A Guide to Removing Coffee Stains from Carpet (New, Old, Wool, and Vehicles)

One of life's little pleasures is a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. However, the joy can quickly turn to horror if the cup is dropped and the contents leak onto the carpet.

You look at the growing stain on your favorite rug and feel a pang of loss, all the while wondering what the best method is for getting the stain out.

how to get coffee out of carpet

Even though that ugly brown coffee stain on your carpet might make you want to cry, getting rid of it is actually quite simple. You can clean up that spill like a pro with nothing more than common household items and some elbow grease.

Whether the coffee is fresh or old, whether it's on wool or a car carpet, it can be removed easily.

The Equipment Necessary to Remove Coffee Stains from Carpet

Cleaning old and new coffee stains with common household items is usually possible. You should have the following on hand in case of a coffee spill:

Keep in mind that a wet vac or carpet cleaner are not necessary to get rid of coffee stains on carpet. Smaller stains can be removed just as easily with dish soap and warm water or vinegar.

Cleaning Up New Coffee Stains

In the case of coffee stains on carpets, removing them while they're still fresh is far simpler than when they've had time to set. This is why you need to act quickly if you want to get the stain out.

These steps should be taken immediately after the coffee spills onto the rug:

First, grab a clean towel and mop up the coffee spill.

A clean cloth should be used to blot the stain. Don't rub, as this will only spread the stain and make the coffee harder to remove from the carpet.

Try to soak up as much of the coffee as you can by gently dabbing at the stain.

Get rid of the stain

You can use any standard carpet cleaner or stain remover on the market to get rid of the coffee stain, but one of the best cleaning solutions is something you probably already have at home.

Cleaning experts agree that a mixture of dish soap and white vinegar is as effective as commercial carpet cleaners while being much gentler on carpet fibers.

To clean the dishes, combine 1 tablespoon of dish soap, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, and 2 cups of warm water. Blot the coffee stain with the cleaning solution using a clean, preferably white cloth.

Do not, I repeat, attempt to clean up a spill by rubbing it. Blotting the area with the cleaning solution and waiting 5-10 minutes may be necessary if the stain is particularly difficult to remove.

*Note: Always pre-test a small, inconspicuous area to ensure that the stain remover, heavy-duty carpet cleaner, or hydrogen peroxide you plan to use will not bleach the carpet or damage the carpet fibers.

One trick for removing stains that soap and water have failed to remove is to soak the affected area with the cleaning solution and then use a wet vacuum to extract the stain. Be careful not to use your regular vacuum on anything liquid, as it may cause damage.

The third step is to dry off after rinsing.

Using clean, cold water, blot the area to remove the remaining soap and vinegar mixture, and then let the carpet air dry.

If the stain persists after the carpet dries, repeat steps two and three, then apply baking soda to the area and let it sit while the carpet dries.

The baking soda can be easily removed after drying by vacuuming.

how to remove old coffee stains from carpet

Fixing Stubborn Coffee Marks

Of course, it's preferable to clean up a coffee spill as soon as possible, but accidents happen and that's not always possible. Fortunately, dried coffee stains on carpet can be removed. To achieve your goal, you might need to put in a little extra effort:

  1. Soak up the stain again. Use a few dabs of warm water to agitate the stain on your carpet, allowing the coffee to be absorbed more readily.
  2. Try to remove the stain by blotting it. To remove as much of the coffee as possible, continue blotting the stain with warm water.
  3. Remove the spill You can clean old stains with the same mixture of dish soap and vinegar that you would use on a new one. Douse the stain with the cleaning solution and a fresh cloth. One capful of enzyme laundry detergent in one cup of warm water can be used as a cleaning solution if the spilled coffee contained cream and/or sugar. Apply this solution to a clean towel and blot the stain until it disappears.
  4. Scrub and pat dry. After rinsing the area with cold water to remove any remaining soap, simply blot it dry and put it out to air dry.

Wool Carpet Care: Getting Coffee Stains Out

Although wool carpets can be cleaned in the same way as any other carpet, special care must be taken when selecting a cleaning solution, as some chemical-based solutions, such as those containing bleach or alkaline, can cause the wool to shrink.

As it does not contain any of the chemicals that can damage wool carpet fibers, the homemade solution of vinegar and dish soap works wonderfully on wool rugs.

Wool carpeting, like other types of carpet, requires prompt attention when a spill such as coffee occurs. As much as you can take in right away, the better.

Wool carpets can be spot cleaned using the same methods you would use to remove a coffee stain from any other type of carpet. Do not rub the stain; instead, blot and dab.

Worried about getting other coffee spills Take a look at the 15 techniques we detail in our comprehensive guide on how to get rid of coffee stains.

Fixing Carpet Stains Caused by Coffee

With everyone's hectic schedules, it's not uncommon to drink coffee while driving, potentially damaging the carpets and upholstery in your vehicle. Considering that most coffee spills occur while you're on the road, it isn't always possible or safe to pull over and deal with the stain right away.

However, if you need to go back and clean the spill after it has dried, you can use the same techniques you would on your home carpet to remove the coffee from the carpet and upholstery in your car:

  1. Blot it up The best way to deal with a new stain is to blot it up as much as possible with a clean cloth or paper towels. If the spill has dried, wet it again with warm water and blot as much as possible.
  2. Tidy up Using a solution of vinegar and dish soap on carpets and upholstery in a car is as effective as using the same solution on carpets and upholstery in a home. Apply the cleaning solution (1 tablespoon of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of dish soap, and 2 cups of warm water) to a clean cloth and blot at the stain until it disappears.
  3. Please wash and dry. In order to "rinse" the area, you should dab it with cold water and then allow it to air dry.

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Concluding Remarks

Avoiding a major headache when removing coffee stains from carpets is possible. It's possible to eliminate coffee stains from carpet with common household items. You can confidently clean up a coffee spill the next time it happens if you have some towels and cleaning solution on hand.

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