Braun Coffee Maker Maintenance: Detailed Guide

Have you recently noticed an "off" flavor in the coffee made by your Braun machine?   Is the coffee brewing too slowly, or If you notice any of these, it may be time to clean your coffee machine. Fear not, for this is very simple.   Your machine will be as good as new after the

Have you recently noticed an "off" flavor in the coffee made by your Braun machine?  

Is the coffee brewing too slowly, or

If you notice any of these, it may be time to clean your coffee machine.

Fear not, for this is very simple.  

Your machine will be as good as new after the cleaning is complete.

In order to keep your Braun coffee maker in tip-top shape, follow these easy steps.

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A Simple Method for Descaleing Your Braun Brewer

braun coffee maker

Braun's machines are reliable and built to last.  

But even the most reliable device requires periodic servicing and cleaning. To preserve the coffee's flavor and freshness, this is an absolute must.  

Additionally, this practice will make your coffee machine last longer.  

So here's the deal:

Calcite has accumulated over time in your coffee maker.

When your coffee maker is clogged with limescale, it will leave a little bit of sediment in each cup. And limescale, even in trace amounts, is an unpleasant addition to your morning brew.

Not only does it accumulate inside the machine, reducing its speed and possibly causing permanent damage, but it also makes buildups.

Next, the coffee's essential oils are released during brewing and adhere to the inside of the coffee maker, altering the flavor of future pots.

Last but not least, there is a real health risk associated with leaving dampness in the coffee maker after use.

Symptoms that it's time to clean your coffee machine:

  • The CLEAN indicator is currently lit.
  • strange flavor in the coffee
  • It takes too long to brew.
  • It's not a hot enough cup of coffee.
  • As the coffee is being brewed, there is some background noise.

Where Can I Find It, Specifically

A good descaling solution is all that is required.  

Although Braun suggests their own cleaning solution, there are many other commercial options available that are just as effective.

You can also use common household items like lemon juice, baking soda, and white vinegar to achieve the desired results.

Moreover, you'll need a fresh cloth.

Detailed Procedures

braun charcoal water filter

If you answered yes to both questions, then you're ready.  

So, follow my lead and let's scrub out that coffee maker.  

  1. Pull out the charcoal water filter and the permanent filter. Keep the brew basket inside while  
  2. Braun descaling solution should be diluted in water per the manufacturer's instructions.  
  3. Fill the water tank with a diluted descaling solution.   
  4. Replacement should be made with an empty carafe.
  5. For the indicator to begin blinking when it is time to clean, press the CLEAN button. Some Braun coffee makers' cleaning cycles don't begin until you press the BREW button.  
  6. As soon as you begin a cleaning process, stopping it will result in a ruined clean. It's a 45-minute journey.  
  7. When the program's green LED light goes out, it's done.  
  8. Throw away used cleaning solution and give the carafe a good scrub.
  9. To remove any remaining cleaning solution from the coffee maker, brew two or three pots of water.   
  10. Wipe the exterior, including the keep-warm plate, with a clean cloth. To clean the coffee maker after use, soak the detachable components (filter holder, filter basket, etc.) in a diluted descaling solution.

And, presto, a spotless coffee machine   

To what extent and at what intervals must the Braun coffee maker be cleaned?  

The frequency with which you should clean your coffee maker is directly proportional to the hardness of your water and the amount of coffee you make.  

Limescale forms because of the high concentration of minerals, like calcium, in hard water. If you want to prevent limescale buildup, which is common in areas with hard tap water, use filtered water.

The filter plays a pivotal role in establishing the water's hardness.  

Every two months is a good rule of thumb. On the other hand, if you have extremely hard water, you should do this more frequently.   

The Braun Coffee Maker even notifies you when it's time to clean it! However, aside from that, regular maintenance is required.  

After each use, you must clean the carafe, brew basket, and permanent filter. Scrubbing with soap and warm water should do the trick.  

Bacteria and mold can grow in the water tank, so keep an eye on it. Brew with just water once a week and let air dry completely in between uses.  

When it comes to the comprehensive cleaning procedure, you don't have to worry about stopping because the light turned green. It's fine to use your coffee maker once a month if you use it every day.  


Is there anything else I can help you with regarding your Braun drip coffee maker?  

Read on!

Instructions for Swapping Out the Charcoal Water Filter in Your Braun Coffee Machine

The Braun coffee machine requires 15 minutes of soaking time for the new charcoal filter before it can be installed. Then, you should remove the dirty filter, clean the filter holder, and insert the new filter. Done! Secure the lid and replace the filter holder.  

Could vinegar be used to clean my Braun coffee maker?  

Sure, go ahead. An excellent descaling agent is vinegar. Additionally, it is bactericide.  

It's a lot less expensive and something you probably already have at home.  

A vinegar solution can be easily prepared by combining three parts water with one part white or apple cider vinegar.

I was wondering how long a Braun coffee maker typically lasts.

Braun home appliances are reliable. Of course, regular maintenance is required. It has a typical lifespan of between seven and ten years.  

However, with proper maintenance, the Braun coffee maker has a 10-year lifespan.


Simply put:

It goes without saying that keeping your coffee maker clean on a regular basis will help it last longer.  

Make sure to run a full cleaning cycle once every two months, and clean any detachable parts after each use.   

Take good care of it, and it will last you a long time.    

Do you want to maximize your coffee machine's potential? The quality of your coffee can be dramatically improved by using a filter. Take a look at our piece to learn how to pick the right filter for your coffee machine.

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