible alerts to let you know when the brew is done.

Modern coffee makers give you the option to customize your brew with different water temperatures, brew strengths, and brew sizes. Features such as milk frothing and bean grinding are also available on some coffee makers. It's important to keep in mind, however, that machines with more features also typically command a higher price.

Hot beverages can be prepared in a variety of cup and capsule machines, including chocolate, tea, and coffee.


Investing in a coffee maker is a big deal. Therefore, it is crucial to think about maintenance costs before making a purchase.

Think about how much time and effort you are willing to put into cleaning and maintaining the machine before settling on a specific model.

Machine for brewing coffee

type of coffee maker

Here's a quick rundown of the various coffee machine varieties to help you zero in on the best one for your needs and preferences:

1. French Presses and Pour-Overs

Manual pour-over coffee makers allow for the coffee's flavor and aroma to really shine by slowly pouring hot water over coffee grounds sitting atop a filter.

A custom cup of coffee can be brewed by adjusting the size and quantity of grounds, the temperature and volume of water used, and the speed with which the water is poured over the coffee grounds.

French Press - No. 2

One type of manual coffee maker is the French Press or Plunger. A cylinder-shaped carafe is filled with coffee grounds and hot water, and left to percolate for about four minutes. The coffee is filtered from the grounds by pressing down on the plunger with the filter attached.

Coffee Maker with a Dripper

Because of its simplicity and quick brewing time, the electric drip coffee maker has become a standard appliance in American kitchens. A variety of models allow for convenient one-cup or multi-cup brewing.

Additional options found on some models include:

  • The ability to set it for 24 hours in advance so that you can wake up to a pot of piping hot coffee
  • Coffee that stays hot for longer thanks to keep-warm settings
  • The ability to brew a larger quantity of coffee in a single session is a great time saver.

4. Coffee-Makers That Use Capsules

The convenience of coffee capsule machines and the hermeticity of the capsules themselves have contributed to their rise in popularity. They come in a wide variety of flavors, and you can switch up your coffee routine in an instant by simply selecting a different capsule.

There are two major drawbacks to capsule machines. To begin, one capsule costs as much as three cups of coffee. Second, it's bad for the environment because of all the plastic waste created by the ubiquitous pods and capsules.

Five. Espresso Maker

You can find an espresso machine, from the most basic to the most advanced, to meet the needs of any espresso drinker. Furthermore, there is a great deal of variety in the types of Espresso makers, from stovetop to pod machines.

If you want to make cappuccinos and lattes at home in addition to the classic espresso, a semi-automatic espresso maker is a great option. The amount of water used in each espresso shot is variable, but the brewing pressure is controlled by these machines.

Semi-automatic coffee makers deliver the same intensely flavored beverage as their manual counterparts, but in a more relaxed, hands-off format.

Sixth, Cold Brew Coffee Machines

Coffee made in a cold brew machine is brewed slowly, resulting in a highly concentrated, flavorful, and caffeine-rich beverage that can be diluted with milk or enjoyed straight over ice. Coffee grounds are steeped in water for 12 to 24 hours to make cold brew.

Choosing the Best Coffee Maker for Less Than $100

coffee maker under $100

If you're trying to save money without sacrificing quality, coffee is something you can still enjoy. A great cup of coffee can be had for less than $100 from many coffee makers. To help you choose the best coffee machine for your needs and budget, we have highlighted five options below.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker - See Latest Pricing
  • Big enough to hold 14 cups
  • Choice between extra-bold and mild brews
  • Balanced airflow from the showerhead
  • The brew size can be adjusted from 1 to 4 cups.
  • Filtering water with charcoal
  • Guaranteed for three years
  • A thermal carafe, as opposed to a glass one, is preferable.
  • Design flaw makes it tough to get every last drop out of the carafe

The name Cuisinart is synonymous with high-quality kitchen appliances. The Cuisinart 14-cup fully automatic programmable coffee maker is a high-quality option that won't break the bank.

Add some flair to your kitchen with this coffee maker. Stainless steel is used in its construction, and it comes in a variety of finishes and hues, such as brushed stainless steel, sleek black, copper, and cream.

A Water Storage Tank

There is a window on the side of the water tank that serves as a level indicator. Its water capacity is slightly higher than the standard coffee maker's (10- to 12-cup yield), allowing it to brew an extra two cups of coffee. Furthermore, the carbon water filter aids in eliminating odors and flavors that might otherwise compromise the flavor of your coffee.

Transport of Water

Because of the way the showerhead is constructed, water does not simply run down the middle, missing the grounds on the sides of the filter.

Brew Pause

The DCC3200 has a brew pause function so that you can get a cup without waiting for the whole pot to finish.

The coffee maker will keep pouring water onto the grounds for up to 20 seconds, so you should retrieve the pot before the brew basket is completely full.

Drainage Trays

If you prefer the cleaner-filtered coffee that paper filters provide, the DCC3200 is an excellent choice, as it comes with both a gold-tone metal basket and a cone-style plastic basket that takes a #4 size filter paper.

Liquid Adaptability

Compared to standard drip coffee makers, the Cuisinart DCC-3200 has more options for brewing. The brew strength knob, for instance, has the options of Bold and regular. The water must percolate more slowly through the strong brew to extract as much flavor as possible.

The DCC-3200's 1-to-4 cup capacity means you don't have to brew an entire pot of coffee every time.

Management Console

The display is surrounded by buttons that can be used to set the time and pre-program a brew cycle. If the Ready Tone is annoying, you can turn it off with a simple toggle.

When hard water causes scale buildup, the Clean Button will turn red to alert you to descale the appliance. Press and hold the clean button until the appliance enters cleaning mode, then fill the reservoir with a solution of 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water for descale.

Purpose of the Program

The Cuisinart Perfectemp DCC-3200 can be set to begin brewing as much as 24 hours in advance. The setup process is quick and painless. To make coffee, fill the water reservoir, add the grounds to the filter, and set the brewing time using the program button.


Coffee for 14 people can be stored in the glass carafe. The hot plate can be set to one of three temperatures (warm, medium, or low) and left on for a duration of time (between zero and four hours) after brewing is complete.

A burnt taste may develop in the coffee if you use a hot plate. To keep your coffee hot for as long as possible, an insulated carafe is recommended.

Economic Efficiency

The Cuisinart DCC-3200 is a high-quality coffee maker that can brew a sizable pot of coffee at your specified time.

Coffee Maker, FlexBrew Trifecta, Two-Way, Hamilton Beach, 49976, Price as of:
  • Contains its own water storage tanks
  • The single-serve variety is adaptable to both K-cups and ground brew.
  • Provides either a full pot or a single cup of coffee
  • Supports both Bold and Normal intensities

The Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew's adaptability is what sells it. It can brew coffee from either coffee grounds or K-cups or pods automatically, and it has two water reservoirs.

And because of its small footprint, it won't take up too much room on your counter.

Dual Distillation

The FlexBrew's two preset brew sizes and single-button operation make it simple to brew exactly the amount of coffee you want.

The carafe can hold enough coffee for 12 cups, and the single-cup setting can accommodate either coffee pods or ground beans.

Coffee maker with a 12-cup carafe

The 12-cup coffee maker lets you brew a full pot of coffee and has simple-to-use controls that let you set the brewing time up to 24 hours in advance with the touch of a button. Unfortunately, this feature only works on the carafe side

Two hours after brewing, the coffee will remain warm in the glass carafe before the machine turns off automatically. Brewing can be paused while you pour a cup, and then resumed with the same settings.

Single-Serve Choice with Dual Utility

The K-Cup, Pod, or ground coffee can be used in the single-cup brewer. You can quickly and easily use either option thanks to the convenient pod holder and single-serve grounds basket.

Places to Store Water

The Hamilton Beach 49976 is unlike other coffee makers in that it has two individual water reservoirs, one for each brewing side. Additionally, both have a water window for viewing the water level.

Power of the Brew

Both strong and regular brews are available. Choosing the daring option results in a stronger brew, but the process takes longer.


The FlexBrew's key components are detachable and dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.


The Hamilton Beach 49976 is an excellent choice if you need a coffee maker that will last.

Coffee Pod Brewer Model K-Classic by Keurig
  • Be aware that 1)inadequate pressure for a proper brew can result from using a too-coarse grind, too-little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing. 2)It should be emphasized that the amount of
  • Supports the three most common k-cup pod brew sizes (6, 8, and 10 ounces) The strongest brew can be made with a 6 ounce serving.
  • Its large water capacity of 48 ounces means you can brew six or more cups before needing to refill, streamlining your morning routine and saving you time and effort. The water tank is detachable and therefore simple to refill.
  • Descaling is a crucial step in keeping your Keurig brewer in pristine condition. Scale, or calcium deposits, can build up inside a coffee maker over time, and this method helps to remove them.
  • In order to conserve energy, you can set your coffee maker's auto-off function to activate after 2 hours of inactivity.
Verify the Current Cost
  • Facilitated use
  • Capacity: 48 ounces
  • K-cups don't come cheap.
  • Collects a mountain of plastic garbage

If you only want to brew one cup of coffee at a time and don't want to deal with filters, coffee grounds, or a full pot, the Keurig K55 K -Classic is your best bet.

The K-Pod Method

When you want a cup of coffee, simply insert a K-cup pod into your Keurig machine. The K55 is compatible with the most common K-pod sizes of 6, 8, and 10 ounces, with the 6-ounce pod producing the strongest brew.

K-cups are convenient, and the wide selection of coffee flavors available in K-pods means you can make your preferred brew any way you like it.

A Water Storage Tank

If you want to brew more than one cup at a time, the Keurig K55's 48-ounce water reservoir will come in handy because it will allow you to brew 6-8 cups before needing to be refilled.

The water tank is detachable and thus simple to refill when necessary.

Interface and Scripting Capability

The control interface is intuitive. A freshly brewed cup of coffee can be yours in under a minute if you just pop in a pod and choose the appropriate brew size. In addition, the machine can be set to power off automatically after two hours of non-use.


Cleaning your Keurig K55 includes descaling it. Fill the Keurig K-55's water reservoir halfway with vinegar and finish off with water to dissolve calcium deposits. Then, begin the brewing process without a K-cup. Continue until the water supply is completely depleted.


The Keurig K55 is the best option if you want a coffee maker that uses pods.

  • Water tank that can be detached
  • Minimalist and vogue
  • Limited Warranty Period of One Year
  • Reusable filter with a goldish hue
  • Coffee maker makes a lot of noise.

If you're looking for a high-quality, affordable coffee maker, look no further than the Ninja CE251 12-cup-Programmable Coffee Maker.

Technology for Brewing

The Ninja CE251's sophisticated boiler maintains a constant brewing temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring consistently delicious coffee every time. For a stronger extraction, select between the Classic and Rich brew strengths.

Catchment Area

With its 60-ounce detachable reservoir and clearly marked fill lines, the Ninja CE251 is a breeze to refill at the sink. The Ninja CE251 also features a reusable, replaceable mesh filter.

Wine Carafe

The flavor straw in the glass carafe aids in brewing by circulating the coffee, and the spout is designed to minimize coffee spillage. You can set the warming plate to stay on for up to four hours.


The CE251 can be set to brew coffee up to 24 hours in advance, and if you decide you want a cup of coffee before the brewing cycle is finished, you can pause the brewing process in the middle.

If you want a coffee maker that can produce large, consistent batches of strong, full-flavored coffee, consider the Ninja CE251.

  • Warmer bottle
  • Dishwasher-safe ease of cleaning
  • Competitive Rates
  • No detachable water storage

The Black & Decker 12-Cup Coffee Maker is a budget-friendly option that is also easy to use and comes with a number of convenient features, such as a thermal carafe. Additionally, its compact size makes it ideal for home or office use.

Beer Flavor and Aroma

The Black & Decker CM20358 offers three brew strengths—regular, bold, and strong—and a small-batch setting (1-4 cups). Water from the Evenstream showerhead is dispersed uniformly across the coffee grounds.

If you leave this coffee maker idle for more than two hours, a safety feature will turn it off to prevent any potential hazards.

Warming Carafe

The double-walled, vacuum-sealed 12-cup thermal carafe will keep your coffee hot for hours. The carafe's wide mouth makes it simple to fill and rinse.


All parts, including the carafe, brew basket, and lid, can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The Black & Decker 12-cup is a great choice if you need a coffee maker with a thermal carafe to keep your coffee hot and won't break the bank.

Last Words

The Cuisinart DCC-3200-PerfectTemp-Programmable Coffee Maker is our top pick for the best coffee maker under $100.

The Cuisinart DCC-3200 is a high-quality, user-friendly coffee machine with advanced features typically found in more expensive models, such as:

  • Water purifier with carbon
  • The Engineering of a Shower Head's Water Supply
  • A plastic basket and a gold-toned filter for use with standard-sized #4 paper filters.
  • Descaling prompt and self-cleaning mechanism built into the machine.

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