A Comprehensive Overview of the Finest Coffee Machines We've Tested

The water filter in the café is a nice touch as it guarantees consistently high-quality brewing water, which is more crucial than you might think in producing excellent coffee. Consistent extraction and flavor are guaranteed by the brewer's wide showerhead, which distributes water evenly and vigorously agitates the grounds. It has Wi-Fi connectivity and a voice-to-brew feature. Though we don't think they add much to your morning brew, if you're the "hey Google" or "Alexa, dote on me" type, this drip coffee machine will be right at home in your kitchen.

We recommend the Ratio Six as the best drip coffee maker.

Our tasters have expressed a strong preference for pour-over brewing methods over even the best drip coffee makers. The Ratio Six successfully simulates the pour-over method. Although Ratio has only been around since 2012, its line of machines has quickly become the gold standard in the specialty coffee industry's drip coffee category. Like the Café and Technivorm, the Ratio Six (don't be fooled, this is actually an 8-cup coffee maker) has been awarded the prestigious Golden Cup by the SCA. And it's technically sound as well It starts the brewing process with the grounds fully saturated in water at the ideal temperature for them to bloom. If you pick the right proportions, you won't even need an thermal mug on the go. The included thermal carafe kept coffee hot for hours and prevented any spilling on the way to the park.  

The Braun Brewsense 12-Cup Coffee Maker is the best drip coffee maker you can buy for under $100.

Our goal with this latest revision to our drip coffee maker reviews was to focus on the best options available without breaking the bank. After trying half a dozen more cheap, programmable coffee makers and countless pots of mediocre coffee, we concluded that the Braun Brewsense was the best of the bunch. Espresso and ninjas The Braun has a number of convenient extras, such as two brew strength settings, automatic shutoff if the glass carafe is removed, and three warming plate heat levels. It can brew anywhere from one to four cups at a time. One of the worst things about cheap drip coffee makers is that the coffee they produce quickly becomes undrinkably hot and tastes increasingly burnt as it sits on hot plates that are always turned up to maximum.   We wouldn't go so far as to call the coffee produced by the Braun "great tasting," but neither would we expect the same results from a appliance as we would from a $350 one. The Braun is a great choice if you're looking for a machine that won't break the bank but will still produce a satisfying cup of joe.

Coffee Maker, Drip Style, by Braun, Brewsense

Cappuccino makers

The question "does this make good coffee?" is not the only one to ask when shopping for an espresso machine. The reason for this is that there is a wide range in espresso makers in terms of cost, size, and features. One of these could cost as much as a decent used vehicle, if you really wanted to. As a result, you can save a significant amount of money. Milk frothing precision, steam pressure, and steam wand quality are all improved in more expensive models. However, the vast majority of consumers can get by with a less expensive machine (find out what we think of espresso makers by reading our in-depth review here).  

Diletta Mio is, hands down, the best espresso machine available.

We tried out several prosumer (a portmanteau of "professional" and "consumer") espresso machines, which are essentially miniaturized versions of the commercial-grade equipment found in high-end coffee houses. The Mio, a product of a partnership between the Italian firm Diletta and the American firm Seattle Coffee Gear, was our favorite of the bunch. It's a sleek device that produces a satisfying shot and has a dedicated heating element for the steam wand. That eliminates the need for patience when preparing a latte or cappuccino. The Rancilio Silvia Pro X and other prosumer models we tried and liked are not entry-level, and neither is the Mio. You'll need to fine-tune your coffee grinder, tamp with care, and manually start and stop the brewing process if you want a great cup of joe. However, this also means that, once you've mastered the process, you can adjust the flavor to your liking. This appliance is for the serious coffee connoisseur who wants to do more than just make a decent espresso.

The Breville Barista Express Impress is the best espresso machine you can buy for under $1000.

Breville's latest offering, the Barista Express Impress, has restored the company to its former glory. The high-end appliance manufacturer fine-tuned its built-in burr grinder with more grind settings and an adjustable dosing mechanism to ensure that each shot of coffee has the ideal amount of ground beans. (Here, we should note that this grinder is not as powerful as the ones we recommend for use alone. Therefore, we don't suggest using lighter roast beans because they can clog the grinder. We think the built-in tamper, in addition to the upgraded grinder, is what truly sets this device apart from the competition. To use, load an empty portafilter into the cradle, and activate the grinder by pressing the "dose" button. You can tamp by pressing a side lever, and the machine's lights will tell you if you have enough coffee or if you need to add more. A happy face will light up when you get it right. From there, the Barista Express Impress is very similar to the other Breville machines we've praised in the past, with one exception: a more versatile steam wand that works just as well with oat and nut milks as it does with cow's milk. This Breville can be as simple to use as a Nespresso coffee pod machine thanks to its well-thought-out design; however, it provides far more options for personalization. It's ideal for families where one member enjoys a leisurely morning cup and the other wants to nerd out in front of the television.

Breville Bambino Plus, the finest espresso machine for novices.

Breville's newest mini-espresso machine is as reliable as a semi-automatic can be. It's ready to use in a matter of seconds, and the pressurized filter baskets ensure consistently excellent results. However, we were able to test a filter basket that wasn't pressurized by using the machine. The end result was great, but learning to pull a good shot without a pressure gauge could be challenging with this device. However, the Bambino's automatic milk texturing is the best feature for novices. Simply insert the steam wand into the milk container, select the desired amount of foam (cappuccino or latte), press a button, and wait for the machine to do the rest. In this case, the automatic milk texturizing was superior to anything we could have achieved with the manual machines. In comparison to other espresso machines, this one is similarly compact and takes up almost no room on the kitchen counter.

Cup-by-cup coffee makers

We conducted the first-ever tests of pod coffee makers at the start of 2023. Our prior encounters with hotel and car dealership pod coffee makers left us with low hopes. Furthermore, most coffee pods are made of plastic, which can take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills. However, the convenience and speed with which pod coffee can be prepared are obvious selling points. For us, the question was whether or not a machine could offer that comfort without sacrificing taste. In the end, we were able to narrow our recommendations down to three machines, all of which use pods that are either recyclable or biodegradable (and none of which are produced by Keurig, the current king of single-serve). Check out our comprehensive single-cup coffee maker review to learn more. However, for the purposes of this list, we will only be recommending the best options.

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus is the best coffee maker for single servings.

The Nespresso Vertuo can brew anything from a single espresso shot to an eight-ounce cup with the push of a single button, though it isn't quite as versatile as a couple other single-serve machines we liked (the Bruvi, for example, can make cold brew, hot drip coffee, and Americanos). There is a barcode on each pod, and the machine can be programmed to brew the specific type of coffee that corresponds to that pod. That eliminates the need to choose between different brew strengths, cup sizes, etc. When compared to a number of other machines we tried, this one consistently produced the most flavorful and well-balanced cup of coffee. Nespresso also offers a recycling program for its pods, though participating in it requires you to send in your used pods for processing. The Nespresso is a quick and easy way to make delicious coffee. It takes only 20 seconds to heat up, and in under a minute, you can have a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Appliances for brewing coffee with a pour-over method

Pour-over brewing is about as low-tech as it gets when it comes to preparing coffee, and that's not a bad thing. Pour-over brewing produces a more refined and vibrant cup of coffee than French press brewing does for those who prefer a manual brewer. It's also a great choice if you only want to brew yourself one cup of coffee in the morning. Pour-over brewing is distinguished by its ability to produce a "bloom," When the coffee expands as a result of being hydrated with hot water, this is known as "blooming." Though, pour-over can be a tricky process for first-timers. To get the best results from your coffee, you should weigh your grounds in grams (the recommended ratio is 15–17 grams of water to 1 gram of medium–grind coffee), and set the temperature of your brewing water between 195 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. But after some time in the brew pot, you'll be a pro.

Chemex is the top coffee maker for pour-over brewing.

In the world of pour-over coffee, the Chemex brewer and its distinctive hourglass form are ubiquitous. You may have even visited a cafe where the pour-over coffee is simply labeled "Chemex." The Chemex stands out among other coffee drippers because it is relatively simple to master, despite its reputation as a harsh brew method. The proprietary filters help trap oils, taming some of the bitter flavors, while the form factor also plays a role. The ability to brew several cups of coffee at once is another perk of using a Chemex brewer. Can you picture yourself as a host for a brunch where each guest requires their own cup of coffee? No thanks

Image may contain: Box

Standard Coffee Filters for the Chemex (100 Count)

Kalita Wave is the best single-cup pour-over coffee maker.

If you prefer to keep your morning pour-over ritual to yourself, a single-serve dripper is a better option than a Chemex pot that holds eight cups. The Kalita Wave's flat bottom makes it almost as user-friendly as the Chemex. Since the water doesn't go anywhere in particular, you can pour it with less care.

Image may contain: Bowl, Cup, Pottery, and Coffee Cup

The Ratio Eight thermal carafe is top-notch.

Because most pour-over rigs do not include a hot plate to keep your coffee warm once it's brewed, we recommend a thermal carafe in our pour-over section. By investing in a high-quality thermal carafe, you won't have to decide between gulping your freshly brewed coffee or (gasp!) drinking it at room temperature. The Ratio carafe boasts a 90-minute thermal retention time for your coffee. Closer to two hours of use was observed. The Kalita Wave can be used with it as well.

Image may contain: Appliance, Mixer, and Pottery

Eight to One Thermal Carafe with Pourer

Makers of French press coffee

A French press is an excellent manual coffee brewing option that won't take up valuable counter space like a drip machine would. French press devotees like that it doesn't call for a paper filter, and that more of the coffee's flavorful oils are extracted when water is brought into direct contact with the grounds. The French press is advantageous because it provides a lot of leeway in terms of water temperature and brew time. Learn all about the best French press coffee makers and get a step-by-step guide to making French press coffee right here!

Bodum Tribute, the finest homage to the classic French press.

The legendary Bodum Chambord French press was beaten in our tests by an unlikely contender: a new Bodum version The Chambord, with its glass carafe and chrome frame, has become synonymous with French press coffee, but the newer Bodum Tribute is an improvement in both function and form. The stainless steel carafe is available in a rainbow of colors and is designed to keep beverages hotter for longer than glass. The silicone and mesh plunger is more hygienic than the standard coil and mesh design. It maintained its seal well, so no large grit came into our coffee. This press is more expensive than others we recommend, but it serves double duty as an excellent coffee brewer and a beautiful addition to your kitchen counter.

Image may contain: Jug, Bottle, Shaker, and Water Jug

Honoring Bodum with a French Press

The Bodum Chambord is the best French press for the money.

The Chambord has been a favorite of coffee connoisseurs everywhere since its introduction in the 1950s, and it will remain so until 2022. Our evaluator wondered if the Chambord's reputation for excellence was based on its superior performance or simply on the fact that it had been around for so long (it was designed in the 1950s). However, it performed admirably under pressure. The coffee was able to make its way into the carafe without any grit thanks to the combination of the fine-mesh filter and the perforated steel-plate lunge. The carafe is easy to grip and pour from. One of the best value coffee makers available today, regardless of brewing method, and it costs less than half as much as the Tribute.

French Press with Bodum Chambord

Coffee makers that make cold brew

It's not just a summer thing where everyone you know is carrying around a huge plastic cup of cold brew coffee. It's a distinct beverage made through a unique brewing process (not to be confused with iced coffee, which is simply regular coffee brewed and served cold). Smooth, chocolatey, and as easy to drink as coffee gets, cold brew is a wonderful beverage. It's also ridiculously simple to whip up. The only aggravating component is passing time. It takes at least half a day for our preferred cold brew system, and that's among the fastest on the market. It may be a bit of a wait, but if you absolutely must have coffee right this second, it will be well worth it.

The Oxo Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker is the best of the cold brew coffee makers.

When compared to the infusion-style coffee makers we tried, the Oxo cold brewer has a unique method of operation. The amount of water that reaches the coffee grounds at one time is regulated by the perforations in the lid. A glass carafe holds the filtered coffee after the water has slowly percolated through the coffee grounds. This cold brew method is convenient because it doesn't require shaking or stirring. It's truly a "set it and forget it" process. The Oxo's carafe and brewing container have measurements for both water and coffee, which is a nice touch. While it's best to weigh out your coffee and water (so, you know, get a scale) ), the volume measurements presented here are of great practical value

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