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Enjoy iced coffee but wish there was a quicker way to brew it at home? In that case, you should try some of this incredible Instant Iced Coffee.

I'll teach you how to make a refreshing iced coffee using instant coffee. nothing could be simpler, tastier, or ready in less time

An iced latte made with instant coffee in front of a black iced coffee on a marble counter.

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If you've been reading Hello, Little Home for any length of time, you might have guessed that I enjoy drinking cold coffee very much. It's the ideal way for me to begin each day. I can't function without a cup of coffee, rain or shine.

I'm always looking to improve upon my standard Iced Coffee recipe, and today I have a tasty new twist to share with you. Coffee that has been pre-ground and froze, or Instant Iced Coffee When you simply must have a cup of your favorite beverage right this second, but don't have time to wait for the coffee to cool, here's a quick and easy alternative.

The minimal ingredient list and lack of brewing time means that you can simply stir and serve. It only takes five minutes to prepare, and it couldn't be simpler.

The best part about this recipe, besides the fact that it tastes just like something from a coffee shop, is that it can be altered to suit your tastes. You can adjust the sweetness and bitterness to taste, or even use it as a mixer for another beverage. You can make an Iced Latte by adding milk and syrup, or you can drink it black like an Americano, or you can even make a big batch and drink it all week long.

Are you ready to experience this delicious coffee for yourself? Don't worry, because this article has tons of information and advice.

Two instant iced coffees made with cold water on a marble counter.


Everything you need to make this simple dish is probably already in your pantry. What you'll need is listed below.

  • The star of the show, and available at any grocery store, is instant coffee. Make sure you pick high-quality granules (here are some pointers) for the best results.
  • The coffee granules can be dissolved in a small amount of hot tap water (cold water can also be used). To finish the drink, you'll add cold water after the ingredients have dissolved. If you have access to filtered water (such as from a Brita), using that chilled water will produce the best flavor.
  • IngredientsSimple syrup is recommended as a sweetener for this Instant Iced Coffee because of the cold water used in its preparation. Easy to make with just water and sugar (for details, see my recipe for Simple Syrup), it keeps well in the fridge. In the absence of maple syrup, you could use regular sugar, brown sugar, or a sugar substitute, as long as the granules don't bother you.
  • If you don't drink your coffee black, milk (or your preferred creamer) is the ideal complement. It's effective in both conventional and vegan / plant-based forms. Soy milk is my go-to, but other options like almond, coconut, or oat milk would be delicious as well.
  • Put some ice in there, too. For the best chilled and tastiest outcomes, you'll want to stock up.
  • Additional Flavorings - If you really want to experiment with this recipe, feel free to use flavored creamers and coffee syrups. Limits are arbitrary.

Iced coffee's best instant brew

Almost any instant coffee, from the Cuban-style Cafe Bustelo (or Supreme by Bustelo) to Starbucks, Nescafé, and even Folgers, will do the trick. A higher-quality instant coffee, such as Mount Hagen, will yield better results, though.

If you want to add some New Orleans flavor, try a chicory coffee like Community, or go with a Puerto Rican variety like Yaucono or Café Rico, which is what I used. Alternatively, you can use an instant coffee mix like Medaglia D'Oro espresso. It doesn't cost much to try out different brands of instant coffee to see which you like best.

Also, you'll require

You'll also need a large glass (at least 16 ounces in capacity), a measuring cup, a tablespoon, and a spoon.

Instant iced coffee ingredients arranged on a marble counter.

Make Iced Coffee from Instant Coffee: A Step-by-Step Guide

We're all set to make the finest Instant Iced Coffee. An exact recipe card with measurements is provided at the end of the piece, but here is a summary of the procedures:

  1. Get a large glass (16 ounces or more) and fill it with instant coffee granules. Put in more coffee granules if you like your coffee potent.
  2. Stir the granules into a cup of hot water from the tap. When you're done, the mixture should have a slight foamy appearance. Cold water can be substituted for hot water if necessary. Just give it a little more time (a few minutes, if need be) and it will dissolve.
  3. Put in more ice water and some simple syrup, and mix it all up. As soon as the granules have dissolved, add cold water and simple syrup (if using). If you have access to chilled water (perhaps from a Brita), use that instead.
  4. Use ice to fill the glass halfway.
  5. To finish, pour in some milk (dairy or otherwise) to taste. Stir well

The aforementioned is the final step It's that easy, right? Once you've tried the basic recipe, you can adjust the amounts (of coffee, sugar, and milk) to your liking.

I'm a black coffee purist.

To make a bigger pot of Instant Black Coffee, simply increase the amount of coffee granules and water you use. I found that 1 12 tablespoons of coffee granules (instead of 1 tablespoon) and 1 cup of cold water (instead of 3/4 cup) produced the best results when testing the recipe. I added in the full two tablespoons of sugar as well. Still, feel free to adjust the amounts based on your personal preference.

A photo collage showing how to make iced coffee with instant coffee step-by-step.


After you've perfected the standard method for making cold brew coffee, you can have a blast trying out new variations. To help you get started, here are some simple suggestions:

  • Replace the coffee granules with instant espresso powder for a bolder taste.
  • Milk - You can make this iced coffee with or without milk, whichever you prefer. Both dairy milk and non-animal milks can be used successfully.
  • Add some flavor to your drink by substituting flavored coffee syrup for the simple syrup. To flavor everything from Vanilla Lattes to Salted Caramel treats, try my delicious Cinnamon Brown Sugar Syrup or a flavored syrup from the store.
  • Creamers with added flavor are another fun way to switch things up. You can never go wrong with French vanilla, and peppermint is a must-have for the holidays.
  • A delicious latte can be made by simply adding the milk of your choice to the standard latte recipe and chilling it in the freezer. For a creamier beverage, shake the milk carton before pouring it in.
  • An Iced Americano is made by omitting the sugar and milk from a regular Americano.
  • When preparing an Iced Mocha, use chocolate syrup in place of sugar. Yum
  • You can make instant cold brew by omitting the sugar and milk. The recipe is easily adaptable, so you can make enough to last several days. Four servings' worth of coffee can be made by combining a quarter cup of instant coffee with a half cup of hot water in a pitcher. Mix in 3 cups of cold water after dissolving. Keep this concoction in the fridge and serve with sugar and milk.
The finished coffee served black on a marble counter.

Recipes That Go Well Together

In search of additional tasty coffee beverages Next time you're cooking, give one of these recipes a shot.

Two iced coffees made with instant coffee on a marble counter.

Questions That Were Asked Often

Can cold water be used to prepare instant coffee?

Cold water can be used to prepare instant coffee. Simply add enough hot water to dissolve the grounds, then top off with cold water (milk, sugar, if desired).

Creating iced coffee by simply adding ice, right?

If you want to make iced coffee, you can pour hot coffee over ice, but the ice will dilute the coffee. Using cold coffee or instant coffee, as in this recipe, is recommended for the best results.

Would it work to use regular coffee beans in an instant coffee maker?

Incorrect; coffee beans and instant coffee are not the same thing. Coffee grounds, unlike instant granules, will not dissolve, resulting in a gritty beverage.

Should milk be added to instant coffee?

Coffee made from instant coffee can be diluted with milk if that's your preference. In order to make a cup of coffee, you should start by mixing one tablespoon of instant coffee with two tablespoons of hot water. Then, pour in one cup of milk, or more to taste.

The Key to Understanding Instant Coffee

The process of creating instant coffee involves either freeze-drying or spray-drying freshly brewed coffee. What makes it instant is its rapid dissolution in water, which results in a freshly brewed cup of coffee in an instant.

The finished cold coffee drink served with a straw and a napkin.
Two Instant Iced Coffees and a floral napkin on a marble counter.
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Using this simple recipe, you can learn how to make iced coffee with instant coffee in a matter of minutes.
  • In a 16-ounce glass, mix together 2 tablespoons of hot water and instant coffee. To dissolve the coffee, stir thoroughly. (Cold water can be substituted for hot water in a pinch. (It just needs more time to dissolve.)
  • Blend in 1 to 2 tablespoons of simple syrup and 3/4 cup cold water.
  • Add ice and milk/creamer to taste in a tall glass. Mix well
  • Quickly prepare and serve Enjoy
The ingredients in this recipe are flexible. Make it once and then tweak the instant coffee, sugar, and milk to your liking. Listed below are some simple suggestions:
  • To make black coffee, follow the steps outlined above, except increase the amount of instant coffee granules to 1 12 tablespoons, the amount of cold water to 1 cup, and the optional amount of simple syrup to 2 tablespoons.  
  • Add as much as an extra tablespoon of instant coffee for a bolder cup of joe.
  • Coffee can be made sweeter by adding more simple syrup to taste, or by using flavored syrups or coffee creamers instead.
  • To get a creamier cup of joe, ditch the milk and add some creamer (dairy or non-dairy).
Simple syrup is ideal for this recipe because of the cold water. With just water and sugar, you can make this at home in a flash (here's my simple syrup recipe if you want the full rundown). Use regular sugar if you have to, but granules are fine if you don't mind them. The amount of sugar and milk used has a significant impact on the calorie count. Using 1 tablespoon of simple syrup and 1/3 cup of 2% milk, I was able to determine that a single serving has 72 calories. For additional guidance, alternative recipes, and other useful information, please refer to the text preceding this recipe card.
A black instant iced coffee (americano) in front of a coffee with milk on a marble counter.

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