Best 5 Cup Coffee Makers 2023 Reviewed: The Ultimate Guide to Making Coffee in Small Batches

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Alex Praytor updated this on December 30, 2022.

5 cup coffee maker top machine

A five-cup coffee maker may be all you need if you and your partner are the only occupants of a small apartment. Although many people buy a larger machine even when they only need one cup per day, there are benefits to choosing a coffee maker that works best for your routine.

If you opt for a more compact model, you'll free up valuable counter space, reduce your utility bills, and conserve valuable resources. This appears to be a win-win-win situation. A standard 5-cup coffee maker should produce enough brewed coffee for two full mugs. If guests show up unexpectedly, brew an extra pot of coffee and serve it in a thermos to keep it hot.

We've put in the time and effort to find the best options for your new 5 cup pot, so you don't have to. Numerous fantastic layouts with hundreds of rave reviews from actual coffee lovers were discovered.

Need a quick synopsis The Krups Simply Brew Coffee Maker is our top pick for a 5-cup pot because it is space-saving while still offering useful features like a dishwasher-safe carafe, a one-touch brewing system, an anti-drip feature, and more.


It has a moderate cost, around $30, compared to similar machines. Thousands of happy customers attest to the reliability of this straightforward coffee maker, which is ideal for connoisseurs who prefer not to sacrifice counter space for a larger quantity of coffee each morning.

The Advantages of a 5-Cup Coffee Maker

5 cup coffee maker small batch One or two people can share a pot of hot coffee from a 5-cup coffee maker.
A Priscilla Du Preez photograph

There are a few different compact coffee makers to choose from if you're a single coffee drinker or a couple. There are coffee makers that can brew just one cup, or up to five. You should consider getting the 5 cup if you:

One batch of coffee brewing should be sufficient for your needs.

You don't want to waste time going back and forth to the Keurig to reheat the water for your second cup. Instead, you could take your time sipping and "warm up" your coffee as you sip.

You two want to get a drink together

You two can share a cup or two at the same time if you like. One person could be halfway through their coffee while you're still waiting for yours if you're using a single-cup brewer. I don't see the romance in that at all. If you brew a small pot of coffee, you can all sit down and enjoy it together.

You need more coffee than a 4-cup brewer can make

Obviously, a 5 cup coffee maker will produce 5 more ounces of brew than a 4 cup coffee maker. Two cups of coffee from a 4-cup coffee maker would be too small, but two cups of coffee from a 5-cup coffee maker would be just right. Although five ounces may not seem like much, in the context of coffee, it can make a significant impact.

You dislike wasting coffee (because, duh).

If I have a 12-cup coffee maker, I always fill it almost to capacity. One, it looks so sad when I only make a half pot, and two, the coffee tastes better when brewed to capacity. When brewing a small amount of coffee in a larger machine, the ratio can be thrown off.

Because of this never-ending cycle, many people end up wasting coffee, drinking it cold, or wasting the extra by placing it on the warmer burner. It's a terrible waste of coffee to throw it away. Selecting a 5 cup size allows you to have your cake and eat it too.

5. Your quarters are rather cramped

It may be crucial to economize on counter space if you have a limited amount of room. A small kitchen, such as one found in a camper, a dorm, or an apartment, calls for a coffee maker that can only hold five cups.

Here Is How We Rated the Top Five Cup Coffee Makers

5 cup coffee maker hot coffee Regardless of its other capabilities, the best 5-cup coffee maker should produce a steaming cup of joe.
Illustration by Clay Banks

When searching for the ideal 5-cup coffee machine, we prepared a list of questions to guide our search and ended up with a few different models and several popular brands. In order to find the best 5-cup coffee makers on the market, we asked the following questions:

1. How simple is it to operate?

We prioritize machines that are simple to operate when shopping for new ones. These 5-cup coffee makers are typically very user-friendly, with many featuring only an on/off switch. Bonus points if the individual components can be washed in the dishwasher.

2. What sets it apart from the rest of the pack

Notable characteristics of each device were also considered. Where does this machine excel over others? Why is it special To maximize the pleasure we get from brewing coffee, we seek out the best machines and the features they offer.

Does the cost justify the benefits?

Many times, but not always, the adage "You get what you pay for" is accurate. A machine's low price tag doesn't necessarily indicate that it's a lemon. Furthermore, the features of a more expensive machine are not necessarily superior.

We look for equipment that satisfies both our needs and our budget. If we're going to spend more than the average, the machine better have some seriously impressive extras. Our evaluation of a machine will be improved if its price appears to be commensurate with its features.

Moreover, what do other coffee lovers have to say?

We also considered the opinions of other coffee lovers when compiling our top list. Coffee drinkers often have no problem sharing their honest opinions on whether or not their coffee maker meets their needs. We considered what other customers have said about a machine, both in terms of what they liked and what they didn't like about its features.

7 Best 5-Cup Coffee Makers in Our Opinion

In the five-cup division, many outstanding vehicles competed. Because of the similarities between these coffee makers, this is one of the more challenging lists to rank. Most of the devices also cost less than $50. This means you can get a great deal on a reliable 5-cup machine.

Look at the options and vote for your favorite.

#1 The best drip coffee maker on the market is the KRUPS Simply Brew.


Unique Characteristics:

  • All-stainless construction
  • Glass carafe that can be safely washed in the dishwasher
  • Water-Resistant Design
  • No-drip faucet
  • Filter and spoon for coffee that can be reused
  • Coffee that's ready with just a touch
  • See-through water tank

What We Enjoy:

The Krupps was ranked first because it met all of our criteria in a coffee maker.

  • This coffee maker eliminates the need for paper filters by including a permanent metal filter that can be reused with each brew. This means more coffee can be enjoyed with less paper filters.
  • It even has its own measuring spoon so you can perfect your coffee-to-water ratio with every cup. Get yourself a Krups coffee grinder and you'll be set.
  • The Krups's spacious water-filling opening was another selling point for us. You can stop worrying about water being sloshed onto your lawn or garden too soon. Maintain a drought-free landscape and direct water flow where it's needed.
  • The anti-drip function will pause the brewing process if you feel the need to remove the first cup while the second one is being made. Learn how to sneak your first sip of coffee without spilling the whole pot.
  • With its simple 1-touch brewing system, this coffee maker couldn't be simpler to operate. When everything is in the pot, you just turn the switch and wait for the enticing scent to fill the room.
  • After you're done brewing, you won't have much of a mess to clean up. The Krupps machine has removable, cleanable components.

Things that annoy us:

  • Adding an automatic shutoff feature is the one thing we'd change about this device. Whenever you are finished using this machine, make sure to power it down.

Evaluations from Existing Clients:

Customers consistently praised the Krupps machine's ability to produce a deliciously hot cup of coffee. The lack of an automatic shut-off and the placement of the on/off switch on the machine's side have been the primary targets of this pot's detractors. Many people have found a solution to this issue by employing a "Smart cord" to regulate the power cutoff.

In general, this small machine was well received by its clientele.

Concluding Remarks:

The Krupps appears to be sturdy built drip coffee maker with a nice mid-range price in the neighborhood of $30 It's a coffee maker that doesn't take up a lot of room on the kitchen counter This is a reliable device that offers a wide variety of helpful functions. If you need a coffee maker that can hold five cups, this is a fantastic option.

YouTube video

#2 Amazon's 5-Cup Basics (Best Price)


Unique Characteristics:

  • Turn off by itself
  • Distinctive marine boundary markers
  • Filter made of a reusable, flexible mesh
  • Water-Resistant Design
  • Price

Favorite Things:

We were pleasantly surprised by Amazon's own brand of coffee makers.

  • The machine's soft mesh filter can be cleaned and reused, eliminating the need for disposable paper filters. You won't have to worry about a lack of paper filters, either.
  • The glass carafe has special line markers to indicate how much water to add to the pot and how much coffee will be extracted.
  • This coffee maker will patiently pause its brewing process while you help yourself to a cup if you prefer not to wait for the entire pot.
  • One of the best features of the AmazonBasics coffee maker is its automatic shutoff. This safeguard prevents damage to your machine and potential fires in the event that you forget to turn it off. It does not shut off at a predetermined time. If it gets too hot, it will shut off by itself.

Things that annoy us:

  • The pieces are not, alas, suitable for the dishwasher. At cleanup, you'll need to wash your hands.

Feedback From Purchasers:

The majority of buyers were satisfied with this Amazon device, and some even found it for less than $20. The filter basket was a point of contention for this device. Some people have noticed that the permanent coffee filter doesn't click into its line, which could lead to a spill.

Last Words:

You can get a lot of bang for your buck with this Amazon brewer. The line markings and automatic shutoff are great features. It's a safe bet that you can't hurt by giving it a try to see if it helps.

#3 The most reliable coffee maker is the Black Decker 5-cup model.


Unique Characteristics:

  • Carafe made of toughened glass
  • Brewing with a single button push
  • Minimal space required
  • Both the filter basket and carafe can go in the dishwasher without worry.
  • Stash the cords
  • See-through water tank
  • Stove top burner

What We Enjoy:

The Black & Decker coffee maker has a small form factor and a dependable one-touch brewing system.

  • The Duralife glass carafe is built to last through repeated use. The pot's handle is also quite sturdy. Nice if you despise the hassle of constantly having to replace brittle carafes.
  • Filling your machine with the ideal amount of water is simple thanks to the water window. You can enjoy your coffee at its optimal temperature thanks to the non-stick hot plate.
  • The Black Decker's filter basket and carafe are dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze when you're done. It has a place to stow away its power cord, keeping your desk free of clutter.

Things that annoy us:

  • Paper filters or a permanent filter must be purchased separately for use with the Black Decker machine. Even if you want to supplement it with paper filters in case you run out, we recommend using a permanent filter.
  • Neither an automatic shutoff nor an anti-drip mechanism are included.

Feedback From Purchasers:

The coffee's flavor and ease of use were both well received by patrons.

Concluding Remarks:

The Black Decker coffee maker's glass carafe appears to have been given some extra attention during production to ensure its longevity. This coffee maker costs the same as the Krupps, but unlike the Krupps model, it does not have a permanent filter or an anti-drip feature. It appears to be a durable and reliable drip coffee maker.

#4 Holstein Homewares Most Vivid 5-Cup Compact Coffee Maker


Unique Characteristics:

  • Drip-proof design
  • Recycling filter
  • Instant coffee with a single touch
  • Minimal Impact
  • Fun Colors
  • Hot plate
  • Price
  • Filter cone and measuring spoon are detachable.

Favorite Things:

  • The word "Color" is the first thing that jumps out at you when you see this machine. The Holstein breed is great because it comes in so many different colors. This device can make a big impact in a modest cooking space.
  • This coffee maker is not only entertaining, but also practical. It has an anti-drip function so that you can drink covertly without making a mess.
  • The Holstein is a 5-cup coffee maker with a compact design and one-touch brewing.
  • The non-stick coffee burner will keep your coffee hot for as long as you like.
  • One of the cheapest machines on our list, its cost is around $20.
  • It's also one of the smallest machines we've come across.

Things that annoy us:

  • You will be responsible for manually turning off the machine each time you use it, as it does not have an automatic shut-off feature. The on/off switch is also located on the side, like the Krupps, making it less obvious.

Opinions from the Buy Side:

Many buyers commented on how cute this little pot was. The included filter has been noted to let grounds through, and replacements are difficult to come by due to the filter's conical shape.

Others have said that despite its compact size, the machine cannot fit under a kitchen cabinet to brew.

Concluding Remarks:

The Holstein is one of the tiniest and least expensive coffee makers we recommend. This drip coffee maker can produce enough coffee for four cups per day, saving you the cost of four beverages at Starbucks. This purchase is even less risky than usual because of the included one-year warranty.

#5 The Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Mini Brewer is the Most Economical Option.


Specialty Functions:

  • Caffeine dispenser with ergonomic design
  • Instant coffee with a single touch
  • Wait while I pour
  • Markings in ounces
  • Warming tray that doesn't stick
  • Aquatic Pane
  • Price

The Things We Enjoy:

  • Mr In the world of coffee makers, coffee is a timeless staple. Although market prices tend to rise and fall, at under $20, this is the most affordable machine we've found.
  • With the touch of a button, you can have delicious coffee in no time. In addition to cup measurements, it also provides ounce measurements, which is a nice touch. The amount of coffee you are brewing can be more accurately estimated with this method.
  • This coffee maker has a convenient pause and pour function that allows you to get a first cup while your second cup brews.
  • The coffee pot's ergonomic design makes pouring simple and helps prevent spills.

Things that annoy us:

  • The Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker is comparable to other models in There is no safety shutoff for coffee. The front-mounted switch and LED indicators are a plus, though. In the morning, this can help you remember whether you turned it on or off before you left the house.
  • The parts of this device cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher, so hand washing is required.

Feedback from Happy Customers:

The majority of buyers found this inexpensive machine to be useful. The top lid opens on the side, which may be awkward for some users.

Concluding Remarks:

If you can find it for less than twenty dollars, we highly recommend this drip coffee maker. ) Mr It appears that Coffee's 5-cup coffee maker maintains the same basic design and high-quality brew that have made the brand famous.

YouTube video

Check out our in-depth review and comparison of the best coffee machines available from Mr. Coffee.

#6 The Easiest-to-Use 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker is the Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto.


Unique Characteristics:

  • Simple one-handed operation for brewing
  • Charcoal filtration
  • The water tank is detachable
  • Choice of Iced Coffee
  • Burner guard
  • Minimal Impact

Favorite Things:

As usual, Zojirushi includes a pleasant surprise with its purchase. This 5-cup coffee maker is similar to others in that it begins with a single-touch brew but differs in that its filter basket is removable.

  • The basket holder is placed inside the carafe in a near-pour-over fashion. Although it appears that the brand simply swapped out the filter basket for an exceptionally large pot, they claim that this is a space-saving innovation.
  • A charcoal filter sits at the top of this filtration setup. The charcoal filter can improve the flavor of your coffee for up to two years before it needs to be changed.
  • The Zojirushi has a detachable water tank that can be taken to the sink for refueling.
  • Having this machine makes cleanup a breeze, which is a big plus. This coffee maker has a filter basket and a water tank that can be removed, making cleanup a breeze.

Things that annoy us:

  • The Zojirushi is the priciest of the five-cup machines. The charcoal filter and iced coffee offering add even more value.

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients:

The Zojirushi, according to reviewers, produces excellent hot coffee. When pouring coffee, some people found that the filter basket was in the way. Some consumers voiced preference for a thicker glass carafe and dishwasher-safe components.

Last Words:

When compared to competing 5 cup coffee makers, we prefer the Zojirushi because of its charcoal filter and iced coffee setting. The price is double that of most competing machines, which is a major drawback. For the price, it would be nice if this machine had a permanent filter, a reinforced carafe, or removable, dishwasher-safe parts.

#7 Coffee Maker, Boscare, 5-Cup (Most Innovative Design).


Specialty Functions:

  • Fast brew
  • Instant coffee with a single touch
  • Anti-drip
  • Electric hot plate with safety shutoff
  • Multi-Use Filter
  • Collapsible brewing basket
  • Minimal Impact

What We Enjoy:

The Boscare machine modernizes a traditional coffee maker in a fresh way.

  • Like the rest, this machine is a one-touch brewer. Simply push the button to begin brewing.
  • A filter with a see-through basket lets you watch your coffee get brewed. This device has its own permanent basket-shaped filter, so there's no need to buy paper filters.
  • The Boscare requires very little counter space and can brew a full pot in under a minute per cup.
  • We also appreciate the automatic shutoff after 2 hours to prevent dry-boiling.

Objections we have:

  • The Boscare is more costly than most other popular brands (though not as pricey as the Zojirushi). However, it has some advantages over its competitors, such as a reusable filter and an automatic shutoff feature.

Feedback From Purchasers:

Its steaming contents were appreciated by the vast majority of its customers. Customers have complained that the glass and plastic are too flimsy and don't fit tightly.

Concluding Remarks:

Many of this pot's features and the distinctive way it looks appeal to us. The clear brew basket on the Boscare 5 cup coffee brewer is one of our favorite features. In addition, your hot coffee will be of high quality and delivered quickly. This cannabis sampler can be yours for around $40.

FAQs for a 5 Cup Coffee Maker

How many cups of coffee can I make with a 5-cup machine?

A measuring cup is much bigger than the cup used in a coffee maker. Therefore, a 5 cup coffee maker will not produce 5 standard mugs' worth of coffee. We're not sure why, but the coffee maker's measurement system is more complicated than it needs to be.

On average, a coffee maker that can make five cups of coffee will produce twenty-five of coffee, or 740 milliliters (ml) if you prefer that measurement. Approximately 5 ounces of coffee per serving. Two tall coffees at Starbucks, plus an extra ounce for good measure.

How tall do most kitchen cabinets usually sit

A standard kitchen will have upper cabinets that are 18 inches above the counter. The average height of a coffee maker is under 15 inches. Some coffee makers, however, will need to be retrieved from their concealed locations behind cupboard doors in order to be serviced.

Smaller appliances are more likely to remain where they are placed on the counter and in the cabinets (but keep an eye out for steam). In addition, you can read our article devoted solely to the topic of coffee makers for your kitchen cabinets.

Which is better One of two types of carafes: glass or thermal

This question has a highly subjective answer that hinges largely on individual tastes. Some people like a glass carafe because they can watch their coffee or tea brew, while others like thermal carafes because they last longer. Glass carafe coffee makers typically have a warming burner built in to keep your coffee warm while you finish making it. It's unusual to find a burner included in a stainless steel carafe. Instead, it uses insulation to keep beverages warm for up to two hours.

Our Ultimate Judgment

Choosing the top 5 cup coffee maker on the market today was a challenge. While these machines shared many similarities, they also each had their own special something. The Boscare's transparent filter basket, the Holstein's vibrant hues, and the Zojirushi's glass carafe with a detachable basket were all highlights.


Nonetheless, the 5-cup drip coffee maker that satisfied many of our requirements was our top pick. The Krupps won because it is convenient to use, simple to clean, and has an anti-drip function that lets us sneak a cup whenever we like.

Ideal for coffee lovers who want to enjoy a fresh, flavorful brew for one or two with minimal space requirements.

Concluding Remarks

A 5-cup coffee maker is a great investment for those who are short on storage space, cash, or time, such as those who live in small apartments or are on a tight budget. You can find a new pot in one of these 7 machines, whether you're looking for a traditional style or something more colorful and novel. These 5-cup coffee makers may be just the right size for your office, apartment, or house.

Needing alternatives that won't break the bank or the space

Need more beer varieties See our Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Coffee Makers for a comprehensive rundown of all the options.

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